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Carl, Carla and Hannah - Part 19

Carla finally meets Tom, and discovers herself
The next day, I was a bag of nerves the whole day. Hannah got up and made breakfast for us, and then I had my weekly depilation, although the need for it seemed to be lessening. The hair on my body seemed finer and less inclined to grow, so after I washed the cream off, my skin felt really soft as well as smooth. I did my face while Hannah did my hair, then we looked for something for me to wear for the evening meeting with Tom.

Having looked through all my things, I realised that I had plenty of nice lingerie, but I seemed a little short of 'sexy' clothes, so Hannah suggested we go into town for something. I agreed, and soon we were parking up in town. As we walked from the car park, Hannah suggested a boutique where she sometimes went, and a short time later we walked through the door of a nice shop that had racks of different styles of clothes strewn around the place. It was a bit like Ann Summers, but with much more of an emphasis on leather, pvc and latex.

Hannah suggested a nice, leather skater skirt in black, and a thin, lacy blouse on top. I thought that would be excellent with my basque underneath, so I picked out a couple to try on and took them to the girl at the counter. She pointed me to the changing rooms, and I quickly tried each one on. After consulting Hannah, I chose the shorter one. Meanwhile, she picked out some leather trousers that fitted her a treat, and they really made her look statuesque. We paid for our purchases and then decided to have lunch. I suggested we go to the pub where she first took me as Carla, and we set off.

The same barman was there as last time, and I flirted outrageously with him as I ordered the drinks and food. He took it in good part, and gave as good as he got. While Hannah and I ate, she suggested I get my nails done when we'd finished, so we set off for a nail bar. I had my nails extended and patterned with flowers by a lovely girl, while Hannah had hers shaped and patterned with 'diamonds' that were stuck on. After that, we headed for home.

The rest of the afternoon was spent having a long, hot bubble bath and then getting ready, while Hannah cooked us a lovely meal. I could hardly eat, I was so nervous, but I managed a few mouthfuls. The clock seemed to drag, but eventually it was time to go. We were fairly quiet in the car, apart from me asking Hannah for the thousandth time if she was okay with it. I asked her if she wanted to join in, but she said that this was my night, and it should be special. She saw herself basically as a chaperone, and was there to make sure that I didn't rush into anything that could be dangerous. However, if Tom turned out as nice as he seemed to be, then she we leave us to it. And if not, then she would drive me home and make sure I still got a good seeing to!

We pulled up in the car park of the pub where we'd agreed to meet at seven-forty. To hide my sexy skirt and almost see-through blouse, I wore a long coat which I wrapped around myself. A few steps into the pub and I saw Tom at the bar, and he came over to us. He was well turned out in chinos, shirt and jacket, with brown suede shoes, and his after-shave smelled quite nice. He complimented me on how good I looked before kissing me on the cheek. I blushed and then introduced Hannah to him, and he did the same to her. We found an empty table and then Tom went to get the drinks.

We chatted for a while, getting to know each other. But already, I knew. Call it women's intuition, but I knew that, before the night was out, this man would be inside me, fucking me like a whore. And I think he did too. He had that special glint in his eye, as if to say 'I'm in control. I know where this is going.' I kept glancing at Hannah for reassurance, and she seemed to relax as the evening wore on. I have no idea what we talked about, but as we chatted, Hannah seemed to drift away until the room lost focus and there was only me and Tom in it.

As we finished our second drink, Tom asked what we wanted to do next, either have another or go back to his place. I looked at Hannah and she smilingly nodded, knowing what I wanted. I said I'd like to see his house, if that was okay. He grinned like a Cheshire cat, and said that he would love to show it to us. He asked if we would give him a lift as he'd walked down to the pub. A few minutes later, we were sitting in the back seat of Hannah's car while he gave her directions to his house. He took my hand, and it felt like an electric shock went through me. He told me how much prettier I was in the flesh than on the screen, his eyes widening slightly as he said the word 'flesh', making his intentions clear. I blushed as I thanked him, and before I knew it, he leaned over and kissed me.

His lips brushed mine at first, gently and softly, and then I felt his tongue part my lips and push past them to explore my mouth. At the same time, he gently held my cheek, and I melted under his tender touch. I didn't expect him to be so loving or tender, and it confused me for a moment. The kiss felt so sweet, so different to any I'd had before that I almost trembled. His tongue lightly flicked my mine, and they rolled around each other's in a courtship dance.

The kiss was broken by Hannah asking if we were on the right road, and Tom turned just in time to direct her into his street. We pulled up outside a nice, detached house in a fairly good area. On his drive was a Volvo, and in the dim light, the garden looked well cared for. Tom led us through the front door, and then offered to take our coats before leading us into the lounge. We were offered drinks, and while he went to get them, Hannah and I looked around. The place seemed quite nice, fairly ordinary but well kept and decorated. Hannah took the single seat while I sat at one end of the sofa. Tom brought the drinks, and then turned some music on, setting the mood before sitting next to me on the sofa.

