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Found out and 'forced' to educate respected women in village - inc vicar's wife.

Having recently been left quite a large sum of money by my late aunt in her will, I decided to buy my own house, and start my own business as a handyman.

Because I was bored with my present location in the north of England, I moved down to the midlands and bought a very nice isolated cottage about 20 miles south of Birmingham on the outskirts of a small town, and after a few weeks of settling into my new home, I put adverts in several of the more rural papers, in an attempt to capture some trade from the many villages around me.

It turned out to be a lucrative trade – the ‘big boys’ from Birmingham not wishing to travel the 40 mile round trip, just to mend a roof-tile or suchlike petty job. So for the next 3 months I was worked off my feet – eager to get a good name in the locality and to become well established there. Working as hard as I was left me knackered every night, and I was too tired to even think about going out of and evening and doing my favourite thing as far as sex was concerned.

Another reason why I decided to move near to a big city, was that I’d be much more able to pursue my intense sexual leaning of cross-dressing. For as long as I could remember, I’d been bisexual, and had a particular love of wearing women’s sexy clothes – especially their sexy undies! And it was an obvious and natural move for me to satisfy both of my likings, by wearing women’s sexy clothes and undies whenever I went out of an evening to find other bi guys for sex!

I’d actually amassed a vast collection of sexy undies, mini-skirts, tops, dresses, wigs, nylons, jewellery and makeup over the years, and the smallest bedroom of my cottage now housed everything ‘feminine’ of mine, so’s it could be kept safe and secret from my everyday life as a hetro, guy.

When I was dressed up and wearing my sexy ‘stuff’ with some makeup and a suitable wig, I could reasonably pass as a woman with no trouble – but I didn’t yet feel completely at ease, and therefore hadn’t ‘come out of the closet’ to everyone – just to the guys I happened to meet for some ‘one-off’ sex.

Whether it was because of the clothes and undies, or whether the girlie feelings were already inside me, I really didn’t know – but I did feel totally feminine when dressed up, and whilst wearing both makeup and a wig, and I played the feminine part to the hilt in oral and anal sex with my partner(s) of an evening!

I suppose that me being slightly built and having a soft complexion might have made it easier for me to act out my role as a female, and it really didn’t bother me that at 26 years old, I felt totally at home with a partner of either sex.

So for the first three months or so, I put my pleasures to one side and did every job I could to get my name known. And it was only after that amount of time, that I started to space the jobs out a bit in order to give me something like a social life again.

I remember the first time I got myself dressed up as my alter-self, and went out one evening to meet some guys at a place I’d found out about on the internet. I stood in front of the mirror and thought, “Suzy, you still look great! Now get yourself out and do what you do best – give the guys you meet, a great time!”

Actually, my real name is Dave, but once I get into my feminine mode and put on those sexy undies, I immediately transform into Suzy, a horny cum-slut that’ll take as much cock and cum at both ends, that any guy or gang of guys will give me!

And it was on one of those evenings that I’d planned to go out as Suzy, that the phone rang. It was from a woman in Chanceford Green – a beautiful and idyllic hamlet of about 40 houses that was only about 5 miles or so from me.

I’d already done lots of jobs there, so I guess one of her satisfied neighbours had given her my name and number. Her name was Paula Cross and apparently she wanted some interior painting doing, and wanted to know if I could pop round that evening, to go over the job with her? I nearly said that I couldn’t and that I’d be round first thing the day after, but I thought better of it and told her I’d be round just after 8pm . That would give me time for a bath and also to put some sexy undies on underneath my everyday clothes so’s I’d be partly dressed for my well earned night out! I could put my outer ‘Suzy’ clothes in the car – along with a wig, makeup and some jewellery, then I could stop somewhere quiet and finish getting ready for a good evening’s sucking and fucking – hopefully!

Having taken my bath, I opened the bathroom cabinet and fished out a dildo and tube of KY gel – then performing the all important job of both opening myself up, and lubricating my ass – ready for any size of cock that was shoved in there!

With my ass nicely dilated and lubricated to accept a cock without discomfort, I made my way into the smallest bedroom to choose which set of undies I should wear.

I eventually opted for a simple lacy black ½ cup bra and matching suspender-belt to go with my lace-top nylons and proceeded to put them on.

The erotic feeling I got as I slid my nylons up my legs and hitched them to the dangling four black suspender-clasps, was ecstatic to say the least! And as I stood there in front of the full-length mirror and saw my semi-hard suspender-framed cock between my legs, I felt a beautiful tickling feeling running through my guts!

I carefully packed the rest of my stuff in a carrier bag and went into my bedroom to get dressed – my nylons sensuously swishing together as I walked into the room!

Quickly getting dressed and temporarily hiding my sexy undies from view, I combed my hair and went downstairs, ready to go and meet Mrs Cross.

The light was fading as I drew up outside her cottage – the actual building being almost hidden by the hedge and garden. At first it didn’t look anything special, but once you entered the gate and looked down the heavily flowered path, it really looked nice – a warming glow from the windows creeping across the well-stocked garden.

I knocked on the door and it was opened by a woman in a black dress that seemed to have been sprayed onto her body, accentuating every curve of her body!

“Mrs Cross? Dave Fletcher!” I smiled, “You wanted me to do some work for you?”

“Oh yes!” she beamed, “Please, come on in!”

I couldn’t take my eyes off her swaying hips and rounded ass as I followed her into the lounge – a sumptuous room with beams on the ceiling and welcoming fire in the massive inglenook fireplace.

She was about 32, slightly older than me, with tits that were firm and not too big, and brunette hair that was cut in a ‘pageboy style’ so’s it was almost shoulder-length and curled in to follow the curvature of her face.

After inviting me to sit down, we talked about what she wanted doing and conversed generally about this and that – she telling me to call her Paula before inviting me to go upstairs to size up the jobs she had in mind.

“Mrs Williams recommended you to me!” she smiled, “You did some gardening for her a few weeks ago?”

“Oh yes, I remember!” I smiled back, “Anne, I think her name was? Nice girl!”

“Mmmm, that’s her. She said you did a good job cheaply, and that I should get in touch with you to paint this lot!” she replied.

She then showed me the painting that needed doing in all of the three bedrooms – the smallest one being Paula’s office that she used to work from home. After that, we went back downstairs to discuss what colours she wanted for each room.

“I’ll just put us some coffee on while you sort out the colour charts for me!” she said as she disappeared into the kitchen, “Won’t be a minute!”

“I’ll drink it as we discuss the paint-scheme, if that’s alright with you, Paula?” I called back to her, “I’m going out for a pint this evening!”

A few moments later she appeared with our coffees – placing mine on the carpet beside me, as she perched herself on the arm off the settee.

We then sorted out which colours she wanted in each room and I busied myself with totting up how much I’d charge her for the work.

Finally giving her a price and a date when I could start the work for her, I gulped down what was left of my coffee and placed the mug back on the carpet as I leant forward and gathered my colour-charts and papers together.

“That’ll do nicely, Dave!” she smiled at me, “Well, I mustn’t keep you any longer!

I can see you’ve to finish getting yourself ready before you go out!”

“Ready? I’m only going for a pint!” I replied as I bent forward again to pick up a dropped colour-chart – being that I was dressed in a white cotton shirt and a pair of black slacks, surely enough to go out for a casual pint?

“Oh, I thought you’d want to be wearing more than……. this!” she replied.

My stomach churned as I felt her draw her finger across the back fastening of my bra!

I quickly sat up but kept looking at the papers in my hand as I felt my face redden!

“And not forgetting…….. these!” she added quietly, as she leant forward and drew her finger over the two little bumps in my slacks that my suspender-clasps made, halfway down my thighs!

“Surely you’ll be wearing more than just…… these?” she then asked.

“I….. errrmmm, I………” I stuttered into the papers.

“You should never wear a black bra under a white shirt, unless you want it to be seen, Dave!” she slowly continued, “It was the first thing I saw when you came in! And then I saw the two little bumps in your slacks made by your suspender-clasps when you sat down – not to mention your nylons that are plainly visible round your ankles!”

“Ooops!” was all I could say, as I finally gained enough courage to turn and face her, “Whatever must you think of me?”

“I think…….. that you should go out to your car and get the rest of your stuff!” she smiled, “You’re not going to go out like that – no makeup and wearing those clothes?

Go on! You can use my bedroom to get yourself ready!”

“But I………!” I tried to say, then realised that the game was up, and she knew exactly what sort of evening I intended having.

“It’s okay!” she smiled, “Go on…. Go and get the rest of your stuff! Besides, I might be able to help you with your makeup!”

I smiled nervously and then took a breath – finally accepting that she knew what was what, and wasn’t going to criticize or condemn me for the way I was dressed.

“Thanks for being so understanding, Paula!” I smiled as I got up, “Thanks!”

A few minutes later I was following her upstairs and into her bedroom, having been out to the car to get the rest of my stuff.

“Whatever were you thinking of, you silly girl?” she said as she moved the stool for me to sit at her dressing-table, “How did you intend to put on your makeup? Now get out of those clothes and we’ll get you sorted!”

It took a second or two for me to realise she’d just called me a girl! And I was so dumbstruck, I took off my shirt and pants in a daze, to stand there in front of a woman I’d only known for half an hour – whilst I was wearing only my lace-top nylons, lacy black bra, and matching suspender-belt!

“Mmmm! Nice choice of undies!” she smiled, “Now, let’s get you some makeup on!”

For the next fifteen minutes, Paula busied herself around me as she expertly made me up and helped me dress.

“Okay, all that’s left is to sort out your wig!” she said, after sliding my ‘falsies’ into the cups of my bra and reaching into my bag to take it out, “I see you’re like me and that you don’t bother wearing any panties!”

“Yeah! Actually, they just get in the way!” I heard myself saying, “So I don’t bother!”

“My sentiments exactly!” she replied, “And I saw you had some KY in your bag – so somebody’s gonna hopefully be a lucky girl tonight – ermmm, I assume it is for you?”

“Yeah…. it’s for me!” I replied quietly.

I couldn’t believe how the night had turned out! This woman now knew all of my most intimate secrets – and I’d only known her for an hour!

“Right, stand up and turn round!” she commanded, “Let’s see if you’re decent!”

I did as she said – acutely aware of my cock dangling between my nylon-clad thighs.

“Although I suspect being decent is the last thing on your mind tonight!” she giggled, “Okay, now let’s finish dressing you!”

Finally, I stood there in my wig, blue satin blouse, black mini-skirt, and 2 inch heels.

“Hmmm! You’ll do!” she smiled, then paused before adding, “I’d…… I’d like you to call in on your way back…….. for a nightcap….. and to tell me how you went on!”

“Mmmm, I will!” I grinned, suddenly feeling very relaxed about the whole thing!

She then surprised me by leaning forward and giving me a quick kiss on the cheek!

“Go on, you bugger! Go and give them hell!” she smiled, as she stood in front of me and held both of my hands, “And don’t come back pregnant!”

She then slapped my ass as I passed her, and followed me downstairs.

“I can’t believe what’s just happened!” I said to myself as I drove off to the car park I now used, “God knows what she has in store for me when I go back!”

A short while later I was pulling up on the car park of the remote picnic site I’d found out about. It was a great place to meet other guys because it was in the middle of nowhere and heavily surrounded by trees. The trees afforded a great deal of shade, which meant it was possible to be with a guy round the back of your car without anyone seeing you, and it’s remote location also meant that it was off the Metro police beats, and only very rarely visited by the local bobby when the sun was shining.

As my eyes became accustomed to the dark, I could see there were about six cars parked up – all in total darkness.

Deciding to advertise my availability for sex, I got out of the car, walked round to the front so’s I could be seen by everyone, and lit up a ciggy as I sat back on the car.

To give everyone a chance to see that I was in fact a trannie, I hitched up the front of my miniskirt and casually took hold of my semi-hard 7 inch suspender-framed cock before slowly sliding my fist up and down my shaft a few times!

Satisfied everyone now knew, I allowed my skirt to fall back into place and walked back to the open door before sitting down inside. I then laid back and idly wanked myself as my skirt slid back up my nylon-clad thighs, totally exposing everything.

I suddenly saw someone moving a minute later, but they went to another car and reached inside that one – no doubt giving the driver a wank! But I needn’t have worried, because my ploy paid off a few minutes later when I heard someone slowly walking down beside my car!

“Hi!” he said quietly, “I couldn’t help noticing you out there just then, and wondered what you liked doing?”

“Well, I like to suck guys off and swallow their cum for them!” I began, “And I love to be fucked ‘bareback’ so’s the guy shoots his cum deep inside me!”

“Would you let me fuck you ‘bareback’ then?” he enquired, “After sucking me?”

“Mmmm, I’d love to!” I smiled, “Round the back of the car alright?”

“Yeah, that’d be fine!” he replied.

I made a point of slamming my door when I got out – a trick I’d used before to bring to the attention of the other drivers that we were going round the back of the car, and that there might be something of interest for them, if they decided to come and join us? I was soundly fucked by five guys in a row one evening, after playing that trick!

As soon as we reached the rear of my car and the guy stood in front of me with his already erect cock out, I hitched up my skirt, squatted down, and splayed my knees wide apart – my suspender-framed erect cock and stocking-tops totally exposed as I leant forward and sucked the guy’s cock into my mouth!

“Oooo, that feels so good!” he hissed, “I haven’t fucked the wife for quite a while, so I might have a heavy load of cum for you!”

“That’s fine by me!” I replied as I pulled off his rigid cock and openly wanked my own, “You can give me what she should have got, instead!”

I slid my lips around his knob-end once more and then took his entire length into my mouth – making him groan with delight as I started to bob my head back and forth!

“Fucking hell, that feels nice!” he gasped, “You suck it much better than the wife!”

I moaned my appreciation on his cock, and continued to let him face-fuck me!

