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Carl, Carla and Hannah - Part 16

Carl realises something, Hannah and Carla have an evening in, and Carla has a date with Luke.
The alarm woke me from a strange dream. Bleary eyed, I reached over and silenced the noise. Hannah sleepily moved over to cuddle up to me as I lay there, thinking.

The bet was won, and now the terrifying abyss of the future stood before me. What was going to happen now? I mulled it over in my mind, and then leaned over and kissed my beautiful Hannah before wearily getting out of bed. After showering, I went to my drawers and pulled out a pair of boxers and slid them on. They felt strangely familiar, but the lack of tights made me feel almost naked under my trousers.

At work, I must have been a little subdued because a colleague asked me if I was all right. When I reassured him I was, I asked him why he'd been concerned.

"It's just that the last couple of weeks you seemed to have a kind of buzz about you," he said. "And today you just seem a little quiet, that's all."

I smiled and told him I was fine, and that I'd just got a lot on my plate at the moment. He seemed satisfied at my answer, and moved off to do some photocopying. When he'd gone, I thought about what he'd said.

At lunch time, we did the food shop for the next couple of days. For some reason, I didn't want to cook like I usually did on Monday nights, so Hannah said she would cook for the next few days for a change. After work, I helped her in with the bags and then got changed into jeans and t-shirt, like I used to. Again, it felt a little odd, but I told myself that I'd been so wrapped up in the bet that it was natural to miss the routine, and that I would soon be my old self again.

Hannah didn't say anything when I walked into the kitchen, but she did throw me a quizzical look. I made us a drink while she cooked dinner, and the evening unfolded slowly and quietly, for which I was grateful. The next couple of days went by in the same way, but by Thursday I was starting to get cratchity. Little things began to upset me, and I found I was getting short-tempered. I inexcusably snapped at Hannah on the way to work, and immediately apologised, but then suddenly found myself crying. Hannah pulled over and comforted me for a few minutes, asking me if I wanted to go home. I shook my head, and just about recovered my composure by the time we got to work. The day went incredibly slowly, each minute seemed to take an hour. What the hell was wrong with me? I wasn't usually like this.

To make matters worse, at lunch time, Hannah said she would be going out with Claire that night if was okay with me. I told her it would be fine, and that it would actually be good for me to have some time on my own to think.

After I'd kissed Hannah goodbye as she left for the evening, I sat and tried to watch tv. Half an hour later I rang up a couple of friends to see if they wanted to go out for a drink, but both had already made other plans. Restlessly, I wandered aimlessly around the house. I went everywhere except one room. I tried to avoid it, but inside I could feel it pulling me towards it. Eventually, I couldn't resist it anymore. I paused as I put my hand on the door knob, half afraid and half excited. A flood of emotions ran through me as I stepped into Carla's room. But the strongest emotion was of contentment.

My room. I realised that now. This was my room.

My heart beat wildly as I sat down at the dressing table, and it felt as if my make-up greeted me like an old friend. I looked down at the bottles and tubes, and without thinking, I started to apply some foundation to my cheeks. Soon I was lost in the process as I gradually changed to Carla. After only four days, I suddenly realised how much a part of me Carla truly was, and how much I'd missed being her. All my nagging doubts slipped away as I transformed myself, and it wasn't long before I stood before the mirror with Carla looking back at me. As I looked into the reflection of my own eyes, I knew, deep down, that this was who I really was.

I searched for my favourite lipstick, and then remembered that I'd left it in my handbag from the other night. As I searched inside, I came across the beer mat with Luke's number on it. I held it for a moment, unsure what to do. Should I ring him? If I did, what would happen? What if he wanted to see me again? With my heart in my mouth, I found my mobile. I changed the setting to 'private' so he wouldn't get my number, then, with fingers trembling, I called him.

His voice was at once familiar to me, and he sounded like he was in a pub, judging by the background noise.