I think we all found it slightly difficult with Hannah there, so she asked if there was another room with a television in that she could watch. Fortunately, there was, and Tom took her out into the corridor to show her. Just as she was leaving, she gave me her big, beautiful smile and mouthed the words 'good luck' before disappearing out of the room. A few minutes later, he reappeared and sat beside me again, this time putting his arm around me.

"So," he said watching me intently, "what do you think of the house?"

"It's very nice," I said, "Although I've only seen part of it."

"Well, let me show you some more. Come on," he said as he rose, giving me his hand to help me up out of the extremely comfortable, plush sofa.

He held my hand as he led me to the kitchen at the back of the house, and then we called in to see the study where Hannah was sat watching tv. Then we went back down the corridor and up the stairs to a first floor, where he showed me a small, guest bedroom and then a large bedroom that had an en suite. I loved the way he led me around the house, so self-assured and confident as he held my hand. As we went into each room, he made sure that his touch never left me, resting his hand on my back or round my waist as I surveyed each room. He was starting to take control of the situation, and I found myself liking it, yielding to his masculine charm.

As we went up another flight of stairs to another large bedroom that was mostly full of boxes and stuff, he asked me which room I liked the best, and I said that the bedroom was quite nicely decorated, and asked if we could have another look at it. Smiling, he guided me back down the stairs and into his bedroom. We sat on the bed, and he put his arm around me.

"My, you really are so pretty," he said, tracing my cheek with his finger. "I thought you were convincing online, but in person, you look absolutely stunning! And you've never been with a man?"

"No. I've wanted to for a while, but I've always been too scared, especially if they found out I wasn't a real woman."

"Well, you're certainly woman enough for me," he said.

I blushed at the compliment, and then remembered what Hannah and I had discussed earlier.

"I hope so, but darling, we still have to use a condom, even though you can't get me pregnant."

Tom smiled. "That's good, because I was going to insist on using one anyway."

He reached over and took a box full of condoms, lubricant and other paraphernalia out of the bedside cupboard.

"Wow! I think you intend to use more than one!" I laughed.

"Well, I hope so," he said, putting the box down.

He sat back down and kissed me again, this time more fully and passionately. Slowly we reclined until we lay next to each other, our hands exploring each others' bodies. I could feel my passion rising as his hand found my breast and squeezed it. At that moment, I wanted my breasts to be real more than anything. I wanted his hand to touch soft, pliant flesh and knead then under his palm, fondle them, stroke them and caress them. I wanted to feel every nuance of his touch on me, each light pressure as he took their heavy weight in his hands.

His tongue delved into my mouth, dancing back and forth, teasing my tongue with little darting movements. His hand left my breast and reached down to my hemline, assuredly lifting up my skirt and sliding under it. The touch of his hand through the stockings was electric, and I heard him say 'mmm' when he found the flesh between my stocking tops and my thong, his touch setting fire to my lust. I moved my leg to afford him better access to my body, while I reached down and rubbed his lap, searching for his bulge. And I found it, hard and unyielding between his legs. I rubbed him through the material, gauging his length and girth, pleased that it felt so big in my hands. I wanted it, I needed it so badly.

Tom must have felt the same, because he broke the kiss and we sat up as he suggested we get a little more comfortable. I agreed and then moved behind him. I put my arms around him and slowly started to undo the top button of his shirt, making my way down until his shirt fell open. I slid my hands under it and felt his taut body, and I couldn't resist just a little tweak of one of his nipples. He laughed and then I told him to stand up. I moved in front of him and he helped me off with my top. His eyes widened when he saw the sexy basque I was wearing, and he traced the outline of my breasts with his fingertips. Then I slowly, teasingly undid my skirt and let it fall to the floor, stepping out of it and kicking it to one side. He told me to step back so he could admire the view, and he ravaged me with his eyes, from top to bottom and back again. I did a twirl for him, and he gently patted my exposed backside.

Before he could say anything, I knelt down and started to unbuckle his belt, removing it and then undoing his trousers. I put my hand against his bulge as I looked up into his eyes and slowly, oh so very slowly unzipped his fly. His trouser fell down as soon as I took my hand away, and I was greeted by the sight of a pair of tight, black satin boxers with the tip of his cock just peeping over the top of them. It was already moist as I put my hands round the back of his thighs before leaning in and running my tongue down and then up the entire length of it, tasting his pre-cum.