Just as I got into my rhythm, I saw two more guys approaching and then standing beside us – both with their cocks out and wanking them as they watched us!

My trick with the door had worked after all!

“I think I’d better fuck you now!” the guy whispered hoarsely to me after a few minutes, “I’m getting near to coming!”

I slowly pulled back – trailing my lips all the way down his rigid cock before standing up and turning round to lean over on the back of the car with my legs spread wide!

I then felt him lifting up the back of my skirt and nudging his knob-end up against my ass, before he slowly pushed forward and stretched my sphincter muscle as he eased himself inside me!

As soon as his knob-end had gotten past the tight restriction, he grabbed my hips and slid all the way into my ass before starting to fuck me!

“Oh yeah!” I breathed as he slid in and out of me and got up speed, “That feels fucking wonderful! Fuck me! Fuck your hard cock into me and spurt your thick and creamy cum deep inside me!” I told him that for two reasons – one, to urge him on, and secondly, to let the other guys know that they didn’t have to use a condom either, when it was their turn to fuck me! It must’ve worked, because one of them reached between my legs and started to squeeze and caress my swinging cock and balls!

“Still okay to come inside you?” he gasped breathlessly.

“Oooo, yessssss please!” I hissed back at him, “I want to feel your cock jerking and throbbing as you’re spurting your cum deep inside my ass!”

I didn’t have to wait long! A few seconds later I felt his shaft really stiffen, and his knob-end swell much larger – a sure sign that his orgasm was imminent!

“OH, NOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!” he croaked as his orgasm hit him!

He stopped fucking into me, and instead, started stabbing his pulsating cock into my willing ass in time with each powerful spurt of his thick cum!

“Yeah! Fuck me!” I gasped, “Spurt it all deep inside me!”

A few seconds later it was all over, and he laid over my back with his rapidly shrinking cock now feebly spurting the last few remnants of his sticky and heavy load deep inside my suctioning ass!

When he finally slipped out, I spun round, squatted down in front of him, and sucked his now spent cock into my mouth – cleaning the cum from it and sucking him clean!

“Can’t have you going home with a cum-smeared cock, now can we?” I smiled up at him, “We don’t want the wife asking awkward questions, do we?”

“No! You’re right!” he grinned, “Hey, I’d just like to say thanks! In ten years of marriage, that was better than any fuck I’ve had off the wife! Thanks again!”

“You’re welcome!” I smiled, “I really enjoyed it as well!”

“Hmmm! It looks like I’m in for a great fuck as well, then!” one of the other guys said as the first guy left us, “Okay to go bareback?”

“Wouldn’t have it any other way!” I smiled, “And your fuck will be as good as you can make it!”

I turned back to the car and assumed the position for him.

This guy’s cock was considerably bigger than the last one, and it felt like I was being fucked for the first time this evening, as he held onto my hips and slid his entire length deep inside me!

“Oh yeah!” I gasped as he slid in and out of me, “Now that’s what I call a cock!”

“Mmmm, thought you’d like it!” he remarked proudly, “Not too big for you?”

“No way!” I gasped back at him, “I’ll take everything you can give me!”

He then started to slam his massive cock into my ass – his thighs slapping against my buttocks each time he thrust forward!

“Well that guy was right about you being a good fuck!” he gasped as he thrust into me and rocked me back and forth, “You’re as good as any woman I’ve had – for sure!”

“And your cock’s as good as I’ve had!” I gasped back at him.

Actually, I’d had much bigger and thicker cocks rammed into me in my time, but I wasn’t going to tell him that!

As he got into his stride and slammed into me, I dropped my body down lower and spread my legs wider apart, so’s he could really let go if he wanted to!

“Fucking hell! The best has just gotten better!” he gasped breathlessly as he rocked me back and forth on the boot-lid, “Your ass is incredible! What a great fuck!”

“It’s because you massive cock’s stretching it open so much!” I lied, “That’s why it feels so fucking tight!” Twenty seconds later he too was gasping and grunting in time with each spurt of cum he jetted into me!

I must admit he was a good fuck though – and told him as much as he laid on my back and gasped for breath a few moments later!

“Jesus!” he gasped, “That was fucking fantastic! Thanks mate!”

“You’re more than welcome!” I replied as he slowly slid out of me, “Now if you’ll just oblige me…….”

Once more I squatted down and sucked a cum-smeared cock clean of cum – kissing his knob-end for him as I stood up.

“That was fucking incredible!” he grinned in the darkness, “I hope to see you up here again – and sometime soon! Thanks again!”

With that he turned and left me and the last guy standing there.

“Well they both seemed to like fucking you!” he grinned, “I hope it’s going to be as good for me!”

“Hey, it’s you that’ll make it good!” I told him, “You just fuck me how you want to fuck me – not like them – you!”

To be perfectly honest, the guy was a very good fuck, and I could feel every bit of his cock sliding back and forth inside me, so I urged him on and told him how good it felt to have a guy fucking me that had some technique, as well as some cum!

When he’d finished, I cleaned him off as well and he thanked me for such a great fuck! I immediately replied that it’d only been a great fuck because of him!

He went away happy and with his balls empty – and that’s all that matters.

Because I’d an assful of cum from the three fucks I’d just had, I squatted down behind the car and dumped what of it I could – my ass spluttering loudly as the viscous cum formed a spreading pool between my feet! I then wiped myself down with a tissue and sat back in the car, had another couple of ciggies and waited for half an hour with no more results. So I decided not to leave it too late, and to drive back to Paula’s,

About 20 minutes later I was ringing her doorbell. The door opened and Paula smiled sweetly at me as she invited me into the lounge and poured me a drink.

She looked very fetching in her ivory satin robe, as she sat alongside me on the settee, with only the soft and cosy light from a standard lamp illuminating the room.

“Right Dave…….. or do you call yourself by another name when you’re dressed like this?” she began, “Tell me…. what sort of evening have you had?”

“Well…….. I usually call myself ‘Suzy’ when I’m dressed like this – it goes better than calling myself ‘Dave’ when I’m with another guy!” I explained.

“Then that’s what I’ll call you! Calling you ‘Suzy’ sounds a lot better than ‘Dave’ when I’m looking at you in your sexy outfit, anyway!” she replied, “So, go on, tell me all about your night! I’ve been wondering what you’ve been up to, all evening!”

“I’m not really sure whether I should tell you, Paula!” I explained as I looked into my glass for some courage, “I mean, it’s a delicate subject, and I’d have to go into some pretty graphic descriptions to explain things properly to you – and the last thing I’d want to do is to upset or shock you in any way!”

“You wouldn’t upset or shock me Suzy, I’m a woman of the world and I’ve seen and done lots of risqué things myself! Jesus, only tonight I saw this guy I’ve only just met, almost naked in my bedroom, before he finally got dressed….. as a woman – makeup, wig, false tits, the lot! Look, I’ll tell you what I’ll do, Suzy!” she smiled as she leant across and laid her hand on my arm, “You tell me some of your secrets about what happened tonight, and I’ll tell you some secrets about myself – deal?”

“Well………. okay, it’s a deal!” I grinned nervously, “But I must warn you, I’ll have to use some pretty strong language, Paula!”

“Hmmm, so will I, Suzy! So will I!” she grinned at me.

Paula then refilled our glasses as I collected my thoughts and decided what to tell her and also how? I decided to tell her exactly as it happened and not to hold back.

Once I got going, it wasn’t so bad – in fact I completely forgot my nervousness after telling her one or two things that’d happened behind the car with the three guys, with no adverse reactions from her at all – and I didn’t hold back with the strong language!

“What did it feel like when this second guy fucked you, Suzy?” she asked me as I began to tell her about my second fuck of the evening, “Was it much different to the first guy? Could you feel him coming inside you as much as with the first guy?”

“His cock stretched my ass-walls a lot more than the first guy’s cock did! And he went into my ass a lot deeper” I explained, “But that isn’t surprising – every cock feels different to another one! I must admit that I didn’t feel his cum spurting into me like I did with the first guy – perhaps it was because the first one hadn’t had sex for a while, and therefore there was more of it, and it was much thicker?”

As Paula leant forward to pour some more drink into our glasses, I noticed that her robe had fallen open slightly, and that she was not only wearing a lacy black bra underneath, like me, she was also wearing nylons!

She gave me my glass and I continued my tale by telling her that I’d omitted to tell her what I’d done right at the start! As I told her in detail how I’d hitched up my skirt and totally exposed my stocking-tops, suspenders and suspender-framed erect cock to the other drivers, I noticed that her fingers had crept under the flap of her robe and were now moving ever so slightly – she was fingering herself as she listened to me!

“Does anyone else know about you dressing and being Suzy?” she asked.

“Only the guys I meet on any particular night!” I replied, “And they don’t know anything about me or where I come from.”

“You said earlier that you like to suck guys off – but you didn’t do that tonight?” she enquired further, “Do you swallow their cum?”

“Oh yes!” I replied, “That’s the best part – especially if you’ve got someone fucking you at the same time!”

“You mean spit-roasting!” she grinned, “So you’ve tried that as well?”

“Not so much ‘tried’ – the guys I was with at the time decided they both wanted to fuck me at the same time, and that’s how they did it, with one at each end!” I replied.

“What’s the most guys you’ve had at any one time?” she asked.

“Hmmm………? Well before I moved down here, I used to use a car park that had some woods alongside it. Guys sometimes wanted a bit of privacy when they were with me, so we went a few yards into the woods! On one of these occasions, the guys in the rest of the cars must’ve seen where we went, and as I squatted down to suck this guy off, a few more had gathered round to watch us!” I explained, “I think that attracted a few more, and before I knew it, they all took turns with me!”

I then realised that I could feel my cock rapidly stiffening with recalling these past events, and that Paula was taking lingering looks at the lump that was plainly growing under the front of my mini-skirt! She was now looking decidedly flustered, and not only were her fingers now delving even deeper between her thighs, her robe had slipped open slightly to partly expose the fullness and firmness of her right tit, as it sat in her lacy black ½ cup bra!

“They….. they took turns with you? Doing what, and how many were there?” she asked in a strained voice.

“Well, from memory, some took turns at fucking me and some wanting me to suck them off – both on their own, and when someone else was fucking me!” I explained, “And I guess there were about eight on that occasion?”

“And you satisfied them all?” she queried.

“Well they said I did!” I laughed, “I know I was absolutely dripping with their cum when they’d all finished fucking me!”

“And what about sex with women? Have you ever fucked a woman when dressed as Suzy?” she asked hesitantly.

I saw her quickly look down at my skirt and then back up – me suddenly aware that because of the way my cock was throbbing, and because of the ultra shortness of my miniskirt, my knob-end must now be exposed to Paula!

“Hmmm, a few – yes!” I admitted, me then coughing with nerves as she sneaked another quick look, “Sometimes there’d be a couple at the car park or in the woods. So it was only natural that I’d fuck the woman after being fucked by the guy!

On those occasions, I always went down on the woman afterwards and sucked her cunt out – sometimes as her husband fucked me after he’d just finished watching me giving his wife a good fucking!”

“But that’d mean you were sucking your own cum out of her… cunt!” Paula gasped.

“Mmmm, that’s right, Paula!” I smiled as I suddenly realised just how turned on she was, with fingering herself whilst listening to my past exploits and also seeing how much it’d excited me with relating them.

I waited a few seconds before continuing in a low voice……. “Would…. would you like me to… do that……. to you?”

She didn’t answer…… So I looked her in the eyes, and then slowly reached forward to take hold of her hand, before slowly and deliberately lifting it up to my mouth.

Still looking her in the eyes, I slowly sucked each of her fingers clean – the musky scent of her cunt-juices filling my nostrils!

“Mmmm, they taste……. nice!” I whispered.

A moment later I felt her other hand sliding under my skirt, and her fingers wrapping round my rigid cock!

“And this feels…….. nice!” she whispered back to me.

With one leg still bent and resting on the settee, I slowly raised myself upright and leant across to slowly pull Paula’s robe completely open – her hand still holding onto my throbbing cock! The sight that was revealed to me was absolutely breathtaking!

All she was wearing under her robe, was the same as me – a black lacy ½ cup bra and matching suspender-belt and nylons!

True to her word, she wasn’t wearing panties, so I could plainly see the thick dark thatch of her pubic hair and red crinkly line of her outer cunt-lips – all perfectly framed by her lacy suspender-belt! As she slowly pulled her cum-soaked fingers from my mouth, she eased herself forward and dipped her head – pushing up the front of my skirt before sucking my knob-end into her hot mouth! I then laid back on the seat of the settee and let her slide my cock and rigid shaft in and out of her clasping mouth as she knelt on all fours over me, and alternately caressed my nylon-clad thighs and dangling balls – gently squeezing them and moaning softly on my throbbing cock!

Without saying a word, she lifted my legs up and bent my knees so’s my feet rested on the settee either side of her, then pushed them wide open!

“Mmmm! I can smell the cum that the guys spurted into you when they fucked you and came inside you earlier tonight!” she whispered as she pulled off my slick cock and licked up and down my balls, “It smells of sex! Pure……. animal……. sex!”

She then totally took me be surprise when she took hold of my cock, dipped her head, and clamped her mouth over my puckered ass – pushing her tongue as deeply as she could inside me and then slurping on the guys’ cum as it began to ooze out of me!

“Oh yeah!” I heard her breath as she stopped to take a breath, “I love drinking cum!”

She stayed like that for over five minutes – slurping on the escaping cum – before finally pulling away and climbing up to position her hairy gash over my rigid cock!

Slightly lowering herself down, she took hold of my cock and manoeuvred it so’s my knob-end was barely parting her crinkly cunt-lips. Then, as she looked me straight in the eyes, she lowered herself all the way down with one swift movement – impaling herself on my cock!

“Oh yessssss, Suzy!” she hissed through clenched teeth, “That’s where it belongs!”

