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Carl, Carla and Hannah - Part 21

Carla spends Thursday night with Tom, while Hannah hears of a possible opening...
A few days later, I rang Tom, this time leaving my number visible. We talked for a while, and we both agreed that we'd had a good time, and would like to see each other again. Before I hung up, we'd arranged for me to go over the following Thursday, as that was Hannah's night with Claire.

Hannah and I spent the next few days thinking about the wedding, looking at suitable venues for the reception, looking for florists, wedding cars, and the hundred and one other details that needed sorting. We fixed a date for mid-September, which gave us a few months to sort everything out. I'd decided that I wouldn't come out as Carla to anyone until after we were married. That way, I could try and give Hannah the wedding that she always wanted and make her a respectable woman. Once we were man and wife, then we could take a breath, look at things and then decide how far down the road I really wanted to go.

At work, Hannah told me that Claire was going for a promotion, and if she got it, then Hannah was going to apply for her old job. I thought about work, and I'd come up with an idea regarding Carla. As a lot of the work that I did was either on computer or over the internet, I wondered if it would be possible for me to work from home, or at least for a couple of days a week. That way, I could live as Carla for most of the time, and would only have to be Carl a few days a week. Hannah thought it was a really good idea, and the next day, I went to my boss and approached him with it, obviously not telling him the real reason why I wanted to do it.

He told me that it would be possible, but it wasn't really company policy to have staff working from home unless there were special circumstances. I was obviously disappointed, and asked him if he'd at least think about it, and he said he would. Deflated, I told Hannah about it that night.

"But your circumstances are special, aren't they?" she pointed out.

"Yes, but I'm not sure they'd understand if I went in and said 'Oh, by the way, I want to work from home 'cos I like to dress as a woman,'" I said huffily.

Hannah considered it for a second before giving what was obviously a considered reply.

"Okay. Then leave it for now and then maybe you can try again after we're married. We've got a lot on our plate at the moment anyway, so let's take things one step at a time. I know you're desperate to become Carla full time, but baby, you're just going to have to wait."

I knew she was right, of course, so reluctantly, I agreed.

Meanwhile Tom started to ring me on a fairly regular basis, and we'd have some pretty hot chats, with most of them ending in us having phone sex. I loved the way he was so manly, and he knew it. Soon he had me begging for him to fuck me, and he made my juices flow as he told me all the things he was going to do to me. He often called me a slut for wanting his cock so much, and I loved that. Having a guy like Tom in my life was so liberating for me. To have a man who truly treated me as female felt so good, such a confidence booster. And he'd definitely brought out my submissive, feminine side.

On the other hand, Hannah and I had become much more softer in our love making. Don't get me wrong, she still loved to lie me on my back with my legs in the air and fuck me hard, but she was always attentive to my needs, never treating me roughly or without feeling. Likewise, when I made love to her, I was much more gentler than I used to be, always making sure she came at least two or three times. If anything, my relationship with Tom had actually brought Hannah and I closer than ever. And I think I finally understood why she needed to see Claire. Like me and Tom, it gave her the freedom to show a different side to her sexuality without remorse or guilt.

On Thursday, I drove to Tom's and had a wonderful night. He greeted me at the door, and as soon as it was closed, he took me in his arms and kissed me. His hands went to my breasts, and he was pleased that I'd left my silicone ones at home. He slid his hand under my bra and teased my nipples mercilessly, smiling at the squeals and yelps I made. I undid his trousers and, as much to get away from his busy fingers, I dropped to my knees so I could get my mouth around his gorgeous cock.

Tom bunched my long hair in his fist and held it tight as he thrust his cock down my throat. It felt so good, hearing him call me a slut and his bitch as he face fucked me. At one point he yanked my hair back and removed his cock so I was forced to look up at him.

"Do you want to be my bitch, Carla? Have my big cock inside you, huh?"

"Yes, please, yes, I do," I breathlessly replied, eyeing his engorged meat inches from my face.

He grinned, then held my face millimetres away from his cock, teasing me with it as I opened my mouth and tried to lick it. Every now and then he would move me forward while he twisted his hips, slapping me on my face with his cock. I knew what he wanted, but I tried to hold out. The mesmerising scent of his manhood, just beyond reach was driving me mad. He teased me for ages, my cheeks turning a little red where the heavy weight of his meat had slapped them. This man had a hold on me, and he knew it. Finally, I caved in.

"Please.." I said.

"What was that?"

"Please, let me have your cock," I said, ashamed but I didn't care.

"Mm, better," he said as he thrust it forward into my willing mouth.

What followed was five, long minutes of being face fucked by this lovely cock. I cupped his balls as his meat banged my tonsils, looking up at him every so often. When Tom was ready, he withdrew from my mouth and laid his wet, saliva coated cock on my cheek, keeping me there while I tried to get my breath. I loved the cool wetness and the heavy, throbbing weight of his schlong resting on my slutty face.

