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Carl, Carla and Hannah - Part 25

The Honeymoon Party - the final chapter.
A knock at the door broke our reverie. Hannah turned to me quite pointedly and said that I should answer it. I looked at her questioningly, but she just gave me her mischievious grin.

"Call it my wedding present to you, Carla," she said, enigmatically. "Now, go see who's there."

Bewildered, I walked to the door of the suite, loving the sound of my wedding train rustling behind me. As far as I was concerned, no one knew we were here as we'd kept our honeymoon destination, including this hotel, a complete secret from everyone. Nervously, I turned the latch and pulled the door open.


I stood opened mouthed as I looked on the smiling faces of Claire, Tom and Graham, all beaming at me. Claire was holding a bouquet of flowers, while Tom had a large bottle of champagne in his hand. I was so shocked that it took me a moment to react. Claire broke the strange spell by presenting me with the bouquet.

"These are for you, Carla. Aren't you going to invite us in?" she said, smiling.

"Oh, what? Yes, sorry, of course. Come on in," I said, taking the bouquet. "They're beautiful," I managed to stammer as their gorgeous scent reached me.

I reached forward and we kissed each other's cheeks before she went past me into the honeymoon suite. Tom was next, giving me a wonderful, full-on kiss that had me gasping for breath. When he eventually let me go, he grinned as he passed by, and Graham crossed the threshold, giving me a gentle peck on the lips as he walked through the door.

"You look stunning!" he said, making me blush.

I closed the door and followed them through to the main sitting area. As I walked in, I was greeted by the sight of Hannah and Claire standing in front of us, locked in a lustful embrace. Each woman was kissing the other like they were two desperate lovers who hadn't seen each other in weeks. The two men and I watched them as they lost themselves in each others arms, fascinated and slightly aroused. Eventually, Hannah broke the kiss and turned to me.

"Carla, this is our honeymoon, and tonight I thought it would be nice if we shared it with those who are closest to us. So, just for tonight, anything goes."

Then she turned her attention to Tom and Graham.

"Gentlemen, you know the rules. Cocks sheathed and don't be too rough with my girl. Oh, and don't wear her out either. I have a fortnight to make her my bride, so go easy. Other than that, have fun everyone!"

Then she turned to Claire and slipped her hand under the woman's blouse and kissed her again, muffling Claire's low moans as she fondled her breasts.

Tom, catching my eye, said out loud that it wasn't fair that they were having all the fun, and so he came across to me and took me in his strong arms. His lips locked onto mine, and I closed my eyes as I surrendered to his warm, loving embrace. I felt Graham relieve me of the flowers in my hand as Tom's tongue darted and danced in my mouth, his sweet breath blending with mine. His arms were firm but gentle, and I could feel his arousal as his body pressed against mine.

Eventually we broke the long kiss, but he continued to hold me in his arms, softly telling me how beautiful I looked and how he would have given anything for me to be his bride. Tears formed in my eyes, because he knew that a part of me wanted that as well.

"I would have liked that too, sweetheart, but unfortunately for you, Hannah got there first," I whispered.

"Then she is a very lucky woman," he said, easing his hold on me a little.

I turned to see Graham rather self-consciously holding the bouquet that Claire had brought for me, and I slipped away from Tom to take them from him and put them in water. Tom followed me into the kitchen, and once I'd sorted the flowers, he kissed me again. I reached down and rubbed his bulge, pleased at how hard he was. He groaned in appreciation as I ran my fingernail down the length of it, so I unzipped him and slid my hand inside his trousers.

I gently wanked him as he continued to kiss me, his hands falling to my breasts. I was wearing my silicone implants, and Tom kneaded and caressed them through my wedding dress. Once again, I yearned for them to be real. Breathless, I broke the kiss and knelt down, desperate to taste his meat again. I licked the pre-cum that was leaking through his slit, savouring his salty taste. I licked my lips, as I watched his cock twitch in anticipation. Then I looked up into Tom's eyes and opened my mouth. Slowly I moved forward and took him between my lips until the head rested at the back of my throat all the while watching Tom's reaction. Tom closed his eyes and groaned in pleasure as I held him there. Slowly, I worked my lips back down his length and then I sucked his wonderful cock for a few seconds before releasing him and standing up.

"Come on, let's join the others," I said as I grabbed his slick cock and led him by it back into the lounge.