She ten began to aggressively rotate and hump her hips so’s our pubes ground together and my knob-end flicked and brushed hard against her rubbery cervix!

Her cunt was flooding with her cunt-juices as I rolled us over and pulled her sideways so’s I slid out of her as her legs draped over the front of the cushions and drew her ass towards me, only stopping when her cunt as level with the front edge.

I then dived forward and eagerly clamped my mouth over her gaping cunt and wet thatch – sucking noisily on the cunt-juices that were flowing from her!

“Oh my God – yesssssssssssss!” she hissed as I probed her cunt with my tongue and sucked up her cunt-juices, “Suck my cunt dry you horny bastard!”

I did the best I could for the next ten minutes – me stripping myself down to my undies as she writhed about on the settee. Then I dragged her down onto the floor and sank my entire length into her drooling cunt, making her gasp out loud before she clamped her legs tightly round my waist.

“Fuck meeeeeeeeee!” she pleaded as I sucked on her erect nipples and massaged her firm tits, “For fuck’s sake shag the ass off me, and fill me with your cum, Suzy!”

For the next five minutes that’s exactly what I did – our pubes smashing into each other’s as I slammed my rigid cock into her drooling cunt, with Paula writhing around underneath me like a woman possessed and my spongy knob-end continuously flicking up against her cervix! Then I felt my cum rising and told her I was about to come, and Paula clawed at my back with her nails, repeatedly begging me to fuck her harder as she humped her hips against my rigid cock! She must’ve actually felt my cum spurting into her, for as soon as I started to come, she put her feet on the carpet and thrust her lower body upwards – pushing her sopping cunt hard against my jerking cock as it spewed out my thick and creamy cum and her orgasm hit her!

She gripped me tightly for a good thirty seconds or so as she rode her orgasm to it’s end, then she slowly relaxed and laid underneath me, with my cock gently soaking deep inside her cum-filled cunt!

Still not finished with my fuck, I rolled us over and told her to slide her finger over her cunt as she pulled off me and then to slide up my body and squat over me so’s her cunt was directly over my face! She did as I’d told her, and upon my command, she removed her fingers and started to squeeze my cum out of her cunt!

I looked up at her suspender-framed face as she looked back at me – my bubbly cum now spluttering and slithering from between her inflamed cunt-lips before it dropped with a splat into my open mouth!

“Jesus Christ!” she whispered, “You’re drinking your own cum from my cunt!”

I didn’t answer her, but kept on lapping up whatever cum and cunt-juices I could get!

She finally rolled over to one side and fell back against the front of the settee to rest in a most unladylike pose with her knees bent and splayed, so’s her erect clitty and hairy cunt were totally exposed with her cunt-lips gaping wide open – a trickle of my cum slowly oozing from between them and starting to form a milky pool on her carpet!

“Wow!” she gasped, and then grinned at me, “That was some fuck, Suzy!”

“Wow, yourself, Paula!” I replied breathlessly, “At one stage I actually thought you were trying to drag me inside you!”

“Mmmm, I know!” she grinned, “I’m sure glad you decided to come back! My cunt was itching for you as you left, so I would’ve been in a right old state if you hadn’t!”

“Mmmm, I’m glad I did as well, Paula!” I replied truthfully, then added, “I hope that we can do this again?”

“Christ….. you bet!” she grinned, “And there’s a chance I might have a few surprises for you if you do! I’m not promising, but we’ll see! Anyway, it was your fault for telling me what you’d been up to earlier this evening!”

“No way!” I protested, “You asked me to – and you said you’d tell me some of your secrets! So get us another drink and we’ll settle back to hear what naughty little things you have to confess!” She replenished our drinks on very unsteady legs, before settling down beside me again.

“Christ, where do I start?” she mused for a few seconds, “Well! You might’ve already guessed that like you, I’m bi? And that’s most likely why seeing you in your sexy undies tonight, gave me such a tremendous buzz! Now being bi in such a small hamlet as this, could easily make me an outcast if some of the people found out!

So, I’ve got to be careful! Now imagine how careful I’d have to be if other bi women came round here, so’s we could have some sexy girlie fun together! That would be bad enough, and would get the tongues wagging! But because of the sort of people we have living here – upstanding people of the church and community, not to mention the Chief Constable and his wife! Imagine what’d happen if they found out about me?

Christ, they’d want to burn me at the stake! There is a gay guy in the village – and it seems that it’s okay to be a gay man, but not a gay or bi woman!

I could tell you now something else about some of the people here, but I’ll not for the moment, as I’d have to get their permission first – don’t ask why!

You probably noticed that I started getting really excited when you told me about lifting the front of your skirt and exposing your undies and cock to the other drivers? Well that’s because I’m also like you, I’m a blatant and brazen, exhibitionist!

So-much-so, the ex-Mr Cross couldn’t tolerate my flashing, and finally left me!”

“I suspect there’s a lot more that you’re not telling me, Paula!” I smiled, “But I can wait until you can! Now, tell me about some of the flashing experiences you’ve had!”

“Hell, where do I begin – there’ve been that many!” she grinned.

She stopped and thought for a few moments before resuming her tale……

“Hmmm……! Well….., as you know, I don’t wear panties, and because I’m a woman and normally wear skirts or a dress, it’s far easier for me to ‘accidentally’ flash to someone when I’m out and feeling especially horny! I’d frequently let my knees fall open and flash at women and guys when out for a meal with hubby – usually with him having no idea I was having so much fun and literally creaming myself as I flashed my cunt to a guy sitting opposite us! It gave me such a buzz, knowing that the guy was getting a prolonged and clear look at my exposed hairy cunt and skimpy undies with my unsuspecting husband sitting right beside me! I also used to wear a loose white cotton blouse with the top buttons undone and go bra-less, so’s the waiter got an uninterrupted view of my naked boobs as he poured my wine or dished out my meal! Hubby never cottoned-on that the waiter was always refilling my glass every time I took one or two sips from it – even when it didn’t need filling! And when I was on my own in the car, I’d hitch my skirt right up, and drive with my hairy cunt totally exposed to anyone looking in through the windows! Sunbathing on the park was another good venue for doing a bit of flashing! I’d make sure I was wearing something short and skimpy before lying down in front of a group of guys or sometimes one with his wife or girlfriend. Then, I’d either lie on my back and pretend to read a book – all the time secretly watching the reactions of my victim, or on my stomach so’s anyone behind me could see my semi-exposed cunt beneath my short skirt! But I think when I went shopping that I enjoyed myself most, and that’s where I did some serious flashing!

It was the easiest thing in the world to leave the changing-room curtain partly open as you tried on a dress in a clothing store! Some actually had changing rooms, but most only had an area curtained off for you to get changed in – and that’s where you could see guys looking in at you through the long mirror! Dropping a dress or something on the floor was a good ploy, because it meant you had to bend right over to pick it up!

If it was a blouse, the guy got an excellent view of your tits as you bent over and struggled for several seconds to pick it up the right way up! And if it was a skirt or a dress – they got a really good view of your suspender-framed hairy gash as you struggled to pick that up as well! I remember once that a guy was blatantly watching me through the gap in the curtains at one particular store, when I stood facing him totally naked for over a minute, as I pretended to struggle at unbuttoning a dress I was going to try on – the horny sod sliding his hand into his pocket and actually wanking his stiffening cock as he watched me! Squatting down at the racks in the shop to retrieve an item of clothing you’d ‘accidentally’ dropped, was another good ploy!

I used to make sure there was a guy in front of me, and then I’d drop an item and squat down with my knees wide apart to retrieve it – staying like that for some time and totally exposing my hairy cunt to him as I ‘examined’ the label or something!

Which leads me onto my favourite place to flash – the supermarket! God, it’s a wonder I don’t get locked up, with what I still get up to when I go in there!

With me wearing skirts and not panties, it’s the easiest thing in the world for me to ‘accidentally’ expose my hairy cunt to a more than willing audience, that isn’t going to blow the whistle on you for you giving them a real good look up your skirt!

You’d be surprised just how many men suddenly become interested in hairsprays or anti-perspirants when I squat down to examine something on the bottom shelves!

The trick is to squat down slightly sideways! Facing the shelves doesn’t let anyone see anything, so I always make sure there’s a guy walking down that aisle before I squat down and spread my knees, as I become ‘totally engrossed’ in whatever it says on a nearby can of something! Once they’ve seen you, you usually find they follow you around the store – keeping a safe distance and sometimes passing you, only to ‘lay in wait’ a little further along the aisle! They actually think that with you coming up near them, they couldn’t be accused of stalking you!

But all you do, is to squat down once more with your basket behind you, to give you some cover, and take hold of two cans of whatever. Then you look as though you’re mentally trying to decide which product to buy – all the time keeping your knees as wide apart as possible! You can stay like this for a minute or two – all the time with your hairy cunt totally exposed, and on view to anyone you want! And the longer you stay squatting down, the better it gets! Because you have your knees splayed as wide as you can get them, your cunt-lips eventually pull apart – giving the guy an even better view of your hairy cunt than he got before!

You’d be surprised how you can look up at the guy without him seeing you – mainly because his eyes are fixed on something other than your eyes! And I’ve seen many a guy trailing me down an aisle, with a massively growing bulge in his pants!

And when I’m ‘on’ I feel really horny and especially naughty! So I go out to the supermarket on purpose to squat down exactly like I’ve just explained – knowing that the little white string of my Tampax is plainly visible to the guy! Now that really gives me an immense buzz – allowing a perfect stranger to stare at, something as personal as your Tampax string, dangling from your bleeding cunt! Christ, it turns me on, doing that when I’m having my period! I’ve never been able to leave the store without having to go into the ladies toilets to wank myself to an orgasm, anyway!

I remember teasing a guy on day by letting him see my exposed cunt a few times, and then kneeling on one knee whilst keeping them together so’s he couldn’t see my cunt any more! The cheeky sod then sidled up alongside me as I remained kneeling there, and pretended to be interested in something on one of the upper shelves. Well! It was the most natural thing in the world for me to then let him look down my partly open blouse and get a good look at my braless tits and erect nipples! And after giving him a good, long look, I then moved down the aisle slightly and squatted down again to let him have another long look at my exposed cunt!

Oh, and I must tell you this before I forget! One day near Christmas, I’d been giving this particularly good looking guy a real good look at my hairy cunt for over half an hour – and he’d been so turned on with what he saw, he’d basically followed me all round the store! But time was pressing on, and I eventually moved to the overcrowded checkouts – with this guy coming up to stand behind me in-line, as I waited to pay.

I must’ve turned him on that much, he blatantly pushed his hard cock up against me, and then did it once more!

“Right, you horny bastard!” I thought to myself, “You’ve asked for it, and boy, you’re gonna get it!” So I cautiously reached back under cover of the crowds at the tills – and unzipped his fly! I then pulled out his rigid cock, pushed it under the hem of my short skirt, and slid his knob-end along my hairy gash! I knew he daren’t say anything about what I was doing – and guessed he certainly didn’t want to either!

And with a bit of manipulation on my part – by me standing on tip-toe and spreading my thighs slightly, I felt his knob-end slowly slide into my cunt!

It was the easiest thing in the world for me to then push back at him slightly – under cover of the masses of people all wanting to get served – and then feel his cock slide all the way inside my cunt!

With five people still in front of us, all waiting to be served – and all with trolleys filled to overflowing with Christmas stuff, I knew we had plenty of time to enjoy ourselves with him slowly fucking me – right there whilst we both stood at the crowded checkouts in Tescos! We both imperceptibly moved back and forth – his cock growing harder and harder! Then, I felt it starting to jerk and throb, and I knew he’d just blown his load, and spurted his cum deep inside me!

Recklessly, I pushed back hard onto his spurting cock and repeatedly tightened and relaxed my cunt-muscles as they gripped his throbbing shaft, then felt his hand sliding under my skirt to caress my nylon-clad thighs! And as he finally finished coming, I felt his cock rapidly softening before it finally slipped out of my cunt – leaving me standing there with his cum both dripping out of my drooling cunt and onto the tiled floor, and also running down my nylon-clad thighs to soak into my stocking-tops!

As I emptied my trolley and paid for my goods – his cum still oozed from my cunt, and without a backward glance or a word being spoken between us, I went out of the store to the car!

You’ve no idea how uncomfortable, and yet so satisfying it felt as I loaded up the car!

The sticky cocktail of my cunt-juices, and his cum rapidly growing icy cold as it ran down my legs, felt horrible – but the knowledge of what we’d just done, more than made up for it!”

“Fucking hell, Paula! I’m rock-hard and aching here, with listening to that!” I finally gasped, “I don’t suppose you’d like to try that with me, would you?”

“What, us fucking together at the tills in Tescos?” she grinned, “If it was crowded enough I certainly would – or somewhere else equally as naughty!”

“Great! And I’d really love to out with you sometime on a flashing trip to the shops!” I grinned, “And perhaps do a bit of flashing, myself!”

“Now that would give them something to think about!” she giggled, “You squatting down with your knees apart, and with a guy expecting to see a naked cunt – but seeing a rigid, suspender-framed cock and a pair of dangling bollocks instead! Oh boy!”

“I could try it on a woman first, and see how that went!” I suggested.

“Well I’m free this weekend, so we’ll see how it goes!” she replied, “In the meantime, I really must do something about that rigid cock of yours!”

She pushed me flat on my back and straddled my hips before lowering herself down onto my cock – impaling herself upon it, and then raising her hips up and down to slowly slide it in and out of her slurping cunt!

On the third day of me painting Paula’s rooms, she said she wanted to talk to me about something when I broke for coffee at 11 o’clock .

“Okay, what is it you want to talk to me about?” I asked her as I sat down on the floor with my coffee and biscuit.

“This has got to be in complete confidence, Suzy – okay?” she began.

“No problem!” I replied.

