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Crazy Sex Affair With Her Sister

Finding a girl who shared my love of lingerie.

My girlfriend Lisa and I met at a club when both fairly drunk. She came home with me and we fucked on the first night. It was nothing special but she was desperate to get with me and would put out anytime I wanted, so we carried on dating for a few weeks.

The sex was ok, mainly because she would do whatever I wanted, including fulfilling my fetish by dressing up in lingerie and heels every time we fucked. After a few more weeks, she said she wanted me to come over to her place so she could cook me a special meal for our one month anniversary. I reluctantly agreed despite feeling awkward at the fact she was taking things too fast. 

I arrived at her place a bit early and rang the bell waiting for her to answer. The door opened and my heart skipped a beat at the sight of quite possibly the sexiest girl I had ever seen!

"Hi, I'm Lisa's sister Miriam. She's told me so much about you. Come on in, she's in the kitchen cooking dinner. Follow me."

Miriam was a long-haired brunette with a porcelain complexion, a beautiful face, big luscious lips, dark hazel-brown eyes and a cute but devilish smile. She had huge breasts that seemed even bigger compared to her slender frame, a gorgeous plump round bum and long skinny legs. In my opinion, she was the perfect mix between lingerie model, Hollywood actress and pornstar.

I followed her down the hallway, my eyes glued to her body, my mind seeing her move in slow motion as every part of me ached at all the things I wanted to do to her right then and there. 

"Hi, baby," Lisa said, breaking my concentration. "Take a seat."

I struggled to sit down, trying to avoid either of them seeing my semi-erection. Miriam appeared to be just hanging out around the apartment so I asked inquisitively.

"So, is your sister helping with the cooking?"

"No," Lisa replied, "we just live together. Miriam's my younger sister and I'm letting her live with me while she looks for work."

I couldn't take my eyes off her. She was wearing some tight shiny leggings that showed off every inch of her perfect ass as she reached up to grab some condiments out of the cupboard. Her low cut top exposing her cleavage as she put the items on the table, briefly making eye contact and causing me to blush slightly as I tried to avoid staring at her breasts. 

After dinner, Lisa asked me to stay the night which, of course, I agreed to. Anything to improve my chances of spending more time with Miriam I thought. We moved into the lounge and started a second bottle of wine, all of us chatting and drinking for a while. Lisa seemed happy that we were getting along so well. I wanted to get Lisa really drunk, so I kept filling up her glass.

"Let's do some shots to celebrate!"

Miriam shouted. Grabbing a bottle of vodka and some glasses. After several shots, Lisa was hammered and fell asleep on the couch. I picked her up and carried her to bed before returning to the lounge eager to spend more time with Miriam. 

When I got back, Miriam was laying on the floor spinning a bottle, giggling and saying, truth or dare! She insisted I go first so I span the bottle, she grabbed at it and shouted at me.

"Truth or dare?!"

I replied, "truth".

She shocked me with what she said next.

"Is it true you have a lingerie fetish?"

I blushed and didn't say anything. She asked again.

"Lisa said you are into sexy lingerie and it turns you on. Is it true?"

I didn't reply and looked away.

"Dare! Dare!" She screamed pointing at me and rolling around on the floor, her breasts jiggling, threatening to pop out of her bra.

"Ok, dare," I said.

"Yay! Come with me." She replied, with a wicked smile and took my hand, leading me down the hall to her bedroom. 

My cock was rock hard and my heart was beating fast as I felt her soft hand pull me into her room. Inside she shut the door and softly spoke.

"I have a lingerie fetish too, only it's a little kinkier than yours."

My dick spasmed.

"Do you want to know what my fetish is?"

"Yes!" I responded without hesitation.

"Well..." she said. "I like to look at pictures online of men in women's clothing."

My heart raced faster. She turned around and bent over, making sure I could see her ass while opening her dresser and lifted up a sexy red corset with suspenders. Holding it up in front of me she whispered.

"If I wear this, will you let me dress you up in some of my lingerie?"

My heart pounded and I felt a rush of blood pump into my swollen cock.

"Yes," I whispered back.

