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Confessions of a Sex Crazy Cross Dresser Part 3

Sandy's Adventures Continue in Chapters 5 and 6
Part 3 of Book #1. Chapters 5 and 6. Please review and let me know if you want more
Chapter 5: Da’ Place Adventures

Sunday that week was definitely going to be a day of rest. After all my adventures on Saturday including a coast to coast airplane flight, I was exhausted. Collette called me and asked me if I wanted to get together tonight and I asked her for a rain check. I ran some errands during the day and late afternoon I spent watching a football game on my television and around 6 PM when the game was almost over, I opened up a beer. Well, by the time the game was over (around 7:30); I was finishing my third beer and was getting to feel pretty good. I decided to go over to Da’ Place and have a couple of drinks, see if anything was happening and probably come back home early. I thought

I arrived around 9 PM and there were a few regulars at the bar and my favorite bartender Diane was working. There were four or five bartenders at Da’ Place (including myself occasionally, when the owner needed someone in a moment’s notice) and Diane was the only cute one. She was only working a couple more weeks as her boy friend (who I never met) and she were moving to Fresno or someplace like that in Central California. I said hi to Diane and told her that I had something for her.

My company was a clothing company and once in a while I received some free samples that were in the “sample size”. Therefore, since Diane was little, she was a perfect fit. In the past I had always taken these samples to Phoenix and gave them to Beth, as they fit her perfectly. Diane was older than me by a few years and had beautiful dark eyes and long brown hair. She was probably only 5’ 4” tall and weighed about 100 pounds. Diane had olive skin that complimented her eyes and hair. She had a great ass that always looked great in her tight dark blue jeans. I gave her a bag that I had been sitting in my car for a couple of weeks, waiting for the next time I saw her. It contained a cute jacket and two blouses. The clothes were not expensive, but were very cute and I was sure she would like them. Diane opened the bag, looked at the contents and came around the bar and gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Tony, thank you so much, I can’t believe you did this for me.” She said.

“No problem, I wish you weren’t moving, I could bring you more!” I replied.

Diane brought me a scotch and a few of us started a “Three Ball” game on the pool table. The owner of the bar came in about a half an hour later. I hadn’t noticed as our pool game had progressed that there were now about 30 or 35 people in the bar. Diane was very busy trying to keep up with all of the people and their drink orders. Buddy the owner was sitting in his usual stool at the end of the bar and I walked over to say hello.

“Hey, Tony will you give Diane a hand behind the bar? We are swamped.” Buddy asked.

I would do almost anything for Buddy; he is a great guy and was always willing to help me. I walked behind the bar and Diane walked up to me and hugged me and said thanks for helping out. I went right to the sink and started washing glasses, as she was really backed up. In just about two hours, I had washed all the glasses and served over 100 drinks until the “rush” was over. It was a little after 11 (they closed at midnight on Sunday) and I went over to my favorite side of the bar with a drink I had poured for myself.

I sat next to Buddy, who said thanks and said he was on his way home. Without letting anyone see, he “slid me” a $20 bill and headed out the back door. Buddy was great that way, he knew I helped out in a pinch and he wanted to say thanks! He also knew that I would not accept any of the tips that were left at the bar, as those were for Diane. I had another drink and now it was just before midnight and there were only about five people left at the bar. Diane said that it was last call to these people and served them their drinks. I was finishing mine and was getting ready to leave, when she brought me another drink.

“Could you help me close up?” She asked.

“Sure” I said.

She walked down to the other side of the bar said good bye to the last of the customers and put their glasses in the sink. I started a couple of the closing jobs (restocking ice, turning off some of the lights, etc) as Diane locked the doors. She came over to me as I was turning off the lamp over the pool table.

“So, I guess this may be the last time we see each other.” She said.

“Yea, maybe, I don’t know your work schedule” I replied.

She stepped closer and I put my hands on her hips and looked down into her eyes.

“Well, it would be pretty crappy if we don’t make it a special night then, huh?” Diane said. “Want to come over to my place for a while; you have to see me in my new clothes”

“Sure, I’ll follow you”. I replied

We went to our cars and took a short ride to her apartment. She lived only a few minutes from my place, but was in a different town called Alhambra. When we pulled into the driveway near a small apartment complex, she rolled down her window and motioned for me to park in a reserved space next to her parking place at her complex. “That’s my boyfriend’s space; he is gone until tomorrow night.” She said as we got out of our cars.

I followed her around the back of the building and she opened a door that led to a stairwell. We walked up the stairs quietly as it was very late and entered a short hallway. She unlocked the first door we came to. “Well, here we are.” She said as she opened the door.

