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Crossdress boy's ultimate romp

Humiliated cross dresser discovers a new fetish
He was in his late 20s.. I'm in my late teens. the thought of meeting him really didn’t come across my mind. however I was won over by his passion and sincerity and he doesn’t even mind if I didn’t shave my legs! wow! we arranged to meet at the car park near my place, he asked me to wait for him and he'll reach in about 45mins. I went straight to my aunts drawer, looking for my favourite pieces of lingerie.. I chose to wear a black lace t-back panty... a black padded bra.. and a pair of matching black stockings (not the transparent kind.. its kinda thick and runs up till only my thighs).

I went to shave my legs, underarms and trimmed my pubic hair... as I was trimming I found out that I had oozed a bit of pre-cum due to the excitement.. yes I was thinking this is my first time with a guy.. the thought jus excites me. after my shaving n shower were done I put on the lace tback panty and black bra.. and rolled on my stockings. I wanted to give my guy a pleasant surprise because I told him I will be wearing my normal boy look jus to be safe. however, I went and found a black miniskirt and a black spaghetti top. I put them on and went to style my shoulder length hair which was dyed brown, I put on lipstick and added a bit of foundation, and put on some light makeup, I was really amazed that I could well pass off as a girl! and a stunning one too. I was sure damn proud of myself. after wards I waited at the location we were supposed to meet up. I saw a blue car fitting the one of his description, I flagged at it and it stopped rite in front of me. The guy said, "are u joey?!" when I replied yes he exclaimed with a smile "wow! I thought u were a girl! oh my god! u r a sexy one!" I hoped onto his car.

I sat at the rear because I was shy. he said its ok and asked me to relax and he drove. along the way when we had to stop at traffic lights he would fondle my hard on dick form outside my panty. I was so excited I was short of breath. jus then, a lorry full of Indian workers stop beside us, they were looking curiously at me, because they saw the guy fondle me. I was shocked. as we drove on the lorry was beside us for quite long, the guy asked me to fondle myself as we go and gave me a dildo, I played my asshole with the dildo as I realised we had stopped beside the lorry again! oh my god! the Indian guys saw it! they were smiling at me and all 4 of them looking at me with hunger! as we reached his apartment, he led me out n locked his car. we went to the lift when he asks me "your first time? dun worry.. no one walks around here in the afternoon." he fondled me again in the lift and we kissed passionately. once we reached his apartment I went straight to his room.. he came in with a bottle of chilled champagne. he suggested we have a drink first and he fondled me as we chatted. then after downing almost half of the champagne.

I was thirsty and excited, that’s why I did. we drank some tequila.. as the alcohol rushes into my head, I felt dizzy, he suggested we shower and he stripped me of my miniskirt and spaghetti top. I’m left with my bra, panty and stockings.. he love the sight and I went to shower with him but I was only showering for him.. I got wet too eventually anyway. after shower he carried me onto his bed.. he asked me to kneel in front of him as he sat with legs wide open, , he ask me to blow for him. this is my first time I was damn excited as I tasted my first cock.. it was nice.. I did it with enthusiasm and pleasure.. I was really loving the sensation in my mouth. he was moaning.. I was so pleased with myself.. he ask for a 69 next... and I was given an ass licking so good that I kept twitching my thighs and gripping his face with them..

I was still sucking his huge cock and loving every minute of it.. after wards, he proceeded to lubricate my anus with something... and he proceeded to fucking my asshole with his dick, , I was moaning, not screaming, I was surprised it didn’t feel painful, I was moaning out of excitement, he says my asshole was wet, I didn’t know assholes can get wet too? nevertheless I was too engrossed to think but I was having a raging hard on thinking this is my first time being fucked by a man. and I absolutely love it. he turned me around and cum into my mouth... I swallowed the cum.. ever drop of it! then as I laid on his bed he pulled out a spare mattress and asked me to get up, he put the mattress on his bed and asked me to lie down.. he says its time for me to enjoy but he didn’t know I already enjoyed myself thoroughly.

he tied me to the bed posts.. all four of em and proceeded to lick my cock.. and fingering my asshole.. I was so high I think I screamed in pleasure! then he laid on me and we went to sleep after untying me. I woke up after founding out that he was tying me to the bedposts again, I asked why and all he said was 2nd round.. I was excited of course but I asked to go to the toilet, he said" NO! u're not going to the toilet, because u gonna pee here if u want to but we will punish you for that!" I thought to myself, "we?" then another 2 men came in. both his friends I supposed. they said wow... if not for the cock I will have thought he's a she! they stripped and began masturbating. "oh no! what have I got myself into?" I was excited but fear grips me.. what will they do to me? in my midst of bewilderment, I felt a strong urge to pee. I asked for me to be let go to pee, then all 3 men said" No!" u can pee here but we will pee on u! one of the men was holding a camcorder, recording the proceedings, I was thinking oh no!!! then I tried to fight back the urge, then they started to tickle my cock from outside my panty, I relented after fighting back for quite some time.. I peeed on the mattress, my inner thighs were wet, then I realised the 3men saying "wow!" and they untied me, I was crying in shame as they laughed. then they proceeded to bang me... I had to blow one cock, ,, masturbate another with my hand and got my ass banged by the 3rd... they took turns to fuck me I was rolling all over my own pee.. all being filmed by the camcorder.. they also took turns to snap photos of me doing my job with their digital the end they cummed on me and afterwards peed on me..

I was thoroughly humiliated.. then they masturbated me until I came... after I came I was overcome with guilt and shame...then they carried me into the bathroom and I showered, washed my lingerie and stuff.. after I finished they asked me to put back on my stuff and sent me home... wit the things they have they have been asking for sex with me about once a week.. sometimes one on one sometimes 2 or even 3.. this lasted about 3months before they got tired of me. the above is a true story.. no lying..
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