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Chrissy Gets Bolder Meeting Todd Again

Chrissy gets a good hard fucking by her new friend
I really hadn't expected Todd to call me after that night. I know how guys are when the night is getting short and you need someone to satisfy your needs. I did think about him a few times and wanted to see him again.

I had enjoyed my first experience with a man so much it seemed that's all I could think about was my next cock. When I went to class I would catch myself looking at guys as much as I was girls.

I made it a point when I got home from class to work on my make-up and doing my hair. I had pretty much abandoned the party life I had been living and started to spend more time as Chrissy. The days I didn't dress up I would at least put on stockings, panties and wear my high heels around practice walking.

My friends had started to notice I wasn't coming around much. I told them I had to study more because I hadn't done real well the first semester and if I didn't get my grades up my dad said I had to find a job and pay for school myself. They all understood, but at least once a week I would go and hang out with them just to keep up appearances. Besides they were a very fun group to party with.

One evening I was standing in the bathroom looking at myself in the mirror. I was looking at my crotch area and the thick mound of pubic hair that was there. I'm not hairy by any means but I did have a nice bush so to speak. I walked to the kitchen and got a pair of scissors. I proceeded to cut all the hair from my crotch area as low as I could. After I finished my trimming I got my razor, lathered up my crotch and shaved myself smooth.

I got a few nicks and cuts, especially around my sack area. I splashed on some aftershave, and wow did that burn! After the light bleeding stopped I rubbed some lotion all over myself. I was amazed at how sensitive I was there with no hair. I stood there looking at my bare cock and balls and started to rub my legs.

I ran a hot tub of water and poured some liquid soap into it for a bubble bath. I grabbed my razor and shaving cream and got in the tub. I lathered up my legs with shaving cream, I thought about what I was going to do. I took a deep breath and slowly drew the razor up the front of my leg. I had to shave them three times since I had more than just stubble. After I was done shaving and bathing I dried off and rubbed lotion up and down my legs. They felt absolutely wonderful, so smooth and silky. I did have a few small nicks but over all I did fairly well for my first time.

I looked in the mirror and inspected my crotch and legs. I felt around and noticed that I did have a small amount of hair on my ass and had almost forgotten my underarms. I shaved this and the small patch of hair on my chest as well. I rubbed lotion all over my body where ever I could reach feeling my smooth skin. I couldn't help myself and I stroked my cock to orgasm and shot my load all over myself massaging it on my fresh shaved cock and balls.

After I had shaved my legs, and everything else for that matter, the nylons and satin felt so sensual against my skin. I loved getting dressed more than ever now. The way my stockings would just glide up my legs and my panties would lightly slip across my skin.

Friday came and I couldn't wait for class to be over. I got home and when I walked in and I had a message on my answering machine. I played the message back and it was Todd. He was wondering when he could see me again. I started thinking of what to say when I called him, if I called him. I couldn't decide what to do. My body was saying yes, but my mind was a mess trying to figure all this out.

I grabbed a beer and took a few bong hits to relax. My nerves were a wreck. I picked up the phone and started dialing his number. I was so nervous my hands were shaking when I dialed the phone. When he answered the phone I almost hung up, but didn't. We made small talk for a bit and then he ask if we could get together that night? I told him we could but I wasn't sure how to get to his place. We decided to meet at the adult book store and I would follow him.

I ask if needed to bring anything?

He told me he would like it if I wore some lingerie again for him.

I told him that I had bought quite a few new outfits and would love to dress for him.

He told me he would really like it if I showed up already dressed.

I was very apprehensive about getting dressed up and driving all the way to Houston that way. But I agreed. I mentioned to him that I wanted to wait until after dark to leave so no one would see me walking through the complex and recognize me. He agreed and I was to call him from the pay phone when I got to the book store ( this was in the 80's so having a cell phone was an expensive luxury)

I took a nice long bubble bath with some Calgon and shaved my legs. After I bathed I rubbed some floral lotion all over my body making me smell very feminine.

I stood in my closet trying to decide what to wear. I decided on a red lace push-up bra and matching thong. My black sheer stockings with a back seem and lace tops and red 4" pumps that I had been practicing walking in. I tried to decide what skirt and blouse or dress I should wear but couldn't make up my mind.