I walked into a small apartment about half the size of mine. It had a sitting area with a small couch, an armchair, coffee table and a television. Diane dropped the bag with the clothes and her handbag into the armchair and turned around to face me. I walked up to her and said “There is something I have always wanted to do and this seems like the perfect time.”

Leaning down, I slipped my arms around her waist and moved my lips on hers. She kissed me back passionately and we were soon tongue dancing in each others mouth. “I always wanted you to do that to me.” She cooed.

Obviously we had a lot in common, we thought each other attractive, but due to her boyfriend, I had never tried to “make a move.” I think bringing her the presents (and as the saying goes “timing is everything”) on the last time we might see each other and combine that with the fact her boyfriend was out of town was going to make this a night to remember.

“Hey babe, you like cocaine, right?” she asked.

“Sure, do you have some?” I replied

“Not too much, but a little bit, let’s get high!” Diane said.

She picked up her bag off of the arm chair and brought it over to a small round table in a little nook adjacent to the kitchen. She walked into the kitchen and pulled out a small plate and brought it over to the table. She motioned for me to take a seat at one of the two seats at the table. I sat down and she came over to my chair dropped her bag and placed the plate down on the table. Diane sat on my lap facing me and straddling me with her legs. She kissed me on the lips and ground her crotch against mine.

Diane looked me in the eyes and said “I wish we could have done this a lot earlier. When you came behind the bar to help me, I wanted to kiss you so badly. OK, I am going to cut us a couple of lines, roll up a bill, OK?”

She left my lap and slid the other chair next to mine, while I was removing a crisp $10 bill from my wallet. I rolled it up nice and tight, while Diane pulled a triangle shaped envelope out of her handbag. She reached over to a drawer in the kitchen (she didn’t have to leave her seat) and pulled out a razor blade. Next she opened the envelope, which was really a half page of a magazine folded neatly, and inside was a sizeable amount of a white chalky/rocky powder. Diane poured about a quarter of the coke on the plate and proceeded to chop the rocks and spread the power into some nice thick lines. I reached to my left and handed her the rolled up bill and she placed it next to her right nostril and then she closed her left nostril by holding it down with the index finger on her right hand. Diane bent over and started inhaling one of the six fat lines she had created on the plate. Half way through the line, she switched the bill to her left nostril and sucked up the other half of the line.

She handed the bill to me while she made a couple of inhaling sounds to be sure that she got all the powder up her nose. She walked to the kitchen, opened the fridge and pulled out two Budweiser cans and came back to the small table. I was just finishing up my line and she sat on my lap again like she did just a moment ago and kissed me deeply. I slid my hands under her shirt (a cute white cotton button down number), so that I could feel her skin.

Her skin felt as good as it looked. I was massaging her lower back as we kissed very passionately. I loved the way she stuck her tongue behind my upper front teeth and licked the roof of my mouth and back of my teeth. I loved the fact I was kissing one of my “dream fucks” and was really getting into the kisses. Diane pulled away from me and opened our beers and handed one to me and we both drank a big swig directly from the can. We sat down the beers on the table and started kissing again, deep tongue kisses and both of us hand our hands up the back of each others shirts rubbing the small of the back.

We finished our kiss and looked at each other and we both started laughing at the same time. We realized without even speaking that this was probably an evening we wanted to have a lot earlier and at the same time, this was the only time it was going to happen. After we finished laughing, I stood up without letting go of Diane and held her in my arms with her feet about six inches above the ground.

“Well, this is a night we are going to remember, huh?” I asked.

“Absolutely, now kiss me again I love the way you kiss me.” Diane answered.

We kissed again and drank some more of our beers and tooted another line. We smoked a cigarette chatted a lot and Diane said “We smell like we just came out of a cheap bar! I am going to take a shower.” Immediately after she said that she slipped off her clothes and stood naked in front of me. She smiled and started walking towards the bathroom.

It didn’t take me long to take off my clothes and follow Diane to the back of the apartment and the bathroom. By the time I entered the bathroom, the water was warming up and she was waiting for me, just outside the shower. We held each other and kissed again. Diane whispered in my ear “I love you, Tony. Tell me you love me too, I just want to hear those words, it makes me hot.”

“I love you Diane, tonight is my dream come true.” I replied, knowing it was just part of an exaggerated comment to make the evening more interesting.

