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Caught, Used and Loving It!

I was caught dressing up as female and used like a toy
I knew I had time now; my wife had gone out with her friendsand wouldn’t be back until 10pm at the earliest. As it was only 6:30, I knew I could spend time getting ready before playing around on the computer and enjoying a nice relaxing but exciting orgasm. My cock was more than ready as I hadn’t had sex for over a week and no chance to masturbate either due to either the kids being around or my wife not being in the mood. So as soon as she was out the door, I looked out of the window to watch her getting in her friend’s car and once it had left I went to my wife’s chest of drawers.

I took out a beautiful pair of black silk panties, some seamed stockings, her suspender belt and a matching black corset. My wife had no idea that I liked to wear her clothes and I don’t know what her reaction would be but like most closet cross dressers I was powerfully scared she would find out and leave me. I loved my wife and had no intention of risking our marriage when I could dress in private to relieve my urge to feminise. She knew I liked to shave everywhere from the waist down but thought this was just a slight peculiarity on my part. In reality it was because I loved the feeling of fresh stockings on my legs and how they looked.

Fastening the suspender belt around my waist, I then drew the stockings up my legs and attached them before sliding the panties up the nylon encased smoothness. I then twisted the corset around me after clipping all the hooks into place. Next, I selected a short black leather skirt that I had bought her for a fancy dress party that we had gone to, her as a prostitute and me as a pimp (although I had secretly fantasised about it being the other way around!) I completed the outfit with a cream silk blouse that just about showed the black corset through it. I looked quite slutty, just how I liked to dress. I fastened her wig to my head and quickly put on some makeup to complete the transformation. I didn’t look in the mirror as in my head I was now a hot sexy brunette girl and I didn’t want to see what I really looked like!

The computer was already on as I had switched it on before she had even left the house, pretending that I would play some world of warcraft while she was gone. Instead, I sat down and logged on to the free dating site I had joined. Within seconds I got my first message. I wriggled in excitement seeing it was a hot guy from the area. I had no intention of meeting anyone, just a bit of playing around online. So I answered it, with a quick hi and how are you. He wrote that he thought I was hot and I wrote back and asked if he had read my profile. The pictures of me were a little blurry and not close up so I could pass for a woman. As I suspected though, he stopped talking as soon as he read the description of me as a cross dresser. Oh well, plenty more to look through I thought.

I then got a message from a blonde woman in her thirties ‘Hi,’ it said. ‘I like your pictures, how are you tonight?’ I always got an extra thrill from women responding as the fantasy of being someone’s lesbian lover was a massive turn-on. My cock was already hard in my panties and I reached down inside to scoop a small drop of pre cum onto my finger which I raised to my lips and tasted.

‘I am fine,’ I responded. ‘How are you?’

‘I am good,’ she wrote. ‘Are you already excited tonight?’

‘Yes, I am, I am very excited, why do you ask?’ I replied.

‘I just wondered if you were. Do you like my pictures?’

‘Oh yes’ I had had a look at her profile and she had posted three pictures of herself and all of them were hot. ‘You have a great figure and you have beautiful eyes.’

‘Aww thank you,’ she replied, ‘You have a nice figure and that cream blouse really suits you’

I should have realised something was wrong then as none of my pictures had me wearing a cream blouse. Instead, I was too turned on to think about it.

‘Thank you, I am blushing!’ I replied. ‘Do you like cross dressers?’ I asked.

Yes!’ she said. ‘I love submissive dirty slutty bi curious girls and you are all of that aren’t you?’

I trembled with excitement, I love being called a slutty girl, and this hot blonde woman was hitting all the right buttons. My cock was as hard as a rock now and pre cum had soaked through my panties already. The skirt was lifted up slightly so I could occasionally reach down and rub myself through the silky underwear.

‘I am Miss.’

I called her Miss almost involuntarily without thinking. She had me on my submissive back step already. ‘Do you like me calling you Miss?’

