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Carl, Carla and Hannah - Part 15

Carla's reward, and the morning after...
Just before we got to our bedroom, Hannah stopped and kissed me full on. We she broke the kiss, she told me that tonight was her way of saying thank you to me, and that I should enjoy myself. Finally, she explained that Claire was almost exclusively into women, but she was also besotted with Hannah, and was totally submissive to her. If my male urge to have sex with Claire took over, I would have to use a condom. Otherwise, anything goes.

She squeezed my hand as we went through the door to find Claire standing naked in a corner with her hands behind her back, as instructed. Hannah lay on our bed, and told me to suck her cock again. I leant over her and lovingly sucked it, taking deep into my throat and then moving it in little circles, knowing that the other end of the strap-on that was inside Hannah would stimulate her. She let her hand rest on my head as she lay back on the bed, moaning in pleasure. I tried to imagine it was Luke's cock that I was sucking, and lost myself in a reverie where he and I were together.

Hannah and I totally ignored Claire, both of us lost in our own little worlds. It wasn't until my oral efforts brought Hannah to a loud and quite stunning orgasm that we both relaxed and remembered she was there. Claire looked daggers at me, but Hannah told her to behave and be nice to me. Then she got up and went to her drawers. She walked over to Claire carrying a black, silk scarf in her hand.

"If watching Carla and I having fun offends you, then you'll be blindfolded for the rest of the evening," she said sternly.

She tied the silk scarf around the girl's head, making sure she couldn't see a thing. Then she cruelly started to pinch her nipples and her bottom, shouting at her to stay still when she tried defend herself. A couple of smart smacks to her bottom sounded loudly, and then Hannah slipped her hand between the girl's legs into her wet slit. She leaned in close to Claire's ear.

"Are you going to behave, slut?" she asked menacingly as her fingers worked inside the squirming Claire.

"Yes," Claire whispered submissively.

"Good. Make sure you do," she said as she removed her fingers and put them in Claire's mouth for her to suck on. When she was satisfied, Hannah pushed Claire towards the bed, making her stand by it. She spoke to Claire, but turned to look at me.

"Now, Carla has been particularly good today, so I'm going to make love to her first. You will assist. Carla, I think you can take off your dress now, honey."

I stripped down to my new, sexy lingerie and lay on the bed. Meanwhile, Hannah lubed up her cock and then, after removing my panties, rubbed some lovingly into me. Then she got Claire to straddle my face, her moist pussy lips nuzzling my mouth. Instinctively I licked them, exploring the folds with my tongue. I heard her breath in sharply as I delved deeper, and I raised my hands to caress her thighs and buttocks as I feasted on her sex.

Meanwhile, Hannah raised my legs and I braced myself for her. This time, however, she was much gentler than she was in our afternoon session. I moaned loudly as she slowly slid into me, and soon I could feel her entire length inside my own pussy. Because now, to me, that's exactly what it was. My pussy.

Hannah held herself deep inside me while she reached over and played with Claire's nipples. I could feel her squirm above me, causing her to rub her slit against my mouth. I licked and tongued her, making her squirm even more, and her juices were soon flowing. Hannah played with them for a few moments before turning her attention back to me. She took hold of my ankles and spread my legs before working her wonderful cock between my legs. I moaned and groaned as she gently but firmly fucked my pussy with long, almost tortuous strokes. I was in heaven as my love worked her magic on me, and the scent and taste of Claire's vagina added to the eroticism of the situation. I pulled Claire down so I could push my tongue deeper inside her, forming it into a nub so I could tongue-fuck her as she bounced up and down on my face. Her moans got louder as she pushed down on me, and all three of us slipped into a spiral of increasing pleasure. The more Claire moaned, the harder Hannah fucked me, the more she did, the harder I tongued Claire, making her moan.

Slowly we built up into a kind of rhythm, the tempo increasing along with the intensity. It was almost as if we were all trying to fight the need screaming inside our bodies, the need to let the flood come. Writhing under Hannah and Claire, I got caught up in the moment, never wanting it to stop. Hannah was stoking a fire between my legs, and each thrust raised the temperature a little more, while my mouth was becoming engulfed with the sweet nectar of Claire's juices. The noises of lust and pleasure filled the air as our sweaty bodies pulsed together.

