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Caught in my girlfriend's lingerie by her friends

My girlfriend lives alone, so whenever I am at her house by myself, while she's out clubbing or working, I always take the opportunity to go through all of her sexy clothes and lingerie and dress up like the slut that I crave to be.

I undressed and put on a pair of white fishnet stockings, a black thong, mini skirt, black and white see through top and a sexy pair of silver high heels. I set my camera up at the end of the bed and set it to record myself in various poses. After a while doing this, I heard the front door unlock and someone running up the stairs. Panicking, I grabbed my jeans, t-shirt and socks and put them on over the top of the lingerie and turned on the TV.

It was my girlfriend's friends, Neil and Charlotte, she had given them her key to come around and get her purse for her, as she was still out and forgotten it. As they walked in the room, we spoke a bit and Charlotte got the purse. Then the worst thing ever happened. Neil picked up the camera which I had completely forgotten about. It was on top of the cabinet, pointing right at the bed. He looked at me and started smiling, he was watching the video of me, which I had just recorded, worse still, he started showing Charlotte. I tried grabbing the camera but he pushed me way. My secret was out! Two of my girlfriend's best friends had seen a video of me, dressed in her lingerie, acting like a dirty slut on her bed. Neil gave the camera to Charlotte and told her to go and put it in his car. While she was gone, Neil told me that he'd show my girlfriend and everyone else I know the video, unless I did everything he told me to. He said that he had always wanted to fuck me and that deep down, he knew that I was bi. Now was his chance. I protested but what choice did I really have! I was at his mercy. I didn't want everyone to know what my secret was, my relationship and life would be over. I had to do what he said.

When Charlotte returned from the car, Neil told her his plan. She looked at me, smiled and had a wicked look on her face. I've always fancied Charlotte and she knew she was gorgeous and always flirted with me. From what I'd heard, she was a very dirty girl too.
Neil told me to strip off and that I was going to go along with everything he said. I still had the lingerie on, so as I did, there I was, stood dressed like a sissy slut, in front of them both. They both smiled and I could see that Neil was getting hard.

I was instructed to get on all fours on the bed and face them. Neil took his jeans off and his cock sprung up in front of my face (he wasn't wearing any underwear). He grabbed my head and told me to suck him. I had no choice. I took his hard cock in my mouth and started to suck and lick it (it was bigger than mine, nearly eight inches long by the looks. I had always been told he was big). While I was doing this, Charlotte started going through my girlfriend's lingerie drawer and she found her dildo and lube (god knows how she knew it was there). She came behind me and started pulling my thong to the side. I tried looking around but Neil grabbed me by the hair and forced his cock down the back of my throat.

Charlotte squirted the lube onto her fingers and started to rub it on my asshole, inserting one finger, then two until she was fucking my ass easily with three fingers. Oh my god, I was really starting to get turned on, I couldn't help it. I had my girlfriend's stunning best friend fingering my ass and a guy fucking my mouth. I was being treated like the slut I had always fantasied about being. Neil then told Charlotte to fuck me with the dildo and get me ready for his cock. Without hesitation, she pulled out her fingers and started fucking my lubed ass with the dildo, as well as putting her fingers in my mouth.

Neil then said he was ready to fuck me and told me to lie on my back. He pulled off the thong I was wearing and Charlotte took hers off, squatted over me and held my legs in the air. Neil didn't waste any time and quickly pushed his huge cock into my ass. I let out a moan and Charlotte sat down on my face and I had no choice but to lick her pussy and asshole. This went on for maybe twenty minutes and to tell you the truth, I was in heaven. Neil said that he was about to cum, so he pulled out of me and told Charlotte he wanted to cum all over my face. She grabbed me by the hair and held me towards his cock, while he wanked himself off all over my face. There was hot tick sticky cum all over me. They both then got dressed and told me I could have the camera back but they both always had a hold over me and if they wanted to fuck me again they would. I was their fuck toy for when ever they wanted.

As soon as they left I quickly got undressed and jumped in the shower. I was so turned on, even though I didn't get to cum, so I closed my eyes and wanked all over myself, thinking about what had just happened.

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