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Carl, Carla and Hannah - Part 6

Carl becomes Carla...
By the time I awoke the next morning, it was already getting light. I'd not had the best night's sleep as my uncomfortable boobs kept waking me up everytime I lay on them. Now I needed to pee. I opened my eyes and looked at the alarm clock which read seven-fifteen. Then I looked across at Hannah. She looked adorable as she lay sleeping, so I slowly and carefully slipped out of bed so as not to disturb her.

For some reason (probably because I was wearing bra and panties under a nightie), I sat on the toilet to pee. It was something I had never done before, but I did it without thinking. After washing my hands and adjusting myself, I crept downstairs. As quietly as I could, I prepared breakfast for us both and then put it on a tray and took it upstairs. Not once as I prepared it did I think about how I was dressed. In fact, the only thing I thought of was that I wished I had some nice slippers as the kitchen floor was cold.

Quietly I opened the bedroom door and took the tray in. Whether I made a noise or it was just the smell of the coffee that woke Hannah, I don't know, but she rolled onto her side and gave me the most beautiful smile ever.

"Oh, baby, thank you," she said sweetly as I brought the tray over to the bed and put it over her knees. I climbed back into bed and we cuddled up together for a moment before she broke off to kiss me. As her lips left mine, she looked deep into my eyes and caressed my face gently.

"Thank you, baby. You're so sweet."

I murmured some sort of vague reply and then reached over and took my plate off the tray. We sat quietly as we ate and sipped our piping hot coffee. When we had finished, Hannah took the tray and put it down on the floor next to the bed.

"Now, I think some sort of proper thank you is in order," she said as she turned to me. She got me to take off my nightie and then came over and kissed me as I lay on the pillows. I felt her voluptuous breasts against my silicone ones while she caressed me and explored my mouth with her agile tongue. The kiss became more passionate as she pressed her lips against my own, my hands exploring her back and shoulders as I lay under her. When she eventually broke off, she began to give me little butterfly kisses all over my face and neck, working her way to my fake boobs. She fondled and sucked on them through the bra as if they were real, and then continued down my belly to my straining cock.

Hannah rubbed it through my lacy panties, staining them with my precum. Then she mouthed at it, the warmth of her breath adding to the stimulation. I closed my eyes and lay back, enjoying her expert mouth slide up and down its length, making me yearn for its release so she could slide it between her honeyed lips. Instead, she mischievously worked further down and mouthed on my balls for a few minutes, ignoring my cock altogether.

Finally, she pulled my panties aside and released it from its prison. It sprang into the air like a young colt experiencing its first taste of freedom. She looked up at me before taking the head between her lips, and I couldn't help but moan as I felt her hot mouth envelop it, her tongue running round it as if it were a lollipop. Hannah sucked gently on it for a few moments, and I longed for her to take it all in her mouth. Then she got me to raise my hips so she could slide my panties down my legs before giving it her full attention.

She started to suck the whole length of it, long, slow sucks, her lips sliding from the head to base and back again. Every now and then she would release it and suck on my balls for a while before returning her attention to the most delightful blow job I'd ever had. I was in heaven, and didn't even notice that she'd got me to bend my legs as the knees and spread them wider, my feet flat on the bed. The next time she went to suck on my balls she went further down, past the swollen orbs as she got me to raise my legs off the bed. A second later I felt her tongue lapping at my ass before the tip of it pushed past my sphincter and began to probe my intimate hole.

Hannah took my throbbing member in her hand as she tongue-fucked my ass, each glottal thrust matched by a yank of her hand. The joint sensations were incredible, making me writhe in pleasure under her wonderful touch. After a few moments, she withdrew her tongue and slid a finger into me, and I couldn't help a loud groan escape my lips as she worked it deep inside me, fingering me wonderfully. When she slid a second finger inside me, I felt the pressure in my loins increase. My hands grabbed at the sheets at my side as she worked my ass and cock in tandem, every now and then reaching over to suck the pre-cum from my slit, sending shocks through my entire body.

"Oh, oh fuck, yes," I cried as her hands relentlessly worked their magic between my legs.

Hannah encouraged me the whole time. "Yes baby, that's right, oh you look so beautiful baby," and so on while she took me to a new height of pleasure, occasionally speeding up before slowing right down again as I neared the edge of climax. Sometimes she would perform long but very strong strokes, immediately replacing them with light, delicate ones.

"What are you enjoying the most?" she asked.

"Everything," I gasped.

"Mmm. Is it this?" she asked as she withdrew the fingers from my ass, concentrating on my cock, "Or this?"

