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Confessions of a Sex Crazy Cross Dresser Part 6

Chapters 11 and 12 of Book #1
Here are the next two chapters of Sandy's adventures

Chapter 11: Photo Shoot and the Elevator Ride

I slept great on Monday night after my craziest night of cross dressing. My body felt great as I slept in late. However, I had to admit, I felt like my ass had been torn up from Stan’s incredible cock. I realized now that almost all men wanted to get their rocks off with strangers. Stan and Bob were perfect examples, they wanted to fuck a girl or at least get a blow job. They were so happy they met a slut at the bar that wanted free drinks and to get laid.

I woke up and sat at the desk in my hotel room and made all of my business calls using my calling card. You have to remember, there were no cell phones and very few car phones in 1989. I did 100 sit ups and then I went for a run to try and sweat out the alcohol from the night before. Next I took a shower and then I got ready for work. I dressed in a suit and tie, as I was going to a couple of very nice stores. I finished my appointments and got in a little shopping in as well. I stopped for a bottle of scotch as I planned to spend the evening tonight in my hotel room and had only a drop left in the bottle I brought with me.

When I returned to my hotel, I went to my room and wrote up a recap of the day and got my orders from the day all organized. I made a few calls and then went downstairs to the lobby to fax in my reports and orders to the office. I asked for delivery menus for restaurants and returned to my room.

My plan for the night was to set up my camera on my tripod and using the self timer take pictures of myself in different outfits. I had been hoping to do this for a while, but never thought I would do it at home as I was always doing something. At my hotel, I was sure not to be disturbed and I had several hours to do the photos.

I really wanted to do some sexy lingerie shots, but I started first by putting on my clothes from last night. I wanted to have pictures of all the outfits I had dressed in previously. This way I would have a photograph to remind me of what I had done the past couple of weeks. Now that I was dressed, I called in an order for Chinese Food and made a drink. Next I set up my camera and tripod and found the best spots to shoot pictures of me standing up and also laying down in the bed. It was so much more difficult back then, as we didn’t have the cameras with remote controls and you couldn’t look at the picture like you can with a digital camera today.

Once I was all set up, there was a knock on the door as my food arrived. I paid for my food and the delivery boy left without me trying any maneuver. This was the first time I had passed up a potential quickie. I drank scotches, smoked cigarettes, ate Chinese Food and took pictures. I started with last night’s outfit, and then I took off my sweater and skirt and took pictures of how I was dressed when Stan fucked me. I tried on some other lingerie and took pictures. Then I put on Beth’s one piece bathing suit and was amazed how good I looked in the mirror. After that I took pictures of my outfits worn with Carlos, Sheila, Peter, and Joe the black pizza guy shot his wad all over me.

When I had finished I had taken three rolls of 36 pictures. It was around 11:30 and I went to light another cigarette. I realized that I was out of smokes and would have to go downstairs to get more. I had on my outfit I wore to Tango’s, it was a black patent dress that was very tight, and I looked as slutty as I could look. I debated what I should do, but I decided to go downstairs and use the cigarette machine next to the restroom (I remembered seeing it there last night). I checked my money and found that I had lots of quarters and one dollar bills, so I headed downstairs in my slutty outfit.

When I exited the elevator and crossed the lobby, I tried to stay clear of the bar. I didn’t want to see Larry the bartender and have him invite me in. I made it to the cigarette machine and bought by pack of Marlboro Lights and headed back across the lobby to the elevator. I pressed the call button and when the elevator arrived an older guy came up beside me and held the door open and motioned me to go first into the elevator.

“Thank you.” I said as I walked in the elevator.

“You are welcome. What floor?” he asked.

I told him the third floor, but he pressed the button for the tenth floor. “Do you mind if I go to my floor first? Maybe you would like to come with me?” he asked.

I was a little confused and it must have shown on my face as he carried on. “I have been drinking; excuse me, but how much would it cost me for you to come to my room?”

I finally figured it out that he thought I was a hooker. I don’t know how or why, but it came to me immediately. “Well, I don’t know if I am your type of girl, but it would be twenty dollars for me to come to your room. Fifty if you want to play with me after I am there, te hee.”