Fuck, she was hot. This was a body that could have been in a swimsuit ad. She was olive skinned, not an ounce of fat on her and the best looking ass you could imagine. She had small breasts, but they were so perky, they looked as good as Sheila’s big ones. She had the body of a twenty year old, even though she was probably 35. Diane stepped in the tub and said the water was warm, so I followed her in the shower. She wasted no time in kissing me and rubbing her body up next to mine. She had a bar of soap in her hands and she started rubbing the bar on my chest and created quite a bit of lather. In a few minutes, we had soap suds all over us and were having a great time kissing and soaping each other.

I was in the middle of rubbing soap on Diane’s back as she had her hands pressed against the shower wall directly beneath the shower head. I continued to wash her back with my left hand as I slipped my right hand between her legs and started to rub her pussy. My index and middle fingers slipped right inside her cunt and Diane let out a very sensual moan. She pulled my fingers out and turned around to face me and said “I think we need to rinse off and get out of the shower.”

I agreed and we rinsed off all the soap but as we were doing this she was handling my cock and I was kissing her tits and just feeling each other up everywhere. When we were all rinsed off we stepped out of the shower and Diane grabbed a huge towel and started drying us off. She alternated between rubbing by back with the towel and then her legs, next my arms and shoulders, then her chest. After a minute or so she opened up a door in her bathroom and grabbed another towel and threw it at me. We dried ourselves off and then she grabbed my towel from me and threw it in a laundry basket in the corner of the bathroom. Diane grabbed my hand, led me to the kitchen and pulled out a couple of cold beers from the refrigerator. We each opened the beer had a nice drink and decided to do another line.

We were now drunk, high, naked and horny so the obviously next destination was her bedroom. We pulled down the comforter and top sheet and were pawing over each other in no time. We fell into a sixty-nine position with me lying on my back and her legs spread around my head. Diane was deep throating my cock as I was eating her pussy and occasionally sticking my tongue up her asshole. After a few minutes she climbed off me and spun around so that she was looking at me fact to face and slowly slid her cunt on my throbbing dick. She slid up and down on my cock and I was feeling awesome. The booze and the coke made my dick stay hard without cumming too quickly.

Diane slid off my cock and lay down next to me and told me to get on top. As I slid over to mount her, she flipped over so that she was lying on her stomach. I moved my cock so that I could shove it deep in her pussy, but she wrapped her left arm behind her back and redirected my dick up between her ass cheeks. I immediately knew what this bitch wanted! I rose up on my knees and with my right hand I positioned my hard dick right at her puckered ass hole. I gently slid in the head of my cock inside her ass and Diane moaned, actually screamed with pleasure. “Tony, YES!!!! God I love that! Fuck me baby!”

I lowered my hips so that the entire length of my cock went deep in her ass. I started moving back and forth with my hips and fucked her ass and Diane was loving it. I slid out of her back side and she immediately flipped over onto her back. She reached out with her arm and opened a drawer on the night stand next to her bed. In the drawer she pulled out a huge dildo. It must have been six inches long and very thick. “Will you stick this in my pussy as you fuck my ass?” She asked.

This was cool! As I grabbed the fake cock from her she slid a pillow under her butt and I started inserting it into her pussy. She helped me shove it deeper and deeper into her cunt and in a few seconds, it was all the way in. “Now fuck me baby. I want that cock of yours in my ass and to fuck me hard.”

I wasted no time and shoved my little cock in her ass all the way in so that my balls were bouncing off her ass. In and out I pounded her ass and Diane was rocking back and forth moaning. “I love you, Tony! Keep fucking me. I love your cock in my ass, I love you! Fuck me, keep fucking me!”

I got off of her and I got out of the bed, grabbing her hand I made her stand up and then bend over at the waist and lean over the bed. I reached between her legs and started to move the big dildo in and out of her cunt with my right hand. With my left hand I held her long black hair and pulled her head back as I shoved the dildo in her pussy. “What do you want baby? What do you want?” I asked.

“I want your cock in my ass. FUCK ME PLEASE.” Diane turned her head around so she could see me as she was begging me for my cock.

My cock went right into her ass all the way, and it felt so good. I was pounding her ass while I continued to shove the big dildo in her cunt. I felt her ready to climax and she started to shake while she shoved her ass towards my cock, so that I could get in her deeper. “Fuck me Tony, fuck me while I cum.”

I pulled on her hair hard and shot my load inside her ass as she came really hard. I pulled out of her ass and she pulled the dildo out of her pussy and knelt before me and started licking my balls. “You are dynamite, Tony.” I wish we could do this again! She continued to lick my dick until it was clean and also licked my asshole and balls thoroughly. My dick was getting hard again and about five minutes later she was begging me to come in her mouth. I didn’t think I could do it, but she got me so turned on that soon I was shooting a load of white cum in her mouth. Diane swallowed every last drop and gave me a big wet kiss after she finished.

