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Caught and the Consequences Part 4

Husband caught dressing and the wife's retribution continues

Part 4


I served dinner at 7.00pm as requested and I was made to stand by the table so that I could serve wine as their glasses were emptied and attend to them as requested. I did find the whole experience satisfying in a kind of way as I knew I was pleasing my Mistress and hopefully Sir as well, although neither of them had any conversation for me.


Once finished I poured them both a brandy and cleared the table, Mistress told me I could eat anything left in the kitchen that they had not eaten and to do the washing up. She also said she would call if they needed something.


A short while later I heard my Mistress call ‘philippa’ so I went through to the lounge. I stopped dead in the doorway, Richard was next to my wife on the settee, her blouse was open and her skirt rucked up, she had no knickers on they were on the floor and Richard had one hand on her breast while the other was playing between her legs.


Luckily I was speechless otherwise I am sure I would have got into trouble.


When Richard saw me he stopped and they both turned to me. My wife said ‘As you might have guessed Richard is one of my lovers’ ‘While he is in this house and for that matter anyone else I bring home, they will own you as well as me and you will serve them in any way they want, do you understand’


‘Yes mistress’ I replied meekly.


‘Good, now Richard is going to stay over tonight, I want you to go upstairs and turn the bed down, and next to the bed you will find bag which I want you to bring back down with you’


I stood rooted to the spot, Richard was staying over, did that mean I would not get my reward tonight, why was she enjoying humiliating me so much.


‘Well go on or do you want more punishing’


I rushed upstairs and turned down the bed, I did notice it had fresh clean sheets on it. I then got the bag and headed back downstairs to the lounge.


Richard was kneeling with his head buried between my Wife’s legs, similar to how I had been earlier and it hurt me to see him like that, I guess I had always before though of her pussy as being mine, now I was realising that it was not any more as per the terms of the contract I had signed.


I stood in the doorway and waited until my Wife started groaning and the Richard came up for air.


‘Good girl, bring the bag to me’ Richard said. ‘Then kneel with your back to me’


I did as I was told. I then felt his hands pushing something into my mouth, I tried to resist but my Wife held my nose making me open my mouth to breath and in it went and a strap was quickly fastened tightly behind the back of my head.


I couldn’t see what it was but found out later it was a gag, inflatable inside my mouth, that I knew straight away as Richard pumped it up so all I could do was grunt.


Next he fitted wrist and ankle cuffs which were locked on with padlocks, I didn’t see any keys but assumed they were somewhere safe in their possession. A very short chain was added between my ankles and wrists.


‘There that should stop her running away.’ Richard said laughingly to my Wife. ‘I think it is time for us to retire and show philippa what it is that you really need’


He got hold of the chain between my wrists and dragged me literally up the stairs with my Wife following and into our bedroom, well her bedroom now.


He dragged me to the side of the bed, and forced me to me knees. ‘Stay there and don’t move’ he said. There was little I could do about it anyway, I was sort of paralysed with fear, this was way beyond anything I had ever thought about and could not believe I had signed that contract not fully realising what I was signing up for.


He then started to undress in front of me. He was very muscular, with a hairy chest and as he undid his trousers the biggest cock I have ever seen tried to force its way out of his underpants. As he pulled them down I saw it for the first time, it was at least 8 inches if not more and very thick, an absolute monster compared to mine, no wonder my Wife had been seeing him, I was sure it would reach parts I could never get near.


My Wife in the meantime had got undressed and was lying on the bed, legs apart, watching Richard undressing. I heard a little sigh of pleasure as his cock sprang out erect and knew from the look in her eyes that all she wanted was that monster inside her, riding her.


Richard stood right in front of me grabbed my hands and forced me to hold him. ‘Now that’s what a real man feels like.’ He said.


He got onto the bed, moved my wife onto her side and rubbed the head of his cock against her quim, I assume to make her wet although I had no doubt that she was dripping already.


He then said to me ‘Get up here and hold me’ I hesitated, ‘Now unless your want your ass beaten’ I got on the bed with difficulty considering my bonds and got hold of him with one hand.


‘Now as a sign of your ultimate submission you are to guide me into your Wife, this will signify your willingness to give her body to anyone she desires’


I grunted through the gag ‘What about protection’ not that either of them understood.


Richard held my hand and forced it and his cock towards my Wife’s quim.


It started to enter her and he released me. ‘Now back on your knees and watch and I don’t want a sound out of you’


I slipped off the bed onto the floor and watched as he thrust deep inside her hearing her sigh contentedly.


To be continued ……..


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