Tom followed like a dog on a leash, and we walked in to find that Hannah and Claire were now sat on one of the two large sofas, Hannah's hand still inside Claire's blouse, caressing her breast as she watched her writhe under her busy fingers. By the look on Claire's face, Hannah wasn't being too gentle either, causing the woman to wince every now and then.

"So, my darling, have you missed me?" Hannah asked as she pulled on Claire's teats, making her look more and more uncomfortable.

"Yes," Claire breathed, gasping as Hannah did something under her blouse which none of us could see but could certainly see the effects of on Claire's face.

"Good. Now we're going to make up for lost time, you and me. I have some really exciting things planned for you, my girl," Hannah said wickedly.

The colour drained out of Claire's face as she was told this, and I could tell that it was going to be an uncomfortable but no doubt pleasurable night for Claire. I glanced at Graham and thought how isolated he looked as I turned to Tom and got back down on my knees to suck him. After a moment or two, I called to Graham and asked him to join us, as Tom had enough for two. Smiling, he came over and Tom pulled him close and kissed him while I sucked some life back into Tom's cock.

Meanwhile, Hannah had got Claire's tits out and was now sucking and biting them, making Claire groan and yelp in quick succession. I watched as Hannah's hand went under Claire's leather skirt, and the sudden change of expression in Claire's face to one of pleasure was obvious. Hannah frigged the woman slowly while she nipped at her breasts, so poor Claire was caught between pleasure and discomfort all the time.

While I watched the two women, I felt Tom's cock grow in my mouth as he kissed Graham hungrily. I'd missed the taste and feel of him, and I was desperate to make up for lost time, so I made sure every millimetre was given its due attention. It felt so good as I made my way up and down his long, thick shaft, occasionally sucking his balls before going back to the head and starting all over again.

I glanced up to see that Graham had undone Tom's shirt and was caressing his manly chest, his nipples erect. Tom broke the kiss and suggested we all get a little more comfortable, so we made our way to the other sofa, opposite Hannah and Claire. Tom shed his shirt before sitting down and I placed myself between his legs to carry on sucking his wonderful cock when he told me that I was hogging it, and it was Graham's turn. Graham smiled, and was quickly on his knees, pulling Tom's trousers and pants off to give him better access. I sat next to Tom and quickly felt his lips press against mine as I watched Graham take over where I'd left off.

Tom's hand made its way to my breast, fondling it through my wedding dress. We kissed like lovers while Graham was busy between Tom's legs, but soon Tom broke the kiss and asked me to stand up for him. Puzzled, I did as he asked , and was then told to straddle him, standing up. Hiking my dress as best as I could, I stood on the sofa. He dived under my dress and I felt his hands fondle my backside as his mouth found its way to my panties. He pressed his lips against my clit, and his warm breath worked its magic as I felt its heat through the thin material.

I gasped as he pulled the silk aside and took my clitty between his warm lips. He sucked on me lovingly, making me squeal with delight as I turned to watch Claire slide between my wife's thighs and lick her naked vulva. Next to Hannah was her bag of toys, and she was just fishing out her favourite double-dildo as she caught my eye. She smiled, and I smiled back, and we both seemed to feel a connection between us, even though we were both having sex with other people. I mouthed 'I love you' to her, and she mouthed it back to me. Then she turned her attention back to her lover, urging her to lick deeper.

I reached down and ran my fingers through Tom's hair as his tongue and mouth started to take me to the land of pleasure. His mouth gripped me firmly and his head moved relentlessly, and I could feel the pressure building. It wasn't long before I was crying out with pleasure as he brought me to a climax, filling his willing mouth with my cum. Tom made some strange sounds from under my dress as he strived to take every drop of my girly-juice before he appeared again, his face red with exertion and heat.

All this time, Graham had been gently sucking his cock, and Tom's self-control amazed me yet again. He'd made me climax in a matter of minutes, whereas Graham and I had been sucking his cock for ages. I wanted to ease my trembling legs, but Tom had other ideas. He told me to turn and face the other way, which I did after removing my panties. Then he went back under the dress, and his mouth zeroed in on my pussy. I leaned forward as much as I dare to give him better access, and he soon had his cum-soaked tongue buried deep in my cunny. I could feel him getting me wet as he pushed my own cum into my pussy with his tongue, and it felt wonderful. Graham stopped sucking him for a moment, and reached up to kiss me. His mouth tasted of Tom's cock, and we tongue-danced for a moment as Tom prepared me for his cock.

