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Caught by a neighbour

I've secretly been crossdressing from a young age. In my late teens, around 17, I became more adventurous. maybe because I was enjoying it more. At that age I was very slender, had long dark hair as well has having a naturally smooth and hairless body. My brother and sister were both at uni and my parents would work a lot of the time meaning I was left home alone quite a lot. I would "borrow" my sister's clothes and had actually found in the loft a bag of things she didn't wear any more. As you can image this bag had made it's way into my wardrobe some time ago to make those long days alone much easier.

This particular day was a little different however. Occasionally I would visit my father, my parents being 10 years divorced my father had remarried and they had gone on holiday and asked me to watch the house. My father is very wealthy and my step mum is very much a trophy wife so when I arrived at their house to stay I couldn't wait to raid her wardrobe!

I stripped naked, showered and removed the small amount of body hair I had. Walking into the bedroom I was nearly shaking with excitement. I went to the drawers and was delighted to see designer lingerie in soft lace and silk. I chose carefully, a black and cream silk and lace bra, matching g-string panties and suspenders with black lace top stockings. Moving to the wardrobe next I selected a black fitted shirt dress. Laying them all out on the bed I was getting hard already but something was missing.

I found a pair of heels and saw the size was only 1 size smaller than my own! Sometimes small feet is a blessing! I started, as I always do, rolling the stockings on to my smooth legs. Next I attached the suspenders, put the bra on and slid the panties over my stockinged legs. I was very turned on at the stage and those soft sexy panties were stretched over my hard cock. I sat briefly, relaxing and breathing in order to allow my erection to subside.

Tucking my cock back as best I could I tried the shoes. Black 4inch strappy heels. They were a little snug but they fit. I stood and put the dress on. It was satin lined and felt cool against my skin. As I buttoned the dress I saw make-up on the dresser. I had previously worn lipstick and, being a bit of a goth kid, could apply my own eye liner. I chose a lipstick, eyeliner and mascara and applied them.

I saw a glimpse of myself in the full length mirror and with my long hair I looked utterly female. I wanted to enjoy this as much as I could and knowing their garden was not over looked at all I went to the back yard to smoke a cigarette. The cool evening air felt good on my body, over my stockinged legs and up my dress. I enjoyed my cigarette feeling incredibly sensuous and feminine. The phone rang and I answered it from the garden (cordless phone) briefly speaking to my step mum about how they got to their destination safely while enjoying the thrill of speaking to her while dressed.

I finished the call and my cigarette and headed inside. I was considering waiting until dark and going out for a walk while dressed when the boor bell rang. I froze. A knock at the door followed. Then a call through the door.

"Hello?" Another knock and another call. "Who's in there? I heard you in the garden." It was a male voice, obviously a neighbour. I went to the door and called through it.

"Hi, I'm ****'s son. I'm house sitting while they're away." I hoped this would satisfy him.

"There's a package got delivered to my house. Can you take it please?"

"Errrrrr... just leave it there."

"Is there a problem?" I could tell he was suspicious. I had no answer. "Listen something isn't right here... If you don't open the door I'll have to call the police.."

In a panic I pulled the door open... In front of me stood a man, 30ish... looking very confused. He looked me up and down. I cleared my throat a little and softened my voice.

"I'm Jessica," holding out my hand and standing as femininely as possible.

"You're their... erm..."

"Daughter," I interjected, reaching for the parcel. To this day I don't know why I asked this but... "Would you like a drink?"

"Of course... I'm Daniel, I live next door."

I greeted him and led him in, my heels echoing off the hard wood floor, trying to give my ass that sexy wiggle as I walked to the kitchen. I poured 2 drinks and did my best to begin small talk, all the while Daniel looking me over as we talked. He was distracted by my body. As he tried to speak, I toyed with the top button of my dress before popping it open, then again for the one below.. then again. I had found cleavage enhancers in the drawer which had given the bra cups a bit of fullness.

As I got lower, revealing my bra, Daniel was mumbling. As I revealed my flat stomach he was silent. And finally as the dress fell open, he was visibly aroused. I took a step towards him. His hands cupped my ass as I stood in front of him, he kissed my neck. I was overcome... pulling at his jeans I dropped to my knees, I freed his hard cock and hungrily took him in my mouth. My inner whore took over as I sucked hard, my lips stretched around him. He didn't last long as I soon felt his cock swell as he shot load after load down my hungry throat.

As I stood I turned around. Dropping my dress to the floor and pressing my ass against his still hard cock I eased my panties down. I kicked them away as I walked away from him to the table.

"Daniel," I called... "It's your turn."

I turned around to reveal what he already knew to be true. My hard cock. I leaned back against the table and pointed to the ground in front of me. Daniel was there in a shot, hungrily lapping at my hard dick, sucking, wanking. I soon filled his mouth with my cum. I leant forward to him, kissed his cheek and whispered.

"I'm here for a few days... but for now... you can show yourself out."

With that I retrieved my panties and dress from the floor and carried them out with me. The sound of my high heels clicking on the hard floor. The feeling of Daniel's eyes watching me.

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