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Christina and Cheryl - Part 3

Christina encourages Cheryl to go out with a little help from her friends...
I woke up naked being spooned by Christina. Her smooth arms held me tight against her. I turned around and woke her up with a kiss. She opened her eyes and kissed back before pushing my head down. I kiss down her body and slipped her pink panties off. I kissed up her thigh and edged closer towards her clitoris, this is how we spent most mornings.

"No, my ass."

I lifted her legs allowing me to lick her ass. Christina knew how turned on I got doing this, the humiliation of it. She pushed my head deeper against her, my nose pressing against her pussy.

"Good girl, keep going."

I barely needed encouragement, I was loving it. My clitty was sticking out against my pants, a wet patch appearing as pre-cum seeped out. I was soaking wet.

"Finger my pussy at the same time."

I slid my two fingers into Christina eagerly. She was moaning louder and louder, edging closer to an orgasm. I added another finger. Her breathing became heavier and her enjoyment grew even further.

"It feels like I'm being fucked with a big cock."

Hearing her shout this nearly made me shoot my load. Christina's grip on the sheets tightened as she quickly approached her sexual ecstasy. Christina began to yell out. Her orgasms had been becoming better and longer since I had began dressing more regularly. My mouth got used more than my cock, and my ass got used the most. I wasn't complaining, it had all been incredible. I had learned to cum by gently rubbing myself with two fingers or by not even touching myself at all.

"Your turn baby."

Christina smiled at me as I pulled myself up the bed. I did so and began to kiss her before she spun me around. She pulled my pants just far enough down to allow her access to my ass. Christina slid two fingers into me and she began to slowly pump my cock.

"You like that baby, you gunna do whatever I say?"

I mumbled a yes. My breathing was so hard it was beyond difficult to get a word out. I was aching to cum.

"Well how about you come out with me and my friends tonight, and we'll show you what it's like to go out with the girls?"

I couldn't even focus on the severity and level of that suggestion. My little cock was straining and I knew I was close to ejaculating into the panties. I agreed but right now I would agree to anything.


Christina slid her fingers inside me and licked the inside of my ear. I came all over the panties and partly on her hand. She lifted her hand up and I licked her hand clean. Christina stood up and walked towards the en suite, grabbing her towel for the shower.

"Ella and Claire are coming round at half 7. I've already told them that you had become totally girly. Don't worry babe they loved it, and think of you as just one of the girlfriends."

I couldn't quite believe it. It was all sexually exhilarating but at the same time terrifying. I had agreed now, I would feel terrible backing out. I could tell Christina was looking forward to it, she hadn't seen her friends in a good while and she loved it when I came out with her.

Christina went to an art class whilst I went to get my nails done for the third time. I went for a bright red this time with gold spark at the ends, and I had painted my toes purple.

By the time Christina and I met up again at our apartment it was half 5, giving us two hours to get ready before Claire and Ella came round. I showered and shaved everywhere delicately and carefully, the last thing I needed was hairy legs or arm pits to knock my confidence. I used a dark shadow for my eyes and and a light pink lipstick for my lips.

Christina had bright orange toes and finger nails, and wore a denim sleeveless top and dyed-white denim shorts. I couldn't believe Christina was practically ready when I was so far behind.

"What should I wear babe? I'm really nervous."

I was more than nervous. It was one thing to go in to a salon where no one knew you, it was another when it was Christina's friends. It was now quarter to 7. I didn't have time to change my outfit, I needed to pick quickly.

"What about.."

Christina was interrupted by the sound of the bell. This was a night mare. They were here early. Of all the times. Christina walked through in her delicious bare feet carrying her white heels in her hand to the front room to answer the door. Ella and Claire walked in as hugs and hellos were exchanged. I could hear the clink of glasses as they poured themselves wine. I could tell Ella and Claire were already quite drunk, whilst Christina had been having a couple of glasses of wine whist she got ready. I knew staying in here would only make things more awkward, so I took my towel and wrapped it just under my arm pits and walked through.

"Oh hi babe!"

Claire gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek, followed by Ella. Claire was wearing three quarter length black trousers and a white short sleeved shirt and a black heels. Ella was wearing an orange dress with a brown belt around the waist, also with black heels. I tried to muster something to say. I

"Oh I was trying to think of something to wear, any suggestions?"

"Babe we're going to have to see you naked to see what you suit," said Christina. I couldn't believe what she was trying to get me to do. She was half joking - half serious.