"Hi. Luke? It's me, Carla. We met last Saturday night in town, remember?"

"Hi Carla! Good to hear from you. I was beginning to think you wasn't going to call. How are you?"

I felt myself melt under his baritone voice, and it sounded much sexier than I remembered. We chatted for a couple of minutes, then he asked me if I'd like to go out sometime, and that he was free the following night. I said I wasn't sure if I could get tomorrow, and would let him know during the day, and we ended the call with him saying goodnight in such a sexy way, I nearly feinted.

I slipped on a pale blue dress and a pair of low heels before I went downstairs, revelling in my femininity. I made myself a drink and watched some more tv, and I found that, this time, I was content to sit and watch. Around ten-thirty, I made myself another drink and went upstairs, leaving a few lights on for Hannah for when she got home. I changed into a nightdress, and sat and read for a while until I'd finished my drink. Then I turned the light off, and slept better than I had for days.

I didn't hear Hannah get in, but she was beside me when the alarm went off the following morning. She commented on the fact that I was back into nightdresses as she cuddled me in bed, and I told her about my evening, especially about the call to Luke. She asked me what I was going to do, and I said I wasn't sure. I really liked the guy, but was afraid that he would find out that Carla wasn't really Carla, and I didn't want to hurt him. Plus, I didn't want a scene if and when he did find out. I said I'd probably leave it. Hannah thought about it, and then suggested I go just for a drink with him one night the following week, and see how it goes. I didn't want to commit myself, so I said I'd think about it.

In return, she told me about her night with Claire. When they met at the pub, she found Claire wearing panties under her skirt. Apparently she was forced to wear them because it was that time of the month, so Hannah took her back to her place and spanked her soundly for being so inconsiderate. Then she had Claire kneel between her legs and had her lick her out for an hour solid while she watched tv. After that, she played with her for a while and then came home around half-eleven.

That morning, I was back in panties and tights for work. It felt so good to be back in them, and it must have cheered me up, because my colleague commented how much more upbeat I was that day. I couldn't wait to get home to change, and even Hannah noticed how different I was. At lunch-time, I rang Luke and postponed the drink we planned that night to the following Monday. We agreed to meet at a pub in town before I said I had to go.

As soon as we got home, I rushed upstairs and showered and then went immediately to my room. I felt like I was glowing as I applied my make-up and got dressed. Even the tight feeling of my bra straps made me feel good, and when my inserts were in, I was almost in heaven.

Hannah commented on how different I was when Carla was around, and we decided to order in. An hour later, we were both sat on the sofa eating pizza and drinking cheap white wine, watching a chick flick. When the film ended, I took the things through to the kitchen, and then curled up with Hannah. As we lay there watching the tv while we gently fondled each other's breasts, Hannah said she was still horny from last night. She suggested that it might be nice to watch something to get us both in the mood, and I agreed. I went and fetched my laptop and connected it via an HDMI lead to the television, and then asked Hannah if there was anything in particular she wanted to watch while I found our usual website.

She said that she wasn't worried, as long as there was some good, hard fucking involved. I chose a amateur clip featuring a guy with a big cock and a slim woman with large breasts. Pretty soon we were both getting hot as we watched the action, and I slipped a hand up Hannah's skirt to find she had no panties on, and her pussy was soaking. She purred as I slid a couple of fingers inside her, while the couple on the screen were kissing and slowly stripping off. I suggested we do the same, and Hannah agreed, but she told me to wait a minute. I paused the clip while she went upstairs, and I stripped down to my bra and panties.

Hannah came back in carrying a bag. She told me to lay on the sofa, and then lay down on top of me. She kissed me passionately, telling me how pretty I was and how much I turned her on. Her comments sent a warm feeling through me as she kissed me and caressed me under her. After a while, she asked if I wanted to carry on watching the video, and I said yes.

