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Carl, Carla and Hannah - Part 14

Hannah paid the driver and then took my arm as we headed towards the hotel. After dropping our coats at the cloakroom, we breezed through the lobby and headed for the restaurant. I felt so good in my new red dress and lingerie, but I was still a little uneasy on the high heels. Hannah gave her name to the maitre'd, and he showed us to our table. Fortunately for me, we were placed near the far wall, so although I had to walk through the entire restaurant to get to it, once there, we were fairly obscured to the other diners.

We studied the menu, and then Hannah looked at the wine list. I loved that she took the lead as it helped me calm my nerves. Once we we both knew what we were having, she said that I would be ordering the wine, and she told me which bottle to order. Nervously, I agreed, and then we chatted while we waited for the waiter to come and take our order. We both decided to forego a starter and went straight to the main course. Then I ordered the wine, and to my delight, the waiter didn't bat an eyelid.

Once he'd gone, we talked as we looked round the room, commenting on various people that took our eye, how the women were dressed, and so on. Then Hannah started chatting to me like she was taking me on a date, which made me blush. She leaned over and quietly told me what she'd like to do me when she got the chance, and I squirmed in my seat. Fortunately, the waiter brought our meal just as I was starting to get a little uncomfortable due to my restrictive panties. However, I think he did notice that I was a little flushed.

The meal was delicious, and so was the wine. By the time we'd finished our meal, we were on our second bottle, and it was starting to go to my head. Hannah paid for the meal, and, as we collected our coats, I asked what else were we doing. Hannah said it was a surprise, and took my hand. We walked into town, chatting like girlfriends. People smiled at us as we walked by, and I began to relax a little, partly from the wine but mostly from being with Hannah and feeling so feminine.

We arrived at a pub which was running a disco, and made our way to the bar. Hannah told me to get the first round in, and then seemed a little distracted, which I wondered about. We made our way through the crowd of dancers to a table as far away from the loud music as we could, but we still had to raise our voices to be heard. We were sat talking when we were joined by an attractive woman who I hardly recognised, dressed in a blue mini-skirt and a cropped top which showed plenty of midriff. I also noticed she had a beautiful pendant round her neck. Hannah stood up and greeted her, kissing her on the cheek, and then introduced us. It was Claire. Now I understood why Hannah had been distracted: she'd planned for Claire to be there.

Hannah told me to get her a drink, and slightly sulkily, I did so. I wasn't sure that I wanted Claire to be there, especially as she was the woman who took my Hannah away from me every now and then. After all, this was supposed to be my special night. When I came back from the bar, they were sat close, and it was only when I got really close that I saw that Hannah had her hand up Claire's skirt, and judging my her reactions and flushed face, Hannah was fingering her quite hard. I put Claire's drink down and sat opposite, feeling like a gooseberry for a moment. Hannah must have noticed, because she withdrew her hand and surreptitiously sucked on her fingers. Then she got up and grabbed my hand.

"Come on, let's dance," she shouted in my ear.

I had little choice as she virtually dragged me onto the crowded dance floor, and I tried to mirror her movements, gyrating my hips as best as I could. Every now and then Hannah would dance close to me, sometimes behind me in a provocative way. By the end of a couple of songs I was getting tired, and my ankles really started to ache with the heels, so I told Hannah I was going back to the table. Hannah shouted 'okay', but stayed to dance on her own.

I flopped down and had a long drink, and then to my surprise, Claire came and sat close beside me.

"Hannah told me that if she wasn't with us, I was to keep you entertained," she said, taking my hand and guiding it between her legs.

My fingers found her wet slit almost immediately, and she looked me squarely in the eye as I slid a couple inside her. It was odd, feeling another woman who wasn't Hannah, but I was sure Hannah wouldn't mind. As I frigged her slowly, I couldn't believe how wet she was, and how easily she became flushed, especially when I rotated her clit with my thumb. Like Hannah, she was completely smooth between her legs, and she was soon sopping wet.

My hand was getting a little cramped from the angle I was forced to use, so I withdrew my fingers, but told her to continue and pleasure herself. Amazingly, she did so, and soon she had that far-away stare that Hannah had told me about. A couple of minutes later, a freely perspiring Hannah rejoined us, and smiled approvingly at Claire. She leant over to her.

"Don't you dare come," she commanded, and Claire looked crestfallen when she said it.

We watched her struggle for a few more minutes, both of us getting aroused at the sight of this attractive woman being told to masturbate for us without climaxing. Then Hannah told her to stop, and reluctantly, Claire took her hand away from between her legs. Hannah told her to suck on her fingers, which she immediately did. Hannah sat down next to her for a couple of minutes and said something to her that I couldn't hear because of the loud music. Claire responded a couple of times, and then Hannah sent her to the bar to get another round of drinks in. Once Claire had gone, Hannah came and sat next to me.