“That is a lot of money, but why would you not be my kind of girl?” he asked.

“Well that will cost you twenty to find out, te hee.” I said.

We arrived at his floor and without talking we both exited the elevator and he went to his door. He opened the door and I stepped in beside him. “Do you mind if I have a cigarette?”

“No not at all.” He answered.

I lit up a smoke and then I kissed this stranger right on the lips. I could taste bourbon on his breath and realized he was very aggressive. He immediately grabbed my ass and pulled me tight to his body. He said in a very aggressive voice “so baby what is going on now?’

I pushed myself away and asked “So, where is my twenty dollars?”

I watched as the drunken old guy reached into his wallet and pulled out a twenty dollar bill and handed it to me. I grabbed the money, placed it in my purse. I took a big drag off my cigarette and said “Have you ever been with a cross dresser?” I paused for a couple of seconds and then I continued. “You see, I am a guy dressed in women’s clothing. So if you want the best blow job you have ever received or to fuck me it will cost you thirty dollars more, if not, I will leave with no hard feelings.”

“Well I will give you ten more dollars and you will do what I say, how’s that.” He stated.

I held out my hand and he gave me another ten dollar bill. He then told me to take off my dress but to leave everything else on. I practically had to pour myself out of the dress it was so snug and now I was left wearing a black bra, panties, garter belt, black fishnet stockings and a pair of high heel black patent pumps. I stood in the middle of his room as he took off all of his clothes.

“I am sorry, but I am not too good about following directions.” I said as I knelt down on the floor and started playing with his cock. It was almost identical to mine, very small about four inches long and growing as it started to get hard. He moaned as I started to play with his balls and take his shaft in my mouth. I quickly started sucking on it going up and down as fast as I could. I took his whole length in my mouth and would lick his scrotum as I swallowed his cock. Faster and faster I fucked his cock with his mouth.

He pulled out of my mouth and told me to lie down on the floor on my back. He put his knees on each side of my face and stuck his dick right in front of my mouth. “Give it to me baby, fuck my mouth!” I said.

This was just what he had in mind as he grabbed his cock with is right hand and slipped it into my mouth. I moaned with excitement as he started to grind his hips and gently rock back and forth sticking his dick further in my mouth. I moved my head forward to take his full length and then I grabbed his ass and started pulling his ass towards me to make his thrusts more powerful. He was now slamming his cock deep in my mouth. I loved how he would bang against my face with his body and his balls would rise up and slap me on my chin as he fucked my mouth harder than anyone ever had. I was very careful to avoid touching his cock with my teeth as I kept my mouth wide open. I slurped on his cock with my lips creating a very tight opening that was driving him crazy.

“Fuck my dick with your mouth, you fucking whore. Eat my dick!” He said.

I moaned in delight in between his violent piston like thrusts into my mouth. I looked up at him with my eyes like I was in ecstasy (because I was loving every second). “You like my cock in your mouth, don’t you? You are a fucking cock slut!” he said.

I nodded in agreement as I pulled hard on his ass so that his cock was fully stuffed in my mouth and I could lick the top of his balls while he had his meat crammed in all the way. He pulled on the back of my head so his cock went further in me. It felt like I was being fucked in the mouth with a huge cock because he was so good at turning me on.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and told me to get up and led me over to the desk in his room. He pulled out the desk chair, spun it around so the back of the chair faced me and told me to lean over and hold onto the back of the chair. I reached over to my handbag and slipped out a condom and handed the packet to him, as I knew what he was about to do. Then I assumed the position he desired and I heard him open the condom wrapper. He pulled down my panties all the way down to my feet and I slipped off my sheath. I lifted up my feet so he could slip my panties off fully and then I leaned over put my hands on the back of the chair so that I my back was parallel to the floor.

I felt his cock against my ass and it slid right in. “Oh, baby. That feels so good! I want you to fuck my pussy. Give it to me!” I said.

