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Carl, Carla and Hannah - Part 18

An online meeting with Tom opens possibilities, and Bill shows Carla what to expect..
As the weeks went by, we got into a sort of routine. At work and for maybe a night or two during the week or when out visiting friends or family, I would be Carl, but for the rest of the time, Carla would be Hannah's live-in girlfriend. My hair grew slowly, and Hannah would style it with extensions so that I could still look fairly convincing without having to wear a wig, which pleased me no end. We bought a few more things, I got my ears pierced, and pretty soon, I was able to live almost totally as Carla. In fact, making the transition back to Carl was sometimes difficult. We continued to have a fantastic love life, and now and then I would even make love to Hannah as Carl. But the nagging in the back of my head about wanting a man to make love to me just wouldn't leave me alone.

I mentioned it one night as we lay in bed after Carla had taken me on the stairs, where my hands had been firmly gripping the railings as she hung on to my hips. How, I asked her, was I going to get past this? How was I going to get a man to make love to me properly without them either bludgeoning me to death when he found out I wasn't totally female, or humiliate me in some way, or even use it against me to extort money out of me?

She was silent for a few moments, and then she said "What if the guy knew you were really a guy, but still wanted you as a woman?"

"That's probably really what I want, or at least, the best way of it happening without risking serious injury. Why?" I asked.

She told about some websites she'd seen where crossdressers met guys who were into... well, men who dressed as women. Apparently, she said, the more convincing they were as women, the more the guys liked it.

"And baby, you are practically ninety-five percent woman!" she grinned.

I thought about it. I told her that I thought it seemed a good idea, but it would have to be the right guy. I didn't want to end up with a fat, balding lecher who had little or no sense of hygiene. The more I thought about it, the better it seemed, and so I said that perhaps we should try it, but only on condition that she was okay with it. I didn't want her to feel that either she wasn't satisfying me or that I was trying to cheat on her.

Hannah sat me on her lap and kissed me.

"Darling, you know that I trust you, and as it was me that suggested it, then no, I won't see it as cheating. I see it as a step towards where you want to be and who you want to be. With regards to keeping you satisfied, I know that I do. And you keep me satisfied too. Carla, when we make love it's the best thing in the world, whether I'm fucking you or Carl's fucking me. I know I have this thing with Claire, but that's different. The pleasure there comes from the power and control I have over her, and the sex is really just a bonus. I like her, but I don't love her, at least, not in a meaningful way. Now, you have been fretting over this for months, so I think it's about time we got you sorted out, mm?"

I couldn't answer her in words, my eyes were too wet and my heart felt like it was going to explode. Instead, I hugged her as tight as I could before smothering her in kisses. When she finally asked me to stop, I got off her lap and took her upstairs. Three hours later, we were both completely satisfied in all departments, and I think by the end of our session, neither of us were sure which of us had been fucked the most!

The next day, we started going through possible websites, signing up with some, posting profiles, avoiding dogging sites and looking for potential candidates. A couple of sites looked promising, so we focussed our efforts on them. We even posted an ad on Craigslist, stating our needs and requirements.

At first I was quite excited by the prospect of meeting a man, but as the days passed by, I began to despair. Every day I would check the inbox of my online account, hoping that someone suitable had either seen my profile or answered an online advert. Most of the replies were either from guys who weren't suitable because they were too young, too old, too fat, too thin or too married, or else they simply weren't interesting in personality or looks.

Meanwhile, Hannah's hold over Claire got stronger, and some of the things they got up to even made me blush. Claire now no longer wore underwear at work, and Hannah made her wear shorter and shorter skirts. Some days, her stocking tops were clearly visible under certain circumstances. But outside of work, Hannah really had her on a leash. Quite literally. Whenever she was not at work, Claire had to wear a dog collar, no matter what, and Hannah would walk her round on a leash, sometimes on two legs, sometimes on four. And sometimes, even in public.

One night she took her to a lesbian club and offered her for use, making her lick any woman who wanted it, anywhere they wanted it. She told me afterwards that Claire's tongue was sore for a few hours, and that some of the women's crotches were very hot and sweaty. Some women had her lick their feet, some their pussies and breasts, and a few their asses. Another night, she gave her bottom a real good seeing to, starting off with a spanking and ending with a good paddling. The next day at work, the poor girl could hardly walk, let alone sit down. The more extreme Hannah became, the more submissive Claire became.

It was on a night that she was out with Claire that I went online, checking my emails and messages. On one of the sites, I decided to go to one of the various chat rooms to kill some time, swap hints and hear about other 'girls' experiences. I was chatting to a girl about make-up when I received a message from a guy who was in the chat room too. The message basically said he'd read my profile, liked my pictures and wanted to chat, if that was okay. I sent a message back saying it was, and a minute later he introduced himself.

His name was Tom, and he lived in Coventry. He was thirty six years old, divorced and lived alone. As we chatted, he told me that it wasn't until after he was married that he discovered that he was bisexual, or at least enjoyed watching gay sex online. After one or two tentative steps, he met another guy and he experienced his first blow job from a man. A few weeks later, they had full sex, with Tom fucking the other guy. He told me that, while he enjoyed the physical experience and the sex was great, the fact that he was with another man somehow didn't seem right. He wasn't interested in being the bottom, and he missed the softness and femininity that he was used to. So, what he was looking for was the same kind of thing but with a transvestite or crossdresser. That way, he figured, he would enjoy being with another man but still feel at ease.

