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Caught By My Girlfriend

Hitting puberty late in high school had its disadvantages. A slender, almost feminine body and a small dick was not something a lot of women tended to go for, however, I was lucky enough to find Adrian. We hit it off right away, shared many things in common and we couldn’t get enough of each other. She was gorgeous, standing at six feet, she was just as tall as me. Her beautiful crystal blue eyes made me weak at the knees.

Things were going great, I would arrange various "date nights" for us and we would hang with friends, but we would grope each other whenever we had the chance.


“Honey, my parents are out of town from tomorrow night, we have the house to ourselves for over a week!” she exclaimed, a beautiful smile spread across her face. She sounded almost as excited as I felt.

“That’s brilliant baby! I can’t wait,” I responded. I cupped her cheek in my hand and brought her face to mine, and kissed her red lips.

I could not wait. I lay in bed that night thinking of everything I wanted to do to her and more. The images of her bending over in front of me had my little dick standing at full attention, I could feel the pre-cum leaking out as I pictured her lacy red thong peering over the top of her low rise denim jeans.

“Fuck she was hot,” I thought as I started to pull on my dick at the thought of her scent, smearing across the gusset of those panties. I could feel my balls tightening until I brought myself to an almighty climax. Smiling to myself I washed my liquid from my hands before falling asleep.

The next day had finally arrived. I called over to Adrians house.

“Hey honey,” she called, as she flung her arms around my neck. “I have a few errands to run so just make yourself comfortable I will be back shortly.”

Once she left, I went to her bedroom, laid in her bed, and turned on the television. Once I was settled in, I began looking around her room, and her pink thong immediately caught my eye. I had not cross-dressed since Adrian and I began dating, but the temptation was too much. I stripped off my clothes as quickly as possible and put on the thong. I forgot how good thongs felt, and my little dick was as hard as it ever was. I started to jerk my cock and finger my ass until loads and loads of cum fell onto the floor. I then got on my knees to lick up the cum only to see Adrian was standing with her iPhone at the doorway, filming the whole thing.

"What the fuck are you doing?" she screamed, "I've just got the whole fucking show on camera, so there is no way you are getting out of this."

I sat there in her thong with my face bright red, unsure of how to respond.

"Cumming in my panties while wearing them, huh? That's a first. In fact, now you are sitting there looking like a little sissy you will do what I say. Understand?"

I nodded my head in agreement. I was first ordered into the shower and to shaved off the little hair I had on my already feminine body. Once Adrian examined me to make sure all the hair was gone, she painted my nails pink. Then she laid out a pink lingerie set that I put on easily, which led her to know I had crossdressed before. Once I was all dressed up, Adrian had me wear a blond wig and six inch heels. My transformation was complete.

As I started to walk out of her room, Adrian pulled me back in angrily asking me, "Where do you think your going my little girl?"

She put me over her lap and started spanking me hard numerous times until my ass was bright red. Once she was finished spanking me, she pushed me on the floor and put on a strapon. She forced the dick in my mouth and my little "clit" started to get hard again. She thought I lubed it up enough with my mouth and pushed it in my ass. My "clit" was dripping precum and Adrian was fucking my ass hard and rough.

She asked, "Does my little sissy bitch like this?"

All I could do was moan in pleasure and scream fuck me harder. Once I was about to cum, Adrian put my legs over her shoulder and fucked me until I came all over my face. Adrian was calling me slut, sissy, bitch, cum guzzler, and many other names, but all I could say was thank you.

Adrian comes home everyday with me waiting at the door for her arrival. I have the strapon and the flog on a platter so she can use her sissy the way she wants to. When Adrian walks threw the door, she always asks, "How was my baby girl's day?"

Before she lets me answer, she gives my ass a spank. Once she sits down, I normally eat her out, and she decides what she wants to do to me. She changed my name to "Samantha" and our relationship is better than ever.

I can not believe that it started because of the temptation to wear a pink thong.

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