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Confessions of a Sex Crazy Cross Dresser Part 11

The final chapter of my first book with Sandy
Hi All, it required a couple of re-writes to make it better. The final chapter of Sandy's adventures in book 1. Please let me know if I should publish book 2

Chapter 21: Nikki’s Night and Sandy ’s Night to Remember

I finished shaving Nikki spending a lot of time shaving her pubic hair. I made a small heart shape right above her clit and took off all the rest of her hair. When I finished shaving my new love muffin, I took a shower. When I was dry we got dressed together after a couple more drinks and lines. We started by putting on our underwear. I was wearing a matching strapless bra, panties and garter belt, all in black. Nikki had on a strapless pink bra with matching panties and garter belt. She had on white pearlized stockings while I wore black fish nets again. I wore a new blond wig that was short and straight.

After applying our make up, we slipped into our dresses and shoes. I wore a high neck halter black dress that was very short. It was made of stretch nylon and showed off all of my curves. Nikki wore a pastel pink cotton dress with long sleeves, but had no fabric on her shoulders or neck. The top line went straight across her chest just above her tits. It was very tight and very short and showed off her fine ass and thin legs. We both had on high heel pumps, mine in black and hers in winter white.

“I think I am ready to try and make some money, Sandy.” Nikki said.

“It can be dangerous, so be careful or you may end up in jail.” I said.

“Let’s go!” She said.

I told her the rules of what to do and how we were going to proceed. Nikki looked very sexy and completely different than her punk outfit from earlier today. We strolled out of the hotel and decided to go to a bar across the street that featured pool tables and a juke box. Nikki had to show a fake I.D. to get served and we sipped our drinks sitting at a small round table, not far from the bar. We were there about ten minutes when the first guys started coming around.

They were two young Mexican guys that barely spoke English, but they did realize that we were ready for some action. I asked Nikki if she was sure she wanted to go through with this and she nodded yes. I negotiated with the guys who said they were living in a hotel down the street. I told them $40 for a blow job and that we would do it in their car in the parking lot, not at their hotel.

We left the bar and I sat in the front seat with one of the guys and collected the money. I put the $80 in my bra and told Nikki to hop in the back seat with the other guy. It was a pretty uneventful blow job for me as I went down on this guy deep and fast and had him shooting his wad in less than three minutes. I took off his condom and took a look in the back seat watching Nikki suck cock. She appeared to be having no problem at all taking the full length of the guy and two minutes later she got him off with a big load of cum in the condom. We stepped outside and started to walk back across the street towards our hotel. When we arrived in the parking lot, there was a guy getting out of his car carrying a suitcase and a briefcase.

I changed directions so that we would cross paths with the man. He was wearing a suit and tie and was heading for a room about six doors down from ours. As we passed, I said hello and we started a conversation. Five minutes later, Nikki was stripped out of her dress and riding his cock in his bed. I was licking his ass and balls as she rode his cock to an orgasm. We left with $100 and headed to our room.

Nikki decided to leave after our fun little outing. She called her friend and said she would be coming over and I gave her the $180. She thanked me and I told her to look me up if she came to Los Angeles, she could always leave a note at Tango’s for Sandy.

We kissed and said goodbye and I proceeded to have a couple of scotches and a few lines. I was really getting drunk and was already very high and decided I needed some stiff cock and a good night’s sleep. I downed another scotch on the way out the door and I was half stumbling when I left the motel. The cocktails got rid of all my inhibition, so I decided to go to an adult book store that was down the street about a block away. I put on a long coat that I bought at a thrift store and made the short walk to the book store. Underneath my coat I was still wearing my skin tight short black halter top dress with my come fuck me pumps and black fishnets.

There were a lot of cars in the parking lot and I read all the advertisement and signs outside the establishment. It was open 24 hours featured video booths and theatre in addition to books, video tapes, novelty wear and magazines. I was a little nervous as I stepped into the store, but all the booze had my nerves pretty calm. The store looked like a lot of video stores I had visited before, but this one had signs directing you to 25 Cent video booths featuring 60 channels and a $5.00 adult theatre. There were only a couple of guys shopping the videos and dildo sections, the rest of the people must have been in the booths or the theatre.

I approached the attendant behind the counter. The counter was elevated about five feet, so that my chin could rest on top of it, if I wanted to. I asked him about the theatre and video booths. He said the theatre was $5.00 and you could stay as long as you like as the shows run all night. The video booths took tokens and it required at least $2.00 of tokens to go in the booths. I gave him a $5.00 bill to exchange for tokens.

