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Caught And Punished By My Manager (Part 2)

I had to make a sale...

I lay there on the floor, my g-string still dangling around my ankles, my vibrator rammed deep inside my ass. My boss Mei had been gone all morning, leaving me vulnerable and exposed in my lace garter chemise set, sheer stockings and high heels. 

I lay there staring at myself in one of the mirrors. I felt so feminine and slutty as I wriggled my bum against the floor and rubbed my legs together. 

I wanted so badly to feel like a girl and now I was trapped as one. The hours went by quickly as I thought about Mei. Maybe she was into me? I thought. Had she fancied me? Would she come back and punish me some more? I even considered if she would let me fuck her sweet little pussy. 

I crossed my legs and played with the dildo, dreaming about her fucking me dressed as a girl, for a long time. The afternoon sun tried to break through the curtains as I lay there fantasizing about Mei. 

There was a sudden thud at the door followed by the sound of laughter. The key clicked in the door and turned loudly, I could hear Mei's voice in the background. 

"Yes my friend, you just wait. She's waiting for you and she'll do anything you want!"

I trembled as their footsteps echoed through the door and down the hall. Mei walked in first, she was wearing a business suit, blouse and short black skirt with her high heels. 

She looked super powerful and sexy, her hair tied back as she marched over to me. She leaned down closer and grabbed me by the throat.

"Now listen up! This is my new friend and you're going to let him fuck your sissy ass. He's paid me up front and I want to watch him use you like a dirty slut. I told you we were going to make a sale, and remember, I still have all those pictures of you ready to send at any moment."

She shoved me to the ground, walking over to a chair in the corner before slowly sitting down. I looked up as this huge military looking man strode over and stood towering above me.

"Oh my..." he whispered to himself. "What have we got here?!" 

He unzipped his fly and pulled out a massive ten-inch cock. "Come on bitch suck this dick!" 

I tried to pull away but he grabbed my head, pulling my face into his crotch. His smelled sweaty and musky as he ground his dick against my face. I tried to move back but he wrapped his big hands around my neck choking me and forcing my mouth open.

He moaned as his cock slid into my mouth, his sweaty dick rubbing against my tongue as he violently thrust deep down my throat. I could see Mei playing with her pussy as she filmed me with her other hand.

I suddenly felt so dirty, so girly, so horny! I realized how sexy this all was, watching my reflection in the mirror. I started to suck harder as he thrust in and out of my mouth. The vibrator was still in my ass and I began imagining what a real cock would feel like there instead. 

I bounced up and down my head bobbing on his cock as I fondled his balls. I could feel my stockings rub together, the lace pressing against my skin and some pre-cum oozed out my soft flapping penis.

He picked me off the ground and threw me onto the bed. I yelped as the vibrator pushed deeper into my ass hitting my g spot as I slammed onto the bed. He was ready to take me, grabbing my hips and spinning me over onto my belly.

I instinctively lifted my ass, arching my back and spread my legs. He pulled the vibrator out my ass and grabbed my hips. My ass was gaping as he thrust himself into me, aggressively shoving his whole cock deep into my ass.

I screamed in pain as he quickly and violently pounded away at my ass and I began to feel his length reach my g-spot, the shock soon turning into extreme pleasure. I could feel myself loosening up, his cock sliding in and against my erogenous zone.

"You cheap slut!" He shouted. 

Mei waltzed over in her high heels, picking up the vibrator and waving it in front of my face. I was screaming like a little girl, orgasms rushing through my body, trembling with adrenaline. 

I opened my mouth and she slid the vibrator in and out, frigging her pussy while I sucked it. My ass was being pounded hard and he had started to speed up. I knew he couldn't last much longer and so did Mei. 

She started talking to the guy, taunting him with her words.

"Come on baby, fuck her sissy ass. Fuck her harder, she can take it. She needs it. Fill her with your hot load. Bareback that bitch! Shoot your filthy cum inside her slutty ass and show her who's boss! 

His hands gripped my shoulders as he pulled me back, slamming his cock into me deeper. I cringed and screamed as he fucked me harder than before. Mei leaned back on the bed and began rubbing her clit, quickly trying to reach an orgasm. 

His sweaty balls slapped against my lace garters, my heels clicked together as I bounced off the bed, slamming back down hard again as he thrust several more times deep inside me. 

I could hardly take anymore when I heard the familiar grunt coming from behind me, his cock trembled as he shot stream after stream of cum into my ass. He collapsed on top of me, crushing my tiny frame against the bed. 