“Remember that I told you I was bi? Well, I sometimes have a group of women round of an evening that are also bi!” she began, “We all get together and have some really sexy fun with each other…. maybe two or three times a month. There are three of them – all married – and their husbands all think they’re here just having a chat.

Anyway…. last night, I told them that I’d recently contacted someone I’d found out about, and that you loved to dress as a woman and to fuck other women whilst in your sexy undies! Upon hearing this, they all got very excited at the prospect of meeting you and making use of your services! They were especially aroused when I told them that you looked so much like a woman that they wouldn’t know the difference between you a real woman – except for the added bonus of what you have between your legs! So I asked them if they’d like me to ask you, if they could make use of your ‘services’ with you as Suzy! So…… I’m asking!”

“Hmmm……..! Well the idea of it really appeals to me– but I don’t know if I could actually ‘accommodate’ all four of you!” I replied honestly, “I mean, I couldn’t really guarantee me coming four times in one evening!”

“Oh, you wouldn’t have to!” she assured me, “I mentioned that, and they all agreed they’d have to take turns – and that they’d be satisfied if you could just ‘make love’ and caress them, but only actually come with one or two of them in an evening!”

“Hmmm…… yeah, that’d be alright I guess!” I replied, “I could fuck and caress them all evening, but only come with one or two of them – no problem!”

“Oh, great!” she grinned, “Can I ring them now and tell them I’ve just phoned you, and that you’ve agreed?”

“As long as you mention to them about me only being able to come with maybe a couple of them at any one time!” I replied.

She quickly rang each of them in turn and gave them the good news – telling them that she’d be in touch with them again, when she found out when I’d be available!

“Oh, that’s really great, Suzy!” she smiled when she’d told them all, “Don’t get me wrong, I mean it’s alright doing ‘girlie’ things with each other and fucking each other with a strap-on or with a dildo, but when I reminded them about the added bonus of having someone dressed in her sexy undies, lying beside them and caressing them, and then her actually fucking them and coming inside them because she’d gotten a real cock between her legs – well, they insisted that I contacted you!”

“I’m rather looking forward to meeting them all, actually!” I replied, “Tell me a bit about them, so’s I know what to expect!”

“Well, they’re all in their early thirties, slim, good looking, very broad-minded, totally unshockable, all wear sexy undies and are very easy to get on with!” she replied, “There’s Anne, Tina, and Shandy. Shandy’s half Indian and married to a doctor – her real name’s Shandrika, by the way! Tina’s husband is a director of some company or other in Birmingham , and Anne……. now this is the real reason why it’s got to be kept a closely guarded secret – Anne’s the vicar’s wife!”

“Bloody hell!” I grinned, “No wonder you want me to keep it quiet!”

“Yeah, imagine what the press would make of it if they found out? ‘Vicar’s wife in lesbian love-nest with a randy trannie!’ or something like that, would be splashed all over the front pages!” she replied, “Not something any of us would want!”

“Phew! You’re telling me!” I gasped.

“Now we’ve got that sorted, there’s something else I’d like to ask you!” she smiled.

“Oh fuck! You don’t want me to shag the Queen as well, d’you?” I grinned.

“No! Nothing like that!” she retorted mockingly, leaning over and giving me a slap across the ear, “I was wondering….. if I might come out with you one night when you went to meet some guys at that car park? I’d love to see you in action with them!”

“We can go Saturday evening if you want?” I suggested, “And I’ll bring you a wig to wear – in case you feel you want to take part yourself?”

“Oh, do they get women up there as well?” she asked.

“Not often, but when they do, they’re in great demand!” I replied.

“Mmmm, I might end up doing more than just watching you, then!” she grinned.

“Hmmm, I think you just might!” I grinned back at her, “And are we still on for the supermarket on Saturday afternoon?”

“Oh yes!” she smiled, “Ohhh….. yes!”

So, Saturday afternoon saw me and Paula driving up to Birmingham – both suitably attired in a short skirt – sans panties!

“We’ll take a trolley apiece, and you stay in the same aisle, but some distance away from me, to see what happens!” Paula told me as we entered the store.

We’d purposely chosen one of the less busy stores, because of the sheer number of people in Tescos, Sainsbury’s, and Morrisons – always opting to go to such like as Marks & Spencer, Debenhams, Boots, or another of the big stores if nothing happened at the supermarkets.

“I think Marks & Sparks might be a good place to try later!” Paula suggested, “They have a lingerie department there where loads of guys hang around while their wives are choosing something sexy!”

Unfortunately, after wandering round the store for 20 minutes, we didn’t find a likely victim and so we went to M & S instead. Once in there it was easy for Paula to find an unsuspecting victim, by simply squatting down to ‘look’ at some suspender-belts and bras on a free-standing display, and letting her knees fall open.

The results were immediate! As I stood further up the display from her and appeared to peruse the shelves, I noticed a guy looking up her skirt at her exposed cunt!

I knew Paula had seen him because she busied herself with examining several more styles of bras – apparently comparing them. Even from where I was standing, I could plainly see her suspenders and stocking-tops framing her hairy gash, so what the guy was seeing must’ve been an excellent view! And when she finally stood up and swapped sides of the aisle to look at something else, he sauntered across and gazed up her skirt as she squatted down again! He only stopped because his wife called and he had to leave with her – sporting a rather large bulge in his pants!

Paula came over to me, laughing at her success, and told me it was now my turn to squat down as she’d just done!

Even though it was the most natural thing in the world for me to flash everything I’d got at the car park – without a hint of hesitation, I had to admit to feeling extremely nervous at flashing my cock and balls in a public store, at unsuspecting guys!

Nevertheless, that’s what I was here to do. So I we swapped positions and I waited for a guy to come and stand there whilst his wife sorted through the undies on display.

I didn’t have to wait long, for a couple came up and did exactly that!

The only difference was, that it was the wife that saw how I was squatting, and it was she that couldn’t take her eyes off what was now totally on view to her – namely, my suspenders and stocking-tops, framing my semi-hard cock and dangling balls!

Her hubby was meanwhile looking anywhere but at me or the undies on display – no doubt feeling very embarrassed at being there! And after a brief conversation with her, he wandered away – no doubt having just been told by her to go and wait for her somewhere else in the store if he felt that embarrassed! This of course, left her free to ‘look at some more undies’ whilst actually looking up my skirt!

I could feel myself going red and my cock slowly stiffening as she continued to stand only ten feet from me and covertly look in my direction – the image of Paula standing behind her whilst stifling a laugh, doing nothing to ease my discomfort!

Then, in a moment of sheer madness, I swivelled myself round so’s I was side-on to the rows of undies – my open knees now directly facing her!

As I pretended to examine a bra and suspender-belt set, I slowly looked up and caught her staring directly at my now rigid cock!

For a moment she remained transfixed, and then she suddenly realised I was watching her – she quickly looking down at the undies in her hand! She knew that I’d caught her, and for some reason, she couldn’t resist taking another look at me!

This time she didn’t suddenly look away – instead, she stared at my suspender-framed cock, and then looked me right in the eye!

I looked straight back at her and smiled – she immediately returning my smile and dropped her head to one side as she made it totally obvious that she was looking directly up my skirt!

I wasn’t ready for what she did next!

Keeping her eyes firmly fixed on mine, she slowly squatted down and then reached up and under her skirt – pulling her panties to one side and exposing her cunt to me!

She then licked her lips and nodded her head toward the toilets! I quickly smiled and nodded, before slowly standing up and wandering over to walk into the ladies loos!

A moment later I heard the outer door closing and she walked in behind me!

Without saying anything, I reached down and lifted up the front of my skirt – totally exposing everything I had to her! She simply smiled and then reached forward – her fingers closing round the thickness of my throbbing shaft! She then started to slowly moved her hand back and forth, sliding my foreskin up and down my shaft as she slowly wanked me!

“C’mon…….., in here!” I whispered to her as I pointed to the nearest cubicle.

She followed me inside and locked the door before quickly taking off her coat and hitching her skirt up around her waist – her lacy panties immediately being pushed down her legs to fall onto the tiled floor between her feet!

I then hitched my own skirt up and sat down on the toilet seat – the woman straddling my nylon-clad thighs and sliding down all the way onto my rigid cock!

As her arms wrapped round me, she whispered that she wanted me to fuck her, and started to lift herself up and down on my cock! So I wrapped my own arms around her and humped my hips back at her – making her softly grunt and jerk as I rammed my entire length deep into her hot cunt!

“Oh yes, that’s it!” she whispered hoarsely in my ear, “Fuck me! Fuck that beautiful cock deep inside me! Give me a good, hard, fucking! As hard as you can!”

I obliged her by humping my hips at her cunt even harder – my knob-end banging hard up against the back of her juicing cunt!

“Harder!” she gasped as I rammed my rigid cock into her cunt, “Harder!”

So I took her by her hips and smashed my cock into her cunt as hard and as deep as I could – she suddenly gasping that she was coming, before firmly clamping her lips over mine! I immediately started to come – spurting my thick and creamy cum deep inside her clinging cunt until I’d exhausted my load and my cock began to shrivel!

A few moments later she rode her orgasm to it’s end and sat down on my shrinking cock, both of us gasping for breath until we recovered and she climbed off me.

“I’m gonna stuff these in my handbag and let your cum dribble out of my cunt as we walk all the way back home!” she told me as she picked up her panties, “I’ll get a real buzz out of knowing what’s running down my legs as he’s walking beside me!”

And with that she opened the door, turned round and blew me a kiss, and walked out as though nothing had happened!

“You horny bastard!” Paula smirked as I came out of the loo and covertly felt under my skirt at my slippery and now flaccid cock, “You’ve just fucked her!”

“Hmmm…… I might have!” I grinned knowingly.

Determined not to be outdone, she suggested that we go and have a coffee and a sandwich in the market café – to give her a chance to get some cock, as well!

We settled ourselves down at a table with Paula sitting so’s she could flash her cunt at any of the shoppers walking past us, or anyone sitting in the open-plan café area.

It soon became obvious to me that Paula had flashed at the lad who’d brought us our coffees and sandwiches as she cunningly ‘accidentally’ knocked our change onto the floor so’s he’d to squat down beneath the table and retrieve it for us – him then getting an excellent view of up Paula’s short skirt for his troubles, and obviously liking what he saw, because he dipped down a second time to check he’d picked up all of our change, and took a lot longer than was necessary!

“I spread my knees really wide for him the second time!” she muttered to me as the red-faced youth went back to the counter, “Just to make sure he’d seen everything!”

“You’re sure he saw your cunt and undies then?” I asked her.

“What d’you think?” she replied, “Look at him!”

I casually looked over in the lad’s direction, to see his still red face, and a very noticeable lump in the front of his pants!

“Oh, he saw!” I smiled behind my cup, “He definitely saw!”

“And now I’ve gotten his attention, he’ll be watching us like a hawk, and will come running if I raise my hand for some more coffees!” she said confidently, as she took out some paper and scribbled a message on it before passing it to me.

‘If you’d like to fuck what you saw under the table, watch for me getting up, and meet me behind those two closed clothing stalls, two minutes later. I’ll be waiting for your cock, as it’s been quite a while since I had a young cock like yours.’ the note read.

“I’ll pass him the note and you watch what happens!” she smiled, “But right now, I think I’ll order……. another couple of coffees!”

She raised her hand, and sure enough, the same lad came straight over!

“Can we have two more coffees please?” she asked, as she pushed the note across the table towards him, “Thank you!”

“Certainly!” he blushed, gathering the note up and striding away.

We both watched him secretly opening the note and then looking over at us, before preparing our coffees. A minute later he brought them to us.

“Two minutes!” he said as he placed them on the table and took our money.

Paula just smiled knowingly and he left to watch for her getting up and walking behind the two empty market-stalls.

“Well! I think it’s time for dessert!” she smiled as she finished her coffee.

“With cream?” I asked knowingly.

“Most definitely!” she grinned as she stood up and looked over to the lad, “The cream is what makes dessert worth having!”

She left the table and strode over to the two closed market-stalls – casually walking between them and disappearing behind them. I then watched intently as the lad said something to the woman behind the counter, and then followed Paula’s footsteps to disappear behind the stalls!

I was dying to walk over and take a look, but resisted and waited about five minutes before I saw the lad reappearing – looking decidedly flushed and nervous!

A few seconds later, Paula appeared from round the far end of the stalls – taking a different return route to allay any suspicion from prying eyes.

“Well?” I asked as she sat down beside me and drank the last of her coffee, “Did you get your creamy dessert?”

“What d’you think is running down my legs?” she replied casually as she stood up to leave and walk back to the car, “Sweat?”

I purposely walked a few steps behind her as we left the café, and there, running down the inside of her legs in all it’s glory, was the tell-tale signs of her recent fuck – a silvery stream of watery cum was slowly soaking into her nylons and running down each of her thighs!

“Now, let’s have a closer look!” I demanded as we reached the car and got inside.

Paula then hitched up her skirt, spread her knees, and leant back in the seat to show me her recently fucked cunt! I could plainly see the odd blobs of the young lad’s thick and creamy cum that was still sticking to her glistening and still puffy cunt-lips, and also the watery cum that was now rapidly drying and turning crusty and white on her black stocking-tops!

“Oooo, you horny fucking bitch!” I breathed slowly as I took in the erotic sight, “Tell me, was it a good fuck?”

“Well we hadn’t much time!” she explained, “But I squatted down and sucked him hard, and then laid back with my legs spread wide to let him hump his already quite large cock into me! Needless to say, he was very excited and came quickly – but it was well worth it and he did spurt a fair amount inside me!”

We both shared the lad’s escaping cum as we drove back to Paula’s – cracking the usual jokes about it being a good vintage and it having a cheeky nose!

After having tea at Paula’s, we both bathed and got ready for Paula’s first ever trip up to the car park – Paula choosing to wear the long blonde wig I’d brought with me.