I went to the back of the store and entered the video booth section. The section was shaped in a “T” with an aisle going straight ahead with five booths on each side. At the end of the “T” was an aisle that ran perpendicular to the first one with more booths to the right and left. It was very dark as I slipped off my coat and started walking down the aisle.

About half the booths I passed had their doors closed and I could hear the videos playing as there were grunts and moaning from the actors in the movies. At the end of the aisle I came to the “T” and I looked in both directions. There was a guy standing at the end of the aisle on the right and he smiled at me. I smiled back and turned to the left and walked down the aisle. There were about five more booths and I went into the largest one about halfway down the aisle.

I stepped inside and closed the door to the booth and looked around. The 12” video screen gave off enough light that I could see that there was a bench seat attached to the door. I pulled it down and sat down and looked at the set up. The screen was directly in front of the seat and there were walls on each side of the booth that bordered up against other booths. I heard videos playing from the booth on my left and noticed that there was a small handle on each side wall.

I pulled out my tokens from my handbag and set it down on top of my coat next to me. I inserted the tokens into the coin slot and watched the screen. A sex video came up on the screen, featuring a Japanese woman screaming as she was mounted on top of a huge black cock. I adjusted the volume down and noticed on the channel selector it was channel 48, out of 60 choices.

Soon I heard the booth on my right being occupied and the sound of a movie starting. Next a knock on the wall from the right and I reached for the handle on the wall and slid it to my right revealing a hole about five inches in diameter connecting the two booths. I was sure that this was a “glory hole” that Jamaal had explained to me in Vegas.

The next thing I see is a cock being stuck through the hole and I knew exactly what to do. I started sucking on this random dick and felt it getting longer and harder inside my mouth. It was so sexy sucking the cock of this mystery man. He started to slide his cock deeper into my mouth as I took the whole length of his cock. I sucked on this rod about five minutes and as I was getting ready to feel his cock explode, I heard a knock on the other side of my booth.

I reached behind me and slid the handle on the other side and soon I was stroking two hard cocks, one in each hand.

“Hey baby, why don’t you go in the theatre?” said the voice from cock #1. “I want to see you when I cum inside you. I saw you walk in, you are fucking hot.”

“Ok, I will go in now, come right over, I want to finish sucking your cock.” I said. I leaned over to cock #2. “I am going over to the theatre.”

I stood up and put on my coat and strolled out of the booth section of the store and went back to the front counter.

“I think I will try the theatre.” I said to the attendant and handed him a $5 bill.

“Oh, you will be popular in there!” He said. “When you get to the door, I will buzz you in.”

I walked over to the theatre entrance and waited for the buzzer, and then I pushed open the door and strode inside. The theatre was small and it smelled of booze and sex. There were about twelve rows of five folding chairs in front of a screen that was only about twelve feet wide and six feet tall. In the back rear corner opposite of the entrance door was a couch and cushions. Less than half of the fold up chairs were taken and there was no one in the sofa section.

The movie on the screen was showing a gang bang on an older woman with four guys taking turns fucking her pussy. There was some action going on in the fold up chairs as it appeared to me that there were men sucking each other off. I decided to walk across the back aisle behind the folding chairs and sit on the sofa. I removed my coat and laid it on the back of the sofa. A couple of minutes later two guys entered the same door. They stopped to let their eyes adjust to the light and they scanned the theatre.

Once they spotted me, they headed in my direction. It was very dark despite the light from the screen and I could only make out that they were both younger guys in their twenties. I assumed they were the same guys that had stuck their cock through the glory holes.

The second I arrived, I knew they had talked to one another on how to approach me. The first one sat next to me and pulled me into her arms and started to kiss me. I was so hot and horny; I immediately opened my mouth and let him stick his tongue in my mouth. I soon felt another set of hands on me from the other side as the other guy was reaching around me from behind and holding my waist.

I realized that I was going to get double teamed and my anticipation was going through the roof. I wondered if some of the guys from the theatre would see us and maybe join in. I was so drunk, I didn’t care if they knew I was a cross dresser and I knew there was no way to hide this fact for long. I was kissing the first guy pretty passionately and felt the other guy stick his hand up my dress and feel my right thigh above my stocking. He started to feel my panties and he felt my cock tucked away in my sheath and between my ass cheeks.