Suddenly, I felt Hannah increase her tempo, and I screamed in pleasure as the fire in my loins took hold. A tremendous wave of intense pleasure raged over me as Hannah spread my legs wider before fucking me harder than she ever had before. I felt myself orgasm just before hearing her scream, and a split second later my mouth was flooded as Claire came in spurts above me. My swallow reflex kicked in as she bucked on my face, and I could hear her groan with each surge of her ejaculation. Meanwhile Hannah was still thrusting deep inside me, and I almost passed out with the intensity of it. It was beyond orgasm now, and all I could see was a blinding white light behind my closed eyelids as the pleasure turned to something else, something indescribable. It was just starting to fade into discomfort when I felt her give one, deep, final thrust and then she slumped onto me, totally spent.

I lay trapped beneath them both as we all fought to regain our breath. Slowly, Hannah pulled out of me and we disentangled our hot bodies. Hannah staggered to the bathroom while Claire flopped on the bed beside me. I opened my eyes and looked down to see a pool of my own shining fluid on my belly. Like earlier, my cock was soft, but it looked a slightly different colour than usual, almost as if it were bruised. I reached down and brought some of the fluid to my lips. It tasted slightly different too, not like the white semen that I'd come to know and love. I tried to process this with my addled brain, but I could make no sense of it.

A few minutes later, Hannah returned naked with her cleaned twin-cock in her hand. She moved us both so she could lay in the centre of the bed. I got up and went to the bathroom to clean up, looking back to see Hannah guiding Claire between her legs so the girl could worship her pussy with her tongue. When I returned, I gazed at the sexy sight of Claire, blindfolded, making Hannah writhe with her mouth between her legs, her face wet with Hannah's juices. Hannah reached up for me, and we kissed hungrily. I whispered 'thank you' in her ear. She smiled as she looked deep into my eyes, and then kissed me again. When we broke, I lay beside her, safe in the crook of her arm, contented. My fingers gravitated towards her beautiful breasts, and soon I was rolling her nipple between my fingers.

Hannah closed her eyes as I sucked on the one nearest to me, and I looked down to watch Claire greedily feasting between Hannah's legs. For some reason, I found the sight incredibly erotic, and I felt myself reacting between my own legs. Amazed, I sucked harder on Hannah's nipple, making her yelp and then give a sensuous sigh. I took her hand and guided it to my erection. She opened her eyes in surprise as her fingers wrapped themselves around it, and she looked at me. I smiled back, and moved up towards her. I knelt up and moved towards her face. The sight of my cock entering her mouth was stunning, as were the sensations she started to give me. Her tongue worked its way up and down my shaft, and I gasped as she pushed it into my slit.

Suddenly I needed to fuck her. I needed to have beneath me, writhing under me as my cock buried itself inside her. She must have read my mind because she told Claire to get off the bed and stand beside it. With a sly wink at me, she told her that I was going to fuck her with my strap-on. Once we had the bed to ourselves, I took my cock out of Hannah's mouth and put it between her legs. It slid in so easily, her pussy feeling so silky-smooth as I made love to my girlfriend for the first time in over a fortnight. I looked down, and the fact that I had breasts and was wearing a bra, stockings and suspenders seemed to add to the erotic sight of her breasts bouncing in time with my thrusts.

Grabbing Hannah's legs, I put them over my shoulders and then pinned her down as I hammered into her, our bodies slapping together noisily. An latent animal instinct took over within me, and what started out as love-making turned into full-on fucking as I pounded her with a desire that I'd almost forgotten. For several minutes, we rutted hard, Hannah cursing and swearing at me to fuck her harder as my hips moved faster and faster. I knew I had to erupt soon when I felt Hannah's velvety wetness tightly squeeze my engorged cock, and a few seconds later the glorious feeling of my sperm exploding out of me and deep into her womb took my breath away.

As I flooded her with my cum, I looked down at her beautiful, contorted face. One of my greatest pleasures

was watching Hannah orgasm, especially when I was inside her, and I suddenly realised how much I'd missed making love to her as Carl. The feeling was only fleeting, but it managed to detract from what would have been an otherwise perfect moment. Almost as quickly, Carla returned, and I released her before I leant down and kissed her hard, lying on top of her. I felt my deflating clit/cock slide out of her, and before I knew it, I'd sidled down her body and was lapping my cum from her saturated pussy.

When I was sure I'd got it all, she pulled me to her and cleaned me with her mouth. We shared the sticky cum with a kiss before remembering that Claire was still in the room.

Hannah asked me to pass her strap-on, and then I helped her put it on, playfully sliding the cock inside her before she fixed the straps. Then she instructed Claire to get on the bed on all fours with her legs spread. She pointed to her raised buttocks and told me to lick her ass. Surprised, I did as she asked, spreading her full cheeks apart to expose her rosebud before probing it tentatively with my tongue. I soon got into it, and was rewarded with little yelps of pleasure from Claire as I darted my tongue in and out of her ass. Meanwhile, Hannah climbed onto the bed in front of Claire and grabbed the girl's hair. Raising her head, she told her to open her mouth then guided her cock between the girl's reluctant lips. With a handful of Claire's hair firmly gripped in her palm, she proceeded to face fuck her, goading her as she pushed more and more of her cock down the girl's throat.