The stranger gave a good thrust and his cock was all the way in my ass. “Nice tight ass pussy. Get ready baby, I am going to fuck you good.” He said

He started out with gentle, but deep thrusts. He slid his cock all the way into my ass and I felt heavenly. All my soreness from Stan was gone as I was back doing what I loved. He gradually started increasing the pace and then he became more powerful. As he would slam his cock deep in my pussy, I would time my movements so that I thrust back at him to maximize the depth of his cock in my ass. I lost control of time as I had never been fucked like this. I was moaning and shoving my ass faster and faster to meet the fucking machine of his cock.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop, it feels so good.” I eventually moaned.

After at least five minutes of serious fucking he pulled his cock out and led me to the bed. He told me to lie down on my back; I followed his directions and realized he would see my stiff cock in this position. I was now on his bed on my back and he came on the bed and spread my legs. He placed a pillow directly under my butt. Then he placed one of my legs on each of his shoulders and reached down to his hard cock and guided it back into my ass pussy. He slammed it in all the way on the first plunge and I screamed “Yes! Oh my god yes!”

His cock was unbelievable. He started fucking me very slowly but deeply. He would take a full two seconds to shove his meat inside me all the way so that his cock was deep in my ass. Then he would glide it out and slowly back in. After a couple of minutes of me moaning and begging for more, he picked up his speed now he was fucking me hard. I was so fucking hot; I loved seeing my legs wrapped around his neck with my high heel pumps sticking in the air. I was so vulnerable and loved the feeling. He was now slamming his cock into me at a rapid speed and as hard as he could and I was sliding my ass along the bed to meet every one of his cock thrusts.

I realized the old saying “size doesn’t matter” was so true. The way this stranger was fucking me was the best feeling I ever felt. I was like a fish out of water as I was rocking in the bed side to side and shoving my ass to meet every thrust of his cock. My cock was rock hard, but I wasn’t even touching it, because all I wanted was his dick to continue to pound inside me, deep inside me.

“You are my little bitch, understand me?” He said as he continued to pound my ass. “Now turn around and get on your knees.”

He removed my legs from his shoulders and I realized they were weak as he had been pounding my ass in that position for over ten minutes. I rolled over and propped myself up on all fours and waited for him to fuck me more.

“More, more! I want more of your cock. You are the best fuck, I have ever had.” I said.

This time he started with a bang and immediately shoved his cock into my pussy as hard as he could. I squealed in pain/pleasure. When he shoved his cock in me he slapped the side of my ass and said “Take that bitch.”

Then he surprised me on the next thrust he grabbed my little cock and stroked it as he shoved his own meat deep in my ass. I tried to brush his hand off my cock, but I was so hard and it felt so good.

“Here I cum” He said.

He gave me a final huge powerful thrust and buried his cock deeper in me than anytime before and held it deep in my ass as he exploded. “Fuck, I am cumming in your ass, you fucking slutty cock whore.” His orgasm lasted at least ten seconds and he started stroking my cock at the end of it.

He pulled his cock out of my ass and rolled me over. My cock was standing straight up and he immediately took it in his mouth and sucked on it Five seconds later I knew I was going to cum.

“Are you ready?” he said.

I nodded and he told me to stay still and he pulled my legs up in the air. He kept raising them until my shoulders and my hands were the only thing touching the bed. My feet were well above my head and my soles of my shoes were flat against the wall above the headboard of the bed. I never realized I was so limber, but as that thought ran through my head, my cock was exploding and my cum shot out of my cock and all over my chest and face.

He laid me down gently on the bed and told me to drink up all of my own cum. I obeyed his request and scooped up my own cum from my chest, chin and cheek and swallowed all that I could find.

He got out of the bed and handed me my panties, sheath and dress. He told me to go get dressed in the bathroom. I came out of the bathroom and he had another twenty dollar bill in his hand.

“Not too bad baby! Here is a tip for you.” He said as he handed me the bill.

I could tell he wanted me to leave, so I told him good bye and started the walk back down the hallway to the elevator. I was in a state of mind that felt fabulous. I thought maybe I should have paid him $50, as that was the most fun Sandy ever experienced. I also thought, what a great way to make $50, too bad I couldn’t quit my day job.