I went to the bathroom and started doing my make-up, a little on the heavy side. I wanted to look a little slutty for him tonight. I put my eye liner on nice and dark. I really don't need mascara because I have naturally long lashes that women had always complimented me on. I put my eye shadow on a little darker and higher than usual and I added just a touch more rouge to my cheeks and slicked my lips up nice and thick with whore red lipstick.

I fixed my hair, rolling my bangs with an old curling iron I had swiped from my mom, and pulled the rest back in a ponytail. I applied liberal amounts of hairspray to my bangs to make them hold just right and to the sides and the back to keep it snug against my head. I looked in the mirror and was very pleased at what I saw. Not a total woman, but passable in a club or bar where the light was dim.

I sat on the side of my bed and pulled the stockings up my legs making sure the seams were straight and pulled them tight. I slipped the thong up my legs and into place. I love the feeling of it sliding between my ass cheeks. I put on my bra and stuffed it with a couple of socks to give me a nice full B cup. I sat back down and slid my feet into my heels, these made me feel complete, like a real woman.

I walked to the kitchen and grabbed a beer and poured it in a glass. I sat down at the bar and took a few bong hits and drank my beer leaving a naughty lipstick stain on the rim. I sat and drank my beer smoking a cigarette, it didn't taste to good because I had decided to but some Virginia Slims to be more feminine than smoking my Marlboro Reds.

I went back to my closet and looked at my outfits again. I decided to wear my pleated blue denim mini skirt and red button up blouse with a low neck line and tie at the midriff.( I was still young and had a very flat tummy) I stepped into the skirt, wiggling my hips to get it up past my thighs, I buttoned it and zipped it up. It fit just perfect and the pleats gave it some wiggle when I walked. I put the blouse on, buttoned it up and tied a nice round knot at the bottom. I left the top 3 buttons undone to show the lace outline of my bra. Sexy but not too slutty, I didn't want to look like a street walker, not yet anyway.

I looked at the time and it was almost time to get going. The sun was setting and it would be dark enough for me to leave soon.

I sat around for a bit and drank a few more beers and smoked some cigs passing the time. I looked out and decided it was dark enough to leave. I went to the full length mirror and made a last turn and inspection of myself. Damn I looked hot, but god was I nervous about going out my front door dressed up. I checked my hair and make-up, made a few touch ups. I had never thought about buying a purse so I had to use a make-up bag like a small clutch, this would hold what I needed for the night.

I made a small cooler with 6 beers so I wouldn't have to stop at a store. I grabbed a joint, put it in my cig pack and headed for the door.

I stopped at the door and took a deep breath, I opened the door and walked out. I shut the door and locked it very fast and carefully made my way down the stairs. The cool night air felt fantastic on my legs and the breeze up my skirt was fabulous. I walked toward my car and saw a few people in the parking lot about 5 cars over. I quickened my pace and got to my car, unlocked it and jumped in.

I drove through town towards the highway I got a few looks and waves from guys. I was so excited that they noticed me and waved. I was so nervous until I got to the highway. I drove a red 1986 Camaro Z-28 with T-tops, it so low to the ground even people in regular cars looked down at me and the guys in trucks had a perfect view of my legs and mini skirt.

I got on the highway and headed to Houston. I drank a couple beers on the way and smoked half a joint so I was feeling pretty good.

It took me a little while to get used to driving in heels but when I did I hiked up my skirt to show the lace tops of my stockings. I sure felt sexy riding down the road like that.

About halfway to Houston I had a dilemma. I had to piss! I knew I was getting close to a rest area but it didn't have any rest rooms. I exited off the road, and just my luck there was a few cars and big rigs there. I pulled past them towards the end and stopped. It was fairly dark, only a couple of lights so I figured this was a good spot.

I got out and looked back at the cars and trucks and no one seemed to be watching. I started to lift my skirt and piss but I thought that may draw attention to myself so I did what girls do. I pulled my panties down and squatted down and pissed. As soon as I started one of the cars started up and was driving my way. I looked down to hide my face and when it got close to me it slowed a bit and honked but kept on going, thank God!

I finally got to the book store and started looking for the pay phone. I finally saw it. It was in the front of the building right out in the open by the street under a big light. I thought I could drive up beside it and pull the receiver inside the car but the cord was too short. I didn't have a choice, I had to get out. I parked my car next to it and grabbed a quarter and Todd's number.

