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Carl, Carla and Hannah - Part 22

Hannah gets a promotion, and Claire pays a visit.
A couple of weeks later, Hannah came home and told me that the rumours had been true, and Claire had been promoted. As Hannah had been at the company the longest in her department, everyone expected her to apply for Claire's old job, and the general consensus was that she'd get it. Hannah was determined to get it as well, telling me that the extra money would come in handy for the wedding. I didn't tell Hannah at the time, but I also hoped she got it, but for more selfish reasons. If Hannah earned enough, I might be just able to finish work and become a housewife. Once I'd settled in, I could apply for jobs where I could work from home. The thought made me giddy with anticipation, but, for the moment, I kept the idea to myself.

Meanwhile, Hannah had her own fiendish plans. She told me about it much later, but once she'd heard that Claire was moving up in the world, she went straight to her office and, locking the door behind her, congratulated her in her own, unique way. That is, she pulled on her nipples while she fingered her pussy but forbade her to come for five, long, agonising minutes. Then she got Claire to suck her fingers before doing the same to her ass. While she was 'playing' with the poor girl (apparently, she had to bite on her hand to stifle her cries when Hannah had four fingers in her arse), Hannah suggested they meet up after work some time and celebrate in style. Claire understood perfectly well what she meant, and with a few deft slaps of her ass, she willingly agreed.

Of course, the so-called celebration was really just Hannah's way of 'persuading' Claire to ensure that she got her old job. She never really told me everything that happened, but what I do know is that Hannah left our house at seven on the Friday evening and didn't roll in again until early Sunday morning, looking a little weary but very satisfied. The following Monday, I only saw Claire twice. The first time was in the corridor, and I noticed she was walking very gingerly, although she was trying her best to hide it.

The second time was in the cafeteria at lunch, when I was with Hannah. Rather pointedly, Hannah winked at me and then called and waved to Claire with a big, innocent smile on her face. The second she saw her, all the colour drained from Claire's face and her eyes went incredibly wide, as if she'd just seen a ghost. She just managed to get herself together and give a wan smile back before rushing off in the opposite direction. Hannah laughed as she watched her quarry scuttle off to avoid her.

"Whatever did you do to the poor woman?" I asked, intrigued.

"Oh, we just had some fun," Hannah said vaguely. "I'll tell you about it sometime, but I honestly think I'm in with a good chance of promotion," she said, smiling to herself.

I dreaded to think what would happen if she didn't get the job, but my fears were never realised. Three weeks later, Hannah became an Office Manager, and we celebrated by her taking me out to dinner in the restaurant where I'd first gone out as Carla. This time I was much more confident, and we both had a wonderful time.

When we got home, she made love to me, and we spent the rest of the weekend making love to each other whenever we felt like it, wherever we where. If you've never done it before, I totally recommend your partner riding you from behind over the dining room table while she grabs a fistful of your hair and slaps your ass. If that doesn't suit your taste, try a quickie in the garden shed. No? Well how about you bending her over a chair and tying her wrists to the legs before taking her slowly up the arse. Hannah and I did all of these that weekend, and much more.

As the weeks went by, the wedding loomed closer and closer. Despite the frantic run up to it, Hannah and I had settled into a weekly or fortnightly arrangement where she spent time with Claire while I stayed at Tom's. I must admit, I was beginning to fall in love with Tom, but I knew, as he did, that he would never replace Hannah. I loved spending time with him, and we'd often go out as a couple for a drink or a meal before we went back to his place, and he'd treat me like his slut and then make love to me tenderly afterwards. He had a great sense of humour, and he never treated me as anything other than Carla. He called me his 'girl with benefits'.

Hannah, meanwhile, seemed to soften a little in her relationship with Claire. One Friday night, she brought her home, and while I offered to sleep in my room, Hannah said that there was room in our bed for all three of us. I was obviously worried that Claire would discover that I was really not a woman, but Hannah had already told her about me. I didn't find this out until we were sat in the lounge, having a drink after Hannah had taken Claire out for a drink and some 'exhibitioning', as she put it. Basically, that meant Claire wearing her collar and exposing herself to others, or have men or women finger her while Hannah held her hands behind her back.

Claire was already flustered when Hannah led her into the lounge on a leash, but she gave me a curious look as I sat reading. Once I'd gotten them both a drink, Hannah told me that Claire was spending the night with us, and when I started to say something, she cut me off, telling me it was okay. She'd spoken to Claire at the start of the evening, telling her about me and how I wanted to live as a female after we were married. Between them, Hannah said, they'd come to an agreement for me to have Hannah's old job, and then a few months after we were married, I could work from home.

I was so delighted, I rushed up and gave Hannah the biggest kiss I could. The promise of being able to live totally as a woman was one step closer, and I found the prospect even more enticing. I told Hannah I loved her, and she told me she loved me too.

"I know," I purred, and then I noticed that Claire had turned her face away from us, as if she couldn't bear to watch.

Hannah noticed too, so she walked over to her and, with the gentle caress of a lover, took Claire's face in her hands, forcing her to look at her.

"Now you know how much I love her," Hannah said softly. "Claire, I will always love you too, but Carla is and always will be the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. I hope you understand."