Chapter 12: 3:10 to Yuma

My last day in San Diego started as the day before; exercise, business calls, shower, breakfast and a morning appointment. I returned to the hotel and did all my business work following up from the appointment. I called my office to tell them I would be in a car all day and would check in tomorrow morning.

I packed all my bags and took them downstairs and loaded them in the van. I checked out of the hotel and then I returned to my room to make a quick change. I dressed up in a very conservative Sandy outfit, as I knew I would be driving all day and didn’t want to be caught in a slutty outfit on the road. I put on clothes that a business woman would wear. Black pants, long sleeve beige blouse with pearls, a black blazer and the only thing sexy were my high heel black patent pumps. I had on a pair of white panties with my little dick hider and a white bra. The most exciting thing to put on was my new wig. It was a lot fuller and longer than my others. It was dark brown and had lots of curls and went down past my shoulders by six inches. If I dressed the part, I would look like a brunette “Valley Girl”.

It was about 1:00 PM when I left my room with the remainder of my things and took the elevator ride to the lobby. I was walking out the back door of the hotel that led to the parking lot and I bumped into Larry the bartender who was just arriving for work. He smiled at me and I grinned back at him as we passed each other.

About two seconds later I heard his familiar voice. “Sandy?” he asked.

I turned around and replied “Hi Larry, yes it is me.”

“I like your hair, you changed it.” He said. “I didn’t recognize you at first.”

“Thanks, yes I just had it done yesterday. I have to run, I am late, but I will see you next time in town.” I said.

I turned back around and headed for the van thinking I had a following here in San Diego. I threw my things in the back of the van, but brought my handbag with all my essentials in the front seat with me. I was going to drive half way to Phoenix this afternoon to a city called Yuma. It is about a three hour drive, so I thought by taking my time on the road I should arrive around 5 PM.

The drive is through the desert and on Interstate 8 you don’t have many stopping places. I drove the first hour through San Diego and the eastern suburbs and soon I was out in the desert. I passed the time listening to the radio and smoking cigarettes and enjoying the warm weather. It was very warm and I drove either with the air conditioning on or with the window open slightly (I didn’t want to mess up my new wig).

It was amazing that almost every man that passed me tried to make eye contact. I was really finding out how much of a pig every guy is, like me. The only difference was in my life as Sandy, I loved the fact they looked at me, I was the biggest slut and loved to be a cock whore. I loved it when truckers would pass me or I would pass them, they always smiled and waved. I could only imagine what attention I would get from them, if I were dressed in my usual slutty clothes.

I stopped in El Centro a small city about half way between San Diego and Yuma. I pulled into a gas station and used the full serve aisle, as I thought that was what most women would do. El Centro is very close to the border with Mexico and most of the population is from south of the border. The attendant did not speak much English, but he was able to show me where the rest rooms were located.

When I returned from the restroom the van was filled with gas and the windshield was cleaned. I gave him money for the gas and a tip for cleaning my windows and gave him a little squeeze on the butt as I stepped into my van. His look on his face was priceless as he was trying to think of some way to stop me from leaving to find out if he could have more than a quick squeeze.

I drove off down the road and found the on ramp to Eastbound Interstate 8. As I pulled on the on ramp, there was a hitchhiker with a big back pack at his feet. I slowed down and pulled up beside him and rolled down the passenger window and took a look at him. He was a short young man about 5’ 6” tall and slightly built, I would guess about 130 pounds. He had long blond hair and bright blue eyes, overall a very handsome face with a couple days beard growth on his pretty face.

“Where you going?” I asked.

“Phoenix.” He replied.

He was wearing blue Levi jeans that had been cut off to make shorts, a white t-shirt with big red letters that said SDSU and a pair of van tennis shoes with no socks.

“I can take you to Yuma, that is an hour closer than here.” I said.

“Great, I just want to keep moving.” He said.