In return, I told him that I was in a fairly stable relationship with a woman who knew and was completely supportive of me in my need to be feminine. I said that I wasn't really bisexual, or at least didn't see myself as such. Instead, I saw myself increasingly as female, and therefore I was attracted to men, but, other than a quick blow-job, I wasn't experienced with another man.

As we chatted, I became more and more attracted to Tom's personality. As my picture was on my profile, I asked him if he had a picture that I could look at, and he sent me one almost straight away. The picture showed a fit, six-foot guy with dark hair and a pleasant smile. I was impressed at how good he looked, and my little heart started to race. Could this be the one? I tried to restrain myself and not get my hopes up. I asked him what he was looking for by joining this site, and he said that he wanted to meet a convincing cd or transvestite to see if his instincts were correct.

I asked him, what if they were and he enjoyed their company? He replied that if they were both happy, then he'd like to take it to the next stage and 'have fun', as he put it.

'Do you mean, have sex?' I asked

'Yes,' he replied.

My fingers trembled, and for a moment, I was unsure how to respond. This was almost exactly what I wanted, and it seemed too good to be true. He must of noticed the hesitation in my reply, because he asked if I was okay. I said I was. And I was. Until his next comment.

'So, do you fancy meeting some time, to see how it goes?' he wrote.

My God, he didn't beat about the bush! Then I thought, sod it, I want this so much. And he seemed perfect. Why not?

'Okay. Where and when?'

'Well, you could come over to my place if you want to. Or, if you prefer somewhere neutral, we could meet in either Coventry or Brum. And if you want to bring your girlfriend as chaperone for the first meet, that would be okay as well.'

I thought about it. His place would probably be best, but only if Hannah was there. That way, if things went bad, firstly I had support and secondly, at least we would know where he lived.

In the end, we agreed to meet online the following night and organise the details then. After that, I asked him what he enjoyed, and the conversation turned quite erotic. He said he enjoyed the usual things, e.g., oral sex (giving and receiving), kissing, nipples and anal (giving only). He wasn't into pain or what he described as 'filthy sex'. I told him what Carla liked, describing some of the things Hannah and I had done.

He seemed quite shocked at our exploits, but he told me that my descriptions had made him hard. I was pleased that I'd aroused him, then had an idea.

I asked him if he had skype and he said he had, so I suggested we met on there. A few minutes later, I waited impatiently for his camera to load while I sat nervously in front of the laptop. His picture came through, and I heard his voice for the first time. It was a nice, warm voice, and his smile was lovely. He looked amazed at how I looked, complimenting me before asking me if I really was a cd and not a real woman. I blushed as I said that, regretfully, I wasn't a real woman, thanking him. He said he was even more turned on now that he'd seen me, and he stood to show me the bulge in his trousers. I licked my lips appreciatively, murmuring how nice it looked.

"Would you like to see it?" he said

"Yes, please," I said, hopefully.

Seconds later he removed his trousers and pants, revealing a long, thick cock that had my mouth watering. He had shaven his pubic hair completely, and I cooed as I marvelled in it's stiff glory. He stepped away a little so I could see all of him, then wrapped his hand around his shaft. Not wishing to be rude or greedy, I decided to reciprocate, and so I stood and undid my skirt, letting it fall to the floor. Then I lifted my top over my head, leaving me in just my lingerie. I stepped back for Tom to get a good look.

"Wow!" he said, appreciatively as he stroked his cock a little harder.

I rubbed my breasts and turned round, pulling my knickers up my arse crack before giving both cheeks a playful smack. I was so turned on, I couldn't believe what I was doing in front of someone I'd only just met. I bent down and pulled my cheeks apart, kneading them

"Is this what you want, Tom?" I asked in my best sultry voice.

"God, yes," he said. "Such a beautiful ass."

Slowly, with my ass to the camera, I slid my panties down my thighs, inch by inch, making him wait. By now he was wanking hard, making guttural noises of appreciation. Teasingly, I pulled my cheeks apart, revealing my pussy.

"Would you like to fuck my pussy, Tom?" I asked seductively.

"Fuck, yes. I your pussy... so much, Carla..., fuck you... hard and long."

I could tell by his strokes and the way he paused between words that he was already close to coming. I sucked on a finger as if it were a cock before reaching round and sliding it inside me. Then I frigged my pussy, moaning as I did so. This sent Tom over the edge, and with a loud cry, I saw him spurt his come over the carpet as he ejaculated several ropes of white cream. My eyes were glued to his cock as I watched him come, and I was so pleased and proud of myself that I was the cause of his climax. I wished I was there, catching and swallowing his juice as he exploded.

I removed my fingers from my pussy and pulled my panties back up while Tom recovered and got a tissue to clean himself up.

"What a mess!" he exclaimed, his face beaming.

"Do you always come that much?" I asked.

