CD Domina training two slaves

By MistressCheyenne

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CD Mistress commands two slaves for a hot 3-way.
Just five days had passed since my last session with my slave Candy and already I was yearning for his sexy body again. I was in need of another meeting and had something special planned for it.
I called Candy's phone and just like previously he answered before it could ring twice and greeted me anxiously.

"Hello Mistress Cheyenne," Candy said as he answered his phone.

"Hello slave Candy," I replied. "I want you to be at my house tonight at 8 PM and this time I want you wearing nothing but the skimpiest, sultriest lingerie you can find. Is that understood?" I asked.

"Yes Mistress," he quickly responded.

Before he could say anything else I hung up the phone and decided to start prepping for the evening. I had a special surprise in store for my little slut Candy tonight. I would be inviting over another sexy friend of mine by the name Shawn.

Shawn was a tall guy, with dark hair, brown eyes and a great body. He was also going to serve as my slave for the evening. I had instructed him to come by about 20 minutes before Candy would arrive so I would have a little time to get him ready.

The outfit I chose for myself was a black one piece vinyl teddy with a thong back and snap away crotch. I was wearing some full legged fishnets and a pair of black spiked heels. I wore a black wig with dark blue eye shadow, dark red lip stick, and heavy glitter on my face and body.

When Shawn arrived I answered the door already dressed for the evening, and upon first sight of me, his jaw dropped open. Shawn had never seen me fully dressed up before because we had never actually been intimate, but had discussed it plenty.

"Wow, you look so fucking hot," Shawn said, staring at me.

I put my hand on his chest and pushed him into the wall then began kissing him passionately on the mouth.

After a few moments, I pulled away and said, "Don't ever speak without permission again you little slut. And my name is Mistress Cheyenne!"

Shawn looked a bit startled at first but I could tell by the bulge in his pants this was only turning him on.

"Now strip naked," I commanded him.

Shawn looked a bit nervous but he did as told and started removing his clothes till he was completely naked. I walked a slow circle around him examining his tone muscular body. Standing behind him, I reached around put my hands on his chest and slowly moved them down towards his already hard cock.

Shawn had and extremely large dick. It had to be close to nine inches and it was thick. The thought of his muscular hands all over me and his huge cock violating every opening on my body made me extremely horny and I found it difficult to control myself. But I knew Candy would be arriving any moment and then the real fun would start.

I made Shawn put a collar on around his neck and then had him wear just a pair of tight black mesh shorts that barely contained his massive cock and firm muscular ass. As soon as Shawn finished sliding on the shorts we heard a knock at the door.

"Go get the door slut," I commanded Shawn as I gave him a small slap on the ass.

When Shawn opened the door, I could see a look of shock on Candy's face when he was greated by a sexy half-naked stranger. Candy was wearing a long brown coat but I could see he had on a black shoulder length wig and some matching black heels.

"Shawn, why don't you take that coat off of Candy," I commanded.

"Yes Mistress," Shawn replied as he started to remove Candy's coat.

Underneath the long coat Candy was dressed in a black lace teddy and thigh high stocking fastened to a garter belt. He looked as sexy as always. Long smooth legs riding up to his narrow waist, his sexy round ass divided by his thong back, and his bright green eyes accented by his dark hair and clothes.

"Well Shawn, do you think Candy looks sexy?" I asked.

"Yes Mistress, very much so," he replied.

"Touch him then," I ordered Shawn.

I watched as he started using his hands to explore Candy's petite, half naked body. Shawn started touching Candy's arms and gently began working his down to his thighs and ass. I could see that Candy was beginning to get really horny because his hips were starting to move about and subtle moans were coming from his mouth.

"Good Shawn," I said. "Now Candy get down on your knees in front of him," I ordered.

Obeying like a good slave Candy immediately dropped to his knees and waited for my next command. Looking down I could see that Shawn's hard cock was fighting to get free of its mesh prison.

"Candy, remove Shawn's shorts," I commanded as I walked over and started rubbing my hands all over Shawn's hot naked flesh.

I watched closely as Candy slowly removed Shawn's underwear, causing his large cock to come springing out. I saw Candy's eyes light up as he stared intently at Shawn's near perfect dick.

"Doesn't he have a beautiful cock Candy?" I asked.

"Yes Mistress," said Candy. "It's so big."