I left about twenty minutes later and drove home, but I kept thinking about me fucking her ass and the use of the dildo. It gave me a couple of ideas that I was dying to try out.

Chapter 6: Dildos, a Quickie and Another Neighbor

The next couple of days were quiet. I needed to take it easy after the trip to New York and the two fuck marathons with Diane and Sheila. Monday and Tuesday I spent in my office in downtown Los Angeles. On my lunch break each day, I went to some stores in downtown Los Angeles that featured cheap clothing, jewelry and other items. Wednesday I worked out of my house and that evening after work, I went to the local adult book store and bought three dildos. One was small about the size of my own dick and the others were longer and thicker. The longest one was about eight inches long. All three were shaped like cocks and the medium one actually had a set of balls attached to it. My next stop was the drug store where I picked some additional make up supplies, a box of lubricated condoms and a tube of KY lubricant jelly.

When I returned home, I had a few drinks and then I took a nice hot shower. I brought a razor and shaving cream into the shower and actually shaved my legs very carefully. It was very scary, as I didn’t want to cut myself and I actually did a pretty good job. I shaved off the rest of my chest hair that I had and when I got out of the shower I trimmed my under arm hair significantly. Lastly I trimmed all around my balls and trimmed up the pubic hair so just a little patch above my cock was left. I couldn’t believe I really did it; I had shaved my whole body.

I dressed up like a cheap slut, but this time I didn’t have to put the second pair of thigh highs on as my legs were shaved. I wore the black fishnet thigh high stockings with my high heel pumps. I also had on a short mini skirt, black panties and a long sleeve red blouse. I put on all my jewelry and looked like I was ready to go out to a bar. But instead I climbed onto my bed and started playing with my new dildos. I sucked on each one of them; I practiced taking the entire length of the cocks in my mouth. I was able to do the short one and the medium one that was about six inches long. I also got most of the big thick one in my mouth as well.

I also lubed up my asshole and stuck a condom on the short dildo. In a short while, I was taking the full length of this up my ass and loving how it felt. I was dreaming of someone pounding my ass with a real cock, like I did to Diane on Sunday night. I wasn’t sure how I could ever get to that point, but I would have to find out a way to try it. I decided to take the six inch missile next and it was easier than I thought. Soon I was lying on my back fucking myself with the six inch dildo and stroking my hard cock. I was in ecstasy and soon I shot a load of cum all over my bed while I had the full length of the dildo in my ass! As I pulled the dildo out, it was the most sensual feeling, I felt empty once it was out of me and I knew that I needed to fill that hole up some how some way.

I was exhausted; I just fucked myself silly with a trio of dildos. I slipped off my clothes and put on a sexy red negligee that I found in a Goodwill store. It featured a red lace top with a pair of red lace panties. Attached to the top were four garter straps that I hooked on to a pair of red silk stockings. I looked at myself in the mirror and then lied down and fell asleep. I woke up the next morning around 10 AM a sight for sore eyes.

I took a shower and put on a suit to go to a 1 PM appointment in downtown Los Angeles. The meeting went very well and I was done by 3 PM. I completed some projects made phone calls and was out of my office by 4 PM. It felt great to be all caught up at work and done early.

I had worked out my schedule for next week. I had to make a three city trip that included San Diego, Phoenix and Las Vegas. I was hoping to have at least a free day in Vegas at the end of the trip, but there were some details still to work out. I knew that I was going to drive to San Diego Monday morning and probably fly to Phoenix and Vegas later in the week.

It was Thursday night and I had nothing on my plate for Friday work wise, so I had three days to play until I left on my trip. I drove home and was in my apartment by 5:00. I played back my voice mail messages and there was one from Sheila, telling me that she wanted to know if I would be home tonight around 6:00. I called her back and she told me that she had so much fun Saturday, but a lot of the night was kind of “foggy”. I told her I felt the same way. The reason for her call was to find out if I could do her a favor. She was leaving town for a few days and was wondering if I could water her plants on Saturday or Sunday, as she was going to be gone until Tuesday and they would need at least one watering. I agreed and she told me she was leaving in a couple of minutes, so if it was ok she would drop off the key on her way out.

About five minutes later Sheila knocked on the door and I let her in. She looked great. She was dressed in a blue denim skirt, with western boots and a white cotton button down blouse. She wore a head band and her hair was pulled back in a pony tail. Her eyes were so alive now that she was sober and even more beautiful than ever. I led her in my apartment and I put my arms around and gave her a kiss. She had on pinkish lipstick and it tasted great. There was no awkwardness in our kiss or embrace; I think we were both comfortable in being “casual fuck friends.”