‘Yes, very much. Do you want to be my little sissy slut girl?’

‘Yes please Miss.’

‘Well, first you have to earn the right to call me Miss, can you do that?’

'Yes, whatever you want me to do.’ I had reached a point of excitement when I didn’t really care what I was saying as long as she kept talking to me.

‘Ok, well, let’s see if you can follow instructions properly. I want you to stand up, turn around and go out of your back door into your garden. When you get there, put both arms straight up in the air over your head and smile, and then turn around completely before coming back to the computer.’

I had already stood up before I had finished reading. I went to the back door, shaking with nerves as although there were high fences around the garden, anyone in an upstairs room facing the garden would be able to see me. It was risky, but then that was part of the excitement too. I walked into the garden and raised my arms. I smiled and did a little twirl. I then almost ran back to the computer, stroking my panties a couple of times on the way back. As I sat down, a new message appeared.

‘Good girl, well done, you passed the test.’

I just assumed that she had waited a few minutes before writing back.

‘Now, check your email for me,’ she wrote.

I was puzzled, how did she know my email address? It wasn’t listed on this site. I went to my email software and opened it. A new email was in my inbox and it said it was from Miss Susie who I had never heard of. I clicked it and all it said was ‘Gotcha.’ There was an attachment though so I clicked on that. I didn’t think of viruses or junk emails, just suddenly very scared. Sure enough, what I was so worried about became true. The attachment was a picture of me in the garden, turning around, arms above my head and a smile on my face. I switched back to the other site now, frantic and very scared about what was happening here.

‘Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me as long as you do what I tell you to,’ was written on the screen.

‘How did you do that?’ I asked

‘Don’t worry about that; just do what you are told. First I want you to tell me that you will do what I tell you to.’

‘Yes I will, please don’t show that picture to anyone else’

‘I won’t, the picture is for my personal enjoyment unless you disappoint me. Are you ready to do what you are told now?’

I had no choice really. ‘Yes, I can’t let anyone see that picture. I will do what you say.’

‘Good, now then, let’s start by you getting your cock out, then stroking it for me, oh yeah, you better put your webcam on too as I want to see it. Go on’

‘Yes Miss,’ I replied meekly. I reached over and turned on the webcam. Immediately I got a message from ‘Miss Susie’ to watch me. I accepted and her part of the screen came on. I couldn’t see anything though as she had put something over her camera lens.

‘Those are my panties over the camera,’ she wrote, ‘and you might just earn them if you are very good.’

I immediately felt a surge through my cock of pure excitement at the thought of trying on another woman’s panties. ‘Yes Miss,’ I wrote, more enthusiastically.

‘You have a nice cock, stroke it good for me now little girlie.’

I started to work on my cock now, stroking it hard and getting a good steady rhythm going. I figured I should make a little show of it so I started to moan and writhe around in my chair for her.

Her voice came over the speakers now; I had forgotten she could hear me. ‘Very nice, you little pantie slut. Now take that drop of pre cum from the end and rub it around your lips.’

I did as told, rubbing the pre cum all around my lips without hesitation as this was something I had done before anyway.

‘Don’t you dare cum yet slut,’ she instructed. ‘I haven’t finished with you yet. Stand up now and turn around, head towards the door.’

I walked over to the door, cock in hand, almost panting with excitement now, wanting to cum so bad. When I reached the door she spoke again ‘Take off your little black panties now slut.’

I quickly dropped my panties and picked them up, using them to rub against my cock while I stood there. The silk felt fantastic against my cock as it always did. My cock was as hard as it had ever been in my life but I knew I couldn’t cum yet even with my back to the camera.

‘Put the panties over your head slut. Make sure that you can’t see through them. When you have them over your face, take the cover of the cushion next to you and put that over your head too. I don’t want you to see anything. Then put both hands behind your back and stand still until instructed to move.’