Then I moved over and stood between Shawn and Candy bending over and sticking my ass in Candy's face. I reached back and unsnapped the crotch to my teddy, releasing the thong, I began slowly rubbing my ass on Candy's face for a few seconds before reaching back and tearing away the fishnet stockings that were covering my ass.

"Now eat me eat out slut!"

Candy gently put his hands on my ass and started licking me up and down, just barely grazing the hole to tease me. Then without warning he plunged his tongue as far in as he could, causing me to rear back into him and cry out, "Ahhh.."

The temptation of Shawn's giant cock right in front of my face was too hard to resist. I grabbed it with both hands, squeezing tightly around the base, and then put my soft lips around it, taking as much of him as I could. The thickness of it made it hard to keep my mouth around it at first but soon I was bobbing all the way up and down. The size of his dick was causing me to gag but it did not cause me to slow down.

The simultaneous pleasure of Candy fucking my ass with his sweet tongue and Shawn's beautiful cock sliding in and out of my mouth was too much to handle. Unable to resist my urges anymore I pulled away from both of them and laid down onto the bed. With my asshole wet from Candy's saliva and Shawn's cock raging still from me sucking him off, I commanded Shawn over.

" Now I want you to fuck me like a dirty little slut!" I commanded him.

As he scooted up between my thighs, Shawn grabbed both of my legs and lifted them up over his shoulders. I looked over at Candy and said, "I want you to watch this and stroke yourself."

"Yes Mistress," Candy replied as he spread his legs and slowly started rubbing his cock.

"Don't you dare cum either Bitch!" I said as Shawn prepared to fuck me.

With my legs resting on Shawn's muscular shoulders he started rubbing the head of his cock around my asshole. I eagerly started moving my hips in a small circle trying to guide his hard dick in me, but Shawn just pulled back trying to tease me. I was laying there, holding my breath anticipating that first moment of penetration, as the head of his cock massaged my tight hole when without warning Shawn buried his massive shaft as far into my ass as he could forcing me to gasp and scream out loud.

"Oh god!!!" I shouted out unable to even think clearly now.

All I could think about was how amazing his cock felt slamming down into me. I could feel it swelling up and getting harder as he made his first couple strokes. It didn't take long before Shawn had my ankles behind my head and was pounding away at me as hard as he could. His dick was ramming in and out of me so hard and fast I couldn't even speak or think. All I could do was lay there and scream and moan. Occasionally I would look over at Candy and see a look of both lust and envy in his eyes while he sat spread eagle stroking his hard cock, watching his Mistress get fucked by another slave.

After several long minutes, Shawn flipped me over into the doggy style position and started fucking me even harder. His big strong hands would pull back on my slim waist as he would thrust his huge cock into my ass over and over.

"Oh fuck your ass is so tight!" Shawn cried out.

"Oh yes...ah... fuck me!" was all I was able to shout back.

Then I heard Shawn start moaning, and I could feel his big dick swelling as he got ready to cum. Then with a loud "Ohhh" he started to shoot his massive load into me. I could feel him spraying huge wads into me over and over. It felt like he was cumming forever. His hot sperm filled my hole quickly and was starting to run out and down onto my balls as he kept slamming his cock in and out of me.

"Oh fuck!" he shouted out as his last bit of cum shot into me.

After half falling forward, Shawn was leaning over me, resting on my back, his semi limp but still big cock inside of me. Breathing heavily, I gathered my composure and said, "You came without permission and now you are going to be punished."

"I'm sorry mistress I didn't know," he pleaded.

Still in the doggy style position I commanded Candy over to us.

"Move aside and watch Shawn," I said.

"Candy, I want you to fuck me until you cum," I ordered.

"Yes Mistress Cheyenne," Candy replied with a surprised but pleased look.

With my ass still wet and leaking out Shawn's cum Candy got behind me and slid his hard cock in me. He had his hands around my waist and was guiding me to his quick rhythm. Candy's hands had a much softer and gentler touch them but he fucked me just as ferociously as Shawn had.

"Oh Mistress, your ass is so sexy!" Candy shouted out in ecstasy.

I looked over and saw Shawn watching closely as Candy fucked me. His cock had hardened again and he was stroking it while biting on his lip as he watched Candy's firm dick moving in and out of me. Seeing Shawn get that horny just watching me get fucked caused me to get a little wilder.
I started rearing my hips back into Candy as hard as I could and shouted out "Fuck me harder you Bitch!"