“I have to run, I can’t stay, and I have to catch a plane.” She said in between our first and second kiss.

I leaned into her and pressed my body next to hers and she leaned her back against my front door for support. I slid my hand up her skirt and I could tell she was already wet. She reached down and unbuckled my belt and slid down my pants as I slid up her skirt. I wasted no time as I slid her panties down and right there against my front door started fucking her. Sheila climbed up my body and wrapped her legs around my waist I was now holding and fucking her as she bit my neck and sucked on my throat. “God, Tony! You get me so fucking wet. Fuck me baby, I love your cock!”

I laid her down on the floor and she knelt on all fours and I started fucking her from behind. Sheila was a great doggy style fuck because she was shoving her cunt backwards so that my cock was buried inside her. She was so fucking wet and her pussy was hot, I could feel the warmth around my cock as I continued to shove it in her cunt. I knew neither of us was going to last very long, as she started to moan and move faster. Very shortly she exploded in orgasm. After she shivered from ecstasy, she pulled off my cock kneeled in front of me and started sucking my cock until I came in her mouth.

The whole episode lasted maybe five minutes. “Well, you won’t be late for your flight!” I laughed. She laughed too and we pulled on our clothes. She gave me the key to her apartment kissed me again and she was off.

“There is nothing like a quickie!” I thought out loud. What a great way to start a long weekend, fucking my neighbor!

I decided to take a shower and touch up all the shaving I had done yesterday. It was much easier shaving my legs and there was only a hint of stubble on them. I realized I was lucky that Sheila did not notice my shaved legs. I was going to have to come up with an excuse for that in the near future. Next I applied shaving cream to my arms and shaved off all the hair on my arms (need another explanation for that too!). After showering, I dried myself off and slipped on a pair of white thong panties and a women’s silk robe that I bought at Goodwill. It was a light pink robe in very thin transparent material. It was very short and only reached the middle of my thighs. It felt so sexy on my body as I walked into my kitchen to pour a drink. Then I did something different, I painted my finger nails. It was really easy as I applied a coating of bright red polish. It took about half an hour for them to dry and I kept myself busy by having a couple of drinks. After finishing my drinks and my nails were dry, I got prepared to get dressed up into a new outfit. I had bought some new items that I was dying to wear for the first time.

I opened up my special drawer and laid out my undergarments on my bed. I pulled out a new pair of black fishnet tights, a pair of new black silk thong panties, my black girdle and a brand new black bra. Next to the neatly organized items, I laid out my jewelry. Two big hoop earrings, two silver bracelets, a silver choker and a long silver necklace with a cross were my selections. I also took out my new black wig. It was about shoulder length with very straight and thin hair. It felt much lighter than my other wig and I thought it would be very comfortable. I brought out a white head band for the wig as well. The head bands made the wigs look more like my natural hair. I placed a wide black patent belt on the bed and also a new black patent handbag with a silver chain shoulder strap. It was a larger bag than my previous one and was the perfect compliment to my new outfit. I went into my bathroom and I pulled out my make up needs from the cabinet and laid them out as well. There was mascara, eye shadow, rouge, make up and lipstick.

I slipped out of my robe and panties and started dressing, first the panties, then the tights, next the girdle and bra. I went into the bathroom and put the majority of my make up on, except for the mascara and lipstick. I slipped the headband around my neck and placed the wig on my head. I secured it with the headband and used my brush to make it look presentable. I returned to my bedroom and pulled out a pair of over the knee black patent boots from a box in my closet. They were not those really high ones that went all the way up your thigh, but these went just over your knee and were made of stretch material on the shaft so they would fit tight to your let. They had a nice high heel about three inches, not to high that I would be falling down, but still high enough to be very sexy. This was one of my new purchases, and just looking at them made me start to squirm. They were so sexy and I couldn’t wait to put them on. I went back to the closet and slipped a brand new dress off of a hanger.

The dress was really hot. I bought it a store in Downtown when I went shopping at lunch on Tuesday. It was made of a black nylon material and had a lot of stretch to it, particularly below the waist. The tightness it was the reason I bought the new black panties. They were designed so that I could conceal my cock and balls without showing through my dress. The dress had short sleeves and the neckline was a “V” shape to it, but not cut too low on my chest. It was very short and when I slipped it on, I had to pull down on it just to reach the middle of my thighs. I sat down on the bed and placed my right foot in my new boots and pulled up the zipper making the boot cling to my calf and just above my knee. I did the same with my left foot and leg and then I slipped on my jewelry.