Here I was, standing on the side of a freeway feeder dressed like a slut with cars whizzing past me. I got a few honks as cars went by and this really excited me. I called Todd and he said he would be there in about 10 minutes and we hung up.

As I turned to walk back to my car I saw an older man, 40's or so coming my way from the book store. I stood there at my car door waiting for him.

He said hello, I said hello. He wanted to know if I was going to the book store?

I said no waiting for a friend, he jus smiled and said that I would have more friends than I knew what to do with if I went in dressed like that.

I just smiled and said maybe another time.

He sort of laughed and told me that sissy sluts like me could suck cock and get fucked all night if I wanted then turned and walked away.

My mind was racing, here was another guy attracted to me dressed like a girl. I just sat down in my car and lit a cig and waited for Todd.

When Todd got there he pulled up behind me and I got out and walked to his car and leaned over looking in the window.

He said hello and told me I looked amazing as he slid his hand up my leg, under my skirt and squeezed my ass.

I smiled back and told him I did it just for him.

He looked in my eyes and ask if I had a kiss for him?

I leaned over in the car and kissed his lips and started to pull away when he pulled me back and kissed me hard and deep. We kissed for about 10-15 second, our tongues dancing and exploring each others mouths. We broke our kiss and he told me to follow him.

I got in my car and I followed him to his house. When we pulled up I got out and he told me to come and get in with him. I got in with him and he immediately leaned over and kissed me again running his hand under my skirt. Todd was a very passionate kisser and I loved kissing him.

We drove off and I ask where we're going?

He told me that we were going to a park to hang out and relax for a little bit before we went back to his place.

I told him I was a little uncomfortable with the idea of going out in public like this.

He said it was dark with a few paths and some picnic tables to sit, sort of a lovers lane type place

I told him ok, if it was dark enough and not a lot of people around.

After a couple of turns on some streets I realized where we were going. I had been there quite a few times throughout high school with girls and knew it would be ok.

We pulled in parked, and got out. We stood by the car for a few minutes just talking and kissing a bit. He took my hand and we started walking towards the small lake that had some benches and picnic tables by it. We went to a table that was under a tree right off the path. Todd sat on top of a table and pulled me between his legs and held me there. We stayed there kissing and talking while head his hands up my skirt squeezing and playing with my ass.

I felt so feminine having a man hold me like that, treating me like a real girl. It really made me feel sexy. We ended up walking around the lake holding hands and talking for about 20-30 minutes before we left.

We drove back to his house and went inside. He offered me a drink which I gladly accepted. We sat and talked a bit and finished a couple of drinks. By now I was pretty buzzed and getting just a little horny.

Todd took my hand and we walked to his room and started kissing again by the bed. He licked up and down my neck as I held his head and was running his hands up and down my legs and ass. I was massaging his cock getting it nice and hard through his pants. His touch on my stockings was almost electric. My breathing was getting heavier as he kissed and touched me all over.

While kissing me he started slowly unbuttoning my blouse and caressing my tits(socks but u get the idea) and slid the blouse of my shoulders letting it fall to the floor. I undid his pants and pulled his hard cock out. It was so hot and hard. We were moaning as we groped each others bodies.

He reached down and undid my belt and skirt letting them fall to the floor around my ankles. It felt so erotic having a man undress me slowly like this. I stepped out of my skirt and pulled his shirt off and started kissing his neck and chest. I slowly worked my way down and pulled his pants and boxers to his feet.

I was kneeling down in front of him stroking his hard cock and looking up in his eyes. He was smiling down on me caressing my cheeks and rubbing my head. I leaned forward and started kissing and licking the head of his cock. He responded with a few small moans so I knew he was happy. I looked him directly in the eyes and ask him if he thought I was pretty?

He said yes, your very pretty on your knees with my cock in your face.

Without breaking my gaze with him I opened my mouth and took as much of his cock that I could. He was pulling my head back and forth rocking his hips forcing his cock deeper in my mouth until I gagged. I stayed on my knees and sucked his hard cock for about 10 minutes when he pulled me up and laid me back on the bed.

He started kissing me all down my neck, chest, and stomach and slowly pulled my panties down kissing my stocking clad legs and off my feet.