“Looks like we have a tranny whore.” He said. “Guess we are going to ass fuck her something fierce.”

“I love cock sucking tranny whores.” The other guy replied as he broke off our kiss.

“I can’t wait for you two to fuck me. Treat me like the fucking slut I am.” I said.

By now I saw at least two other guys standing around watching and at that point the guy with his hand up my dress ripped the back of my dress. He tore it in two from the middle of my back to the hem line. The only thing keeping it on me was the halter tie around my neck, but I was completely exposed. I knew I should be scared, but I got even more excited. I felt another set of hands on me and saw the guy I was kissing unzip his pants. He forced my head down on his cock and I was now on my knees on the couch sucking his dick. He was holding my head down on his cock and I felt someone else holding me down on the couch when I felt someone pull the thong strap on my panties to the side of my ass exposing my ass hole. Seconds later I felt the tip of someone’s cock enter my ass, but I could not make a sound as my mouth was held down on a big cock.

“Fuck her good. Fuck her ass hard!” Someone shouted.

Someone put my left hand on a cock and I instinctively started stroking it up and down. I realized that I was servicing three guys at one time, and my cock was as hard as a rock. . I felt the sensation of the cock in my mouth getting ready to blow, so I braced for a shot of cum and it came in a big spasm. I couldn’t swallow it all and I had cum leak out of my mouth on my lips, chin and cheeks.

I didn’t get a chance to breathe as another cock was shoved in my mouth as I was getting pounded in my ass. I was trying to enjoy the sensation of my ass getting fucked very hard by a dick, when I felt him pull his cock out of my ass. The cock in my mouth was removed and I saw another hard cock approach my face.

“Eat my cock; lick all the shit of this cock that was buried in your ass.” I was told.

I took his cock in my mouth eagerly and could taste the residue of my ass on his cock. As I was sucking it I felt my panties being ripped off of me and another cock was inserted into my ass and it was a big one. I felt about six inches of thick cock enter me and I gasped as it felt like I was being ripped apart inside. It was a mixture of pain and pleasure as this thick cock was buried deeper into my ass. The pain stopped quickly and now I was in heaven as I had a big cock drilling me harder and harder.

At this point my first ass fucker removed his cock from my mouth and shot his load all over my face and hair. Another cock was put in front of me and shoved in my face as I felt the big cock go deeper in my ass and I moaned deeply. I had no choice but to take this next cock in my mouth and start to suck it. He was ready to blow almost immediately and after he fucked my face for a few seconds she pulled out and shot a thick large load all over my neck and the front of my dress.

I felt the big cock get pulled from my ass. And for the first time in twenty minutes I did not have a cock inside me. I got my first look around and saw there were about ten guys around the couch and every one of them was stroking a cock pulled out of his pants. There were about three or four guys sitting in the fold up chairs, but instead of watching the gang bang on the screen, they were watching the real life gang bang in the corner.

The big cock guy sat on the sofa and told me to come sit on his cock. I was kind of dizzy and not sure what to do, but instinct took over and I lowered my ass down on his long thick cock.

“God that feels good. Let me ride your big cock.” I said as I started to rise up and then lower myself down on his thick pole as it impaled me completely.

I was moaning in pleasure and I knew he was about to cum as he lifted me off his cock and put me on my knees on the sofa. My elbows rested on the armrest of the sofa and he got behind me and really started pounding me hard. I met his thrusts with counter thrusts of my own and reached a deep feeling of satisfaction. He pulled his cock out of me and I felt a sticky hot cum stream land on my bare back. At almost the same time someone must have been turned on and stroking themselves as my neck and cheek felt a shot of hot cum. When I turned to find the cock that shot the load, I gladly pulled it into my mouth and cleaned it up.

I had been sprayed with five loads of cum (the best I could remember) when another stiff cock was fed in my mouth and another started poking at my ass. I was getting tired, but still loving all the attention I was receiving as it had probably been thirty minutes of pure fucking and sucking. . When I looked up the next time there was still about eight to ten guys in front of me most of them stroking their hard cocks with their hands. I reached out to stroke a cock with my left hand as I was still on my knees on the couch with a cock in each of my holes.

My ass fucker pulled out of my ass and turned me around so that I was on my back and he pulled my legs up in the air so they were wrapped around his neck and he lined up to fuck me more. The guy I was blowing started stroking his cock and shot a load all over the front of my dress. I also felt someone stroking my cock and as the cock in my ass was pulled out I exploded and shot a load all over the inside of my dress followed by a load shot in my face from the guy that had just fucked my ass.