She let go of my throbbing prick and slid her fingers back into me, frigging me hard. The two sensations were so intense, I honestly couldn't decide which was more pleasurable.

"Both," I murmured, unable to decide.

"Good," she said quietly. She reached over to her bedside table and took out the dildo she used on me on Friday night and sucked it provocatively until it was moist with her saliva. A moment later she withdrew her fingers and then slid the dildo inside me, making me gasp as it entered me. Fortunately, my ass had mostly recovered from the fucking she gave it yesterday, and I began to enjoy the feeling of her plowing me with it.

"What about that?" she asked. "Is that nice?"

"Yes," I groaned as she pumped me.

"You like that best?" she asked as she built up speed, leaving me thrashing about on the sheets.

"Oh fuck, yes," I cried, unable to contain myself.

"Ooh," she smiled, "I know you do, you slutty little girl. That's what you are, isn't it, baby, my slutty little girl?"

I couldn't answer her as I writhed helplessly while she increased the speed and force with which the dildo plunged into me. I moaned loudly as I felt myself begin to reach the point of no return. Suddenly I felt Hannah's mouth engulf my cock, her eager tongue swirling around the head. A few strokes of her lips up and down the length of my cock combined with the dildo in my ass had me erupting in seconds, and I exploded in her willing mouth. I felt my cock spasm several times as I gave out one loud, long yell of ecstasy, and it was a few moments before I managed to come down from the incredible orgasm I'd just experienced.

Hannah left the dildo inside me as she climbed back up the bed. She climbed on top of me and kissed me, passing the parcel of cum to my mouth as she did so. This time, I accepted it lovingly and we shared it between us, passing it from tongue to tongue until she pushed it all into my mouth. She broke the kiss and I swallowed it without thinking. I looked up to find her smiling beguilingly at me.

"You didn't answer my question?" she said, accusingly.

"What question?" I asked, unsure what she meant.

"Well, while I was fucking your ass, like this," she said as she took hold of the dildo still inside me and started to slide it in and out of my tender butt.

"I asked you if you were my slutty little girl. So, are you?"

The speed of her thrusting increased as she waited for me to reply. I was so tender down there, so sensitive that I was soon gasping for breath as she took me towards another mind-blowing orgasm. Hannah had me exactly where she wanted me, and I must admit, I kind of liked being there. I looked up into her expectant eyes.

"Yes," I said quietly, turning my face away.

"Sorry? What was that?"

"Yes, I am your slutty girl," I said shamedly, this time more clearly. I couldn't look her in the eyes, such was my humiliation.

"That's right, you are Carl. Except, Carl's not a girl's name is it? I know, we'll call you Carla. Carla my slutty girl."

She smiled as she watched me squirm under her teasing and the frigging she was giving me.

"So if you're a girl, Carla, then I guess I must be fucking your pussy, huh? Do you like having your pussy fucked, Carla? Mmm?"

Again the speed and intensity increased as she mercilessly worked the latex cock inside me. I felt another orgasm building up inside, despite the fact that my dick was actually still flaccid from the blow job she'd just given me.

"Yes," I managed to get out through gritted teeth, "Yes, oh yes, I love it, oh fuck, yes, I love it. Please, fuck my pussy!"

Any sense of shame or humiliation was gone as, with my head stretched back and my eyes screwed tightly shut, she brought me to yet another fantastic orgasm. This time, I screamed silently as a wave of incredible pleasure surged through my entire being, my whole body locked in a paralysing spasm of euphoria. It was at least a couple of minutes before I started coming to my senses and realised that she had withdrawn the cock from me and now leant concernedly over my sweaty torso. I grinned at her, grateful to this wonderful woman who could take me to such a sexual state of bliss.

"That was fantastic," I breathed, still shaking from the intensity.

Hannah smiled with relief, and leaned in to give me a brief smacker on the lips. Then she raised herself off me, telling me to get up and get showered, and then come back into the bedroom. She passed me her silk bathrobe as, trembling slightly, I managed to get up and make my way to the bathroom.

As the hot water ran over my still-tingling body, I thought about the weekend so far. Hannah had certainly fulfilled her promise to make it memorable, and it was definitely pleasurable! I had to admit, the bit about her and a girl called Claire did come as a bit of a bombshell, and, although the thought of the two of them together was a real turn on, I was worried that it could cause some problems between us. I didn't want to lose her now.