As we started to get ready, I explained what would most likely happen and told her that she could join in if she wanted, as long as one of the guys asked her if she wanted to have some sexy fun with him. This would more than likely involve her either sucking him off, or being fucked by him. I also explained that there was also the chance that more than one guy wanted to fuck her, and that it was up to her to decide what she wanted to do at the time.

“So basically, I sit in the car with you, and if a guy comes up and lets you know that he wants to fuck you, I can watch. But if he wants to fuck me, it’s up to me to tell him ‘yes’ or ‘no’ – is that right?” she asked as she applied her eye-shadow.

“Yeah, that’s about it!” I replied, “Most of the guys up there will be bi, so it could be you or me that they want to fuck!”

“Hey, you never know, both of us might end up with a guy at each end!” she replied.

“Mmmm, now that would make it a great night!” I grinned.

“It’s bound to be a great night anyway! If we go up there and nothing happens, we’ve still got each other for a fuck!” she smiled smugly, “So we can’t lose!”

We timed it right, for as we finished getting ready, the light was fading fast – just right for some al fresco fun up at the car park! And conservatively dressed by putting on our raincoats, we went out to the car and quickly discarded them, before driving off into the gloom. As I entered the car park my heart dropped when I saw there was only one car there, so I drew up next to it.

“Not very busy!” I sighed dejectedly, “Ah well, there might be some more later on!”

“It’s early yet!” Paula said, “So there’s plenty of time for them!”

The only good thing was, the guy in the car had fucked me before, so Paula was no doubt going to get her wish fulfilled of seeing me being fucked by another guy!

Sure enough, a moment later the guy got out and walked up to my open window.

“Hi!” he said, “It’s a bit quiet at the moment!”

“Mmmm, all the better for you and me then!” I replied, “We don’t have to worry about who sees us from the other cars! Oh, I’ve brought along my girlfriend to watch me getting fucked tonight – I hope that’s okay?”

“Sure!” he smiled, as he got his cock out and blatantly started to wank it, “Hiya love!”

“Hi there!” Paula called back to him.

“Is she just watching, or is she gonna join in?” he asked.

“Well, she’d like to join in – if that’s okay with you?” I replied.

“Sure! Tell her to get round here and help me with this!” he told me.

Paula didn’t need any second bidding, and quickly got out to walk round to the guy.

“Wow!” he gasped when he saw her walk round the front towards him, “Any chance of me giving you a quick fuck, as well?”

“Well I haven’t gotten dressed like this because I’m going to church!” she laughed.

By the time I’d gotten out and walked round to the beck of the car, Paula had already squatted down in front of him, and was eagerly sliding her fist up and down his shaft as she sucked hard on his knob-end!

“Is it okay to fuck her, but save my cum for when I fuck you?” he asked me.

“I think that’s what she has in mind, actually!” I replied as I stood alongside them and hitched my skirt up to wank myself as Paula rested on the back of the car and the guy slid into her waiting cunt, “Just let me know when you’re ready to fuck me – then me and Paula can swap positions!”

“But don’t be too eager to swap!” Paula told him as he reached up and cupped both of her firm tits in his hands, “I happen to like what I’m getting right now!”

“Well let’s see if we can get you to like it even more!” I said, “Here, suck on this!”

I offered her my cock, and she greedily leant over and sucked my knob-end into her mouth as the guy started to ram his cock really hard into her squelching cunt!

He remained inside her for a good 3 or 4 minutes before telling me that he was getting near to coming and would I get into position for him to fuck me instead.

With Paula letting go of my cock, I was free to turn round and stand beside her with my legs open and ass pushed back to receive him. He then quickly slipped out of her suctioning cunt and slid all the way inside me – Paula immediately diving between my splayed legs to suck once more on my steaming cock and frig her erect clitty!

A moment or two later I felt the welcoming feeling of the guy’s cock jerking inside me as he started to come!

“Oh yeah!” I breathed as he repeatedly rammed his throbbing cock into me, “Spurt your cum deep inside me and fill me up with it!”

He stabbed his spurting meat as deeply as he could into my ass – each stab into me being accompanied by another spurt of cum!

“Christ, I needed that!” he gasped as he slowed to a stop and laid over me, “You’re the best fuck around here, so I hope I’ll meet you again!”

“I’ll be coming up here regularly from no on!” I told him, “And I’ll take all the cock and cum I can, from anybody that wants to give it to me!”

“Well I’ll certainly be a regular!” he smiled as he slid out of me and stuffed his cock back in his pants, “You can rely on that!”

“I hope you’ll be a regular for me as well!” Paula said as she stood up alongside us.

“Don’t worry love, next time I’ll fuck her first, and finish off inside you!” he called as he walked back to his car and drove off.

“Hey! You got the promise of a fuck off him, my darling!” I told her as we got back inside the car and lit up a ciggy apiece, “First time here and already a promise!”

“Yeah, I haven’t done too bad, have I?” she replied, “But I’d feel a lot better if I had somebody’s spunk dripping from me!”

“I assume you mean somebody’s cum other than mine!” I smiled at her, “So that you could then watch me going down on you and sucking your cunt out for you!”

“Christ, yes!” she replied, “I haven’t seen you do that yet – only with your own!”

“Well I promise you, if you get fucked tonight – you will!” I smiled.

As she leant forward to kiss me, we were disturbed by a car drawing into the car park.

I’d deliberately parked with our rear-end to the far end of the car park so’s we could easily flash at the other drivers. This meant that the car was parked about 20 feet away from us, on the longer side and therefore at right-angles to us.

“We’ll finish our ciggies, and then I’ll attract his attention by putting our interior-light on and off!” I told Paula, “That way he’ll be able to see who’s in the car, and know we’re available for some fun!”

“Hmmm, crafty!” Paula remarked.

Before I’d chance to get out, two more cars drove up in quick succession – both parking alongside the first. So I quickly flashed the interior-light on and off, two of the others returning my signal with their own interior-lights.

“Bingo!” I said to Paula, “If they don’t come over to us in the next few minutes, I’ll get out and do a bit of advertising, to show them what’s on offer!”

“Advertising?” she queried, “What d’you mean?”

“Remember I told you about me flashing at the drivers? That’s advertising!” I replied.

“Hmmm, I think I’m gonna enjoy watching this ‘advertising’ lark!” she grinned.

We waited another couple of minutes and there was no action, so I decided to get out and flash at them. Once I’d gotten in front of the car, I leant back and spread my legs before slowly lifting up the front of my skirt. My suspender-framed cock and stocking-tops were now totally exposed to the drivers, so I reached down and started to slowly wank myself – one of the car doors immediately opening and a guy getting out! He slowly walked across to me and upon reaching me, he reached out to hold onto my rigid cock and asked me if he could fuck me?

I recognised him as a guy that’d fucked me before, and therefore told him I’d be more than happy to oblige, and as Paula was with me, would it be alright for her to watch us? He said that’d be okay and I told him we’d better go round the back of the car where it’d be a bit more private! And as I passed the passenger-door, I told Paula she could come and watch me getting fucked by the guy if she wanted? She readily agreed, and joined us just before I squatted down to take the guy’s cock in my mouth.

“Perhaps you’d like to soak your cock in my girlfriend’s cunt after I’ve sucked it for you, and before you fuck me?” I suggested, “She loves to ‘warm’ a cock up for me before watching me getting fucked by it!”

“Hmmm, I’d be delighted!” he smiled as I squatted down and took his knob-end into my mouth – my knees now splayed wide, and my suspender-framed cock lewdly jutting up from between them! I sucked avidly on his cock for a few minutes, and then pulled off, telling him that he could now fuck Paula for a while before fucking me.

She quickly obliged by turning round and pushing her hips back at him – the guy then

lifting her skirt and slowly sliding his full length into her drooling cunt!

“Oh my! This does feel good!” he gasped, “So warm, and so inviting!”

It crossed my mind that what he’d just said was a rather odd way of putting it – but quickly dismissed it from my mind as I saw how much Paula was enjoying having another rigid cock sliding up and down inside her! She was obviously enjoying the fucking she was getting, and pouted with dismay when the guy said he’d like to fuck me now because he’d sooner have a guy than a woman. That was my cue to assume the position, and I soon felt the guy’s cock pushing against my ass and then sliding all the way inside me. He then started to fuck me in earnest – his pubes slapping hard against my ass-cheeks as he thrust into me!

“Oh my….. oh my…. oh my!” he gasped as he fucked into me, “Your ass is so nice and tight, you’re gonna make me come inside you too quickly – just like last time!”

It was then that I felt Paula squeezing my hand several times, really hard!

As the guy continued to slam his rigid cock into me, I looked over at Paula and saw that she had a concerned and somewhat alarmed look on her face! But before I could ask her what was wrong, the guy suddenly gasped that he was coming!

So I pushed my hips back at his thrusting cock and felt him driving it into me as deeply as he could before it started to throb and jerk inside me!

“Oh my….. I’m coming!” he gasped – his cock spurting his load deep inside my ass.

A few moments after finishing, he slid out of me and thanked both of us before he made his way back to his car – Paula immediately telling me that she urgently wanted to talk to me inside my car.

“Did you notice the way that guy kept saying “Oh my! Oh my!” all the time, Suzy?” she asked me without delay.

“Hmmm, I did actually!” I replied, “I remember thinking at the time that it was an odd thing to say – why?”

“Well I didn’t catch-on right away because I’ve only seen him a couple of times, and so I didn’t instantly recognise him…… but when he said it again and again as he was coming inside you, I remembered where I’d heard it before and who’d said it!” she explained, “The guy that’s just fucked you……. was Anne’s husband!”

“Anne?” I replied, “Who’s Anne?”

“The vicar’s wife!” she grinned, “You’ve just been shagged…… by the local vicar!”

“Fucking hell!” I replied slowly, “And does Anne know that he likes fucking other guys – particularly guys that are dressed as women?”

“Christ, I don’t know!” she replied thoughtfully, “She’s never mentioned it!”

“And are you gonna tell her?” I asked.

“No bloody way!” she replied strongly, “If she does know, she might say something to me after we’ve arranged this meeting of the girls and you. So, when are you free?”

“D’you meet during the week?” I asked her.

“No……. actually, our next planned meeting is next Saturday evening!” she replied.

“Well, let’s make it next Saturday then!” I suggested.

“Right, I’ll ring them tomorrow and let them all know that it’s on!” she agreed.

“Okay! Now let’s see if those other two are interested in having some fun! How about you going out and doing a bit of ‘advertising’ on your own?” I suggested.

“Hmmm….. should I? D’you think I should?” she mused, “Okay then! I will!”

She opened the door and got out – telling me that she’d never felt so nervous, since her wedding-night!

I watched as she walked to the front of the car, and then leant back against it so’s she could lift up the front of her skirt and expose her suspender-framed cunt, suspenders, and stocking-tops to the two drivers sat opposite.

The result was immediate! They both got out and started to walk towards us.

I tried to hear what they were talking to Paula about but couldn’t. Then she came round to her door and said that they’d both fucked me before, and wondered if it’d be alright to fuck her instead? I told her to tell them it was okay, as long as she sucked my cock for me at the same time! A broad grin crossed her face as she realised what I meant, and she went back to tell them to follow her round the back of the car!

“Hi Suzy!” one of them said as I joined them, “It’s okay to fuck your girlfriend?”

“If she says so, of course!” I smiled, “She’s a real horny bitch, and loves to have a spurting cock up inside her – or two!”

“Is it alright for her to suck on my cock for me while he’s fucking her?” the other guy asked, “And then she can suck yours when I’m fucking her?”

“Go ahead!” I smiled, “I’m gonna suck her out when you’ve both done, anyway!”

“Christ, Suzy! I think all my birthdays have come at once!” Paula grinned as she leant against the back of the car and the guys got into position, “You will let me wank you while I’m busy with both of these guys – won’t you?”

“You can do whatever you want, my darling!” I smiled, “Just enjoy yourself!”

I watched with a twitching cock as both guys slowly fed their cocks into each end of Paula – she moaning gently and reaching over for my rigid cock as they both started moving their hips to and fro!

The guy fucking her was holding onto her hips and sliding his full length into her drooling cunt as she slurped noisily on the cock in her mouth – Paula moaning gently and rotating her hips so’s the cock inside her pushed up against her cunt-walls and repeatedly hit her rubbery cervix with each thrust into her! And all the time this was going on, her clenched fist was sliding up and down my rigid shaft as she wanked me and kept my cock on the boil. Then, with no warning at all, the guy fucking her moaned out loud and repeatedly humped his hips hard at her rear – each thrust into her accompanied by a spurt of cum from his invading cock and swollen knob-end!

“Yeah…… yeah…… yeah!” he gasped in time with each spurt of cum into her drooling cunt, “Oh my God…….! Yeah!”

He finally stood still and looked down at her now steaming cunt – his shrinking cock still wedged inside her and parting her cunt-lips.

“Let me place my finger over my gash so’s your cum doesn’t run out of me!” she told the guy, “We don’t want to cheat Suzy of your thick and creamy cum, do we?”

“No, we don’t!” he agreed as he slid out of her and she pressed a finger over her cunt.

This was the signal for the other guy to take his place, and for me take his place.

In one movement, Paula slid her finger away from her gash and the guy slid his cock into her cunt – making her grunt as she took his full girth and length deep inside her!

Realising she was in for a good, hard fucking off this guy, she spread her legs wide and pushed her ass back at his thrusting tool – giving him the optimum position so as to ram his rigid cock and large knob-end, as deep into her cunt as humanly possible!

The guy upon feeling that his thrusting cock was now in perfect alignment with her suctioning cunt, took hold of her by the hips and repeatedly slammed his rock-hard cock into her – making her whimper and groan loudly as his knob-end butted up hard against her rubbery cervix!