I told him to throw his bag in the back with my stuff and take a seat in the front. He went to the back of the van and opened the back door and laid his back pack on top, then walked back to the passenger door and hopped in. I sped up and we were soon on the freeway headed east towards Yuma.

I introduced myself and found out a little about him. His name was Brian and he was from Phoenix. He was a freshman at San Diego State University and was headed home for a few days as his older sister was getting married Friday night in Phoenix. He was hitch hiking to save money and to surprise his family. His family offered to pay for a bus on Friday, but he wanted to make it a surprise for his sister.

Brian was a smoker so we passed the first thirty minutes learning about each other and smoking cigarettes. He didn’t look at me the way the guys did at the hotel, but I could tell that he was at least “checking me out”. I don’t think he was particularly attracted or not attracted to me. In my outfit, I looked very normal, so as we drove I was trying to figure out a plan to see if I could get into this little freshman’s pants. I got an idea when I saw a sign for a rest area ahead. We had been driving about 40 minutes and were about 30 miles away from Yuma.

“I am sorry, but I have to stop at that rest area ahead, I need to go to the bathroom.” I said.

“Great, I need to go too!” He replied.

I pulled into the rest area and parked the van. I grabbed my handbag and stepped out of the van and stretched my legs... “It is so hot!” I said. “I hope you don’t mind, but I am going to change into something cooler, so I may be a few minutes.”

He told me it was no problem. I went to the back of the van and grabbed my shopping bag that had my most recent purchases. I went into the ladies room and there were about four other women there. I realized that they did not even look twice at me. I stepped into a stall and despite the cramped quarters, I removed my conservative outfit and relieved myself. Next I pulled out my new school girl outfit.

I kept on my white panties, sheath and bra. I slipped on my white tank top and then the white cotton button up blouse. Next the plaid skirt and then the white ankle high frilly socks and my white patent pumps. I stuffed my other outfit in the shopping bag and stepped out of the stall. I approached the sink and washed my hands and took my make up from conservative to a sexy. I added more mascara, changed my lip color to bright fuschia added some rouge to my cheeks, and put a headband in my hair that matched my plaid skirt.

The women walking into the rest room sure paid attention to me now, unlike the first ones. They all did a double look, I mean I did look pretty sexy, and they all had the look on their face, why is she here dressed like that. But that was not the look I received when I returned to the van. Brian was looking in the opposite direction and did not see me coming. He was leaning against a picnic table about 10 feet from the van smoking a cigarette when he heard me approach and when he turned around, I thought his tongue was going to fall out of his mouth.

“Are you ready, Brian?” I asked. “I feel so much better, I was burning up.”

I walked around to the passenger side and unlocked his door, then to the back and unlocked the back door to throw my shopping bag in the back. As I walked around to my side I noticed that Brian was doing everything to watch what I was doing.

“Wow, Sandy, I mean nice outfit.” He stammered.

“Thanks, I just wanted to be cooler and this was my easiest outfit to grab. It’s kind of young for me, but I love the way it feels.” I said.

I started the van and I noticed the difference in how Brian looked at me now. He was totally enjoying the view of my bare legs. I left the air conditioner off and rolled down the window a little bit. I lit a cigarette as we pulled out of the rest area. I didn’t talk as I was smoking the cigarette and the van’s temperature was pretty warm. When I threw my smoke out the window, I spoke for the first time.

“Wow, it is hot!” I said.

“Yes, it is.” Brian replied. “I am sweating.”

“Can you do me a favor? Can you hold the wheel for a second?” I asked. As Brian reached over and grabbed the wheel I continued. “I need to take this blouse off. Don’t worry, I have a shirt on underneath.” I laughed as I finished saying this.

I untied the bottom of my blouse and unbuttoned it. I peeled it off of my arms and threw it in the back seat. I was down to a tank top, bra, skirt, panties, socks and shoes. I was showing him a full view of my long legs and I think Brian was getting aroused.