I took hold of his shorts and pulled them down, revealing his wonderful, erect penis. About seven or eight inches long and with a nice girth, it twitched with the hot blood pumping through it. Like me, Tom was circumcised, and I couldn't help but look up at him as I stuck my tongue out to touch it with the tip. I ran my tongue round and round the head, and then leaned forward to mouth it. It tasted slightly strange, but at that moment I just knew it tasted wonderful, the head of this man's cock in my mouth. I mouthed at it for a moment, just the head, while instinctively I wrapped my fingers around the shaft. It throbbed in my hand, and it felt so good to have this hard, hot, throbbing cock in my grasp.

My lips seemed to want to devour it, and soon I was taking the length of his shaft into my mouth. I held it there, in a state of bliss as it filled my mouth, and then the need for more took over. My lips searched out his belly, and when they got there, the head of his cock was nudging my throat. I heard Tom moan as I held him there, his hand falling to the back of my head. I started to blow him, sucking his cock like a giant lollipop, slurping noisily and greedily as I feasted on it. My head bobbed back and forth as I gave him head, and his grip on me tightened.

He grunted appreciatively as I gave my second proper blow job, and I could feel him tensing up as my speed increased. I made sure with each forward motion I took his entire length, fighting the gag reflex as the tip of his cock banged against my tonsils. Tom firmly gripped my head as he started to rock his hips in time with my mouth, and from the sounds he was making, I knew it wouldn't be long before I was swallowing his cum. He took control, and held my hair tightly as a blow job slowly turned into a face fucking. Every time his cock hit the back of my throat, we both gave a little grunt, and it wasn't long before he gave a strangled yell, just managing to shout a warning that he was coming before the first spurt of cum filled my mouth. He hung on to my head as he spurted several more times, and there was so much man-juice that I couldn't keep it all in. I felt it trickle down my chin as his thrusts got a little weaker, and finally he pulled back from between my lips.

Immediately I swallowed as much of the white stuff as I could, savouring the distinctive taste of it. I looked up to see how much he had enjoyed it, and was rewarded with a bright smile. I suddenly felt very slutty as I pushed the dribble of cum up my chin and into my mouth with my finger, then licked my lips.

"Mmm, yummy," I smiled.

Grinning, he pulled me up and then took me in his arms and kissed me, hard. Deftly, he manoeuvred me onto the bed and lay on top of me, kissing me passionately. We lay there for a while, his heavy weight pressing down on me made me feel secure, if a little uncomfortable. His hands were all over me, and I enjoyed his touch on my body, the newness of it adding to the thrill. I have to admit that when he slid to one side and his hand reached down to my thong, it felt a little strange. The touch of his hand on my clitty made it stir, and soon he had pushed my thong aside and was holding it in his grip. A new flood of emotions ran through me as he started to wank me, but arousal was certainly the strongest. My little cries of pleasure obviously pleased him, because I felt his member stir on my thigh.

Tom slid down my body, kissing my my neck, breasts and tummy on his way until he reached what was now my cock. I gasped loudly as I felt him take it in his mouth, and closed my eyes as I got lost in the sheer joy of his tongue wrapping itself round the head. I let my fingers run through his hair as he concentrated on my pleasure. Soon I was writhing under his expert mouth as he licked and sucked the shaft, making a special effort on my testes. His tongue made its way further down, and he lifted my stockinged legs into the air so he could gain access to my pussy. I moved up on his bed and parted them wide, lifting them high to make my hole available to him. I loved the fact that he was taking charge, making me feel so feminine as this man ran his hands over my stockinged thighs, my breasts and my belly.

Tom knelt by the side of the bed and gently prised my bottom cheeks apart. I reached down to help and held them open for him, feeling so slutty as this man explored my most intimate places. I shuddered as I felt the tip of his tongue lick my rosebud in small strokes, up and down it before he pushed it forward and entered my pussy, darting in and out as he tongue fucked me. It felt wonderful as Tom lapped between my legs, and every now and then he would gently probe me with a finger, making me squeal with excitement and desire. I was in heaven as he tongued and fingered me, and I could feel the need building up between my thighs. He seemed to enjoy this foreplay, and seemed intent to make it last as he spent ages down there, and my legs started to tire as I held them up for him.

I squealed and wriggled underneath his mouth, and he seemed to enjoy teasing me, drawing it out as long as he could. He knew that I needed him inside me, but something inside me refused to yield. Eventually, I had to. My face was flushed with both the pleasure and lust he was making me feel, but also the shame of what I knew I had to do.

"Please," I begged, "Tom fuck me, please..."

He licked and probed me for a second or two more before his smiling face came into view. He knew he'd won, and that my pleading had been not only a victory for him, but a submission from me. I was his now, his woman, and he was going to take his prize.

I lowered my legs, and the relief in my haunches felt wonderful while Tom reached over and grabbed a condom. I watched mesmerised as he rolled it over his now fully erect cock, and my heart raced as I realised that soon it would be inside me. A man's cock, fucking me. He poured some lube over his sheathed weapon and rubbed it, and then reached over and rubbed some into wet hole. I lay back as his fingers smoothly frigged me, a small sample of what was about to come.