“Oh yes!” she gasped loudly against my cock, “Slam it into me! Impale my cunt on your rigid cock and spurt your thick and creamy cum deep inside me!”

This seemed to spur him on, and her wet lips once more encircled my knob-end and slid down the length of my rigid shaft so’s my knob-end went deep inside her throat each time he slammed into her!

“C’mon you horny fucking bastard! Fuck me, and spurt your cum into me!” she gasped as his pubes slapped noisily against her ass-cheeks, “Fill my twat with it so’s Suzy can suck me out and swallow your sticky cum!”

Paula ‘talking dirty’ to him had an immediate effect! For a second later he gasped that he was coming and repeatedly stabbed his convulsing cock into her squelching cunt as deep as he could!

The pair then suddenly went quiet and fought for breath – Paula’s firm tits heaving in my hands as the guy’s cock spluttered the last few drops of his load into her cunt before it slipped out of her – Paula then quickly sliding a finger over her gaping and steaming cunt, keeping the sticky results of her two recent fucks safely inside her!

I immediately slid down her belly and she positioned her cunt directly over my upturned face – withdrawing her finger and allowing the sticky contents of her cunt to slither out and dangle obscenely in viscous globs between her widespread thighs!

With Paula looking down between her still heaving tits and erect nipples, and with the two guys looking on, I opened my mouth wide, as the viscous strings of cum stretched and then finally broke – to land with a soft ‘splat’ on my tongue!

I greedily swallowed it down, and then opened my mouth wide again – ready for the second and much larger dollop of their cum to slither out of her steaming cunt!

This too I swallowed – like a precious oyster that’d slid off it’s pearly nacre shell.

“Tighten your cunt-muscles and squeeze out some more for me!” I told her as I avidly licked the dribbling cum from her gaping cunt-lips and the tops of her nylon-clad thighs, “Then drain what’s left inside your cunt into my mouth, before I suck and lick your gaping cunt clean for you!”

I heard her making several straining noises, and was rewarded by another large glob of cum – this one sliding straight out of her and landing on my waiting tongue!

Paula immediately then dropped to one knee and clamped her lips over mine – me then sharing my last mouthful of cum with her as we moaned with delight in unison!

She then kissed me – leaving a thin thread of cum that ‘tied’ our lips together, before it finally broke as she stood up again! She then slowly lowered her cum-smeared cunt down onto my upturned mouth and squashed her cum-smeared cunt-lips against my lips so’s I could suck out of her what traces of cum were left inside her!

Once I’d finished, I stood up and kissed her – Paula responding to my kiss by taking hold of my rigid cock and sliding my knob-end up and down her juicy gash – even after just being fucked twice, the horny bitch wanted me to fuck her!

“I think we’ll leave you two guys alone then! See you both again!” one of the guys said before they both thanked us and quickly left.

“Mmmm, c’mon you sexy bitch!” Paula whispered as they both drove off and left us alone, “I need your hard cock inside me!”

I bent my knees slightly and she moved my cock down her gash, so’s my knob-end was parting her cunt-lips. I then slowly stood up and leant backwards – my cock sliding all the way inside her so’s I could feel my knob-end pushing really hard against her cervix as I lifted her completely off the ground! She was totally impaled on my rigid cock, and let out a whoop of delight as she bent her knees backwards and threw her arms round my neck!

“Now that’s what I call, going in deep!” she grinned, “Trust you to think of doing something like that – you horny bitch!”

After turning us round, I slowly lowered her back to the ground and pressed her against the back of the car – Paula wrapping her legs round my waist as I started to slowly fuck my cock in and out of her!

“Oooo, yes!” she cooed, “Give me a real good fucking! Fuck me senseless!”

Having just seen how well the other guy fucked her, I knew I’d a job on my hands to beat him. So I set to – determined to give her a fucking she’d never forget!

I dropped my hands to cup each of her buttocks and started to fuck her – steadily increasing in speed and thrusting force with every stab of my cock into her!

Before long I was slamming my rigid cock into her gaping cunt like someone demented – not caring if it was uncomfortable for her or not! It obviously wasn’t, because her eyes soon glazed over and she was soon begging me to fuck her senseless, as her orgasm was rapidly building deep inside her!

And even when she let out a long wail and gripped me really tight as her orgasm hit her, I carried on fucking into her, like a jackrabbit on a suicide mission!

“Oh my God…. oh my God…… oh my God!” she repeated over and over again as she rode her orgasm and I slammed into her, “Jesus! I can feel another one coming!”

When her second orgasm hit her, she totally lost control and was like a rag doll!

We both slid down the back of the car and laid on the grass – Paula totally unable to speak or move as her orgasm blasted through her and I knelt over her and pounded my rigid cock into her drooling cunt!

“Fuck me…… fuck me…… fuck me!” she whispered over and over again. So I did!

Fighting for breath and with sweat dripping off my chin and onto her jiggling tits, I bent her knees and lifted them over my shoulders – a perfect position for fucking into her as deeply as anything could! In her orgasmic state, she repeatedly tried to lift her arms to wrap them round my neck, but she didn’t have the power and they fell uselessly to her sides!

“Ooohhhhhhhhh my God – another one!” she gasped weakly as yet another orgasm suddenly hit her and she trembled like a falling leaf!

By now she was totally ‘out of it’ and simply riding a continuous orgasm, so I thought it was about time I stopped resisting my own orgasm, and to finish her off with a heavy load of my thick and creamy cum!

I then started to fuck her to give myself maximum pleasure – not the Paula would’ve noticed the difference – and soon felt my cum starting to rise!

“I’m gonna come deep inside you, my darling!” I gasped as I pounded even harder into her quivering body, “Here it comes!”

Somewhere in her intense and extreme orgasmic state, she must’ve heard me, for she weakly whispered the word “Yes!” to me several times, and repeatedly tried again to lift her arms as my cum blasted into her! And even after I’d stopped spurting into her, and pushed myself up from her with my arms to look at her, her body twitched uncontrollably and she looked for all the world like someone that was having a fit!

It was about twenty minutes later, with me down between her splayed thighs and sucking on the juices that freely oozed from her well-fucked cunt, that I heard her weakly calling my name and saw her managing to lift one arm.

“I’m right here, my darling – licking out your cunt!” I replied softly.

“Oooo, come up here and cuddle me!” she begged, “I need you close to me!”

I crawled up and laid by her side – Paula rolling her head over and looking at me through her cock-drunken eyes!

“Christ! That was some fuck!” she breathed, “I can’t even feel my legs yet!”

“You will – soon!” I smiled, “And then we’ll get you back in the car, so’s we can get you home for a shower and some bed!”

“Oh, don’t mention the word, bed!” she replied, “I know you, you horny cow! That means you want to give me another fucking, and I don’t think I could manage one!”

“Okay then – no fucking!” I laughed to myself, “Just a good night’s sleep!”

“Mmmm, that’d do me very nicely!” she replied weakly, “And d’you want to know something else, Suzy? I can’t feel my cunt yet, either!”

“Well, believe me, it’s still there – oozing our cum and cunt-juices!” I replied, “And it’s steaming like a kettle!”

“Mmmm, I could just do with a coffee!” she laughed weakly.

It was another half hour before she’d recovered enough for me to almost carry her into the car, and then I’d to help her get out and into her house at the other end!

Once inside her lounge, I made us a coffee, and as she sipped it, she started to quickly ‘come to’ and to start making sense of where she was, and what a night she’d had.

Only then did I think she was alright to be left alone, so I eventually got her to bed and left for my place – not bothering to give her a shower!

The following morning she rang me…….

“Christ, what the hell happened last night? I feel like I’ve been kicked in the belly and cunt by a bloody horse!” she asked in a croaky voice.

“And a very good morning to you!” I replied, “You don’t remember those two guys fucking you, and then you and me fucking behind the car?”

“Hmmm……. I remember some of it, but not what you and me did!” she replied.

“Well, most of the time you were having an orgasm!” I told her, “You asked me to fuck you senseless and so I did my best – you then having one orgasm after another!

You impaled yourself on my cock and so I lifted you up so’s your feet came off the ground and then did as you asked, by ramming my cock into you as hard as I could.

Then I kept on fucking you as hard as possible, until you were almost unconscious with the sheer intensity and frequency of your multi-orgasms.”

“Christ, I must’ve been feeling really horny last night then!” she replied, “I used to ask my ‘ex’ to ram his cock into me as hard as he possibly could whenever I felt extra-horny! That’d also explain why I’m so bloody sore!”

“Well, you did seem to enjoy yourself!” I giggled, “But you’ll be alright for Saturday evening though, won’t you?”

“Oh yes! A couple of hot baths and nights without a cock and I’ll be ready for you again then, you horny bitch!” she laughed, “But I’ll see you before then anyway!”

“We could try dinner tonight if you’d like?” I suggested.

“That’d be lovely!” she exclaimed, “I’ll choose – you just be here at 7.30!”

“No problems!” I replied, “See you at 7.30!”

The following night we went out as a couple to a nearby Italian restaurant. We had a fantastic meal – Paula showing her appreciation by giving me a lovely blow-job up against the car, after I’d parked up in a gateway.

“I needed some protein to finish off my meal!” she told me as I drove her home.

I had to admit to feeling very nervous as I drew up outside Paula’s house on Friday evening, as I was going to meet her and her lezzie friends for the first time.

Because of my nerves and not wanting to shock Paula’s friends, I’d chosen to wear a short bobbed brunette wig, and a simple scoop-neck, long-sleeved clingy black number that finished mid-thigh – with my sexy black undies underneath!

“Come in, sweetheart!” she smiled as she opened the front door, “Everyone’s already here, and they’re all dying to meet you!”

She led me through to the lounge, where I found three very tidy women, all chatting together whilst dressed in their short satin robes and having drinks!

“Girls! At last you can meet her!” Paula announced, “This is Suzy – the ‘girl’ I’ve been telling you so much about!”

Their faces were a picture as they took in sight of the ‘woman’ standing in front of them – their mouths and eyes wide open, and them suddenly silent……!

“And a very special girl – from what Paula’s been telling us!” one of them finally laughed, “Welcome, Suzy! I’m Tina…… so nice to finally meet you!”

“And this is Anne, and this is Shandy!” Paula told me as she offered me my drink.

“Hi Suzy!” they both said as one.

“Well girls, what d’you think? isn’t she everything I said she’d be?” Paula asked.

“I have to say, that I half expected there to be a man in women’s clothing arriving here tonight!” Anne said, “But I simply can’t fault you Suzy! In fact, if I met you on the street, the thought of you maybe being a man, wouldn’t even cross my mind – in fact, I’d think ‘What a beautiful young woman she is’! So I’m pleasantly surprised!”

“Why, thank you Anne!” I smiled, “That’s really kind of you to say so! But believe me, I really am a man – and hope to prove it to you, a little later!”

“Hey….. never mind later, Suzy – give them a quick ‘taster’ of what they can expect, right now!” Paula insisted.

The room went quiet as I put down my drink and slowly reached for the hem of my dress. With everyone’s eyes fixed upon me, I slowly slid it up my nylon-clad thighs and only stopped when I was totally exposing everything below my waistline!

“Wow!” Tina gasped.

“Yeah…….. Wow!” added Shandy.

“Well, you surely are……. a man!” Anne said quietly.

“There you are girls!” Paula grinned as I smoothed down my dress and hid my charms from them, “I said you wouldn’t believe me – didn’t I? There’s your proof!”

“Oh yes! There were about six inches of…… proof showing!” Tina grinned, “Six inches of truly delicious proof!”

“And you’ll find out just how delicious it is later on!” Paula told them, “But in the meantime, Suzy, there’s a robe up on the bed for you. If you want to put it on and come back down, we can all get to know each other a little better! I’m sure you’ve all got plenty of questions you want to ask Suzy – and even some for me as well!”

I quickly went upstairs and returned, wearing only my robe and opened it wide as I entered the room – the girls all getting an excellent view of my suspender-framed semi-hard cock and how I was dressed underneath. Tina insisted that I sat down between herself and Anne on the settee with Shandy and Paula both settling on the floor either side of me, and for the next half hour or so.

During this time, the girls both openly played with my exposed cock, and then sucked on my knob-end, whilst asking me many in depth and personal questions about being a trannie – what I liked doing, what was it like to be fucked by another guy, had any memorable things happened to me – the list was endless.

All four of them then told me about them being bi, and what they did with each other and other women – my fingers now deep in their juicing cunts as the drink flowed freely and their nerves disappeared.

“Well girls, I think we’ve done enough talking!” Paula announced, “And now it’s time for some action! Suzy has already told me she’ll have to fuck two of us tonight, and the other two, next week!”

“Don’t worry, I’m gonna dry-fuck each and every one of you tonight, so you’re all gonna get some cock tonight – if that’s okay?” I explained, “Unfortunately, I usually only climax twice a night, so it’s just my cum that has to be rationed, I’m afraid!”

“And to make it totally fair, we’ll draw straws to see who gets a proper fucking first!” Paula announced, “Short straws get a full fucking tonight, and long ones, next week!”

Shandy was the first to reach forward and take a straw – grinning like mad when she saw it was a short one!

Next came Anne. A long one!

“Okay, you next!” Paula told Tina.

Tina tentatively pulled on the straw nearest to her – another short one!

“Okay! It’s Shandy and Tina!” Paula announced, “With me and Anne next week!”

“Christ! I can’t wait until next weekend for a fuck!” Anne grinned, “How about me popping round Monday evening instead? You could manage to fuck me and Paula then, Suzy – couldn’t you?”

“Mmmm, of course I could!” I grinned, “And that would leave next weekend free for something else I’d like you all to try doing with me instead – something that any one of you can do on their own, or as a group!”

“Oooo, that sounds interesting!” Anne grinned wickedly, “What is it?”

