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Christina and Cheryl

Girlfriend makes me cross dress and fulfill her fantasies.
Christina and I had been dating for nearly two years. Within six months into our relationship, I confessed that I enjoyed dressing in women's clothing. She'd been more than accepting and encouraged me to indulge in this. She'd bought me bras, made me wear panties, painted my nails, and given me make overs. Seeing how horny it would make me turned her on even more so.

I knew Christina was bi and so I felt my cross dressing probably helped to indulge her love for all things feminine.

One day Christina was telling me how she thought stockings and suspenders were incredibly sexy. My little penis was getting hard thinking about us together.

"Maybe I could wear them for you?"

Her face seemed to light up and I could tell that she was turned on. 

"Baby, that would be so genuinely hot. Maybe we could match?"

We spent an hour browsing through the internet try to find sexy lingerie for us to both divulge in. We agreed on black stockings and black silk panties. She looked down and saw hard I was.

"Oh baby your little dick's getting so excited thinking about this. I love it!"

I blushed in embarrassment, but this also turned me on extremely. Since I had started dating Christina, my penis had been used a lot and she loved that it was small. She loved humiliating me but I knew she loved me and enjoyed it when I fucked her. She had also encouraged me to be her little slut and played with my ass endlessly. Once we'd gone out for dinner with her friends. She'd made me wear a butt plug and silk panties. I sat and squirmed throughout the whole meal. She had turned my ass into a pussy, and that pussy belong to her.

The clothing would take between four to seven days in the mail. Each day I'd turned up to work try to pretend to be as masculine and normal as possible whilst thinking about getting fucked like a girl. I hadn't cross dressed in public, although I'm sure other members of staff had noticed my eyebrows being plucked and shaped as well as my increasing effeminacy. Every lunch time I'd have to go into the bathroom pull my silk panties down and wank off thinking about getting fucked in stockings with my make up done. Every day I came home to find no outfits I was disappointed.

I came in on a wet night, soaking after a long, tiresome day. Christina was there waiting for me.

"Oh baby, you look freezing. I've ran a bath for us already."

She was acting fairly normal although I knew something was a bit different. I followed her into the bathroom and undressed. She got into the tub first and asked me to sit between her legs. This way Christina could whisper in my ear and watch as my dick rose with excitement and anticipation.

"Baby, I've got some good news. The clothes arrived. A couple other things arrived as well which I was looking forward to."

"Other things?" I questioned.

"Yeah, other things. It's wrapped up and waiting for you on the bed. Now shave your legs and exfoliate because for the rest of the night I want you to be my girlfriend, okay? Okay."

I got out of the bath with silky smooth legs and my eyebrows done. I headed over towards the bed and saw the gifts she'd been referring to.

"Baby, I know you love having long, girly nails so I bought some stiletto nails for both of us. I want us to have purple toes and nails to be matching, just like our outfits. I also bought a strap on for you. It's a little bigger and it might hurt but you know how turned I get when I think of you taking a big dick in your pussy." 

It was bigger. I had taken fairly big before, six and a half inches. This was at least eight inches. And thicker, much thicker. I was scared but also incredibly turned on.

Christina put her outfit on before helping me with mine. I looked in the mirror to see two lesbian girls wearing matching underwear and suspenders. I was already leaking in my pants. Christina then told me to sit at the desk in our bedroom whilst she applied the make up and nails. She was right; I did love having long, sexy, dark nails. It made me feel super feminine and my make up was incredible. I felt completely female. I felt like a slut.

She pushed me onto the bed. She was on top, ready to 69. She pushed her panties to the side and started teasing my ass with her tongue. She slowly teased all around it before licking it gently. It was heaven. I knew what was expected of me. I licked her pussy lovingly and with enthusiasm. I had more than enough practice; she made me eat her out at least once a day.

I could hear her start to cum. She pulled her mouth away from my ass and started to ride my face aggressively with her pussy.

"Yes baby, oh fuck, yes."

I could feel every muscle inside her tense and she climaxed. She lifted her leg to side and went through to the bathroom.

Christina opened the bathroom door and called out.

"Baby, are you ready?"

She walked through with the thick, purple cock between her legs. 

"Come give me head, babe."

I walked over and kissed her lips before making my way down to take the cock in my mouth. I never considered myself attracted to males as such, but I did love the idea of a big, thick cock in my mouth. I stretched my mouth as far as possible. It was such a struggle just to fit the tip in. I slowly moved to the side, fitting more and more of her inside my mouth. I slid my hand on the cock and slowly tugged in, back and forth. Christina was moaning loudly, deriving such pleasure from seeing me trying to fit it all in my mouth.

"Stand up and get on the bed and bend over, babe."

I couldn't help but get incredibly turned on when she ordered me about. I did as I was told and bent over. She took the bottle of lube sitting on the bedside table and squeezed it gently. Christina pressed the cold lube against my asshole.

"Just breathe slowly babe. This'll hurt at first."

She took the cock and pressed it against my asshole. My cock was standing firm and leaking without any sort of contact. She slowly inserted it in. It hurt. It hurt bad. But it was also incredibly sexy. I felt like a slut. 

Christina slowly slid the penis inside me. I was wincing in pain and leaking pre cum in pleasure. Inch by inch, she slowly entered me. I couldn't believe how big it was. Finally, she got all 8 thick inches inside me. She started off slowly, edging it in and out before going faster and faster. She was fucking me hard and I was loving it. She applied the vibrating setting and I was in paradise. The vibrations passed from the tip of her cock in my pussy all the way into the end of it, pressing against her clitoris. We were in paradise.

"Tell me you're a slut!"

She was practically shouting at me. I had never seen her so turned on before. It was exhilarating.

"I'm a slut!"

She spanked my ass hard. My eyes rolled back into the back of my head and my toes curled.

"Rub your little clitty for me, bitch."

I slowly rubbed my little penis for her, feeling so emasculated and feminine. I felt like a girly slut.

Christina pounded my pussy harder and harder. She pulled my arms behind me and with one hard thrust she shoved the whole thing inside me before she screamed out in ecstasy. She was cumming harder than I had ever seen her. Her whole body tensed and her mouth was agape. She slowly pulled the cock out of me.

"Now it's time for my pussy to get fucked."

I lent over to get on top of her but she stopped me, pushing me back.
"Don't you think I deserve a big dick?"

"Yeah, babe, of course," I agreed. Realistically my little cock wasn't going to properly satisfy her.

"Good, then put this on."

She handed the strap on to me. It was humiliating. There was a hole for where I could stick my penis in. I was still extremely turned on after not cumming and wanted to her orgasm as intensely as she just had, so I did as I was asked.

She got on all fours and I was ready to enter. I slid the cock inside her cunt and turned on the vibrating setting. She immediately started to moan. I took her as she took me, starting off slowly before getting faster and harder. I was so horny from the humiliation and getting used like a lesbian that I was ready to cum inside the toy.

"Aw baby, your big dick feels so good. I want this all the time."
I fucked her harder and increased the vibrations. I wanted her permission before shooting my load.

"Oh baby, I'm cumming." Christina was cumming, more intense than even before. I had no idea she'd cum so hard with a big dick inside her.

We came together, her shaking and shouting in euphoria, me speechless. I slid the dick off.

Christina came over, taking the toy off me and pushing me onto my knees. She lifted the toy towards my mouth and tipped it back, emptying the content inside me.

"Swallow the cum for me babe."

I did as she requested. 

"Good girl. Pedicure Wednesday?"

To be continued.

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