"Okay. I know, why don't you try to imagine you're her, and I'll pretend to be him. Don't you think that would be exciting?" she asked innocently.

I blushed. "I already was," I admitted.

Smiling, Hannah called me a slut, and then slid off me and went to the bag she'd brought downstairs. Out of it, she brought her twin-dildo strap-on that I'd come to know and love, some lube, and a vibrator. She put her cock on, and we sat back on the sofa like the couple on the screen. We kissed like they did, and mirrored their moves as much as we could before we got lost in each other. Soon, like the girl in the film, I was down on my knees in front of my lover, sucking their cock. Hannah guided it expertly between my lips as she stood before me.

"That's it, my girl, suck my cock. Oh yes, you're so good at it. Now look at me while you suck on that big, fat cock. That's right, mmm..."

I looked up into her eyes as I devoured her cock, loving the feel of it in my mouth.

"Do you wish that was a real cock, baby?" she asked.

"Oh yes, oh God, yes," I breathed between sucking.

I closed my eyes and tried to imagine what it would be like to suck a real cock, a man's cock. Soon I was lost in my daydream as I sucked on the guy on the screen's cock like the girl was, licking its length and even trying to suck his balls. Then I sucked it as if my mouth were a pussy being fucked, taking it deep down my throat and then releasing its slick shaft.

The couple on the screen had moved positions, and the girl was laying down as the guy licked her pussy. Hannah guided me to the sofa and pulled my knickers down. She rimmed and then licked my pussy, delving deep with her tongue as I squirmed beneath her expert mouth. I kept my legs high to give her as much access as I could, moaning as she tongue-fucked me.

"Please, oh please," I begged as she slurped and licked me to heaven.

"What's that, baby?" she asked between licks.

"Fuck me, oh please, fuck me. I want your cock inside me," I pleaded.

With a broad smile on her face, Hannah stood up and lubed herself up and then spread my legs. I moaned loudly as she entered me, and for ten or fifteen wonderful, orgasmic minutes she fucked me, swapping positions every time the couple on the screen did. She took me on my back, bent over the sofa, and finally, riding her pole cowgirl style. All the time she was inside me, I tried to imagine that the cock inside me was a man's, and sometimes the image of Luke crossed my mind. I came twice, both times without my clitty getting erect. The second time I came, I swear I must have screamed the house down. Hannah thought she'd hurt me, but it was actually very much the opposite: I was screaming in ecstasy.

Afterwards, as we lay in bed, she asked me if I missed fucking her. I told that sometimes I did, but only occasionally. I asked her if she missed it, and she said the same. She told me that the whole experience of transforming me into a woman had reinforced something in her too, and that was that she enjoyed making love to me about the same as when I made love to her. She also had come to realise that she enjoyed the 'masculine' side of herself, especially in the bedroom. Unlike me, she had no desire to live as the opposite gender, but when she was with Claire or Carla, then she needed to be in control.

We talked for ages about this, and then she asked me if I still thought I was gay. I told her I didn't, because it was natural for a woman to want a man, and, as I was Carla, it was normal for me to want to have a man. Then she asked if I would consider having another man make love to me like she did, someone like Luke for instance. I told her that the thought had crossed my mind a few times, but I was still a little wary, mainly because I was still, anatomically at least, a guy. Besides, I didn't want anyone else because I was more than happy with her. I told her I loved her too much to cheat on her just to find out, so it wasn't really an issue, and never would be.

Hannah hugged me tightly when I said this, and told me she loved me too, and that, apart from her relationship with Claire, she would never cheat on me either. I said that I understood about her need to see Claire, and I didn't see that as cheating on me as it was out in the open. She kissed me passionately before making her way down my body and taking my clitty between her lips, As she sucked on it, she took hold of the vibrator and turned it on and held it against my pussy. I lay back in ecstasy as she worked my clitty and pussy together, building me up inside. Then she surprised me by taking the dildo off and lowering herself onto my clitty/cock, facing away from me.