“You’ll all just have to wait until next weekend to find that out!” I teased, “In the meantime…….. Shandy, lie back on the settee with your legs wide open!”

Shandy got into position, then gasped loudly as I clamped my mouth over her cunt.

“C’mon Paula, you can do the same to me!” Anne said as she laid back alongside Shandy and spread her legs wide as well, “Now Tina, you can stand up here, and let me suck your cunt for you, while Paula sucks mine!”

Tina immediately climbed up to face her – Paula diving between Anne’s widespread thighs as Anne’s mouth closed over Tina’s drooling cunt!

As I licked and sucked on Shandy’s cunt, I looked up and saw she was really enjoying it! Her eyes were closed and she was busily massaging her largish tits – a bit too large for my liking, but nevertheless very desirable for most of the guys that I knew!

Tina’s were sadly somewhat saggy – the price she’s paid for having kids. To my way of thinking, having kids not only fucks up your body, but it screws up your mind!

But, women seem to want them, in spite of seeing what they do to their bodies – then they bitch for the rest of their lives to us guys about their stretch-marks, drooping tits and saggy asses, and their fat thighs! And I haven’t mentioned the cellulite!

My mind was suddenly brought back to reality, by Shandy reaching down and pulling on my arms – she wanted fucking!

So I got up between her thighs and lifted her legs onto my shoulders – the best position for getting inside her really deep, and making a woman think you’ve a bigger cock than you actually have!

Her hands held onto my hips as I slid all the way inside her with one hard thrust – my knob-end butting up against her cervix and making her groan out loud!

The other girls upon hear her, urged me on and shouted for me to fuck her senseless and to give her the best fuck of her life – something for her to remember, because her husband wasn’t doing anything for her, and was more interested in treating his patients than giving her the cock she so badly craved!

With Shandy bent almost double, it was easy for me to clamp my lips over hers and kiss her with a passion she hadn’t experienced since she was first dating! This made her steadily building orgasm suddenly start to increase in ferocity and size, and she moaned against my lips with every thrust into her.

As I pulled off her lips to suck her erect nipples, she slid her dark legs down and wrapped them tightly round my waist – pulling me into her with them and gasping that she could now feel her orgasm rapidly building up, deep inside her!

“I haven’t had one for years!” she gasped, “So please, don’t fail me now, Suzy!”

“You just wait, my darling!” I gasped back at her, “I’m gonna time it so’s we both orgasm together! That way, just as you reach your orgasm, I’ll be spurting my thick and creamy cum deep inside your throbbing cunt, and filling it up for you!”

“Oh yes….. oh yes!” she gasped with short breaths, “Oh, Christ……. yes!”

I fucked into her like a madman – my rigid cock slamming into her and pushing her down onto the cushion of the settee, and as I looked down between her legs, I could see her dark brown cunt-lips trailing along the shiny length of my pistoning cock!

“Gonna come……! Gonna come, right now, Suzy!” she suddenly gasped as I felt her grip on me tighten, “It’s here, Suzy….. NOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!”

As her building orgasm finally burst and slammed through her shaking body, I gasped into her ear that I too was now coming, and that I was now spurting my thick and creamy cum deep inside her cunt!”

“OH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” she hissed as her orgasm finally reached it’s full strength and smashed through her, “FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!”

Her nails dug into my sides as she clung to me during the intense throes of her long awaited, and far too infrequent, orgasm!

“Go on, Shandy girl!” Anne shouted to her as she broke away from Tina’s juicing cunt, “Let it all go, girl! Ride that fucking orgasm to it’s end!”

Eventually, Shandy’s orgasm diminished and her body went limp underneath me.

As the other girls watched, I slowly slid out of her hot cunt and knelt between her splayed thighs – my head slowly dipping down until I could slurp noisily on the mixture of cunt-juices and cum that was now oozing out of her.

“Fucking hell! I can’t wait until Suzy does that to me!” Anne said softly, “Look how she’s draining Shandy’s cunt for her and swallowing it down – wow!”

“Yeah…… I know what you mean!” Tina breathed as she reached down between her parted thighs and unconsciously massaged her clitty, “Boy….! I’m really gonna enjoy what’s going to happen to me later on!”

By now, Shandy was becoming aware of what I was doing and looked down between her widespread thighs, before smiling at the girls that were huddled round her.

“Christ, you lot! I’ve never orgasmed as hard as that before!” she told them, “It was fucking beautiful! I think I passed out?”

“Didn’t I tell you she was something bloody special?” Paula grinned.

“Shut up – you lucky bastard!” Anne joked, “There’s no need to brag about you being fucked by her whenever you want!”

By now I’d sucked and licked Shandy’s cunt clean of our cum, and we both sat back with a drink and a ciggy.

For the next half hour or so I took a ‘back-seat’ and watched the girls at play – all four of them fingering, sucking and caressing each other, and taking turns to play with me.

“It looks like you’re ready for me now, Suzy!” Tina said, as she wrapped her fingers round my rigid cock and kissed my swollen knob-end.

“I think I am!” I grinned at her, “Wanna climb on board and try it for size again?”

“Oooo, yes please!” she breathed, her eyes full of lust as she deep-throated me to make my cock nice and slippery for herself before standing up and straddling me.

“C’mon Tina, sit yourself down on my cock and take it all inside you!” I urged her.

She slowly lowered herself down onto my rigid cock – the other girls gathered round and urging her on as it slowly disappeared and slid all the way inside her!

“Fuck me….. only just!” she breathed as she settled down onto me, “Christ, but that feels fucking good!”

The girls were determined not to be left out of her fuck – Anne and Shandy both sucking each of her pert tits, whilst Anne stood between us and straddled my hips so’s she could offer Tina her cunt to suck as she bounced on my cock – totally impaling herself on it each time she sank down on me! And whilst she was doing that, Tina viciously thrust her hips forward, making my knob-end flick up against her cervix.

“Fucking hell, this feels good, Suzy!” she gasped breathlessly as she pulled off Anne’s drooling cunt for a moment, “You’ve got everything inside me!”

“Everything but my thick and creamy cum, Tina!” I replied, “And you’re gonna have a good dollop of that inside you as well, before too long!”

“Can I suck you out after Suzy’s come inside you, Tina?” Anne asked, “To pay you back for sucking my cunt for me?”

“No problem!” Tina replied as she clamped her mouth over Anne’s cunt once more.

“You’d better get yourselves ready then!” I warned them, “I’m almost coming!”

I guessed Tina was now thinking about me filling her cunt with my cum and Anne sucking her out, because she repeatedly squeezed my shoulders as her orgasm started to build inside her – the squeezes suddenly becoming more rapid and intense as I gasped that I was going to come and her orgasm finally reached it’s peak – flooding through her body!

Tina let out a low groan and ground her cunt down onto my spurting cock – finally collapsing in my lap as we held each other and came together!

Anne saw this and quickly got down off the settee, to lie on her back between my nylon-clad thighs with her head tilted right back, in readiness for my cock sliding out of Tina’s cunt. It was then a simple matter for Tina to quickly push her hips backwards and let Anne clamp her mouth over her cum-filled cunt.

Once there, Tina’s cunt would simply drain my cum into Anne’s waiting mouth! Not wishing to see the chance of a good sucking go amiss, Paula got down between Anne’s splayed knees and slid a dildo into Anne’s now totally exposed cunt, then sucked hard on her erect clitty.

“Okay…. you ready for me to pull out, Tina?” I asked her.

She nodded, and I slowly slid my shrinking cock from her oozing cunt – Anne quickly placing her mouth over her dripping cunt so’s she could suck my cum from it!

A long, low moan of satisfaction came from Anne’s muffled mouth as Paula worked the dildo back and forth and sucked on her clitty for her – another moan coming from Anne as she gulped down my cum which was now draining from Tina’s hot cunt.

An hour or so later, the girls had all showered, thanked me profusely for giving them such a good evening, and then gone home, leaving me and Paula alone.

“Well…..! You certainly made a big hit there, my darling!” she grinned as she closed the door behind them and sat down beside me, “They all whispered how much they’d enjoyed themselves as I saw them off just now!”

“That’s very nice of them.” I replied, “I know I certainly enjoyed myself, as well!”

“You would, you bugger! All that cunt just begging to be fucked by your cock!” she grinned, “But what I’d like to know – is there any cum left for little old me?”

“Let’s both go upstairs, and find out – shall we?” I smiled as I held out my hand.

There was – plenty!

The next day I decided to have an evening on my own before spending the next one with Paula and Anne, so I got myself ready and made my way to some toilets at a municipal park in a town about 25 miles away. I’d found out about them from the internet, and according to the site, they were used on a regular basis by guys wanting to meet others for sex. One good feature being that there were ‘glory-holes’ in the partitions between the cubicles – and a reference by several trannies that regularly used them, saying how many successful meetings they’d had there.

“Well, Suzy!” I said to myself as I sat in front of my dressing-table mirror in my lacy black ½ cup white bra, matching suspender-belt and tan nylons, “I think we’ll try out our schoolgirl outfit tonight! It’s been a while since you’ve used that!”

I finished applying my makeup and chose a short blonde ‘pageboy’ wig from the shelf in the wardrobe. Because of the way the hair framed my face and curled inwards at the bottom, it gave me a sort of ‘cute’ look. And when this was coupled with me wearing my white cotton blouse, loosely tied school tie, white knee-length cotton socks and grey pleated school skirt that was far too short to have ever even seen a school, the outfit was complete!

Slipping on the black blazer and then adjusting my hair in front of the mirror, I looked at myself and was more than pleased with the end result. I certainly did resemble a schoolgirl that was fresh out of class and on her way home – at least I would’ve done, if it hadn’t been for the fact that I flashed my suspenders and stocking-tops with every step I took across my bedroom – and the fact that I wasn’t wearing any knickers, so my cock and balls both hung and swung freely underneath my skirt!

“Well it’s turning me on!” I thought as I looked at myself and felt my cock hardening under my skirt, “So there’s a good chance some other guys will get turned on tonight as well – and hopefully end up by giving me a real good fucking as well!”

A splash of perfume, another coat of lipstick, light-weight raincoat, and I was ready!

Well hidden from the prying eyes of any neighbours by the high privet-hedge that surrounds my front garden, I threw my light-weight raincoat and handbag into the car and then got in – my grey pleated skirt immediately sliding up my nylon-clad thighs to expose my semi-hard cock and white suspenders.

I could now relax and enjoy thinking about the evening ahead as I drove for the next half-hour or so to the toilets in the municipal park. Following the directions off the website, I easily found the park and stopped just outside the gates. After putting on my light-weight raincoat, it was then only a two minute stroll along the tree-lined path to the football pitch and toilets. Upon entering the wrought-iron gate, I saw the toilets on my right-hand side and made my way over to them – the entranceway and both sides of the block, dimly lit in the gloom of the overhanging trees.

I decided to try the ‘Gents’ toilets first, and stepped down the short corridor that led into the open space of the washroom and toilets.

The light was actually sufficient for the size of the room, and I immediately saw that there were 4 empty cubicles down one side, and 3 washbasins on the other side.

As I strolled down the line of empty doors with my heels ‘clip-clopping’ on the tiled floor, I could clearly see the holes in the partitions between each cubicle.

“I think I’ll try…? Cubicle number…. two!” I said quietly to myself, the idea being that I’d then have a glory-hole either side of me, and perhaps have a choice of which cock to suck off – that was if I was going to get so lucky!

So I walked inside and closed the door behind me – sliding the bolt over so’s it only just held the door closed, but didn’t actually lock it.

With my coat hanging from the hook on the door, I settled down on the wooden seat, leant back against the wall, and took a ciggy out of my bag to wait for a hopefully very horny guy to occupy one of the cubicles either side of me.

With nobody appearing after five minutes, I reached down to the twin bulges of my falsies and gave them a gentle squeeze through my cotton blouse……..

Hmmm, very convincing – weighty, but not too much so… and just the right size!

“Perhaps I should open the top few buttons?” I mused, as I looked down on them.

Pulling the knot of my school-tie away from my collar, I unbuttoned the top four buttons and eased my blouse open in a ‘V’ shape, to reveal my white lacy bra.

“Mmmm, better!” I said quietly to myself, “Much better!”

I’d only just finished moving my tie to one side of the open ‘V’ of my blouse and hitched up the hem of my skirt a bit, when I heard a man’s footsteps outside. A few moments later they got louder and whoever it was, walked into the room and stopped!

After a pause, he walked to the cubicle on my left and closed the door behind him.

This was my cue to spread my knees so’s the hem of my skirt pulled up to expose my stocking-tops and taut suspenders, and also my now erect cock between them!

There was a sound of a belt being undone from next door as I reached down and took hold of my cock – slowly wanking it, in case the guy looked through the gloryhole.

With my eyes partly closed, I kept watch on the hole and saw a brief movement as the guy looked through……….. Bingo, my luck was in! A few seconds later I saw some more movement, and then saw a thick cock being slowly pushed though the hole!

I quickly got down onto my knees at the hole and sucked the bulbous knob-end into my mouth – the guy then pushing the rest of his cock through to totally surprise me by the length of it! I reckoned it must’ve been about 8 inches as I wrapped my fingers round the shaft and started to slowly wank it.

“Oh yeah…….. suck it, babe!” the guy groaned from the other side of the partition.

“Mmmmmmm!” I moaned on it as I slid my lips up and down the thick shaft to finish by sucking on the knob-end again, “Mmmmmmm!”

“How would you like my hard cock stuck up inside you?” he asked a few moments later as my head bobbed back and forth as I sucked noisily on his fat knob-end.

“Oh yeah!” I moaned, “Hold on, I’ll open the door!”

I saw his cock disappear as I slid the bolt all the way back and he quickly entered my stall – locking the door behind him.