Her face lit up and she slowly lifted her top revealing the most perfectly round tits I'd ever seen. She undid her bra which looked like a 34E, exposing her soft pink nipples. She pulled off her leggings, and slid on her corset, struggling to fit her huge breasts inside. I watched her in awe as she rolled some stockings up her slender legs, slipping on some ridiculously high heels. 

"What do you think?"

She said as she turned around wiggling her ass and shaking her boobs. I had to close my mouth before replying.

"I think you might actually be the hottest thing I have ever laid eyes on."

She giggled and replied.

"Now it's your turn!"

She leaned past me, reached into another drawer and pulled out a black garter belt, some stockings and a matching bra. Placing them in front of her, she knelt on the bed.

"Come on sexy, put them on," She said as she bounced with excitement, her tits swaying up and down.

I almost tore my clothes off, my cock springing out of my boxer shorts as I grabbed the lingerie and started putting it on. As I stood there trying to clip in the stockings and do up the bra she ran her hands down over her tits and began playing with herself through her thong.

"That's so sexy babe," She said and stepped off the bed sinking to her knees just inches in front of my cock, which had become painfully hard. With one hand still frigging her moist pussy, she ran the other hand up and down my legs feeling the satin stockings.

At that point, I was so ready to do anything for this girl that I almost came when she leaned forward and wrapped her lips around the head of my cock. She moaned and looked up at me, scanning my suspenders and bra with her eyes as she tongued my cock still rubbing her hand on my legs. She sank her mouth over my cock and grabbed my ass tightly digging her nails into my butt cheeks.

As she sucked me off, my cock pushing deeper down her throat she fingered her pussy faster letting out a muffled moan of pleasure. After several minutes she stopped sucking, looked up and pulled her boob's out of her corset arching her back onto the bed before saying one of the sexiest things I've ever heard.

"Fuck my tits, you sexy slut!"

I rammed my dick between her tits as she cupped them and squeezed them together. I started fucking her tits so hard, sliding the tip of my penis up into her mouth. She was getting hot and sweaty, staring up at me with her beautiful hazel eyes. I lost control and began squirting streams of cum into her mouth and over her breasts.

My whole body convulsing spraying more and more cum, emptying my balls of every drop, drenching her face. She scooped up as much as she could sucking her fingers and smiling up at me while I stood there shaking.

She lifted herself off the ground and onto the bed, still licking cum off her fingers giggling at what she'd made me do. I grabbed her high heels and lifted her legs over her head, burying my tongue into her sweet pussy. I sucked on her clit which seemed to drive her crazy, lashing my tongue in and out her pussy, her moaning sounds cheering me on.

"Mmm. Yes!" She said in a husky tone. "Please don't stop."

I carried on, flicking my tongue, sucking her clitoris, completely unaware of what was about to happen next as she let out a whimper squirting a load of her own juices all into my face and mouth. 

I lowered her legs and lay down next to her as she slowly stopped shaking, recovering from her orgasm. After a few moments, she spoke.

"I want to feel you inside me, I want to feel your stockings rub against mine as you fuck me."

My cock was still fully erect. I rolled over on top of her and lined myself up. She shivered as the full length of my penis filled her vagina.

"Oh yes! That's it," She moaned. "Fuck me like a lingerie slut."

I picked up the pace, watching her tits bounce, her corset rubbing against me, her stocking covered legs wrapped around me.

"Fuck me harder!" She moaned.

"Oh Miriam," I growled. 

Lifting her high heels up over my shoulders, I bit at her stockings, thrusting my cock into her as deep as I could. She grabbed hold of my suspender straps pulling me closer, talking dirty to me as my balls slapped against her ass.

"Oh, baby! Who's my lingerie fetish slut? Fuck me, baby!"

She said as I felt her pussy pulsate ramming my cock into her, pounding her pussy harder and deeper.

"Fuck me, you slut!" She moaned in my ear. 

I grabbed hold of her tits and fucked her as hard as I could, the bed frame cracking under the presser. Without warning I began shooting stream after stream of hot jizz deep inside her, finally collapsing with my face buried between her breasts.

I looked up and said, "Oh Miriam, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to cum again, it's just that you're so hot and you turned me on too much, with the lingerie and dirty talk."

"That's ok, baby," she said. "We've got all night and plenty more lingerie we can try on." And she winked seductively. 

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