It seemed like years since we'd made love in the reverse cowgirl position, but then Hannah made it extra-special by pushing the vibrator into my pussy and frigging me in time to her riding me. In no time at all, I exploded into her, and we both yelled and came at the same time. Once I'd deflated a little, Hannah climbed off my groin and turned to face me. With a glint in her eye, she made her way up my body until her glistening pussy was above me. I smiled up to her as she lowered herself onto my willing face. I felt our juice slide into my mouth as I licked and sucked at her beautiful pussy, not stopping until I was sure I'd got it all.

When I'd finished, Hannah slid down and lay on top of me, pinning my arms down as she kissed me hard. I open my legs and wrapped them around her, telling her that I was hers, and always would be. She smiled, telling me that she already knew that.

The following Monday, I met Luke for a drink at a pub not that far from home. Hannah also came, but just for both support and in case anything happened. We arrived separately and she kept her distance, so Luke wasn't even aware she was there.

We found a quiet spot and chatted while we had a couple of drinks, and I found out a little more about him. He'd split up with his last girlfriend a few weeks ago, he lived with his mum and dad along with his sister, Shirley, and he also had an older brother who'd left home. I told him (vaguely) what I did and that I lived with a girlfriend in a house in another part of town.

The conversation went round several topics, ranging from cooking, television shows, films and cars. I must admit, I really enjoyed his company, and I was delighted that he took so much interest in me. At one point, he took a risk, putting his hand on mine. I didn't object, and in fact, the contact sent a shock through my arm and made a nice, warm feeling in my heart.

When I came back from getting the next round in, he smoothly slipped his arm around me, and I cuddled up to him. We chatted some more, and then he kissed me. It felt so warm and wonderful, and I felt myself glow. The kiss didn't last long, but then we were in a pub, so we didn't overdo it. It was the first of several kisses he gave me that evening, and I enjoyed every single one. Something seemed to click between us, and I think that he sensed it too.

Eventually I said that I had to go as I had work the next day, and he asked me if he could see me home. I told him that I'd already arranged for my girlfriend to pick me up, but thanked him anyway. He asked to see me again, and suggested a film. I'd had such a good time that I tentatively agreed to meet him on Thursday to see a film in town.

We went outside, and I caught sight of Hannah leaving just after us. We stood outside and waited for her, spending the time with me in his arms and giving me long, passionate kisses. I felt good in his arms, and loved the sense of security he gave me. Luke held me close as his tongue danced its way round mine, and I could feel him getting aroused as he pushed his body against me, his bulge pressing into my groin. Fortunately my clitty was tightly tucked away in my thong, or he might have got quite a shock.

We were in the middle of a deep kiss when Hannah pulled up in front of us and pipped the horn. I waited until the kiss was ended before I said goodnight, and tearing myself away from his warm embrace, got in the car. I waved as we set off, looking at him longingly until he was out of sight.

"Well, you looked like you were having a good time, Missy," she said.

I blushed, but smiled back at her.

"Yes, I did."

I looked at her nervously. "Are you okay with this?" I asked, worried that Hannah might get jealous.

She smiled.

"Yes, sweetie, I'm fine with it. After all, I have Claire, so it's only right you should have a boyfriend."

The phrase hit me hard. A boyfriend. I had a boyfriend.

"Well," I said, trying to play it down, "I'm not sure I'd call him that yet. But it certainly has possibilities!"

We laughed and then I told her all about what we'd chatted about as she drove us home. When we were cuddled up in bed, Hannah told me that I looked radiant when I was with Luke. She said that I looked different, with sparkling eyes and so happy. She said that she was a little jealous when he kissed me, but then she thought about how I must have felt when she told me she had kissed Claire at work, and it made it easier. I hugged her, and then gave her a loving kiss.

"Thank you," I said. "For everything. I love you."

She kissed me back.

"I love you too, Carla."

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