As I grabbed the wheel back I patted the back of Brian’s hand and said thank you. As soon as he pulled his arm back he went right for his cigarettes. He lit up a smoke and I watched him out of the corner of my eye and he could not take his eyes off of me. He would look at my thighs first then my tits, which was funny, because I had none. But I think he liked seeing my bra through the tank top and since it was padded, it gave the illusion I had a set of small breasts.

“What are you thinking Brian?” I asked. “You seem to be staring at me. And yes you must be hot, look at you…you are even sweating on your legs.”

I reached over and put my right hand on his left knee and rubbed my hand on his leg feeling the sweat.

“See.” I said holding up my hand.

I put my hand back down on his thigh pretending to be just rubbing the sweat off of my hand on to his shorts.

“I am sorry; it’s just that you look so much different.” Brian said.

“Which look do you prefer, the old me or the new me?” I asked.

“I like this one a lot better.” He said.

I was now approaching the first exit for Yuma and started to pull off at the exit. “Well, I guess this is it. Here we are in Yuma.” I said and pulled the van up to the stop sign at the end of the off ramp and waited for a long line of traffic to go by.

Needing a good stretch I raised my arms straight up and stretched my back upwards. The stretch was successful as I was trying to discreetly raise my skirt a little higher to show more of my legs. “Oops, I am sorry. My skirt is all hiked up. But looking at your shorts, you don’t see to mind.” I laughed. I drove across the street and into the parking lot of a strip mall that was adjacent to the east bound on ramp.

I could tell I had this young boy of 18 all messed up. I was practically daring him to touch me and he was so innocent and nervous at the same time, he didn’t know what to do. Not to mention, he was shorter and smaller than me, he was probably intimidated by just about everything.

I stopped the car in a deserted section of the almost vacant strip mall and Brian finally spoke. “Thank you for the ride. You are so nice and you are so beautiful.”

“Thank you, Brian.” I said and I leaned over and kissed him on his cheek. “You are very nice too and very handsome.”

I then lifted the console between the two seats and twisted it so I could access the back seat. I lifted my arm rest and turned to go back to the back seat and said “Let me go back and get your bag, sweetie.”

I now wedged between him and my seat to go back to the rear of the van. As I did this maneuver, my ass was two inches from his face. Brian reached out and rubbed his hand against the outside of my left thigh. I pretended not to notice too much, but I stopped dead in my tracks and pretended that I needed to pick up and fold my discarded blouse and waited to see what he might do.

This time he put his right hand on the inside of my knee and rubbed softly and moved his hand up about three or four inches closer to my crotch. I turned around and sat down on the seat in the back facing him. He rose up and followed me to the back seat and faced me and lowered his face into mine kissing me.

“Brian, what are you doing?” I asked.

“Sandy, I have never done this before. I have kissed girls, but I have never been with one before.” He said.

“Well, then let’s stop now. I don’t want your first time to be with an old hag like me. I am not an ordinary girl and I want your first time to be special.” I said.

He looked at me with a very curious face and I explained. “Brian, I am a cross dresser. I could suck your cock and you could fuck me and you would never know the difference, but I can’t do that to you if you are saving yourself for someone special.”

“Special, hell no. I just want to get laid.” He said. “But is this going to be weird?”

“No way baby, it is going to be sweet, just keep thinking of me as Sandy.” I said.

I drew the curtains on the side windows and switched places with Brian. I sat him down on the bench seat and I un-tucked his t-shirt. I slipped off his shoes and soon I had his shorts off too. He had a beautiful hard cock about six inches long. I kissed him on the lips and stuck my tongue down his throat as I straddled his body with my knees on each side of his legs. I stuck his right hand under my tank top and he started feeling my tits through my bra and then he slid both his hands underneath my bra and started working my tits and nipples

Moaning with pleasure I arched my back and slipped off my tank top and bra and shoved my tits in his face. “Feel them, squeeze them, suck on them, bite them, harder!” I said as I unsnapped my bra.

Brian was getting harder as he ate my right tit and was squeezing the other with his right hand. I moaned in pleasure and then I slid off the seat onto the floor and took his cock in my hand.

“Brian, you will get a lot of these in college, but I bet this is the best one you get in years.” I said.