“Mmmm, I’m really gonna look forward to fucking a naughty little schoolgirl!” he breathed as he looked me up and down, “Now let me sit down so’s you can lower yourself onto me, and see if you can take my cock inside your ass!”

He sat down on the seat and I straddled his thighs – him taking the opportunity to suck on my knob-end and wank me whilst fondling my balls as I positioned my ass directly over his erect cock!

“Mmmm! I’ve never seen a schoolgirl with a cunt and a cock before!” he said, “But it sure looks sexy! Now, lower yourself slowly down onto my cock and see how much you can take, before I bend you over and give you a real good fucking!”

His hands left my cock and balls and he cupped my ass-cheeks – pulling them apart as his knob-end butted up against my puckered ring.

“God, that feels fucking good!” I breathed as I lowered myself down onto his rigid cock and felt his knob-end slip inside me, “Oh God, yes!”

For what seemed ages I lowered myself down onto him, and just as his knob-end butted up against the back of my ass before entering my guts, I felt myself sitting on his lap – I’d taken all of his massive cock inside me!

“Oh nice!” he gasped, “You’ve got a lovely tight ass!”

“A lovely tight ass that needs a good fucking and then filling with your cum!” I told him as I repeatedly raised and lowered myself onto him and felt my slippery ass-walls stretching to accommodate his massive bulk, “So, let’s do it!”

I slowly stood up and felt his cock sliding out of me before I let him stand up and get behind me – me then dropping down with my hands resting on the wooden seat.

Knowing I was about to take a monster sized cock, I spread my legs really wide, and pushed my ass back at him in readiness.

I was glad I did! Taking his bulbous knob-end in my ass wasn’t too bad and I felt only a moment’s discomfort as it forced it’s way past my tight sphincter muscles and slid inside me. It was the length and sheer bulk that got me worried as he slowly fed it into me – stopping just as his knob-end butted up hard inside me! With a wriggling motion of my hips, and me pushing myself back onto the monster cock, I felt myself stretching to accommodate it’s massive bulk – just as he grabbed my waist and started to fuck himself in and out of my overstuffed ass!

After about five or six thrusts into me, I found that I could not only take it’s massive length and bulk, but that I was beginning to really enjoy the feeling of this monster sliding in and out of me!

“Oh yesssssssssssss!” I hissed at him, “Fuck me! Fuck that massive cock into my tight school-girl’s ass and fill it with your thick and creamy cum!”

And that’s exactly what he did! After soundly fucking me for about four minutes, he gasped that he was about to come, and was it still alright to come inside me?

“Oh yesssssssssssss!” I replied, “Spurt your cum deep inside me and fill me!”

a moment later I could feel his cock jerking and throbbing in my willing ass as he groaned and unloaded the contents of his balls deep inside me!

“Fucking hell…….! That was a good fuck!” he gasped as he laid over my back and fought for his breath, “One I’ll remember!”

“Mmmm, me too!” I replied as I tightened and relaxed my sphincter muscles on his rapidly shrinking and softening cock, “When you pull out, I’ll suck it clean for you!”

He took me at my word and I sat on the seat as he stood before me with his cock dangling from his open fly – my lips soon sliding up and down his limp shaft as I sucked the cum from it and kissed his knob-end before he tucked it away.

I thanked him for the fantastic fuck and he finally left me sitting there on the loo, with his cum dripping out of me, as I drew on a much needed ciggy.

It must’ve been a quiet night because I waited another 45 minutes and nobody else came in, so I put on my coat and wandered outside to walk along the path for a while before coming across a bench under some trees. I was really desperate for another cock, and so I sat down to see if there was any ‘passing’ trade?

It was very gloomy because of the heavy tree canopy, and so I laid back with my knees splayed wide and pushed the hem of my skirt up over my belly – completely exposing my suspender-framed cock and sexy undies as I started to have a wank.

Several couples passed me as I sat there over the next 20 minutes – me covering myself up in time before they got close enough to see what I was doing, but none seemed interested in me and I began to think it’d been a bit of a flop to come here.

Then I saw a guy walking towards me and I quickly covered myself up – leaving a little stocking-top showing as he drew near.

“Mmmm, love the view!” he grinned as he slowed and then stopped directly in front of me, “But you’re not really a schoolgirl, are you?”

“I can be, if you want me to be!” I smiled back at him, “I’ve come out this evening looking for a good time – with anyone willing to…… give me one!”

“Well you’re in luck! I’m out tonight for exactly the same thing!” he replied, “In fact, I was just on my way to the toilet block to see what was on offer there – but it seems like now, I’ve no need to bother!”

“Hmmm….. You could get a surprise in there!” I replied, “Sometimes the women in there aren’t exactly what they seem!”

“I’ve no problem with that!” he said cautiously, “Let’s say I’m… open to offers!”

“Hmmm! Offers such as…….. this?” I replied as I slowly slid my skirt further up my nylon-clad thighs to expose my semi-hard, suspender-framed cock!

“Ahhh……! So you’re not really a schoolgirl!” he replied with a sudden interest, “In fact you’re not even….. a girl!”

“I can be the next best thing to one – if you want me to be?” I replied suggestively, “And from what guys have told me in the past – you’d never know the difference!”

“How about a little…….. test, first?” he said as he slowly unzipped his pants and pulled his stiffening cock out, “Then I can decide for myself!”

I smiled and sat forward – the guy stepping closer to let me suck his knob-end into my mouth and cradle his balls in my hand.

“Mmmmmmm!” I moaned on his cock as I slid my lips up and down the length of his now erect shaft, “Mmmmmmm!”

“Oh yeah, babe!” he breathed as my head bobbed back and forth, “Well you certainly suck like one! But the question is, do you fuck like one? Why don’t we go in those bushes behind you, and find out?”

“I thought you’d never ask!” I smiled, kissing his shiny knob-end before standing up.

He followed me into the bushes and slid his pants down his legs…..

“How d’you want me?” I asked him, “On my back, or doggy-style?”

“On your back, with your legs wrapped round me!” he replied.

I dutifully sat down and laid back with my knees bent and splayed wide open – my skirt falling back to completely expose my white suspender-belt with it’s taut suspenders and tan nylons. I then reached up and unbuttoned my blouse – exposing my lacy white ½ cup bra so’s my false tits and dark nipples plainly showed through.

“Mmmm, you really look like the real thing!” he said as he knelt down between my splayed nylon-clad thighs with his rigid cock in his hand, “Now let’s see if you feel like it as well!”

As his knob-end slowly pushed into the tight entrance to my ass, I wrapped my legs round his waist and my arms round his shoulders – his rigid cock easily sliding all the way into me, thanks to the lubricating properties of the cum from my recent fuck!

“Oh yeah……!” he breathed as he sank all the way into me, “You do feel like it!”

After about three minutes of him fucking me, I sensed he was getting near to coming.

“Oh…….! Fuck me!” I breathed, “Spurt your thick and creamy cum deep inside me and fill me up with it! I want to feel your cock jerking and pulsating inside me!”

As usual, me talking ‘dirty’ to anyone that was fucking me had the desired result and I felt him start to stab his spurting cock into me – him grunting softly with each spurting thrust into me!

“God, you’re a great fuck!” he gasped as he slowed to a stop and his cock started to shrivel inside me, “That was excellent!”

“Mmmm, if you enjoyed it as much as I did, you’re satisfied!” I replied huskily, “Now let me suck your cock clean for you – I can taste your cum then, as well!”

He pulled out of me and straddled my shoulders – leaning forward on one hand and looking down at me as I slurped noisily on his cum-smeared cock.

“There……. All done!” I smiled as I kissed his knob-end and he stood up.

“Hey, thanks for that!” he grinned, “That was bloody good!”

With that he walked away, leaving me lying on the grass with my skirt up around my waist and my now erect cock jutting up from between my nylon-clad thighs.

The following evening I went round to Paula’s and soundly fucked both Anne and Paula – more for Paula’s sake than actually wanting to fuck Anne. Perhaps it was because I was tired, but it wasn’t a remarkable or memorable fuck with Anne – just a straightforward fuck with her climaxing as I spurted my cum deep inside her juicing cunt. She really enjoyed it and Paula seemed satisfied with the evening as we all laid back with our drinks afterwards and I reminded them that I’d something special planned for Saturday evening – asking Paula to ring the girls and to tell them to wear their sexiest undies.

As planned, we all met up at Paula’s on Saturday evening, Tina, Anne, Shandy and Paula, all eager to know what I’d gotten planned.

“Right girls!” I began as they sat round me, “Tonight we’re all gonna do something different! Something you’ll really enjoy, and want to do again!”

They all looked at each other nervously before I continued……

“First, I want everyone to strip down to your undies!” I said. With quizzical looks, they busied themselves undressing before finally sitting down again.

“Now all put your coats on – just your coats – go outside, and get into my car. We’re all going out for a little ride!” I informed them.

With everyone wondering what was going on and why they’d had to strip to their undies, they trooped out to my car and we set off into the darkening countryside.

I finally stopped some time later at the gates of the same municipal park I’d visited before, when using the public toilets to look for guy to fuck with.

“Okay girls, this is where we get out for a little walk in the park!” I told them as I switched off the engine, “Ermmm…. and I want you all to take your panties off!”

The girls all looked at each other in silence and then slowly slid their panties down their legs in blind obedience.

“Good! Now we can all go for a little walk……. with our coats unbuttoned and wide open – like this!” I told them before turning towards them and showing them how I had my own coat arranged, “Just put your hands in your pockets to hold your coat closed – like this, otherwise just walk along with your hands by your sides so’s your coats flap open to expose your semi-naked bodies!”

“But what if someone walks towards us and sees us?” Tina asked.

“Just put your hands in your pockets and hold your coat shut!” I replied, “Once we get into the park and you’ve walked a little way, I’ll be telling you to take off your bra so’s your tits are completely exposed as well!”

With the girls chattering with nervous excitement, we set off into the park and had hardly entered it when I told them to remove their bras. They dutifully did as I said and were soon standing there with their hairy suspender-framed cunts and naked tits now completely exposed to the world!

“Okay girls, let’s have that walk!” I suggested – all of us then setting off along the path, with the girls excitedly telling each other how turned-on they were getting by walking in a public place with their near-naked bodies on view to the world.

“Christ, I feel so fucking naughty!” Shandy beamed as her coat flapped open and completely exposed her dark-skinned slim body, “It’s actually making my cunt-juices flood out of me and I can feel them running down my legs!”

“Yeah, it’s making me do the same!” Anne replied, “My thighs are wet through!”

“I’ve got what feels like an orgasm building up inside me!” grinned Paula, “And I haven’t even touched my clitty or my cunt – yet!”

“Mmmm, me too!” added Tina, “What about you, Suzy?”

I turned round to show them my rigid and aching cock, as it jutted out from between my nylon-clad thighs.

“Oooo! Let me feel your cock inside me for a moment, Suzy!” Paula begged, “My cunt’s itching for it!”

“And me!” Tina said.

“Me next!” said Shandy.

“Then me!” Anne added, “I’m not missing out on that!”

“Okay!” I smiled, “But after I’ve fucked you for a few seconds, we’ve all to take our coats off, so’s we’re only wearing our suspender-belt and nylons!”

“Done!” Paula replied quickly, “But for fuck’s sake hurry up Suzy! I can’t wait to have that cock of yours deep inside me!”

I beamed broadly at her as I stepped forward – my erect cock wobbling from side to side as she spread her feet and pushed her hips forward.

“Fucking hell!” she breathed as I slid my full length into her sopping cunt and held onto her hips as I slowly fucked into her, “Oh my sweet Jesus!”

I fucked her for about ten seconds and quickly withdrew – the coolness of her thighs and the tremendous heat of her cunt nearly making me come straight away!

“Me next!” Tina said excitedly, as she watched my cock sliding in and out of Paula’s drooling cunt and saw the effect it was having by the lustful look on Paula’s face!

She quickly adopted the same position and sighed loudly as I slid my entire length into her boiling cunt – her eyes closing as her arms wrapped tightly round me.

“Oh fuck me, Suzy!” she begged me, “Please, fuck me – right here on the path!”

I did! Again I felt my spunk rising as I slid in and out of her sopping cunt!

“Me now!” Anne begged – her finger openly and unashamedly busy on her erect clitty, “Don’t fuck about Suzy, slam it into me!”

I did as she instructed but quickly pulled out before I shot my heavy load of cum deep inside her drooling hot twat!

“Christ, I’m so horny, I could’ve come inside all of you just then!” I told them, “Now let’s take off our coats and carry on to a bench I’ve used before – we’ll be safe there, and I’ll stand guard whilst you girls have some alfresco fun with each other!”

“Hell, make it fast, Suzy!” Paula rasped, “I’m flooding so much, my stocking-tops are wet through with my drooling cunt-juices!”

“No problem, it’s only just round this bend!” I replied, “I’ll keep watch while you guys are walking along behind me!”

A few moments later we reached the bench – the girls quickly pairing off as I watched them doing what girls did together when they felt ultra-horny!

As I laid back against the railings opposite with my erect cock jutting out from between my nylon-clad thighs, I kept watch up and down the path.

Shandy quickly sat back on the bench with her thighs splayed wide as Anne slurped and sucked noisily on her flooding cunt. Meanwhile, Tina stood beside me with her knees splayed wide apart to allow Paula to squat down between them and do the same for her – Paula’s hand coming up and grasping my rigid cock to slowly wank me as she eagerly gulped down Tina’s escaping cunt-juices.

The girls all agreed that they’d definitely like to do this again and would even like to do it when they were out on their own some evening as well!

With one of the girls keeping watch, I fucked each one of them and brought them to an orgasm, but only after giving Paula my cum – the other three eagerly taking turns to lick her cunt clean of our cum-cocktail!

I see the girls regularly, with me and Paula being a steady item – she totally aware and fully approving that I still get a good fucking by other guys when I go out as Suzy!

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