I did as she told me too. That’s when I realised I had heard the door open quietly and it hadn’t registered until very quickly someone clicked handcuffs over my wrists. I started to panic now, I was in big trouble here. I couldn’t move, there was a stranger in my house and I was dressed as a woman. Strangely though, my cock stayed as hard as ever.

She whispered in my ear, ‘Good slut, you are my slut now.’ I felt a soft velvet covered hand wrap around my cock and I shuddered with excitement, all fear gone at her touch.

‘Kneel down slutty girl,’ she commanded and I knelt quickly.

She pulled the cushion cover of my head and I could see through the panties a little bit. Not enough to see what was happening but enough to see a leather skirt in front of me. She raised the skirt up a little and I could see she was wearing suspenders, seamed stockings and no panties. Her cunt was shaved completely and so beautiful, just a small peachy little slit with no protruding lips. It was similar to my wife’s although she didn’t shave completely.

‘Suck it you slut.’ She pulled my head into her cunt, my tongue was already out as she pressed my face into her crotch. The moment my tongue hit her wet slit I knew something was different but I started to lick her anyway. Her lips parted easily and my tongue slid over her enlarged clit. She was very sensitive and I could feel her legs trembling as I slowly lapped at her clit. She pressed her hands against the back of my head and pushed me into her crotch as I licked away. She held me there as she whispered, ‘Do you like the taste you little cum slave?’

I just nodded. I couldn’t have spoken anyway.

‘That is the taste of my freshly fucked cunt. My boyfriend just gave me a big load deep inside my cunt. We did it outside your house in his car. It’s almost as fresh as it could possibly be. Do you like that?’

I was too far gone to pretend I didn’t love it. The idea of his cum in her cunt, his cock having just been there, it was all a huge turn on to me at the moment. I had often fantasised about sucking a cock but had never had the courage to do it. I licked harder and more passionately, completely covering her hot cunt and making sure I got every drop of cum out. Her knees buckled as she came, I think talking about her boyfriend and my licking had done the trick. She held my head for support as her body shook with the pleasure. I felt proud of myself for making her cum so well.

I felt relieved even though I hadn’t cum myself. I thought that she would go and leave me alone now that she had had her orgasm. Unfortunately she had other ideas.

‘Your cock is still hard slut, which is good. I don’t want you to cum yet. You have several duties to perform yet. Are you ready for the next one?’

‘Yes Miss,’ I nodded as I spoke.

‘Well here it is.’ She moved behind me as she spoke and then I felt the panties lifted from my head. In front of me was a muscley guy, completely naked. I could see his six pack stomach and the few whisps of hair that lead to a large and very hard cock. I started to panic now; I wasn’t sure I was ready for this.

‘I know you want it slut. You want to suck that cock don’t you?’ she whispered in my ear.

I swallowed, my mouth suddenly very dry and yet I still had to swallow! I didn’t know what to say and she took my hesitation for acceptance. She pushed my head slowly forward until the guys cock was touching my cheek. I turned my head slightly and licked it. It was salty, not sweet but still tasty. I licked again and then sucked just the very tip. I loved how velvety it felt in my mouth so I took some more in. I loved the feeling of its warmth in my mouth so I kept sucking it. Pre cum oozed out of it and I revelled in the taste, knowing that it meant I was sucking it good and he was loving it. I felt my hands released and I raised them up and held that gorgeous hot cock in my hand while the other hand felt his balls and rolled them around between my fingers.

The first spurt hit the back of my mouth, then he pulled his cock out of my mouth with a soft moist popping noise. The second spurt splashed over my lips, then the next spurts went up over my eyes and forehead. The thick cum dripped down my face and I realised I had cum at the same time. I reached down into my panties and came out with my fingers covered in my cum.

I looked up in time to see the flash of the camera and I realised I had seen that flash many times while I was sucking his cock and I hadn’t paid any attention.

‘Now you really are mine or I will ruin you,’ she said.

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