I went back to the bathroom and applied my mascara and lipstick. I did a little touch up work on my cheeks and on my wig and then I stepped into my bedroom and looked in the full length mirror. WOW, this was by far the best I had ever looked. My make up job was better, my nails looked hot and the dress and boots were so sexy. I slipped my handbag over my shoulder. I would have taken a picture of myself, but I had to figure out how to use the self timer on my camera (project for this weekend). I poured myself a drink and started to sip and wondered what I could do in my new outfit. Although I thought I looked very hot (for a cross dresser), the outfit was pretty slutty. I mean over the knee boots, fish nets, very short clingy dress and over the top jewelry give the impression of a whore. But I loved the way I looked and yes, I did look like a hooker!

It was still very early on a Thursday night, in addition to improving my look; I was getting faster at getting ready. To paint my nails, shower, shave and get dressed only took me about 90 minutes. I went out to my balcony and lit a cigarette and enjoyed the cool fall evening. I made a mental note to put on my light weight black jacket if I went for a walk. I looked over my balcony wall and checked out my neighbors’ house. The lights on the house were on and so were the lights on their patio. I wondered if the man I saw in the kitchen window before was home. For the first time, I looked carefully at the house and yard. They had a small back yard, with a patio directly in front of my balcony. The yard featured several plants and was kept up very nicely. I had never really noticed the details before, but I could see them very well as all the patio lights were on. Although my apartment was on the ground floor, my balcony was about ten feet off the ground and I could see the entire yard and also had the clear view of the kitchen.

I finished my cigarette and thought I would take a short walk. I slipped on my jacket, put all the necessities in my handbag and strolled out my front door. I walked down the hall and out the front door of my complex and strolled down to the sidewalk. I decided to walk down the path on the right side of the complex that separated the apartment property and the house next door I was checking out from my balcony. I went down the path and looked up to see my balcony above my head. I could see my neighbors’ house and then the patio through the white picket style fence that provided the barrier between the two properties. I walked to the end of the path very slowly where there was a door that led to a walkway to my pool area and then connected to the garage. I opened the door walked to the pool and then retraced my steps.

I got lucky! As I started to walk back towards the front of my apartment complex, my neighbor stepped out of his house and onto his patio with a big push broom in his hands. He was going to start sweeping his patio, when he saw me walking down the path. He immediately did a second look as he realized that he was looking at a girl walking by. I pretended not to notice him and when I got under my balcony, I bent over and pretended to be looking for something on the path.

I was kneeling for about ten seconds when I heard a masculine voice say “Hi, are you looking for something?”

I stood up and turned towards my neighbor with the broom who was now only about five feet from me. When I stood up I was holding my cigarette lighter in my hand and I said in my feminine voice “Hi, yes, but I found it. I dropped my lighter from my balcony and had to come get it.”

“Oh, ok. I was going to offer you a flashlight.” He offered.

“Thank you, that is so nice of you, but I found it.” I was talking in a very ditzy voice to sound like an “airhead’. “I remember you. I waved at you one time from my balcony.”

“Yes, I remember that, I thought that it must be you when you were looking under your balcony.”

“Actually, it is my brother’s apartment; I have been house-sitting for him lately.” I said this as I got my first good look at my neighbor.

He was about 5’ 10” and about 40 pounds overweight. He had a full head of grayish black hair and was probably about 55 years old. His skin was darker than mine and his voice hinted of an island dialect. He wore a long sleeve t-shirt and a pair of faded blue Levi 501 jeans and a pair of flip flops on his feet. He introduced himself as Peter and leaned his broom against the fence and extended his arm and hand over the fence.

I walked over to the fence and extended my arm towards his “Nice to meet you Peter, I am Sandy.” As I said this, he grabbed my hand gently in his and held it very securely, yet gently. “Your yard looks very nice, I was looking at it, when I was going to light my cigarette and then I dropped my lighter.”

Peter did not let go of my hand and was staring at me and said “Would you like to smoke your cigarette on my patio?” With his left hand, he unclasped a small latch and pulled a section of the white fence inward. I had not noticed the gate when I was talking to Peter, and now I had an invitation to his patio. “I am by myself and would love company for a couple of minutes, it is much better than sweeping.”

“Well, sure if you don’t mind.” I said.

Peter escorted me over to a table and chairs on his patio. “My wife is at her sister’s house tonight down in Riverside (a city about 90 minutes east) and won’t be home until tomorrow, so I am lonely. Getting to enjoy a smoke with a beautiful young lady is a joy.” His voice was somewhat authoritative and with his accent it was almost sexy to have a man talk to me in this manner.

“I am going to get a cigar and join you in a smoke, please make yourself comfortable. Can I get you a drink?” He asked.