"So, having fun?" she asked.

"Yes, but I didn't expect Claire to be here," I answered.

"Well I thought it was time you two should meet. Besides, she doesn't know that really you're a man, let alone my boyfriend Carl."

She smiled proudly when she said this, and I looked at her incredulously.

"Really?" I asked amazed.

"Yes, really," she said, squeezing my arm. "You've completely fooled her, so I guess that only leaves one more task to complete."

For some reason, I found the grin on her face quite discomforting. I almost didn't dare ask.

"And what's that?"

"You'll see," she said as Claire returned with the drinks.

We all sat and chatted as best as we could and then Hannah dragged us both onto the dance floor. Over the next couple of songs, Hannah and Claire seemed to gravitate towards each other, and I was left on the sidelines. Then I noticed a guy dancing next to me on his own, and probably because I felt a little betrayed by Hannah, something in my head said 'screw those two', and I turned to dance with him. The guy was around six feet tall, not bad looking, and quite a good dancer. He was dressed in chinos and a dark blue shirt, and he smiled at me as we started to eye each other up.

By now, the effect of the drink and the intoxication of feeling totally feminine was probably clouding my judgement, but I didn't care. Carla was going to enjoy herself. Besides, even my ankles didn't seem to ache anymore. We faced each other as we danced, and slowly he got closer and more attentive to me. Then he slowly circled me, getting closer all the time until I felt him rubbing his body against me. I found myself rubbing back against him, and I felt so good when he stepped behind me and put his arms around me.

We danced like this for a while, and I felt so good to be in his arms. I leant back into him as we continued to dance, and then he leaned over and asked me if I wanted a drink. I looked across the dance floor and saw Claire completely besotted with Hannah, so I said yes.

We made our way to the bar and he got two beers. We stood and chatted for a while, and I suppose we must have got really carried away because in no time at all, we'd had another couple of drinks. After the second one, I felt him put his arm around me, and almost instinctively, I sidled a little closer to him. Apparently, his name was Luke, and he lived in Northfield with his parents. I told him my name and that I shared a house with my girlfriend, Hannah, and pointed her out. Apart from that, I said very little, preferring to listen to him talk about his job, his life, and all the other stuff that people bring into a pub with them, whether they know it or not.

Slowly, our heads got closer, partly because of the music and partly because.. well, it just seemed so natural. As they did, I could feel his warm breath on my cheek. Suddenly I realised where this was heading, and for a moment, a flood of different emotions ran through me, all of them enlarged by the amount of alcohol I'd consumed. I was scared, excited, nervous, unsure and almost ecstatic at the same time. I thought my heart was beating louder than the music as I tried to calm myself down. Then a resolve I never knew I possessed seemed to take hold of me, and I looked up to face him, looking him yearningly into his brown eyes.

Luke seemed to understand the signals I was giving him. Gently, he leaned forward, and for a moment, everything seemed to go into slow-mo, like in a film. His lips sought out mine, and as they touched, I felt a spark go through my entire body. A wonderful feeling totally enveloped me, making me feel so happy in that instant that I felt his tongue warily explore past my lips and into my mouth. I yielded to it as it sought to entwine with mine, and the world stopped as we lost ourselves in each other. The nerves and tension and fear that I'd felt disappeared as he held me close.

How long we stayed like this, I honestly don't know, but we were both breathless when our lips finally parted. I smiled, feeling so happy and complete, and a couple of seconds later, we repeated the process. The second kiss was slightly more passionate, on both our parts, as if we understood what we both wanted and were happy to give. After the kiss, I turned and picked up my drink, my eyes shining in the dim light. Suddenly the world came back into focus, and the loud music rudely interrupted our reverie.

We chatted a little more, swapping kisses between words every now and then. I'd completely forgotten about Hannah and Claire, and it wasn't until I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned round to see Hannah's face that I came back to reality.

"Come on, Clara, we're going," she shouted in my ear, glancing at Luke.

I turned to Luke and sadly told him I had to go. He fished a pen out of his pocket and wrote something on a beer mat. He passed it to me, telling me to call him. I looked down to see his mobile number written on it, and I promised I would. Then we had one last kiss before Hannah whisked me away to get my coat and bag.

The cold air hit me hard when we got outside, and Claire helped me on with my coat as Hannah flagged down a taxi. We all piled in and Hannah gave the driver the name of our street before settling between Claire and myself. As we drove away, she turned to Claire and kissed her full on the mouth before turning and doing the same to me. While she was kissing me, I saw her hand reach under Claire's skirt. The driver watched us wild-eyed while trying to keep his eyes on the road as Hannah took turns to kiss us both while fingering Claire. How he got us to the end of our road without crashing, I'll never know, but he did. Claire paid him, and then we all staggered down the street until we reached our house, holding on to each other and laughing loudly all the way.