Then I thought about the 'girly' thing. I was still sure that I would win the bet, but because I loved her, I knew I would do my best to please Hannah and at least try to look and act like a girl. In fact, the more I considered it, the more I realised that I would have to do my best if I wasn't going to embarrass or humiliate myself in public. At this point, I was not overly concerned that I would lose my masculinity, so confident was I that it would be over in a couple of weeks. Besides, the sex was out of this world, despite me not being allowed to touch her breasts or fuck her.

As I soaped my smooth body, I began to wonder what it would be like to be a real girl. I imagined myself with my own breasts as I lathered my chest, rubbing my erect nipples. I tried to push and pull my skin to form small titties, pushing them together to make a pitiful cleavage. I closed my eyes as I pictured my boobs being fondled and sucked, with me holding an anonymous head to them as they were nibbled and licked. My hand wandered down my belly and then round my waist, caressing my buttocks before seeking out my hole, or rather, my 'pussy', as Hannah now called it.

I gently probed it with a soapy finger, enjoying that now familiar feeling as I fingered it. As the pleasure increased, my imagination took hold. I saw myself lying in bed, dressed in my lingerie with my breasts being sucked and pinched before my faceless lover worked their way down my body and licked and nibbled my pussy. I felt their finger enter me, making me feel so good as they licked and probed my pussy. I heard myself beg them. 'Please, oh baby, please...". My lover raised themselves from between my legs and took hold of my ankles, raising my legs before I finally felt his cock plunge into me, filling me with pleasure as he plowed my pussy...

'Wait! HIS cock?! What the fuck?! Did I really just imagine a guy was fucking me? What the hell is happening to me?' I wondered as I stood frozen at this revelation. My heart was pounding, but as I looked down, I couldn't help but notice that I was semi-erect. The thought of a guy fucking me had come as such a shock that I didn't know what to do. I'd never thought of other guys like that, never had 'gay' tendencies. What was I thinking? Slowly, I came back to reality, and finished showering.

When I went back to the bedroom, Hannah had sorted out my wardrobe for the day. On the bed was the cream coloured satin lingerie we had bought the day before, along with a pair of black stockings. Beside them was a long, black pleated skirt with a belt and a cream, mid-sleeved blouse. A pair of black, two-inch sandals completed the outfit. I eyed the clothes with some trepidation. I was still reeling from the shower, and my heart still hadn't returned to normal.

"Carla, I think today we should work on the basics," said Hannah. "We'll start with you being able to put your own make-up on correctly, and then we'll work on getting you to move naturally as a female."

I stared, wide-eyed as she told me to put the just the lingerie on, and then sit at the dressing table. In front of me was an incredible array of different bottles, tubes, brushes and who knows what else. Then, after what seemed like hours, she showed me how to put on my make-up correctly, starting with moisturiser and then working through foundation, mascara, blush, highlights, and a whole host of other things. I have to admit, Hannah was incredibly patient with me as I rubbed in this and then brushed on that, explaining what each one did and why it was important. And I found that it was very therapeutic, concentrating at each stage of the process. It wasn't long before I had forgotten the scare I'd given myself.

Slowly I watched myself as my 'male' face disappeared to be replaced by a 'female' one. When Hannah was satisfied that I'd just about got it, she walked me to the bathroom, handing me a bottle of cleansing lotion. She showed me how to remove my make-up by using the lotion and then laying a hot, damp flannel on my face for a few moments. Then I used the flannel to gently rub away all the make-up, paying particular attention to the mascara and eye-liner. Once I was clean, we went through to the bedroom to go through the whole routine again, except I had to do it all myself.

Hannah went downstairs and made us coffee as I sat and repeated what I could remember. By the time I had finished, I thought that I'd covered just about everything, and was pleased with the results. Judging by the encouraging sounds she was made as she brought in the coffee, so was Hannah. I quickly washed my hands before putting on my clothes, and we sat and chatted as we drank our coffee. As we sat gossiping like a couple of old friends, it struck me at how easily I found the situation, even when Hannah called me Carla instead of Carl.

The rest of the day was spent learning how to hold myself and walk like a woman, with Hannah setting me a number of different tasks to do around the house and then watching me as I did them, correcting me when necessary if I strayed back into 'man' mode or showing me how to do something a little more delicately. By the time we were putting away the dinner dishes, I was exhausted, and my feet ached from wearing heels all day. We got ready for bed, me in a new nightie that Hannah gave me, and turned out the lights.

As we lay curled up in bed, Hannah told me how much she loved me, and how pleased and proud she was with how I'd handled the weekend. She leaned over and kissed me passionately, and I returned the kiss with an equal passion. A few minutes later, she showed her appreciation by bringing me to orgasm as she made love to me with her cock. All in all, it was the final, most beautiful act in a weekend I would never forget. 

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