“Thank you, sure, I will have whatever you are drinking.” I said.

I was very nervous as he walked into his house. I lit a cigarette to calm my nerves and crossed my legs at the knees and pulled down the hem of my dress. I thought out my strategy and decided to play like a dumb girl that was fascinated by anything he said. I was hoping this approach might give him confidence to be aggressive in talking about himself and keep my conversation to a minimum.

He returned holding two glasses holding a dark colored drink with ice cubes. “I brought us some rum and cokes; Cuba Libres, the drink of my homeland.” With this comment, I got him to talk about his Cuban heritage as we drank the very strong drinks (yes, he probably was trying to get me drunk on one drink) and he smoked his cigar (Cuban, of course).

I was on my second or third sip when he casually moved his chair closer to mine. I was nervous, yet excited and while continuing to urge him on to talk I was trying to make a game plan. He asked me how long I was house-sitting and I told him my brother was coming home tonight, but I might be around some of this weekend visiting some other friends in the area. As he got near the end of his drink and I pulled out another cigarette, he extended his lighter to give my cigarette a light. He also placed his hand on my thigh just above the top of my boot. I placed my hand on top of his and I said “I don’t think your wife would like you placing your hand there, would she?

“I don’t care about what she thinks of me doing that, I wonder what you think of me placing it there.” He said.

I pulled my hand away and flicked some strands of hair from my forehead and ignoring his comment said “Peter, these lights are very bright, can you turn them down?”

He was up in a flash and the lights were down in a second. He returned a couple of minutes later with a tray. The lights were out, but I could still see that on the tray was an ice bucket, a small plate with wedges of limes, a bottle of Havana Club Rum and a tall bottle of Coke. He wasted no time in “freshening our drinks” and sat down even closer to me than before. “How long can you stay, Sandy?”

I felt his hand on my thigh again and his head was very close to mine. I took a big drink of my Cuba Libre and told him I only had a few minutes, as I had some things to do. I placed my hand on top of his. Then I removed it and said to him “Is there something you would like to do that only takes a couple of minutes?” As I said this I slid my hand over to his thigh and then onto his crotch. I could feel the shape of his cock and it was already getting hard.

I chugged the rest of my drink and told him to do the same. I poured us another round and I took a big swig, so did he. He pulled me gently out of my chair so that I was close to him and kissed me on the lips gently. I kissed him back gingerly and he tried to slip his tongue in my mouth. I gradually let him slide it in my mouth and then I started to kiss him back with my mouth accepting and sucking his tongue. I tasted the cigar smoke and rum on his breath. He was such a true “real” man and I loved the way his breath tasted. I sat down on his lap in a side saddle manner. Peter was rubbing the outside of my leg and thigh and was occasionally feeling up the cheeks of my ass under my dress.

I broke off our kiss gently and removed myself from his lap. I told him to turn off the kitchen lights and when he got up; I could see he had a full erection as there was a huge lump in the crotch of his jeans. Once he went through the doors to the kitchen and switched of the lights, the patio became much darker as the kitchen lights provided almost any remaining light on the patio from the kitchen window. It would be very difficult for anyone to see us on the dark patio. Peter came up to me and held me in his arms and kissed me again. This time he ground his body into mine and I could feel his hard cock pressed against me.

I guided him back to his chair and once he was seated, I kneeled under the table and in front of his chair. I unbuckled the belt on his blue jeans. Next I released the buttons on his waist band and fly of the jeans. I could immediately tell he did not have underwear on and this turned me on even more. As I unbuttoned the last button and spread out the jeans I could see his big cock. It was by far the biggest cock I had ever seen! It was almost as big as the new big dildo I had purchased a couple of days ago. I pulled down his jeans so that I could see his cock and balls.

Even in the dark, I knew his cock was well over 7” long and very thick. His balls were very heavy and he had a lot of black curly pubic hair. His big belly hung over his waist and I didn’t mind at all, as it made him an ordinary guy. “What do you think of my dick?”

One word came to mind “Yummy.” I almost cooed out the word.

I gently started stroking his cock and then I started simultaneously licking his balls. His cock was at full attention and I finally started licking the head of his cock. I held the base of his cock in my right hand and gently stroked it at the base, while I sucked on the head of his monster. I started slurping on his cock being careful to keep my mouth wide open as I went down on it and my lips very tight on it as I raised up. I was definitely making Peter happy as he was moaning and holding each side of my head in his hands gently as I went up and down on the head of his cock.

