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Carl, Carla and Hannah - Part 17

Luke takes Carla to the cinema
As the week progressed, I looked forward to my date with Luke. I even found myself thinking about him when I was at work, and more than once found that I started to speak in my female voice before I'd realised it in the office. As Claire was 'unavailable' for a few days, Hannah went out of her way to make her life difficult at work. One lunch-time she went into her office, locked her door and made her remove her bra before teasing and pinching her nipples for twenty minutes until they were bright pink. Then she took her bra with her so anyone who looked closely would see Claire's sore nipples through her white blouse. The next day, she made her wear a butt plug for the afternoon, and she told me that she looked quite flustered by the time she went home.

On Thursday, I had a shower and got ready as soon as we got in. I picked out a long, purple chiffon dress, and put on some expensive perfume too. Claire prepared dinner early so I wouldn't be too rushed. She drove me to the cinema and dropped me off. Giving me a huge kiss, she told me to be careful. As we were going to be in a dark cinema, I wasn't too worried, but I promised I would be. I said I'd ring when I was ready to be picked up.

Luke arrived a few minutes after me in his dad's car. He kissed me before we went in. It was one of those 'I've really missed you' kind of kisses, and then we walked with our arms around each other into the lobby. The film was good, but I was more engrossed in Luke. He had his arm around me the whole film through, and we sometimes stole little kisses between popcorn.

As we were going out, he asked me if I had time for a drink. I said yes, but just one. He drove us a couple of miles before we got to a pub I hadn't been to before, and we sat and chatted about the film. Around ten-thirty I said I'd better be going, so he offered me a lift home. I told him I didn't want to put him out of his way, and that I'd already arranged for Hannah to pick me up. Reluctantly, he said okay.

The pub was beginning to get noisy, so after I rang Hannah to collect me, he suggested we wait in his car. I agreed, thinking it would be a good opportunity for some more of his wonderful kissing. We walked arm in arm to where he'd parked the Volvo, discreetly at the back of the car park, in a dark, unlit area.

We sat in the back seat so we had some room, and I enjoyed the feel of his lips against mine. However, it wasn't long before his hands started to wander, which scared me a little. At first, they were just tentative explorations, seeing how far he could go. I must admit that I kind of enjoyed his hands on my body, making me feel very feminine. I relaxed a little, and let my own hand slide across his chest and on his thigh.

Encouraged, he gently let his hand slide onto one of my breasts. Fortunately, my silicone inserts felt quite realistic under my dress and jacket, but when his other hand started to lift up my skirt hem, I started to get worried. I felt his hands on my stockings, and his kisses started to get more passionate. I could feel his lust building, and part of me wanted to go with it, to let him have access to my entire body, to let him make love to me. But I knew I couldn't, not yet. I stopped his hand as it passed my stocking tops and stroked the bare thigh between them and my panties.

"No, baby, please," I said. "I can't, it's the wrong time of the month. I'm sorry."

Reluctantly he said he understood, and I could sense his frustration as he contented himself with stroking my thigh under my dress. I felt awful, not only because I had to deny him access to my panties, but also because I felt I was lying to him. He deserved better. I let my hand roam around his chest and felt his aroused nipples. I felt sorry for the lamb, so frustrated. A feeling I'd known myself, or rather Carl had known.

I let my hand slide down his front onto his lap. His bulge was rather obvious, even through his trousers, and it was clear that he enjoyed me rubbing it. My lips searched for his mouth as my fingers found his zip. I slowly unzipped him as he kissed me, and then slid my fingers inside his trousers. After searching for a second, I realised he was wearing boxers. I undid the button on the fly and then slid my fingers through and found his engorged cock. My heart beat so hard in my chest, I thought he would hear it. Luke's kissing became more intense as I wrapped my fingers around his shaft, marvelling at how good it felt in my hand. I moved it up and down his shaft a little, but was restricted by the tightness of his clothing.

Impatient to feel it properly, I broke the kiss and leant down to his lap. In a moment, I'd undone his trousers and, getting him to lift his bottom while I pulled them down, I managed to get his beautiful cock free. Again, I wrapped my hand around it, and I felt it pulsing in my hand. I have to admit that it felt a little odd, having a different cock in my hand, but I enjoyed the warm feeling of it. Luke moaned slightly through our kiss as I wanked him gently, occasionally rubbing the tender spot just under the head. His cock was about seven inches long, uncut, and had a nice girth to it. As I was cut, it was interesting to find the loose fold of skin around the head. I pulled it back gently, then worked it round before sliding my long fingernail down the underneath of it.

As he kissed me, I considered going further. Would I, or even could I take it into my mouth? As I felt the first wetness of his pre-cum under my fingers, I realised just how much I wanted him, to experience his cock in my mouth, to taste his hot, throbbing flesh and have it disappear between my red lips. I had to know how that felt. I broke the kiss, and held his cock firmly as I bent over to taste it. First, I licked the head, lapping up his pre-cum. It tasted lovely, a little sweeter than I was used to, and Luke gave an appreciative groan as I rolled my tongue round and round the head.