We burst through the front door, and then Hannah sped upstairs, mumbling something about bursting for a pee. I took Claire's jacket and we went into the lounge. I offered her a drink, but she said she'd wait for Hannah. She eyed me up and down, as if weighing up the opposition. That kind of annoyed me, so I told her to sit on the single seat and spread her legs. When she didn't, I reminded her that she was supposed to keep me entertained while Hannah wasn't there. Almost sulkily, she obeyed, and I finally got a good, clear view of her pussy.

I moved in to have a really close look, and the scent of her sex wafted towards me. The folds of her labia were slightly bigger than Hannah's, and her slit was moist from the fingering in the taxi. Her clit was quite big too, and protruded like the eraser at the end of a pencil. I told her to rub it, and was delighted when her finger started making circular motions around it. After a few seconds, she started to moan involuntarily, and she bit on her bottom lip to try and control herself. I reached over and raised her top, exposing her pendulous breasts. Her large nipples were erect and pink, and I couldn't stop myself from taking one between my finger and thumb and pulling on it. Another moan, this time louder, came from her lips. Smiling wickedly, I repeated the action, but slightly more rougher before doing the same to her other nipple.

"I see you two are getting acquainted!"

The voice behind me made me jump, and I turned to see Hannah dressed in her sexiest red satin lingerie, including black fishnet stockings. She lovingly stroked the strap-on hanging between her legs, and a wicked smile played on her face. She looked at Claire, legs spread and boobs out on the chair.

"She's such a slut, aren't you?"

"Yes," Claire answered, with only a hint of embarrassment.

"And who owns you, slut?" Hannah asked as she moved closer to us.

"You do!"

"That's right, I do."

Hannah turned to face us both.

"Now, which one of you ladies is going to suck my cock first?" she asked.

Before Claire could even move, I was down on my knees in front of her, mouth open, hungrily devouring the head. Hannah smiled, obviously pleased with me as she stroked my hair while I sucked on the life-like cock. My weeks of practising meant that I no longer found deep throating the entire seven inches of it unpleasant. Hannah grabbed the back of my head and pulled me on to it so it was firmly embedded in my throat. She held me like that for what seemed like ages as I fought the gag reflex. When she let me go, I released it, and it was slick with my saliva. Without any prompting, I started to suck on it again, loving the feel of it in my mouth. Hannah told Claire to go upstairs to our bedroom, strip off and then stand and wait for us with her hands behind her back. When she'd gone, Hannah looked down at me greedily sucking her cock.

"My, someone's enjoying themselves, aren't they. Do you like sucking my cock, Carla?"

I looked up and nodded as best as I could while trying to say yes.

"Do you wish it was a real cock, baby?" she asked softly.

I released it this time before answering.

"Oh, yes!" I moaned.

"Do you wish it was Luke's cock?" she asked, pointedly, gauging my reaction.

The image of Luke standing before me with his cock in my mouth became fixed in my mind, and I suddenly, desperately wanted him to be here now in front of me.

"Yes, oh God, yes!" I answered without any hesitation whatsoever.

Hannah told me to stop sucking and gently pulled me to my feet. Her moist eyes looked directly into mine as she held my face in her hands.

"My darling," she crooned, "Oh, my wonderful darling."

She pulled me to her and I felt her sobbing softly in my ear. She held me tightly for a moment before I managed to break away and hold her, slightly worried that I'd upset her.

"God, I love you so much, baby," she smiled through her tears.

Bewildered, I just stared at her for a moment, and then she pulled me back into a tight embrace. I held her tight, still not sure what was happening. Finally, she loosened her hold and went and got a tissue. We sat down on the sofa, my arm around her. Slowly, she recovered enough to explain.

"I'm sorry, baby, I didn't mean to scare you. I'm not upset, I'm actually so very, very happy. You know I said you had just one more task left?"

I nodded. It seemed like days ago.

"Well, the final task was to talk to another guy and make him believe totally that you were a woman. And baby, you went WAY past that!" she laughed. When she'd composed herself again, she spoke to me softly.

"You know, I think I kind of finally really understand what you were saying the other day, about feeling like you were a man dressed as a woman. But darling, right now, I don't think you are that. I think tonight, you're really a woman who just happens to have a man's body."

I sat, stunned for a moment. Something clicked inside me as soon as she'd said it. Yes, that was EXACTLY how I felt. I smiled, euphoric that I finally understood what had been nagging at the back of my head for the last ten days or so. Yes, at that moment, I felt that I was a woman. I leaned over and kissed my beautiful, wonderful, amazing Hannah. I kissed her with all my passion, my gratitude and my love. When the kiss finally ended, we stared lovingly into each other's eyes before she stood up and held her hands towards me.

"Now, let me give you a night to remember," she said as she lead me by the hand towards the stairs.

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