Once he was satisfied, he told me to raise my legs in the air. Then he surprised me by grabbing them in his strong arms and pulled me round to the side of the bed. Then, holding them up and wide apart, he stood and looked down at me, his stiff cock pointing skyward. My heart was thumping in my chest as I waited. He took hold of his prick and smiled as he started to tease me, rubbing it between my ass cheeks and up and down my entrance.

"Do you want this?" he asked.

"Yes, oh please, yes, give it to me baby," I breathlessly cried.

"Mmm, I like it when you beg," he smiled.

I let my head fall back on the bed and tried to relax as I felt the head of his cock push against my opening. Slowly, but very smoothly, he pushed forward and I moaned as he entered me. Knowing it was my first time, he was gentle but firm. He slid his cock all the way in and then left it there, gauging my reaction. It felt wonderful, so different to the strap-on that I was used to. Even through the condom, I could feel its warmth inside me, pulsing as it lay dormant. I liked it. I liked it very much. Even if we stopped at that moment, I would be happy to have had a real cock inside me. But I wanted more, and so did Tom.

"Yes..." I moaned, opening my eyes to see Tom grinning above me.

He took hold of my ankles and held them firmly. I felt so vulnerable and yet so peaceful, despite my heart pounding. I looked up into his eyes as I felt his cock moving inside me, signalling my acquiescence. He smiled as his hips moved forward, filling me before withdrawing. I closed my eyes and moaned with the pleasure he was giving me. I whispered 'yes, yes' over and over again as his cock slid in and out of my pussy. Reaching up, I held my legs behind my knees and brought my legs back a little, and the change of angle brought even more pleasure.

I opened my eyes as I heard Tom give out small grunts, his firm pace feeling so good. I took a moment to enjoy the fact that I was finally having a man make love to me, and that I was now more of a woman than ever. As Tom thrust inside me, I knew that this was how I wanted to be from now on. Carl had slowly evaporated over the last few months, and a tear formed in my eye as I realised that he was now probably gone for good. I could never see myself as anything other than a woman now, and the release I felt in that moment was euphoric. The feeling flooded over me, filling me up with a joy I have never experienced before or since. Slowly, it focussed itself into my belly, and then into my loins that were being so wonderfully pleasured by Tom. As I came back to reality, I smiled up at him.

"Fuck me, angel, oh please fuck me," I begged, knowing he enjoyed my submission.

His pace quickened, and I gave a howl of pleasure as he rode me. As his cock slammed into me, the sound of our two bodies slapping together filled the room. Now I was yelling, encouraging this man to take me, begging him to fuck me hard, pleading with him to come inside me. A sheen of sweat formed on his torso as Tom started to concentrate on controlling himself, not wanting to come too soon, trying to make the pleasure last as long as possible. The pounding my pussy was getting became too much for me, and I felt my first orgasm starting to build. I yelled louder as the tension built between my legs, and moments later I felt myself tighten before release finally came as I climaxed.

The tightening also had an effect on Tom as he grunted loudly before I felt something happen inside me. Gripping his cock tightly in my cunt, I could feel him spasm four or five times as he held himself deep inside me, each spasm making his entire body jerk. He held my legs rigidly, his eyes closed and his face contorted as he came. He stood like that for a few seconds, and then, releasing my ankles, he fell forward onto me, arresting his impact by putting his arms out beside me.

He lay panting on top of me for a while, his cock still inside me, and I reached down and stroked his hair lovingly. Finally, he pushed himself up and carefully withdrew form me, hanging on to the condom. I looked down to see it full of his white semen, and smiled proudly. I was now a fucked woman. My own juice was spread over my belly, and I pointedly rubbed some on my finger and brought it to my lips, tasting its sweet nectar before sucking greedily on my fingers.

Tom smiled as he watched me do this, and then went to the en suite and cleaned himself up while I turned and lay on the bed. When he came back, I also nipped to the loo and cleaned between my legs. As I was drying off, I looked at myself in the mirror, and noticed that something seemed different about me. I had changed somehow, and I knew exactly what it was. A feeling of completion now filled me up, and I smiled, sadly, because I knew that Carl was now gone for ever, and that the road before me was going to be long, complicated, hard and painful. But I also knew that Hannah would be there for me as well, and that gave me great comfort.

Meanwhile, I had found a man who knew how to treat me as a woman, and could make love to me like one as well. I decided that I liked Tom, and I hoped that Hannah did too. I smiled at the memory of his cock deep inside me, and the way he made me feel when he came. I really liked that. And I wanted more. Much more.

I put the towel down and walked back into the bedroom, smiling at the naked man lying on the bed...

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