I started to go a little further down on his dick maybe getting half of in my mouth and still gently stroking the base of his cock, almost feeding it into my mouth. I moved very slowly with my mouth as I took him in and used my tongue to massage the tip and the bottom of his cock head while it was in my mouth. Then I sped up the pace and did some very quick up and down movements so that it made even more slurping sound. As my mouth moved up and down on his cock, it sounded like a cock going in and out of a tight pussy.

It was evident Peter was trying to hold back from cumming, as he was not looking at me when I made eye contact with him. He was staring at the sky and trying to make the feeling go on and on. When he looked at me, I put the smile on my face that Linda taught me and he practically gasped out my name. “Sandy, you are fantastic at blow jobs! Please don’t stop.”

I waited to be sure he was watching and I lowered myself even further down on his huge cock. It was so wide it was stretching my lips and jaws to take more in my mouth, but thanks to my “practice”, I kind of knew what to expect. As I took another inch in my mouth, I could feel the urge to gag as his cock started to hit the back of my throat. I knew to just relax and gently accept a little more of his cock until the feeling passed. In a second the feeling passed and I looked up to Peter’s eyes and the look on his face said it all. He was in bliss and was shocked that I now had almost all of his cock in my mouth and on top of that was smiling. I gently came up on his cock the entire time rubbing my tongue on the underside of his cock.

I had to pause for a deep breath and then I opened my mouth as wide as I could and slid my mouth down on his cock deeper yet, again I could feel the urge to gag, so I paused, then slid down further and could feel my fingers on my lips. My index and middle finger were wrapped around the base of his cock, so I knew that I had almost his entire dick in my mouth and throat. “Fuck!” Peter said. “Suck my dick, you fucking slut.”

His hands moved from the side of my head and were now on the back of my head and neck. I rose up from his cock very slowly and gave him the sexy smile and took a very deep breath. I opened wide and went down again. This time I let go of his cock with my fingers and stopped half way down his cock. I was able to get a little breath of air as I paused and then I went down a little further. I felt his hands start to push my head down further and that is the little extra I needed. My lips were now around the base of his cock. I had all seven inches of his fat meat in my mouth and I knew he would remember me forever. I came up gently then I started going up and down really fast with my mouth, taking about five inches in and then repeating it very fast. Then I went all the way down on his cock again and licked his cock as I came up. He started pulling me harder with his hands so that he was face fucking me. “Fuck me bitch! Take my big cock you whore!”

He was getting ready to blow and I prepared myself for the shot of cum out of his monster cock. I felt the first stream coming and he released my head. I raised my mouth so that I only had about two inches in my mouth and started stroking his cock with my hand so that I could drink every bit of his load. He came hard and there was a lot of cum. I drank every last drop and there was not even a drop on the outside of my mouth.

“That was very yummy, Peter” I said. I took his cock in my hand and licked off all of the cum on the head of his dick and then I pulled up his underwear and jeans.

He quickly buttoned himself up and tucked in his shirt. I told him that I really enjoyed sucking his cock, but that I had to run.

“Sandy, thank you. This is our little secret, right?” Peter asked.

“Don’t worry, baby. As long as I can suck your cock once in a while, no one will ever know. I love your cock and I love the way you talk dirty to me. I am a little fucking slut and all I want to do is suck dick.” Listening to myself I truly sounded like a total airhead ditzy little slut.

He stood up and lifted me up, gave me a kiss on the cheek and said “I am pretty lucky to have a pretty little slut that likes my dick. I hope we can do it again.”

“Peter, I tell you what. When I am staying at my brothers and I am available, I will place an empty flower pot on the wall of my balcony. Then you will know I am available.” I had a similar arrangement with a girl in Phoenix that was married; only she did the flower pot trick.

“Ok baby, if I see the empty flower pot and I am alone, I will throw a note on your balcony with the time I am available and we can meet in the walkway we met tonight.”

He replied.

He told me to wait for just a couple of minutes. He walked into the kitchen and turned on the kitchen light. I lit a cigarette and poured myself a small rum and coke (boy were they good!). He returned and handed me an envelope. “For you. Open it later.” he said.

We said our goodbyes and I walked through the gate and on to the path to my apartment. As I walked away, I thought that I must be pretty convincing if I was able to fool Peter. I couldn’t wait to get back to my apartment and plan my next adventure. I walked in and immediately closed the curtains to my balcony I showered and put on some sweats and fixed dinner. I had a couple of drinks and tinkered around with my camera and my video camera.

I had forgotten about the envelope until I finished dinner. I opened it and inside was a note and two $20 bills. The note said “To my sexy little slut, Sandy. Go out and buy yourself something nice. Peter.”

Wow, I was officially a whore!

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