Tom pulled me up and kissed me before leading me into the lounge. He sat me on his lap and continue to kiss me, his hands all over my body. Then, indicating the pile of condoms on the coffee table, he told me to 'sheath his weapon'. I smiled and picked a ribbed, purple condom and lovingly slid it over his erection.

"Now, sit on it," he commanded.

I slid my knickers off and lubed us both up. Then I hiked my skirt up and knelt over him, guiding him to my entrance. As the tip of his cock nestled there, I wriggled my hips, teasingly and then lowered myself onto him, enjoying that wonderful feeling I always get when he enters me. When I could go no further, I sat there, savouring the fullness inside me. I leaned forward and kissed him as I worked my way up and down his pole, bouncing on his lap as I rode him.

His hands found my nipples again, and he held them firmly as I rose and fell, which meant every time I did, they were stretched. The excruciatingly beautiful feeling made me moan loudly, and this seemed to stir him on. He released them and grabbed my hips, guiding my rhythm to the one he wanted. All the time he was softly talking to me, calling me names and saying how good I felt on his cock, how my pussy was like velvet, and so on. His speed increased, and soon he reached a climax, and I swear I felt his condom fill with his cum as he erupted. I had come to, in my fashion, and my skirt felt sticky against my stockinged thighs.

I fell forward and lay against his chest while we both recovered. Then, holding the condom onto his prick, I climbed off him, and made my upstairs to the bathroom. After cleaning myself up and re-doing my make up (with my runny mascara and smeared lipstick, I looked such a tart!), I came out the bathroom to find him standing naked in front of me.

Tom took my hand and led me to his bedroom. We lay there for a while with me tightly in his arms. We exchanged some small talk, and I told him about Hannah's proposal and the situation at work. In turn, he told about what he did for a living (Construction Supervisor), and his relationship with his ex-wife. If someone had walked in at that moment, they would think that they'd come across a typical couple, telling each other about their day.

Slowly the talk got a little cruder, and I felt Tom's manhood stirring. I reached down and stroked it idly in my hand as we continued to talk, feeling it grow and harden. He turned and kissed me, gently this time, with tenderness in his eyes. When he finished, he told me to take my skirt and bra off, leaving just my stockings and garter belt. I did as he asked, and then rejoined him on the bed. We kissed passionately for a few minutes, and then he worked his way down to my pink nipples. He sucked each one in turn, and the feeling sent shivers of pleasure through me. Then he surprised me by reaching down and taking my cock in his hand, gently manipulating it.

Soon he had me aroused as the combination of his hands and his mouth had an extremely stimulating effect on me. I closed my eyes and leaned back, enjoying his warm touch, and was delighted when he slid slowly down my body, kissing my chest, then my belly and finally arriving at my groin. I gasped out loud as I felt his lips wrap themselves around my now hard cock, groaning as they worked their way down my shaft. I reached down and gently stroked his hair as he sucked me with long, slow strokes. His lips reached my belly and he held me there for a moment, making me grab his hair in ecstasy.

Sliding his lips back up my shaft, Tom held just the head and flicked it with his tongue. Then he released it and licked the length of my shaft and started sucking my tight balls, getting both of them very wet. His tongue then made a bee-line for my pussy, and he rimmed me for a moment or two before going back to giving me a wonderful blow job. Instinctively I started to push my hips forward to meet his mouth coming down, and I knew I wouldn't last long. Sure enough, after only a few thrusts of my pelvis, I could feel myself reaching the abyss.

Tom slid his hand round my ass and pushed a finger into my pussy, sending me over the edge: with a satisfied howl, I flooded his mouth with my cum. He held me in his mouth for a moment, making sure that he'd milked me as much as he could before letting my softening cock slip out of his mouth. He looked up at me and gave me a tight-lipped grin, slivers of cum on his lips. Then he took me by surprise by pulling me down the bed and raising my legs into the air, lowering his face back down to my pussy. I squealed as I could feel him spoon my cum into my pussy, pushing it inside me with his tongue. I felt so wet and so good down there as he pushed his tongue deeper and deeper into me.

Suddenly he stopped and reached for a condom. Quickly slipping it on, he lined himself up and with one, long push, he was inside me, fucking me hard. I made those 'uh, uh' noises that he loved to hear with each thrust of his long cock, and I looked down to see my now flaccid clitty dribbling on my belly. Tom looked down and saw it too, and reached down to roll some of my juice onto his finger and then reached forward and offered it to me. Greedily I grabbed his hand and sucked on it, looking at his pleased expression as I did so.

Now I had my own cum in both ends, and I have to admit, as a lubricant, it was terrific. Tom grabbed my ankles and held my legs wide open as he built up a strong, regular rhythm. He actually made me orgasm twice before I felt him start to tense. He leaned forward, his face turning red as his balls slapped my ass faster, and with a loud howl, he exploded inside my pussy. Despite his climax, he kept thrusting, making sure he got every fluid ounce out of his balls. I squeezed my cunt muscles, wanting it all, and he moaned some more as I did.

Finally, he fell forward onto me, totally spent. I put my arms around him as he lay on my chest, gently stroking his hair. A few minutes later, he fell asleep, and I lay there, contented.

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