Sure enough, a minute or so later, Tom told me to kneel on the floor while he sheathed his weapon. Quickly I got on my hands and knees, hoisting up my dress around my hips. I glanced to see what was happening with Hannah and Claire, and Hannah was now wearing her strap-on and guiding her slut to suck on it, holding her hair in a bunch firmly while she face-fucked her. My view was then blocked by Tom kneeling behind me. I felt his cock slap my ass cheeks a couple of times.

"Do you want this, Carla?" he said.

"Yes, Tom, I want your cock inside me. Fuck me please," I begged.

I could almost hear Hannah grin as I begged to be fucked by this man, and she told me afterwards that she really got off on watching him fuck me and make me his slut.

"Good girl. You're quite a slut, aren't you Carla?" he grinned.

"Yes, I'm a slut, a cock-worshipping slut and I'll do anything you want. Just fuck me now, please."

"Oh, I'm going to fuck you good, slut," he said as he slammed his beautiful meat inside me.

I howled in both pain and ecstasy as his cock filled me completely. Tears formed in my eyes as the searing sensation flooded through my loins, and I almost orgasmed there and then. Tom held my hips, enjoying the feeling of my tight pussy on his cock and the sound of me wailing in sheer pleasure before he withdrew a little, only to push forward again a second later.

My eyes closed, partly to enjoy the sensation of Tom's huge prick making me moan, and partly in shame as I realised I'd suddenly become the focus of attention in the room. Hannah was watching me with a strange look on her face, a mixture of lust, concern and pride. She didn't even seem to notice that Claire had stopped sucking her cock and turned to watch Tom's domination of my body. Graham was sat next to us, and I felt him take hold of my breast and start to fondle it as Tom rocked me back and forth on his cock.

Tom started to build up a strong, thrusting rhythm, and the sound of bodies slamming together were probably audible in the next suite. I gave out a gasping grunt each time his balls slapped against me as he impaled me repeatedly. It only took a few thrusts before I climaxed again, and I came with an animalistic howl. This only seemed to encourage Tom, and I felt his grip on my hips grow tighter. Once I'd recovered a little, I opened my eyes to look at Hannah, and she gave me a reassuring smile. Then she noticed Claire's dereliction of duty and slapped her cheek before grabbing her hair and roughly shoving her cock down the girl's throat.

Tom must have seen this too, because he told Graham to get undressed and make me do the same. Graham had his clothes off in a flash, and I licked my lips in anticipation as he knelt in front of me, his lovely cock inches from my face. I took the head between my finger and thumb and opened his slit. The I edged forward and licked the pre-cum that was oozing out of it, pushing my tongue into the aperture, making him moan. Then I started to suck just the head, rolling my tongue around it before taking the shaft into my mouth.

Obviously I was being too gentle for Tom's liking, because he pushed forward hard, making me take Graham's entire cock down my throat. I gagged a little, which seemed to only encourage both of them. Graham was usually quite mild mannered and almost effeminate, so I was quite pleasantly surprised when he grabbed a fistful of my hair and started to ram his cock into my mouth and throat, almost choking me. Tom must have approved.

"That's it, you little slut, take us both," Tom said. "Be a good little spit-roasted girl, Carla, 'cos that's what you are. Just look at you, in your wedding dress being fucked like a slut. And you like it, don't you, Carla?"

"Yes!" I managed to shout, my voice muffled by the pounding of Graham's cock. "Oh God, Yes! I love it!"

And that's how I got here. That was the journey from being an average man to now being a cock-hungry girl in her wife's wedding dress, my mouth and pussy given a good fucking by two gorgeous guys while my wife wears my wedding suit and has her lesbian girlfriend sucking her 'cock'. What started out as a little bit of fun with my girlfriend has turned my life completely around. A year ago, the thought of even kissing another guy would have repulsed me, but now I see things differently. Now I see things as a woman, and I intend to live my live together with Hannah as just that. I don't know what the future will bring, and I'm sure it won't be a smooth road, but I'm determined to see it through, especially now that I have Hannah by my side and a group of close friends to help me.

So the next time someone you love suggests trying something different in your sex life, maybe you should go along with it. Who knows, it might just change your life.

Carla xxx

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