At the other end, I decided to explore Claire's ass with a finger, and soon I wasn't sure if the noises Claire was making was from her deep throating or from me licking and frigging her bottom. I added another digit for good measure, and the pitch of Claire's cries went up even higher. I found myself getting aroused again, and I indicated my erection to Hannah. She nodded, and told me to look on her bedside drawer. I found a pack of condoms, so I ripped one open and slid it onto my cock. Hannah indicated the lube she'd used earlier, so I spread some of that over the condom.

Hannah had released Claire from her throat-swallowing duties. She told me to lie down on the bed and then she guided Claire to straddle me over my stiff cock, but leant her forwards slightly. Lowering her down slowly, she spread her cheeks until the tip of my cock met her wet ass. Claire cried out as she lowered herself onto me, gasping for breath until I was fully but firmly in her bottom. Her arse was tight as it gripped my cock, and I wished that I could experience it for real, without the barrier of a condom.

Hannah gave her a few moments to get used to the feeling of me inside her backside before leaning her back onto me, supporting herself by her arms as Hannah moved between our legs. Claire was moaning softly now as she felt every slight move I made beneath her, but it rose to a crescendo as Hannah rested her cock at the entrance of her wet pussy. Suddenly she realised she was about to be doubly impaled by us, and she seemed unsure what to do. Claire's arms shook as Hannah gently pushed forward, and then I could feel Hannah's cock as it entered the poor girl through the thin skin that separated her cock from mine. I heard Claire gasping for breath as her hair hung down on my face, her arms almost buckling beneath her.

I held still and closed my eyes, loving the experience. I tried to imagine that it was me that Hannah was making love to as I felt her cock push fully into Claire's cunt, concentrating on what it felt like to be fucked as a woman in the proper place. Claire howled loudly as she felt the fullness in both holes. It was such a carnal sound, full of pleasure, discomfort and yearning. I felt my dick pulse in response, and couldn't help but give a little thrust of my own, causing her to howl again.

Hannah told me to lie still and enjoy as she withdrew before pushing in again up to the hilt. I lay back and let the sensations and my imagination take hold, my hands going to my breasts and cupping them, wishing it was my own flesh I was kneading beneath my fingers. Claire's howls turned to whimpers as Hannah fucked her submissive slut with firm thrusts, and I too began to moan.

"Just look at you, getting fucked in both holes," teased Hannah. "What does that make you, mm?" she asked her.

All Claire could do was moan incoherently as the assault on her pussy gained in intensity. By now she was lost in the sensations that screamed between her legs, and her head hung limply forward as she tried to concentrate on dealing with the double fucking she was getting. Hannah reached forward and pinched her nipples, causing her to yelp.

"Well?" she demanded.

"A slut," Claire cried hoarsely, her voice strangled as her body tightened.

I felt her shudder as her first orgasm spread through her, clenching me tightly as the wave of pleasure rode over her and into me. Hannah continued to thrust her cock into her, knowing that I felt it too. I spread my knees, subtly changing the angle of my penis in Claire's back passage, and therefore how Hannah's cock rubbed against my own. Both Claire and I moaned in unison as Hannah's hips moved faster and more urgently. I let go off my own breasts and reached up to grab Claire's. Her flesh felt so good under my fingers as I pulled on them, and her arms finally gave way as she collapsed back onto me. I couldn't help kneading them, envious of their weight and feel, wishing my own were like them. Almost in jealousy, I started to thrust my own hips up into her buttocks, causing her to orgasm again.

As Claire's orgasm subsided, I felt her body become limp on top of me as Hannah and I fucked her, our thrusts slowly becoming syncopated so that as one withdrew, the other thrust. She started to mew under our onslaught, and I felt her come at least a couple of more times before I also began to feel the pressure building in my loins. Hannah changed her rhythm so that we both thrust simultaneously, and Claire started to call with little 'oh, oh' noises as all three of us felt the need to climax. As we thrust, I could feel Hannah's 'balls' slapping into my own each time we filled the now moaning girl between us.

I firmly pinched Claire's nipples and pulled them away from each other, twisting them as I did so, which finally sent her over the edge. As she came, I felt her anus clench around me like a vice, and I howled as I ejaculated hard into my condom. At the same time, Hannah gave a short cry as she also came before falling forward onto us, breathless.