With moist eyes, Claire stared at her for a moment, and then nodded.

"Yes, I see that," she whispered.

"But that doesn't mean she will replace you and our fun together," said Hannah, lightening the mood. "It's different, that's all."

Hannah sat down next to her on the sofa while I returned to my chair. Taking control of the situation, Hannah instructed Claire to take her top off, which she did without question, revealing her gorgeous, pert breasts. Hannah passed her her glass, which she filled up to the brim with vodka and told her to hold it steady in front of her. Warning her that there would be dire consequences if she spilt any, Hannah leaned over and started to suck on her left nipple, occasionally biting it hard, making her wince. I watched Claire's face become a study of concentration as she focused as much attention to the glass in front of her as she could while Hannah switched her attention to her other nipple.

A few minutes later, Hannah sat up, and I could see Claire's very red nipples. Somehow, she'd managed not to spill a drop, so Hannah said she deserved a reward. She stood up and removed her leather trousers and satin knickers, and then took off her top. Her gorgeous breasts swung into view, and Claire's eyes lit up. Hannah dipped her fingers into the vodka and then smeared them over her nipples, then offered her finger to Claire. She greedily sucked on them, and Hannah repeated this a couple of times. The next time, she leaned forward and got Claire to suck the vodka off her nipples, one at a time, repeating the process again.

Finally, she dipped her fingers in the drink and rubbed her bare pussy lips with the fluid, and Claire bit on her bottom lip in anticipation. Again, Hannah made her wait until she was ready. Standing on the sofa, she straddled Claire and guided her mouth to her moist pussy. Claire lapped up the vodka like she was dying of thirst, and Hannah's face was a picture of contentment as her labia was given to Claire's total attention.

I watched, fascinated by the pair of them. Hannah glanced at me and invited me to join them. I moved over to the sofa and gently caressed Hannah's beautiful arse, playfully dragging my fingernail over her hole and then giving her cheeks a playful smack. Then I decided to reach over to Claire and took her now pink teats between my fingers and thumbs. Twisting them until I got a reaction, I savoured their rubbery feel. Remembering some of the things that Tom had done to me, I pulled them in opposite directions, pleased with the yelps and mewing that came from Claire. It must have pleased Hannah too, because she ground her hips into Claire's face, covering her mouth and chin in her juices.

I let go of Claire's titties and focussed my attention back to Hannah's buttocks. After caressing them for a few moments, I prised her cheeks apart and sought out her hole with my tongue. Hannah gave an appreciative groan as I first licked her crack and then thrust my tongue inside her musky opening. It wasn't long before I felt her orgasm, and immediately after she had, I replaced my tongue with first one and then two fingers, frigging her back passage. A couple of minutes later, she had her second orgasm of the evening, coming as Claire and I worked her.

Once she'd come down, she released Claire's hair and grabbed her leash before stepping off the sofa and onto the carpet. She told Claire to get on all fours like 'the bitch that she was' before stepping over to me. Hannah pulled me to my feet, and then planted a very passionate kiss on my lips. While she was kissing me, her hand snaked down under my skirt to my knickers, pulling my now erect clitty out. She held my clitty / cock firmly in her grasp, and then pulled on it sharply. I yelped as she did so, and looked questioningly at her. I could see that mischievous glint in her eyes, and I knew that whatever she had in mind, it would be worth playing along with her tonight.

"Ready for some fun, Carla darling?" she asked, running her hand over my now throbbing cock. "Wanna be my slut tonight as well?"

"Oh, yes!" I smirked.

"Good. That was the correct answer," she smiled, slightly malevolently.

Hannah turned, fully in control of the situation as she firmly led me by my cock and Claire, crawling behind her like a dog on her leash, towards the stairs. It wasn't until Sunday afternoon that she released us both, and Claire was finally allowed to go home, by which time we were all totally spent.

After that, Claire became a fairly regular visitor to our house, especially as Hannah had asked her to be her bridesmaid. Meanwhile, I decided that I would like Tom as my best man. I was visiting him one night when I asked him if he would do it, and he immediately said he would. I gave him my address and invited him to come round the following evening so we could discuss the wedding plans. It was interesting when he arrived to find me dressed as Carl, as he'd never seen me in male clothes. It was a little awkward for a while, especially for me as I kept having this urge to fall into his arms and let him kiss me. However, we soon got involved in the wedding plans, which helped us all take our mind off what was, for us, an unusual situation.

Once we had sorted things out, Hannah took me aside and asked me if I wanted to get changed for Tom, and I immediately said yes. I went upstairs to my room, and ten minutes later, Carla came downstairs again. This time I did fall into his arms and he greeted me with a lovely kiss. Hannah watched, slightly bemused as he held me in his arms, our lips locked together. I blushed when we came up for air and saw her watching us. Then I had an idea.

"Hannah, I'm going to take Tom to my room for a while, if that's okay with you. And if you want to join us, I think there's more than enough room on my bed for all three of us."

Hannah smiled, and told me that it was fine by her, and that Tom and I should have some time alone, and then she would join us later. I went over and kissed her before turning to Tom and leading him upstairs by the hand, eager to feel his cock inside me once more. 

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