He reached in his night stand drawer and got out the lube and told me he would be right back. He came back with a bottle of popper from the freezer. I leaned up on my elbows and took a few good hits off the popper and laid back spread my legs. Todd rubbed lube all around my hole and slid a finger in.

I felt a little pain but didn't do anything but moan as he slid his finger in and out of me. He pressed a second finger inside me and it felt great as I moaned louder while he fucked them in and out of me.

He looked down at me when I moaned and told me he loves a noisy slut when he fucks them.

I smiled up at him and told him I could be as loud and as dirty as he wanted me to be. To which he replied by telling me to do and say whatever I wanted while he fucked me.

He took his fingers out and took my hand and squirted a big pool of lube in it. I knew what he wanted so I grabbed his cock and stroked it until he was lubed up nice and slick. I laid back and wiggled my index finger for him to come here.

He laid on top of me and we started kissing, our cocks rubbing together. He started to dry fuck me and I slowly opened my legs and let him slide between them. I felt his cock slide down between my cheeks and touching my hole. I pulled my legs up as far as I could get them giving him complete access to what he wanted.

He whispered in my ear that he was going to treat me like a real woman tonight and make love to me. All I could say was to do what he wanted, I was his for the night.

Todd kissed me and I kissed him back pulling his head hard against my mouth. I was so ready for him to fuck me. I felt around on the bed and grabbed the popper. I broke our kiss long enough to take 2-3 large hits to send me over the edge. I looked him in the eyes and told him I wanted him now.

We started kissing again and I could feel the pressure on my ass from him pushing his cock against it. I reached down and grabbed his hips pulling him into me until I felt his cock head penetrate my hole. All I could say was oh God yes baby, as he started to slowly pump in and out of me, deeper with each thrust until I felt his balls resting on my ass.

We continued kissing each other while he slowly fucked me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my hands were roaming all over his body. I was in heaven having Todd between my legs and inside me.

He fucked me with long, slow, deep strokes as he told me how he loved fucking my pussy. When he said this to me I felt more like a woman than ever before.

I looked him in the eyes and said to him, fuck me, fuck my pussy baby. That's when his thrust became a little harder. I could feel his balls lightly slapping my ass when he would thrust into me and hold it there for a few seconds. I reached down between my legs and put fingers on his cock so I could feel it sliding in and out of me. It was so erotic, feeling this hard cock sliding out to just the head and plunging back all the way inside me.

In one fluid motion he rolled over and I landed on top of him and his cock never came out. I started to ride him, rocking my hips back and forth. He reached up and was squeezing my tits telling me how hot I looked riding his cock. I fell over and kissed him deeply for a few seconds and then told him I loved his cock inside me.

He grabbed my hips and started pushing and pulling them back and forth fast and faster. God it felt so good having him deep inside me.

I told him he made me feel like a real woman when he fucked me with his big hard cock.

He told me I was all woman to him and I had the tightest pussy he ever had.

I looked him in the eyes and told him I loved it when he talked to me like that and kissed him again. His breathing started to get quicker and he said he was going to cum soon.

We rolled over again and he pushed my legs back against my shoulders and really started pounding my pussy.

I yelled out for him to fuck my pussy baby, fuck me like a slut. This really turned him on as he pounded me harder, faster and deeper than ever before. His balls were slapping my ass so hard I was afraid it was hurting him.

He looked at me and called me his fucking little cock slut, my dirty bitch.

I was so turned on by this I almost came myself.

He said he was getting ready to shoot his load. I put my legs around his body and pulled him into me and told him to make me a real woman tonight. He pumped his cock 3 or 4 times and started to grunt, aaagghhh yes and I pulled his mouth to mine and kissed him deeply. I felt his cum blast inside me, 2, 3, 4 shots of his hot seed go deep inside me. He collapsed on top of me, both of us panting like dogs.

I laid there holding him, running my fingers through his hair and caressing his neck and back. I kept my legs wrapped around him until I felt his cock soften and slip out of my ass.

I let my legs fall to my side and reached down and ran my finger along my ass hole and felt the hot cum oozing from inside me. I couldn't believe I let him cum in me, but I wanted it so bad. I took the cum that was on my fingers and rubbed it on my cock and started to stoke it. Todd looked at me and told me to stop so I did. I laid there with a raging hard on that needed to be drained. I did however feel like I had just been made a real woman by letting him plant his seed inside me.