"Haha I don't think so." I tried to laugh it off.

"Oh don't worry, we get changed in front of each other all the time." Now Ella was joining in.

I once again smiled, not wanting to be rude but definitely not keen for this to happen.

"Stop being a pussy!" Christina sharply tugged at my towel and it fell to the ground. I froze to the spot, unable to even cover myself up. My whole body was exposed.

Ella smirked and turned to Christina.

“Well I see what you mean about the...”

Ella waved her bent little pinky. All three of them giggled.

“It’s cute though, isn’t it?”

I couldn’t believe this was happening. I couldn’t believe Christina’s defence for my little clitty was that it was cute.

“Plus it means she gets to wear bikinis and panties without worrying about a bulge. And she knows I love it.”

Christina winked at me.

“Put your black dress on, you know with the slit at the slide, you look super hot in that.”

I came through changed in my black dress and sat down with them. I poured myself a large glass of wine and began to gulp. I listened in as they caught up; how their jobs were going, people they’d been seeing, things they’d been doing.

Time seemed to grow faster as we all became more intoxicated. I felt completely comfortable now, as if I had known them and been part of their friends group for years. Christina phoned a taxi and we all stumbled in. We arrived at a club we all regularly go to. Claire used to work there and knew the bouncers and staff, meaning we skipped the entire queue and went in without being ID’d. We danced for a bit and then went to the bar to the drink.

“I love your nails by the way.”

Ella was admiring them which boosted my confidence. I told her where I’d got them done, the name of the woman who I usually got, and how much I’d paid. We talked about what colours we liked, what we'd tried, what look cute and what looked sexy.

“I’m sorry for making fun of know. I’d love a sex life as fulfilling as yours and Christina’s, really.”

I told Ella it was okay, but just asked how did she know what size my dick was.

“Oh well we were just talking about sexual partners we’d previously had and dick size, Christina said she’d had been with one or two with pretty big ones, but that yours was the smallest she’d been with but she didn’t really think of you in comparison to them. We asked what she meant, she kinda came out that you were pretty much living as a girl now, and showed us a picture on her phone of you in panties. We all agreed it was pretty hot.”

This was a lot to take it in at once. I didn’t know that Christina had been with guys with big cocks, although admittedly I had fantasised about it. I knew told them beforehand that I liked to dress in feminine clothing but I had no idea that she’d shown them a picture of me in panties. I was embarrassed, but also frustratingly turned on.

“I need to go to the toilet, want to come with?” Ella asked me.

I walked with her, bustling between people in the busy night club. I felt somebody slap my ass, but didn’t turned round to see who. Ella went to walk into the toilet but turned around when she realised I had stopped just outside it.

“Oh it’s just you know, it’s the girls and stuff..”

I was pretty embarrassed and humiliated.

“Come on!”

Ella grabbed me by the wrist and dragged me in. We put on mascara together and I re-did my lipstick as we chatted. This wasn’t my first time in the women’s toilet, but first time when it’d been this busy. Claire took her camera out her bag and we took a photo together.

We found Christina and Claire on the dancefloor drinking and talking to a group of guys. The guys were all over 6 foot and dark, and handsome. Christina was laughing with one, and put his hand on his muscular chest. She was flirting with him. I could see the outline of his thick, long cock in his tight jeans. I was aroused and worried. Christina turned around to see me.

“There you are!”

We walked away from the group of guys, which made me even more suspicious. We continued to drink and dance until the lights came on, signalling it was time to go home.

Christina and I said our goodbyes to Claire and Ella before getting a taxi home. We got in and quickly removed our heels, allowing our feet some time to breathe.

“Christina...were you flirting with that guy toniii...”

Christina put her finger over my lips, signalling me to be quiet. Christina dropped to her knees and pulled my pants down my smooth legs.

“How’s my favourite little clit?”

My cock sprung into it’s full blown, small erection. Christina began to take it in her mouth, slowly sliding up and down.

“It’s so easy to fit this little thing in my mouth. My ex had such a big cock, that was much harder.”

I jolted with pleasure. She took my cock in her mouth again before pulling out and slowly pumping it.

“Would you like to see me suck a big cock, right in front of you?”

I nodded, and she took my whole clitty in her mouth as I tightened up. My tiny balls shrunk and expanded as I came in her mouth. Christina stood up and kissed me, forcing her tongue deep into my mouth, before whispering into my ear.

“Don’t worry babe. I saw you looking at his big cock. Looks tasty, doesn’t it?”

To be continued

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