I took his cock in my mouth and gave him the passionate treatment. I licked his cock up and down about twenty times keeping my eyes glued on his. I stroked it gently with my right hand and then I put the tip in my mouth and then I glided all the way down to the base of his shaft. That is all it took as he moaned and shot a huge load of cum in my mouth. I raised my mouth and then started stroking his shaft to get every last drop out of his cock. I licked him clean and the came up to him again and straddled him again and gave him a deep kiss.

Amazingly I could tell he was already getting hard again. I remembered when I was 18 and I could get hard again so quickly. I was excited as I knew I was going to get this young man laid. I grabbed my handbag and pulled out a condom, but first I wanted to get him good and hard.

So I went down on his cock again and my mouth did the best impression of a jack hammer. I went up and down on his cock as fast as I could for about two minutes. He was moaning and shoving my head down to take all of his meat in my mouth. Brian’s cock was very hard and I removed my mouth and placed the condom on his cock. I looked in his eyes and he had no idea what was coming next. I pulled down my panties and then I discreetly lubed up my ass. Then keeping my skirt on I turned my back to Brian and guided his shaft towards my pussy.

I felt the head of his beautiful dick start to stretch my ass and I let go with my hand and lowered my hips so his cock would enter me. The second I felt it go in, I felt a rush to my head that was becoming a familiar feeling, a feeling that was like an addictive drug. I screamed this time in ecstasy as I had been waiting all day to have a cock inside me.

I could not wait a second longer I shoved my ass down all the way on Brian’s young long cock. “Oh my god, yes!” I screamed.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh….oh my god.” Brian whispered.

He wrapped his arms around my stomach and tried to shove his dick further inside me. Up and down his hips rose off the seat, fucking my ass like a man gone wild. He was having his first fuck and he was out of his mind with lust. My head was hitting the roof of the van as he was practically standing up to shove his cock further in me.

I was loving every second and trying to meet his thrusts by slamming down on him to get his cock further up my ass.

“Fuck yea.” He said. “This is the best feeling in the world.”

I was able to spin sideways and get on my knees in the bench seat, while keeping his cock inside me and now he was on his knees behind me and could pound away.

“Go on baby. Now you can fuck me as hard as you want.” I said.

Brian attacked my ass like crazy. He held on to both of my hips for leverage and slammed his cock inside me so that his balls were slamming into the bottom of my ass and my balls. My cock was as hard as a rock as he shoved harder and harder as he was ready to explode.

“Come on baby, come in my pussy. I want to hear you shoot that big load of cum inside me.” I screamed.

“Here I cum, Sandy. I am going to cum so hard. Oh, I have never felt anything so good…..Ohhhhhhhhh…..I am cumming.” These last few words from Brian sounded like they were in a voice of someone outside his own body.

He pulled his cock out and I took the rubber off his cock. I threw it out the passenger window and I slipped on my panties and tank top. Brian started putting his shorts and shoes back on and when done, I gave him a big kiss.

“You aren’t a virgin anymore, Brian. Let me tell you, you were fantastic. I would fuck you anytime anywhere, big boy.” I said.

He smiled and thanked me again. I slid open the passenger door and handed him his back pack... He walked over to the on ramp and laid down his back pack and stuck his thumb out for a ride. I went to the back of the van and pulled out a t-shirt, a pair of shorts and a pair of flip flops. I got out a package of “handi” wipes and wiped as much make up and lipstick off as possible.

I slipped off my wig and jewelry and my clothes and threw them in the shopping bag. I slipped on the shorts, shirt and flip flops and climbed up to the front seat. I looked in the rear view mirror and I knew I would draw no attention checking in at the hotel. The only real remains of Sandy was the pink nail polish on my finger nails. I left the parking lot and drove to the east bound ramp. Brian was already gone, so he must have received a new ride in less than ten minutes.

The next exit was my stop and within five minutes I had reached the Motel 6 that I was staying in Yuma that night. Well it was not even 5 PM and I already had tasted a nice wad of cum and had been fucked by a nice young big cock. Pretty good day so far!

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