He got up and went to the bathroom and washed off. I followed him and when I was walking to the bathroom I could feel his cum running down my leg. It made me feel like such a slut, I had just had a man make love, fuck and shoot his hot cum deep inside me.

We cleaned up and he put on a robe, he ask if I had anything to wear to bed?

I told him I didn't bring anything because I hadn't planned on staying and he ask if I'd like to, I told him sure.

He went to the closet and got me a nice red satin robe and red satin chemise with black sheer cut outs running diagonally across it. I ask where he got these.

He said and old girlfriend left them when she found out he was bi.

I pulled the chemise over my head and let it slide down, it fit almost perfect, a little loose up top, but he said she was a 36-d. I slipped the robe on and looked in the mirror, I liked the way it looked, but I needed some help. My lipstick was smeared and my hair was looking a little rough. I went and got my make-up bag and touched myself up and fixed my hair the best I could.

I walked to the bedroom picked up my clothes and laid them on the dresser. I put my panties back on and went to the kitchen with Todd. He made us a drink and I told him I was going outside to smoke.

I went outside and sat at a table and smoked a cig and finished my drink, he offered another and I accepted. When he returned he gave me my drink and started rubbing my shoulders from behind. I moaned with approval and he started to kiss the back of my neck. I smoked another cig and we went back inside.

We sat on the sofa and chatted a bit and drank some more. Todd started to caress my leg which was turning me on immensely, I still had a nice load I that needed blow. I reach over and started to rub his thigh and he slowly started to spread his legs. I set my drink down and slid to the floor kneeling between his legs. I untied his robe and pulled it open. I sat there looking from his eyes to his soft cock, smiling and licking my lips.

I said to him, baby, you want me to suck your cock?

He looked at me and said, mmmm yes, suck my cock you dirty slut.

I lowered my mouth to his cock and took the soft meat in my mouth. I licked and sucked all around his head taking every inch into my mouth until my face was buried in his pubic hair. I would suck and lick his balls while stroking his cock back to life. It felt so erotic feeling his cock getting hard in my mouth. I finally had him back hard. I love to suck a cock and look a man in the eyes while he fucks my mouth.

I climbed up on him and straddled him on the sofa grinding his hard cock on my ass. I told him I was ready for him to fuck me again and kissed him.

He looked at me and said, so you wanna get fucked like a slut? All I could say was oh yes, I need my pussy fucked good baby.

He told me to go get the lube. I climbed off him and let my robe drop to the floor. As I walked to his room I lifted my chemise and flashed my ass at him.

I came back and rubbed lube on his cock and pulled my panties down and lubed up my ass and climbed back on top of him. I hit the popper a few times and leaned forward on him and reached around and spread my cheeks for him.

I felt him push up and I slowly pushed down feeling his cock pushing at the opening of my ass. I felt it start to penetrate my hole and he grabbed my hips plunging me all the way down on his cock. I let out a loud yell as I felt it go all the way inside me. He didn't even give me a chance to get used it being there when he started bucking his hips up and down plunging his cock deep inside me.

I was bouncing up and down moaning and saying oh god yes, fuck me! He fucked me for about 5 minutes this way before he told me to get off. I climbed off and he pushed me over the back of a chair and violently rammed his cock in me. I let out a loud oh fuck, as he started pumping my ass hard and deep. I was loving it! He was calling me his dirty slut, fucking whore and slapping my ass.

I was so turned on by this all I could do was growl and tell him I was his dirty whore to use, fuck me like a tramp. He grabbed my hair by my ponytail jerking my head backwards and telling me he was going to use me like a cheap piece of trash.

All I could get out was yes, baby, use me as he pounded my ass hard and deep.

He kept fucking me and started slapping my ass, and I loved it. He really started to slap my ass real hard almost to the point where it really did hurt. I kept yelping in pain as he slapped my ass harder and harder.

He jerked my head back again and said if you want to be treated like a slut, your going to get it. I was little scared at this point but I loved being fucked like this. He fucked me hard over the chair for almost 15 minutes until my legs started to shake in my heels.

I told him I didn't think I could take anymore like that and he pulled his cock out and said well go to the bed bitch.

I went and laid back on the bed and pulled me down where my ass was right on the edge.

He looked at me and said pull your legs up and spread your ass bitch. I grabbed the popper and hit it real hard until my head was totally spinning.