The wave of pleasure that overtook all three of us seemed to drain us all. Claire was moaning the loudest as Hannah and I still impaled her until I felt Hannah's cock slowly being removed from Claire's pussy. My cock was still gripped tight by her ass, so I reached down to make sure the condom remained in place until I felt her trembling legs lift her body from me. I grabbed a tissue and removed the condom before collapsing on the bed. Hannah unharnessed herself, removing the cock from within her with a squelch and then slid between Claire and me. She told Claire to remove her scarf and then put an arm around each of us, and, exhausted, we all fell into a deep but contented sleep.

It was nearly lunch by the time we were all awake. I turned over and watched Hannah as she slept like a baby, her breasts rising and falling with each breath and her gorgeous hair spilled beneath her pale cheek. Claire's arm was lying over her as they lay spooned against each other, curled up in a foetal position. Eventually Hannah's breathing pattern shallowed and shortly after her eyes fluttered open. She looked at me almost uncomprehendingly, and then her beaming smile filled my heart with joy. I gently leaned in and nuzzled her nose with mine before I kissed her softly. My palm traced her jawline as our lips brushed, and then we simply lay looking into each others eyes for a while.

Not long after, Claire began to stir, so Hannah turned over and kissed her awake. I watched the two women kiss without jealousy, only affection. Claire clung to Hannah as my girlfriend rolled on top of her, Hannah's hair spilling down over the other woman's face, almost obscuring both of them as their bodies pressed together. They kissed passionately for a few minutes, Claire's thighs opening as Hannah pressed her hips into her, their groins rubbing together.

I left them to it, heading for the bathroom. After a refreshing shower, I was heading for my room to get dressed when I met Hannah, naked, leaving our bedroom. She put her arms around me and kissed me before scurrying off to the bathroom. In fresh lingerie, I sat before my mirror and did my make-up, trying my best to reset my hair before getting dressed in a long skirt and flowery top. Then I went downstairs and opened up, putting on a pot of coffee afterwards.

Hannah came down not long after, telling me Claire was having a shower and would be leaving shortly. She asked me if I would mind running her home, to which I almost automatically agreed to. The thought of going out the front door and driving while dressed like this didn't even strike me as being unusual after the last twenty four hours.

Claire joined us for coffee ten minutes later, and we all sat around, chatting as if last night hadn't happened. I noticed that Claire didn't look so hostile towards me anymore, and by the time she was ready to go, we were on the road to being friends. As she picked up her jacket, she said something that took Hannah by surprise.

"So, where's your boyfriend this weekend?" she asked innocently.

It took Hannah a second to react, and I had to look away in fear that she might give the game away.

"Oh... oh, he's away on business," Hannah stammered. Recovering a little, she added, "He'll be back tonight."

Claire seemed satisfied at this, and turned to look expectantly at me.

"Ready?" I asked.

She nodded, and walked up to Hannah, who gave her a passionate kiss. Slyly, she also slipped one hand up her skirt and did something that Claire must have enjoyed as she moaned her appreciation without their lips parting. As Hannah released her, she told her to give me a kiss, now that she'd been used by me as well. Claire came over and kissed me. Not, I noted, as passionately as she had kissed Hannah, but still with a certain amount of fervour. As our lips locked, I reached my hand round and lifted her short skirt up, fondling her buttocks before snaking a finger into her bum crack, just to remind her where I'd been the night before. Her eyes widened as she felt my fingernail rub against her rosebud. I broke the kiss and grinned at her.

"I look forward to meeting you again, Claire," I smiled, flashing my eyes.

Claire flushed as she turned away and headed for the door. After our frenzied activities of the night before, I'm sure she must have been sore from the waist down, but it didn't stop Hannah from giving her bum a playful smack as she passed her.

"Bye, slut," she smirked.

Half an hour later I got back in and found Hannah sat reading on the sofa. I made us a drink and we sat and talked for a while.

"You know, you can get changed back if you want to," she said. "You don't have to dress like that anymore."

She looked at me pointedly, waiting to gauge my reaction. I smiled.

"But I like this skirt," I said, "It's so comfortable."

We both smiled, understanding what I really meant.

"Thank you for yesterday, and especially last night," I said.

"Baby, thank you. I had a wonderful time as well, and the three of us in bed was kind of hot, wasn't it. What did you think of Claire?"

"I liked her, but I still prefer you, especially when you make love to me like you did yesterday."

She smiled, reaching out for my hand.

"Well, I'm always happy to do that, my love," she said. "In fact, I think I'd be really happy to do that right now," she grinned, standing us both up and leading me to the door. I followed her, willingly. 

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