I don’t remember how, but almost instantly I was getting fucked in the ass, sucking cock and had a cock in each of my hands stroking their hard ons. I was sitting on the couch with a big cock fully inserted in me. I was bent over slightly forward to receive the cock in my mouth and I was stroking two cocks one in each hand of two guys sitting on each side of me. I received another load of cum in my mouth, but before he finished he pulled out and shot more cum all over the front of my dress. The guy with his cock in my ass pushed me off of him and shot his load all over my back. Before I could catch my breath, two guys held me down on the sofa on all fours and another guy shoved his cock inside me.

“Ok guys, how many dicks are going to fuck me tonight?” I managed to ask before a cock was shoved in my mouth. “I want all of you, I am the cheapest little slut and I need more cocks!”

My ass was throbbing as one of these strangers pounded me hard for about five minutes and then pulled out and shot his load all over my face. By now I was sucking a different cock and had received another load of cum over the front of my dress that was barely clinging on me. Now another guy was trying to shove his cock in my mouth and another guy wanted to as well, so that I would be sucking on two cocks. I barely could get my mouth around them both as someone slapped me on the ass and said “take them both or I would get double fucked too”.

“Use that dildo on the bitch.” Someone said. “See if she can take the whole thing.”

My brain was racing as I didn’t know if I could keep thoughts straight as I was in total pleasure. . Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a dildo that was thin and long about nine inches. It disappeared a moment later as it was inserted into my ass. Someone shoved it hard into me and I took the whole length after three or four thrusts. My ass was hurting as I had been fucked by long, thick hard cocks now for about forty five minutes. I tasted another shot of cum in my mouth and some of it oozed out of my mouth. Then I felt more pain in my ass as someone was shoving their cock inside me while the thin dildo was buried nine inches deep inside me.

I moaned in pleasure but as my mouth opened another cock was shoved into my mouth. I felt the dildo being pulled out of my ass and I was being fucked by a single cock in my ass. Despite everything going on I could feel a full load of cum shot inside me. A minute later another cock was inside my ass and I felt another hot load of cum shot on my face, and another cock was stuck in my mouth. I could only imagine what I looked like with loads of cum all over my face, dress, and back. My dress was in shambles and I was sure that my ass was probably going to be dripping cum for a week.

I decided that I better stop as I was exhausted and the boys just kept coming for more. In some sense I wanted it to last forever as I felt pride in being a gang banged whore. But I had been fucked by so many guys I could no longer buck my ass to maximize thrusts. My jaw was sore and it was difficult to concentrate on trying to take the whole length of the cocks in my mouth. The next few minutes were fuzzy as I remember saying that I could only take one more cock in each hole. I remember my garter belt ripping and someone slipping off my bra and sucking my nipples as I rode a cock up and down in my ass.

As I received another shot of cum in my mouth, I saw three guys in front of me stroking their dicks very hard and all of them shot load of cum on me. One on my face, one on my dress and the last one on the side of my neck and hair. I knew I was finished, but I still had someone fucking my ass and I wanted to take this last load in my mouth. I rose up and knelt on the ground and took him in my mouth. I looked into his eyes and realized I didn’t really see the faces of any of my gang bangers. I remember his load being very light as perhaps it was his second or third load of the night and I swallowed every drop.

Most of the guys had already left when I swallowed this last load. I must have passed out on the coach afterwards, because I woke up on the couch with my coat laid over me. My dress was still barely on (but had no back to it), but really nothing else. My stockings were gathered around my ankles and my bra, panties and garter belt were scattered on the floor in shambles. I could barely stand up, but finally managed to take off my stockings and put on my shoes. I used one of the stockings to tie my dress on around my waist and slipped on my coat. There was only a few chairs still occupied in the theatre, and I had no idea how long I had been out of it. When I reached the exit to the theater the few guys left clapped and whistled. I slipped out of the theatre and out of the store trying to avoid the attendant.

I walked back to the hotel and had enough strength to set up my tripod and take some pictures of my cum covered body and face. I showered and fell asleep and woke the next morning with vivid memories of an incredible evening. I have no idea how much cum I swallowed or had shot inside me or shot all over me, but I know it was a lot.

I realized that I was letting Sandy get out of control and that I had to slow down a little. I figured I would never have another night to top that one, so Sandy was going to go into hibernation for awhile. But when she comes back, she will come back stronger than ever.


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