I felt Candy's hands tighten around my waist as he started fucking me faster and harder.

"Oh yes... Oh yes... Oh yes... Fuck my ass!!!!" I cried.

"Mist...ress...I'm gonna...cum!" Candy shouted out.

Anxious to receive Candy's hot juices I started moving my hips faster and faster, grinding on his throbbing cock.

"CUM IN ME!!!" I screamed as I felt his hot load start filling my hole.

"Oh God!!!" we both screamed out as Candy buried his dick deep inside of me shooting his last bit of cum in me.

Trying to catch my breath, I turned and looked back at Candy, giving him a sly smile then saying, "Now get your cock out of me slave!"

Candy pulled his semi-hard cock out of my ass and plopped back down onto the bed. I looked over to Shawn and motioned for him to over.

"Shawn, get your slutty ass over here and clean me up."

Shawn stood up quickly and came and knelt down behind me. He gave my ass a firm slap with his hand and then pulled my cheeks apart. He sat there and stared at my hole for a moment, now leaking a mixture of both Shawn and Candy's cum, then leaned forward and began eating me out.

"Oh yes," I said as I felt his firm moist tongue massaging my tight asshole.

Shawn's tongue felt amazing, moving in and out and all around my wet hole, occasionally reaching up and smacking my bare ass with his hand.

Reaching over I grabbed Candy and guided him in front of me.

"Bend over slut," I commanded.

Candy leaned over and stuck his gorgeous ass in my face and without any delay I started licking his hole and gently fingering him. I was loving my position sandwiched between Shawn's masculine body and Candy's petite frame but now I wanted to watch.

"Shawn," I said coyly.

Removing his face from my ass and then taking a deep breath he said, "Yes Mistress?"

"I want you to fuck Candy as hard as you can," I commanded.

Shawn answered excitedly, "Yes Mistress Cheyenne."

"Candy, get on your back," I said pointing at the bed.

More than happy to obey, Candy quickly ran over and laid down spreading his legs, eager to take Shawn's huge cock. Shawn walked over and grabbed Candy's legs, raised them up, and then grabbed his cock and slammed it in Candy's ass. Thrusting forward Shawn tried to fit as much of his dick in Candy's hole as he could.

"Ahhhhh!" Candy screamed out arching his back.

Shawn immediately started ramming his cock into Candy's tight ass as hard as he could. Grunting as he tried to get faster and harder with each stroke. Candy's heels were moving wildly in the air as he screamed out over and over while Shawn's giant cock slammed in and out of his ass.

I got behind Shawn and started slapping his ass as hard as I could shouting, "Fuck him harder you little Bitch!"

I climbed up on the bed and straddled Candy's face smothering him with ass.

"Eat my ass you little slut!" I said as I grinded back and forth on Candy's face.

Candy tried as best he could to worship my ass with his tongue but Shawn's cock pounding into him over and over was making it hard for him to concentrate. I leaned forward and then took Candy's cock into my mouth and began sucking on it while Shawn fucked him.

Candy's dick was not quite fully hard but it took almost no time for him to start cumming in my mouth. His hot milky load filled my cheeks and started dripping down my chin. By this time I had grown quite fond of Candy's sweet juices so I kept sucking on his cock.

"Mistress may I cum?" Shawn muttered out the best he could, his face red with restraint.

"Yes pull out and shoot it on both of us," I ordered him.

Pulling back and grabbing his cock, Shawn began shooting a huge load over Candy's stomach. I was still leaning forward with my ass in Candy's face so some of Shawn's hot cum was hitting me as well. I leaned down and started licking the cream off of Candy's stomach.

After a few seconds I told Shawn to go lay by Candy and then I rolled off and got in between them. Then as the three of us laid there, all wet with cum, saliva, and sweat we started kissing each other passionately.

After making out for a bit, I gently pushed them both away as I laid back down and commanded them to get dressed and leave immediately. With a few sighs of disappointment but no argument both Shawn and Candy got dressed and went to the door.

"Slaves!" I called as they were walking out the door.

"Yes Mistress," they both said, turning around with eager looks on their faces.

"If I need either of you again, I'll call..." I said with a smile.