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Christmas At The Salon

Fun for everyone at Susans beauty school...
Back in October I introduced my friend Susan to boys that wanted to be girls for her beauty school.They would come in for help with their hair and makeup and her students could practice on them.Everyone had a ball and it worked out very well. Soon the girls realized that this was a dream come true for the boys and became more demanding of them.Keeping the place clean was just one of their many new tasks.They had to speak in a feminine voice when they were there and address each girl as Miss.They were also given magazines to study and were only allowed to talk about girl stuff such as boys and fashion.
On of the boys,now known as Cindy,was very feminine right from the beginning.She has smooth clear skin and long shaved legs.Cindy soon became the girls favorite and they helped her pick out new outfits,sometimes taking her shopping on weekends. When Susan told me that she needed someone to help out full time I talked her into asking Cindy.I knew she wasn’t working and would jump at the chance.When Susan finally asked her that Friday Cindy broke into tears and happily accepted.She would come in each day singing softly,proudly showing off her new clothes.She looked really good too with her long blond hair and her perfectly made up face.The people that occasionally came in for a discount haircut or manicure never knew that Cindy was a guy.They would never guess that under her skirt was enough to make any man jealous.
Pretty soon Cindy was answering the phones,managing the books,and even designing a website for the school. The girls were very happy with their new friend and helped her out in any way that they could.Soon the question came up as to whether she was going to go on to become a real woman.And if they could fix her up with their friends. Cindy got very embarrassed and ran into the bathroom crying. Susan waited for her and told her she was there for her when and if she wanted to talk about it. She asked her if she would like to get away for a few hours and take a ride to meet her  decorator who had  some questions about her new extension.Cindy timidly said yes and they left.
They had to wait for the strange little man to come over and talk about wallpaper and paint colors so Susan made coffee and didn’t ask any question as much as she wanted to.Cindy was getting herself together and when Susan did her impression of the decorator right down to his walk and accent they both started laughing hysterically.I can only imagine Susan with her perfect body and large,firm breasts,trying to act like a man.Even a flamboyantly gay one! Soon Cindy volunteered to explain why she was so upset. She was completely confused about sex and was also a virgin.She has always wanted to be a girl and also fantasized about having sex with girls. Susan thought is was best to let her figure things out slowly and  told her about her fantasies with women and how she was also confused growing up.She assured Cindy that it would all make sense in time,and to do what made her happy.
The girls at school didn’t bring it up anymore and things went back to normal.Cindy was back to her old self and they were getting ready for the holidays.Someone brought in a catalog of costumes including a Santa suit and they decided to have a sit on Santa’s lap week.Now since the girls were busy working on getting their license guess who was going to be Santa? The new Girl! Just by coincidence I own a very sexy Santa outfit and I offered it to Cindy as my Christmas present.They put up a poster in the window offering pictures with Santa for anyone who wanted them.Everyone was very excited about it and promised to have their boyfriends come in and sit on Santa’s lap. No one mentioned that the sexy Santa in the bright red outfit with white stockings,garter belt,and red high heels was a guy.They would tell their boyfriend later after they flirted with and kissed this very hot girl! Santa week came and Cindy looked gorgeous.Her hair was long and straight and she really looked hot in her outfit. I made sure that I was the first to sit with Santa and get some pictures.Cindy was as happy as I’d ever seen her and I kissed her goodbye and left.The guys started coming in and with their girls permission to flirt they really got into it.Pictures were taken and saved for later teasing.Cindy was becoming more and more aroused and by the third day she was having trouble keeping herself in her tiny white panties!After posing with a particularly cute guy that walked in she found herself kissing him much longer than Santa should and he left her his phone number.
That night they got together and Cindy had her first taste of a man.She came in even earlier than usual and couldn’t wait to tell Susan and the girls all about it.She had told Todd during dinner that she was a boy and if he wanted to leave she would understand.Todd said that he knew and remembered Cindy from high school and had been attracted to her even then.The girls told her that she was actually glowing and Cindy smiled and laughed.Everyone was thrilled for her and Santa’s job was done.Bonnie,Susan’s partner filled in as Santa for a few hours each day the rest of the week.
Cindy is still working at the school and her and Todd are like something out of a hallmark card.He picks her up every night and they walk out holding hands and smile!
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