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Crossdresser is caught by his flatmate and fuckec
I stood in front of my full length mirror wearing my new black heels. Not just the heels of course! I had a sexy, short black dress to go with them. Underneath, I had some incredible purple and black underwear; all silk and lace. I twisted on my heels and pulled my dress up a little, wiggling my thong covered ass at the mirror pretending somebody could see...

...And that’s when he knocked! My flatmate Derek knocked on my bedroom door and shouted me. I had thought he was out for the night so I’d taken the time to shower, shave myself smooth and get all girled up. I was in such a panic! I shouted back, no real words came out but I hoped to sound busy so he’d go away. I stumbled over to my bed in my ridiculous new heels, dress still halfway up my ass, hoping to sit down and get the damned shoes off.

Of course, things had to get worse. With a small squeal, I tripped over my own feet and fell forwards onto my bed. I put my arms out to stop my fall and that’s when Derek walked in to see if I was okay.

I looked back and saw the shock on his face, and then I caught a look at myself in the mirror. Bent over the edge of my bed, slutty makeup and a tiny dress that did nothing to cover me.I started kicking my feet out, trying to stand up straight but mostly just panicking.

Derek said nothing as he walked over to where I was struggling. He placed a hand on my back and held me down on the bed. I stopped struggling as he knelt between my now spread legs and pushed my dress up further.I was stunned silent when his hands caressed my ass but when they slipped between my cheeks to move my thong aside. I had to try to move, murmuring that he should stop. He didn’t reply; he just spanked me once with his free hand and gripped me hard. I moaned and raised my ass a little in response, feeling his breath against me and his tongue reaching out to touch me.

The next few minutes passed in a blur. His hands gripping my ass, holding my cheeks apart for his tongue. It felt incredible, his tongue circling around my tight hole occasionally slipping inside. I moaned and writhed on my bed, unable to keep still. Every movement made my hard cock rub against my panties, trapped between my hips and the bed. I was in ecstasy until he stopped and stood up behind me.

He told me to stay where I was, and my nervousness at being so exposed quickly disappeared when I heard him start to undress behind me. After a moment, he asked me to turn my head. He was stood naked and stroking his hard cock; he looked incredible.

“Finger yourself for me.”

It was a simple demand, I reached back slowly and started to tease my ass. I was so wet from his earlier efforts that my finger slipped right in, and I couldn’t help moaning. In seconds, I was pushing two fingers in and out of myself, looking back at Derek and rubbing my cock against the bed. He was tall, muscular, stroking a perfect cock and suddenly laughing at me for acting like a whore on my bed.

“Oh wow, ….. , I didn’t know you were such a slut!”

It didn’t even matter anymore, I started moaning loudly and fingering myself harder. I needed him to know I wanted him and didn’t care how it looked. Derek walked round me and came to kneel on the bed in front of me. He grasped my head with one hand and guided his cock towards me with the other. I opened my mouth and let his head slip inside, closing my lips around his delicious cock and looking up at him. He slowly pumped his cock in and out of my mouth, holding my head in place. I tried not to gag as he sped up, doing my best to breathe with his cock going further and further past my glossy lips.

He eased up when I started to choke, allowing me to stroke his cock with one hand and suck at my own pace. I licked around his head and slid my lips down to meet my hand. He leaned back, enjoying it and knowing I didn’t need any encouragement. I kept stroking him and dropped further down to lick and suck his balls. I could hear him rooting around the side of my bed and when I looked up he had my lube in his hand. I smiled up at him but quickly started to pout when he pulled me off his cock.

“Put your hands out.”

I raised my hands, cupped together, and he squirted lube into them. I didn’t need telling what to do next. I started stroking his cock with both hands; rubbing the lube all over. He leaned over me and I gasped, feeling his lubed finger slip into my ass. I couldn’t believe how good it felt to be fingered holding his hard cock in my hands.

Suddenly, he pushed me flat down onto the bed and slid off onto the floor. I’d never fully made it onto the bed, so now I was hanging half on and half off. My knees not quite touching the floor but only on the bed from the waist up. My dress was up over my waist, and my thong had found it’s way down around my thighs. So there I was: exposed, lubed and ready for Derek.

Whose weight was then on top of me, legs between mine and cock pressed so urgently against me! Unable to move in any real way, I reached behind myself and held my ass open for him. His cock pressed against me and then slipped inside, I squealed in pain and tried to get away. I couldn’t move, but it didn’t matter. He reached down and rubbed my cock through my panties, slowing moving his cock into me. The pain disappeared and I was moaning underneath him, trying to move my ass to meet his cock but ultimately just taking it.

He kept stroking me as he sped up, his other hand pressing down on my back. Even with just one hand holding me down, I could barely move, he was so much stronger than me that there was nothing I could do. His cock was all the way inside me, and he was in complete control. I gripped the bed in front of me and moaned, his thrusts getting harder and faster. The feeling was incredible and with his hand stroking my cock through my silky panties I couldn’t help myself.

I exploded onto my bed, moaning and bucking my hips wildly. The pleasure took over me and I shot spurt after spurt of cum onto the bed. When I finally came back, Derek was groaning. I struggled a little now it started to hurt and he pulled out. I collapsed, falling off the bed. I turned round to kneel and face Derek, he was stroking his cock and looking down at me. Kneeling on the floor, my sticky dress covering my softening cock and my panties around my ankles, I stared up at Derek and opened my mouth as I realised what was about to happen. He groaned again, and cum shot out of his cock, again and again, giving me my first ever facial and it tasted so good.

Derek pulled his clothes on and walked out of the room smiling.

“Thank you...” I whispered just as he closed the door.

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