"Not always, and usually I last a lot longer, but damn! That was hot!"

"Well I'm glad you enjoyed it," I said as I heard Hannah's car pull up outside.

I grabbed my skirt and put it on before throwing on my top, telling Tom that I had to go, and I'd be in touch tomorrow night.

Hannah came in just as I'd managed to rearrange my clothing to look presentable. She could tell something was up, though, mainly due to my flushed face. After giving me a kiss, she asked what I'd been up to to make my face so flushed. I told her about my night on the internet and how I'd met Tom, how he seemed perfect for what I wanted, and just needed her approval. She smiled, moving forward to hold me in her arms.

"If you're sure about him, then that's fine with me," she said. "How about the weekend?"

My heart raced as she said this, and I hugged her hard.

"Oh baby, you are the best!" I squealed as I squeezed my arms around her.

That night I was so excited I could hardly sleep. After tossing and turning for so long, Hannah told me if I didn't settle down, she was going to send me to sleep in my room. In the end I managed to calm down and get a few hours sleep, but between waking up the next morning and getting home from work seemed the longest time I'd ever experienced. Thank God it was Friday.

Finally the time I'd arranged to meet Tom online came. I logged into the site twenty minutes early, I was so excited. Hannah kept telling me to calm down, and it took three or four glasses of wine to take effect before my heart rate began to slow and I became more relaxed. Finally, I saw his avatar in the chat room and I immediately sent him a message. After exchanging pleasantries, we arranged to meet the following night at a pub near where he lived. He gave me the address, and we agreed to meet at seven-thirty. Hannah would also be there, and then, if we were all agreed, we'd go back to his place.

Hannah watched over my shoulder as I chatted with Tom, and when I logged off, she said that he seemed okay. Then she told me to turn off the laptop as I was hers tonight, and she was going to 'make sure I was prepared' for Tom, as she put it. With a glint in her eye, she told me to wait in the lounge for her while she got changed.

When she came back down, she was wearing my trousers, shirt, shoes and socks. She'd also removed all her make-up and wet her hair, slicking it back into a masculine fashion. There was a large bulge in her crotch that immediately drew my eye. She smiled as she saw me looking at it.

"My, you are eager," she said in a low voice that I barely recognised as hers. "Tonight, I'm going to be Bill, and you're going to be my woman, Carla. Who knows, by the end of the night you might be my slut as well."

"I'm that already," I smirked. "But 'Bill'? couldn't you pick a better name than that?"

"It will do for now."

'Bill' sat next to me, putting his arm around me. I leaned into him, running my hand over his chest. He took hold of my hand and guided it down to his crotch, onto his erect cock.

"Why not see what I've got for you in there?" he said.

I rubbed the bulge in his trousers and then undid his fly, reaching in to stroke his cock through his pants. As I did, he undid his trousers so they came open, and then lifted himself up to pull them down. A flesh-coloured, six inch cock greeted me, exactly identical to the one Hannah first used on me all those weeks ago. Instinctively I ran my fingers down its length, marvelling at its firmness as my fingers wrapped themselves around it.

"Go on, Carla, suck it for me, there's a good girl," Bill purred, pushing me gently but firmly towards it.

With the practice I'd had on Hannah's strap-on, I took this cock easily in my mouth, and after licking the head, went down on it until my lips reached the bottom of the shaft. I gave Bill head for a few minutes while he reached down and put his hand up my skirt, wriggling his fingers into my knickers. While he guided my head on his cock, I felt him rub my pussy before inserting a finger into me, making me mew like a kitten. He frigged me for a while, slipping another finger in until I was ready for him. Then he pulled me off his cock and laid me down on the sofa, pulling my panties down completely and raising my skirt. Before I knew it, my legs were in the air and the head of his cock was at my entrance.

"You're such a pretty girl, Carla," Bill said as he slid his prick into me. "Oh, you feel so good, darling, so nice and tight. Such a sweet pussy."

I gasped as he rode me. With only my saliva as lubricant, he felt rough and hard as he started to build up a steady stroking pace. I cried out in slight discomfort as he ploughed his cock into me, telling me how good I 

felt and how tight I was. Soon the uneasy feel gradually faded as his long, strong strokes fanned the embers in my belly. My groans of discomfort turned to ones of lust and enjoyment, and I was soon pleading for him to come inside me. With one last, hard push, Bill kept his cock inside me as I felt myself orgasm, a small amount of fluid trickling out of my clitty as I did.

Bill let me go, but not before giving my tits a good squeeze and grope. After we had cleaned up, a now naked Hannah asked me what I thought. I told her it had certainly been different, and I missed the emotional connection that we had when she made love to me. I also said that it was a bit rougher than I was used to.

"Well, angel, that's probably how it will be when a man does it to you. Do you still feel up for it?"

"Yes," I answered immediately, "I am. I need this, baby, even if it's just this once."

The determination in my voice convinced her, so she gently squeezed my hand.

"I know, baby, I know. Now, let's go upstairs and do it properly, like two women who know how to please each other do it."

She gently stroked my face and then led me towards the stairs, and the promise of a night of tender lovemaking was before me.

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