I was ready. I wanted to, no, I needed to suck this cock. I formed a vacuum with my lips on the head, pushing the foreskin back with them and flicking the tip with my tongue before sliding my head forward and taking the entire length in one smooth movement. As my lips gripped the base of his shaft, Luke leaned back and moaned, his hand gently resting on the back of my head. After the practising on Hannah's cock, I managed to deep throat Luke's much more easily as it wasn't quite as long or thick. I held the head in my throat for a moment before I started to work my mouth up and down his length. I was finally doing it. I was sucking a real, live cock. I was in heaven.

Luke was breathing heavily as I bobbed up and down on his shaft, and I reached down and gently cupped his full balls, caressing them with my thumb. I felt his urgency building, so I quickly increased the speed, lost in the moment.

"Yes, oh yes, Carla, oh yes," he repeated as I felt his cock become more rigid in my mouth.

His balls began to tighten and his voice got higher. I knew he was about to come, and I wanted him to, I wanted him to very much. A few strokes later, I heard him make a guttural kind of squeal, before he announced he was about to come. I pushed on, willing him to come in my mouth, tightening my lips until I was rewarded with a spurt of fluid in my mouth, quickly followed by a much bigger spurt, and then three or four more. Each spurt got longer, but there was not as much cum as the first couple. I savoured the taste as best as I could before I had to swallow it. It was very different to my own cum, a little more salty to the taste, but very creamy. I kept his cock in my mouth until it had deflated, and then swallowed the last of his nectar. I wiped my lips as I got up from his lap and looked at his contented face smiling at me.

"That was fantastic!" he beamed.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it. It seemed the least I could do after a wonderful evening."

He pulled his boxers and trousers up and then reached over for me. I fell into his arms and he gave me a loving kiss that seemed to last forever. It was interrupted by the sound of Hannah's car horn impatiently beeping near the entrance to the pub.

"I have to go, sweetheart," I said regretfully.

"Call me?" he almost pleaded.

I said I would, and then gave him one last kiss before leaving the car and walking across to Hannah. Of course, I told her all about the evening in the car on the way home. She listened enraptured with her mouth getting wider and wider in disbelief as I described what happened in the cinema, then the pub and finally the car.

"You little slut!" she joked, grinning as I finished describing what his cock and his cum tasted like.

"Yes, and I like it!" I giggled.

"So, now my Carla's a cocksucker," she teased. "Girl, whatever are we going to do with you?"

"Make love to me tonight, please?" I asked.

She hesitated, and I was left in mid-air while she decided. When she replied, her voice was quiet and gentle.

"Okay, just this once. But please understand that it's me that's making love to you and not Luke."

It was my turn to be silent for a moment. I realised she was right, of course. It was highly likely that I'd asked her out of pure selfishness just so I could imagine what it would have been like if Luke had made love to me. She knew me so well. That was just one of the thousand reasons why I loved her so much.

"All right, I will," I said quietly.

And we both lived up to our promises. I tried to put all thoughts of Luke out of my mind as we got each other ready, and Hannah made sure I knew it was her making love to me as she lay me on the bed with my legs wrapped around her. We looked into each others eyes as she thrust her cock like a piston inside me until we came together. I think I actually scratched the skin off her back with my nails, such was our passion and need for each other. Just as our orgasm was fading, she leaned forward and kissed me, and I threw my arms around her, trapping her inside me never wanting to let her go.

The following morning, I awoke from a fantastic night's sleep, and went to work on a high. The day couldn't go quick enough, and I longed to get home and be the woman I wanted to be. That night I was about to call Luke and arrange another date with him when Hannah intervened. She said I should slow down a little and think before I went any further. She knew that I liked the guy, and at first I thought it was just plain old jealousy, but the more she talked to me, the more sense she made.

"In the end, baby, you have to decide if you can tell Luke who, or rather what, you really are," she said. "It's not really fair on either of you to keep him in the dark. I can see you think a lot of him, and I sort of understand, it being your first boyfriend and all. But you have to think how he might react if he found out that you weren't really who he thinks you are. And I know that, if he reacts badly, then you'll be hurt, and hurt badly. I don't want that to happen sweetie, not to my Carla."

She was right, as usual. In the end, I decided it wasn't fair on either of us for me to keep up what, to him, would be a masquerade. To me, it was a damned inconvenience. I wanted a man to make love to me, to make me feel feminine and satisfy my needs. Of course, I loved Hannah doing it to me, but this was different. I found it hard to explain it to her, but I think she understood nevertheless.

Finally, I decided that I wouldn't, or rather couldn't go any further with Luke. I liked him too much to hurt him. Hannah comforted me as I cried my eyes out when I came to the decision. I decided that I'd call him the next day. That would give me time to choose the right words. It was actually Sunday when I got up the courage to ring him. In the end, I didn't tell him the truth, just some lame story about how much I liked him and so on, but I'd met someone else. He took it hard, but, bless him, he actually tried to make it easier for me. I told him that I hoped he'd find someone worthy of him, and that I was really sorry that things hadn't worked out for us.

As soon as I put the phone down I sobbed my heart out again. Because at that moment, I knew I was shutting out someone I could easily have loved for the rest of my life if I was born a woman.

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