Mei had finished too and was gently rubbing her pussy following a satisfying orgasm. 

After a few minutes, he pulled his cock out my sore ass. I could barely move, so I just lay there on the bed. I heard him pull his jeans up and head out the door. Mei just casually made herself a drink and went and sat back in the corner. 

I managed to roll back over and shuffle to the edge of the bed. I looked a mess. My hair was all knotted and I had cum all over my ass and stockings. 

She lit up a cigarette and glanced over at me, a disgusted but weirdly gleeful look on her face.

"That was a good start. You do make good little slut, I suppose. I guess you better go take a shower then. Go on, go wash yourself off. I need to go get something, but I'll be back in a minute."

I undressed and jumped into the shower. The warm water made me relax and I began to play with my cock. I could feel my balls tighten as I started softly caressing my little dick. 

The door slammed and I let go, remembering I wasn't alone. Mei shouted to me, ordering me to hurry up.

"Come on Geol-Lai!" She screamed. "Geol-Lai!"

I finished rinsing off and wrapped a towel around my body like a girl. After brushing my wig and reapplying my lipstick I wandered back into the bedroom.

"Good, you're all clean." She said. "Now, here. Try this on!" She tossed me a shopping bag filled with lingerie. "I bought some things while I was out today, quickly try them on."

I opened the bag and pulled out some new fishnet stockings, a pink garter belt and Basque with suspenders. I dressed up quickly and slid on my 'fuck-me' pumps admiring my new outfit.

"Good, I got your size right." She smiled. Now get down in front of me."

I dropped to my knees and crawled over to her. She looked so sexy and bossy. Could this be it? Was she now going to fuck me? My cock was hard and I couldn't help but wriggle my ass, shaking it so she could see.

"Have you fucking forgot already! I am never going to fuck you, you stupid fucking bimbo slut. I own you now! You will be my sissy slut whore forever and I will enjoy using you to my advantage. In fact, tomorrow I am going to buy a cage to lock up that pathetic little thing. You're never going to cum again, unless you count cumming from being fucked in the ass!"

The doorbell rang, interrupting her for a second. 

"Oh, I wonder who that is?" She mused. "I said I you were going to make a sale today. Well actually, you're going to make a few!"

She chuckled and opened the door to a small, nerdy looking chubby guy.

"Come in, she's waiting in there. Did I say on the phone earlier? Anything you want for three-hundred."

"Oh, ok!" He said, in a timid voice. "I want her to watch while I fuck you and then can she drink my cum?"

Mei blushed and replied. "That'll cost a bit more but yeah. Let's do this. Stay on the floor bitch and watch him fuck my tight pussy with his big fat cock!"

I kneeled beside the bed watching Mei fuck this chubby guy like a porno slut. She stared at me as she pounded him, smiling at me and ridiculing my penis size. He joined in and hurled abuse at me for being a sissy bitch! Calling me names as he buried his dick into her. 

I felt so emasculated, watching this sweaty guy get fucked by my gorgeous and sexy boss. His body writhed as she built up tempo, laughing as she rode his cock. She looked down and screamed at him.

"Come on, fuck me harder, show her how a real man fucks. Are you ready baby, are you almost there?" 

He grunted and looked over at me. "Get ready sissy, you're about to get some bitch!" 

He quickly pushed her off and leapt up off the bed. I flinched as he leaned over jerking his cock and grabbing my hair. Mei shouted at me.

"Open your mouth and beg for his cum! You're going to take every drop and swallow like a good sissy slut!" 

I opened my mouth and looked up, his hand wrapped around his big fat cock, blurring as he tugged away at it. A splash of pre-cum hit my tongue and I licked my lips, tasting the salty goodness. 

He leaned in closer shoving his dick into the back of my throat and grunting as he shot a massive load of cum into my mouth.

"Ahhh yes! Take it all you dirty whore!" Mei screamed, giggling to herself. 

He pulled his cock out my mouth and he wiped it across my cheek. 

Mei passed him his clothes and ushered him out the door as I swallowed the last few drops, licking my lips. 

After closing the door, she came and sat back down. 

"I think this is going to a good little business for me, don't you think?" She said rhetorically. "Two sales in one day. That's a record for you, isn't it! You carry on like this and I'm going to be rich soon. Now... get ready, the night is still young and I've left your ad running online all day." 

The doorbell rang again.

"Oh, I wonder who that is?" She said sarcastically. "I think I'll go see."

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