I pulled my legs up and spread my ass and he rubbed his cock on my hole a couple of times and rammed his cock in me. God it felt so good to be full again.

He pounded my ass so hard it was starting to hurt but I was in heaven. I tried to wrap my legs around his waist but he said don't touch me cunt. So I grabbed my heels and pulled my legs back as far as I could as he pounded me hard and deep.

He fucked me hard and fast for over 15 minutes. He kept calling me his fucking slut, bitch, whore, and every time he said these things to me it turned me on more.

I was right along with him telling him to fuck me, fuck my slutty pussy, give me your hard cock baby. We were making so much noise I thought his neighbors may hear.

He was fucking me so hard and fast his sweat was dripping from his body down on mine. I didn't think I could take much more of his constant pounding of my ass.

I felt him tense up and plunge his cock in me as far as he could 2-3 times and them he held it deep inside and grunted and I felt his hot seed fill my ass again. He held his cock in me until it started to soften and slipped out.

He rolled off me and laid next to me on the bed. We were both breathing heavy and I reached down and started stroking my aching cock. He looked over at me and grabbed my cock in his hand. He only had to stroke my cock maybe ten times before I blew a huge load all over my stomach. He leaned over and kissed me and told me I was good little slut.

He got up and walked to the bathroom to wash up and I told him I was going to smoke. He told me not put my panties back on and come to bed when I was done.

I finished my smoke and went to his room and climbed in bed next to him. He leaned over and kissed me and said good night.

When I woke up the next morning he was gone from the bed. I laid in bed for a bit and realized that I still had my stockings, bra and chemise on. I reached down between my legs and felt his dried cum all around my ass.

I rolled over on my side to go back to sleep with a smile on my face.

I awoke a short time later and felt Todd rubbing my ass. He ask how his little slut felt this morning?

I told him I felt wonderful, a little sore but wonderful.

He told me he had to leave in about an hour and wanted to start the day off with a good fuck.

I looked at him and told him I didn't think I could handle anymore.

He tossed the popper at me and said yes you can and he started lubing his cock.

He jerked the cover off me and told me to get on all fours.

I got on my hand and knees and he pulled me to the edge of the bed and started rubbing his cock on my ass. I hit the popper real hard until I was dizzy. As soon as he saw me put the bottle down he jerked my hips back and thrust forward ramming his cock all the way in me. I screamed out, oh fuck, you gotta go easier!

He said shut up and take it like a slut as he pounded my ass hard and fast.

It was starting to hurt and I tried to slide forward a bit but he pushed me down and landed right on top of me. I was lying on my stomach with my face buried in the sheets, legs spread wide and him fucking me hard and fast with no mercy. He grunted a few times and unleashed his seed inside me again.

He immediately climbed off, slapped my ass and told me to get dressed.

I told him I needed to shower and clean up before I left.

He said he didn't have time for me to do all that shit just get dressed.

I got my skirt and blouse and put them on and went to the bathroom and cleaned up and did my make up as fast as I could. I tried to do something with my hair but all he had was gel. I used some and got it somewhat fixed where it didn't look like a bird nest.

I slipped on my shoes grabbed the popper bottle and walked out of his room.

He offered me a soda and said he would call me as he ushered me out the door.

I drove home nervous as hell, I hadn't thought I was staying all night so I didn't bring any man clothes to wear. I was worried someone may see me when I got home.

As I drove home I got a few honks from guys in big rigs as they could see right down in my car. I was driving with my legs gaped open because my ass so sore. My panties and the tops of my stockings were crusty with dried cum where it ran down my legs.

I got home and checked around the parking lot looking for anyone outside. Luckily it was only about 8:00am so most people were still sleeping off the Friday night party.

I got out and walked at a brisk pace through the complex to my apt. I climbed the stairs and as soon as I got to the top the door across from me opened. I could have died.

I had never met or saw my neighbor before and there stood a black man looking at me.

He smiled and said, “well” “well” “well”, what do we have here”?

I just smiled and said hello as I fumbled for my keys. I got the key in the lock and the door open.

He said ok then bye, but I will see you again.

I turned and smiled as I shut the door I looked down and he was rubbing his crotch.

I went in and took a few bong hits and drank a beer or two and jumped in the shower. After I showered I fell in my bed and went to sleep.

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