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Caught and the Consequences Part 3

Husband caught dressing and the wife's retribution continues

Part 3


I signed the contract and handed it back to my wife, well my Mistress now I guess.


She took it from me and said ‘Good girl’ ‘As you will have seen you are now Philippa, now go and get all your male clothes.’


‘Can I get dressed’ I said.


She slapped me hard across the cheek. ‘When you speak it will be respectfully and always address me as Mistress or I will make you remember’


‘Sorry Mistress, may I get dressed Mistress’


‘No I will tell you when to get dressed and what to wear, now go and get your male clothes and bring them outside to the garden’


I went into the spare room, what was mine now, and got all my male clothes together, I still felt very vulnerable, especially with the collar and lead dangling between my legs, but I struggled downstairs with all my clothes and went into the back garden.


My wife, sorry Mistress had lit a small fire, and told me to put all my male clothes on it, it was soon a big bonfire. ‘You will have no further use for them’ she laughed.


She grabbed my lead and dragged me back indoors and upstairs to the bathroom.


She took the wig off me and got a can of something out of a bag. ‘Now put this on yourself all over and leave it for 10 minutes then get in the shower, a cold shower.’


I was about to protest but she had turned and already left the room.


I realised then that the can was a depilation cream that I could spray on, I didn’t mind that, I had shaved in the past and loved the feeling of being smooth, and I was never very hairy to start with. I sprayed it on, bloody hell was it cold, and stood there for 10 minutes as directed, then turned the shower on, it was getting nicely warm when she walked back in, took one look and barked ‘I said a cold shower. I can see your need teaching a lesson that what I say I mean and you will obey’


I quickly turned the setting to cold and she undid my lead and collar and pushed me under the shower. It took my breath away.


Once clean and fully smooth she directed me to get out, gave me a towel to dry with, and then told me to shave my head as well, as it would mean that my wig would sit better on my head.


She left once again and I heard her in what was now my room, so I shaved my head, now I was totally bald.


She returned with a crop in her hand and flicked it against her thigh. ‘This will teach you to be obedient’ and with that she swung it and caught me square across my buttocks. ‘Now bend over the bath’   I bent over.


‘Since this is your first time I will be lenient and only give you six of the best and after each stoke I want to hear you count it and thank me properly, forget any of that and I will continue until you get it right understand.’


‘Yes Mistress’


Thwack ‘One thank you Mistress’ I said as a fire lit up my ass. This continued until she had delivered all six, thank god I had remembered to thank her.


She then ordered me into my bedroom.


‘Right, now stand still and I will dress you this time only, remember from now you will dress yourself and be ready each morning when I wake up, standing at the foot of my bed. I will tell you the night before what time to wake me.’


‘Yes Mistress’


She had obviously been into the main local town as there was array of bags on the bed, which explained why she had taken so long.


Firstly she got out a new pair of latex false breasts, something I had longed for but never bought, and a can of adhesive which she sprayed on then stuck to my chest. ‘I want you to feel like a woman, so stuck on they will hang heavy like real ones, and it will also enable you to have showers, cold ones, when I demand without having to worry about them, you will treat them as if they were the real thing, I might in the future think about making them real if you turn out how I want you to’


‘Sorry Mistress, I don’t understand’ I said in a puzzled voice.


‘Well if you continue to please me I will pay out of your savings for you to have breast augmentation so that you have real breasts, but not at this time as you may not turn out obedient enough and I may have to get rid of you, no point in wasting money at this time.’ She said matter of factly.


I was stunned. I had no idea that she had thought about this in such a way. What else did she have planned for me?


She then opened a second bag and handed me a CB3000 which she fitted to my cock and balls and then clicked the lock shut. I realised that the lock was a plastic one which was numbered and soon worked out that I could not get it off without cutting the lock, which would mean she knew I had taken it off. ‘This will do for now, we will get a more permanent and stronger chastity belt in due course.’


She then proceeded to take various measurements around my body, I didn’t know what for at the time but about six weeks later I was to find out, but that’s a later chapter.


She then handed me a matching white frilly bra and knickers set and told me to put them on.


Then followed hold ups in black with a back seam, my existing maids uniform, petticoat, my wig with some sort of adhesive to hold it in place, and a pairs of 5 inch heels that had me tottering about but she told me I would get used to them.


She then sat me at the vanity unit and showed me how to do proper make up and finally the lip gloss.


I was then told to stand up and give her a twirl so that she could see how I looked.


She seemed satisfied and left me to put all the other items away that she had bought, this included lots of matching underwear, two more maids uniforms, one slightly longer one and one very short one like the one I had on. Once put away I was to report to her in the lounge.


I had real trouble getting down the stairs, my feet were already starting to hurt from the heels that I was not used to, but I got there and walked into the lounge.


My wife was laid back on the settee reading a magazine which she put down when I came in. I did notice it was a magazine that dealt with TV maids and how to train them.


‘On your knees here in front of me’ she said imperiously.


I knelt before her, head bowed as I thought that I should show some deference to her.


While kneeling there she parted her legs to show me her heaven, without knickers on and now fully shaven, something we had talked about before but she had never shown any inclination to do.


‘While your clitty, that’s what they call your cock when you are dressed as a sissy, is of no use to me and locked away, I must have my pleasure so you will learn to use your tongue on me as and when I desire, and you will learn what pleases me, and others.’


What did she mean by ‘and others’ but before I could ask she grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her crutch. ‘Lick me’ she commanded.


I didn’t need any encouragement and started lapping gently, although I did notice that she was a lot wetter then normal, she was obviously turned on by the situation I had got myself into.


It was not that long before she was getting more excited, I could tell by her wetness and the pressure of her thighs as she squeezed my head. All of a sudden she bucked and forced my head even further into her crutch almost asphyxiating me as she came.


She let go and allowed me to sit back a bit and after a couple of minutes said ‘Good girl, a good start, now I have to get ready as I have a visitor coming this evening.


‘You will go into the kitchen and prepare the meal, I have written the menu down, and it needs to be ready for 7.00pm ’.


‘Yes Mistress.’


I left and went into the kitchen. I was worried that the visitor would see me dressed, and as I had no idea who they were would I know them, was this going to be humiliating for me?


As I only had 2 hours to get the meal ready I got to work preparing the food, I was used to cooking it was one thing that I did on a regular basis anyway, but I did find my feet were not in a lot of discomfort, I began to question why women wore high heels when they were on their feet all day, they were so uncomfortable, I could fully understand why when they got home of an evening all they wanted to do was get them off.


Up to this point my chastity had not worried me, I was used to only getting sex at night and normally only after having licked my Mistress to an orgasm, I guess it had always been my reward for pleasing her. I hoped that if I did well with the meal I would be allowed to be unlocked later after the visitor had gone and get my reward. How naïve.


Preparing the meal went fine and as 7.00pm approached I was well ahead of time.


At about 6.15pm I was still working when my Mistress appeared in the kitchen doorway. I did a double take. Never had I seen her dressed so sexily.


I should I guess describe her for you, she is 5ft 6in tall, very pert 36D breasts, legs to die for, slim, a size 10UK, with long blonde hair which she has down at home but puts up for work.


She had on clothes I had never seen before, a black see through blouse, obviously no bra, and a very short mini skirt, I was sure she would have trouble sitting down, and ‘fuck me’ heels, at least 5” in black patent. I must have been staring enjoying the view because she said ‘What are you staring at slave, keep your eyes off what you can’t have.’


‘Now, Richard will arrive at 6.45pm , you will let him in and show him into the lounge where I will be, you don’t know him but he does know all about you.’ ‘You will then come back in here and be ready to serve us dinner at 7.00pm , understand.’ With that she flounced out of the kitchen.


What did she mean he knew all about me? And who was he anyway? She had never mentioned him to me before, and then it dawned on me that perhaps this was her lover that I had suspicions about.


At 6.45pm the front door bell rang and I very nervously went to open it.


I opened the door to see a very handsome man, built like a rugby player, about 6ft 3in. ‘You must be philippa’ he said in a deep gruff voice, ‘I have heard all about you, you look very good as a sissy maid.’


‘Thank you.’ I said.


‘Thank you Sir I think you mean. Now where is my little Lesley?’


‘In the lounge Sir, this way.’


I showed him into the lounge where he went straight up to my wife and kissed her passionately.


I was stunned, and stumbled back to the kitchen feeling tears welling up in my eyes, no one as far as I could be sure had ever kissed her like that other than me. This was a new side to my wife I had not seen before.


To be continued?

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