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Crossdresser in Love

A closeted crossdresser finds love with man
I woke up with my hands bound, my mouth gagged, and my ass plugged. The bed I was on was comfortable enough. This was just a reminder that these parts of my body were no longer mine to do with as I pleased. For tonight would be my wedding night.

For months we had planned things out. Picking out a dress, a place for the ceremony, all the things that brides do with their future husbands. But for me, it also included a regimen of hormones to complete my becoming as feminine as can be for my man. I couldn't believe how far things had come.

I was a closeted crossdresser for years. I would dress up in sexy lingerie and makeup, play online or on the phone, and get myself off. I loved hearing men cum for me while I made love to myself with a big dildo. Eventually this wasn't enough though. I met a couple of men, but nothing went anywhere. Then, I met John. He didn't want to meet at a motel or someplace seedy. He wanted to take me out on a proper date, so he could treat me like a lady. So, after thinking it over, I agreed to meet him at a restaurant that was about ninety minutes away.

I was so nervous, but I was determined to look my best. I wore a black lace thong, black bra, garterbelt, thigh high stockings, four inch heels and a little black dress. I put on a long sexy wig and did my makeup beautifully. The night before, I had done my nails and toes in a pretty dark pink color. I sprayed some Victoria's Secret perfume, and I was ready to go.

We had a lovely dinner at the restaurant, and John was a gentleman the whole time. He asked if I'd like to come back to his place, and I accepted. We sat on the couch, talking some more, sipping on the drinks that he made for us. I was wondering when or if he would make a move, and finally there was a break in our conversation. He leaned over and kissed me.

Once he could tell that I was accepting his advance, his lips and tongue became more aggressive. We were making out like high school kids with his hands feeling all over my back and my neck. He eventually made his way down to my leg and up my skirt. When he reached my hard boy-clit, he stroked it, as I moaned for him. I took his hint and started massaging his cock through his pants. I could tell he was a decent size and I was excited about getting it inside me. I unzipped his pants, and pulled his dick out. It was a beautiful cock, and I felt the urge to put my lips around it.

I leaned in and began licking and kissing the head a little before putting my entire mouth around his stiff cock. We were positioned in such a way that he could continue stroking me while I sucked him, and I loved the sensation of him rubbing me while I blew him. I massaged his cock with my tongue while bobbing my head up and down. I opened my throat and accepted his entire length, as he moaned for me. Then I felt him move his hand from my clitty to my hole. He massaged the outside a bit before slowly pushing his finger into me. It felt so good to have his finger fucking my hole while his dick was fucking my mouth.

He stopped me, and told me he didn't want to cum yet. I lay back on the couch and pulled off the thong that had been shifted aside, to offer myself completely to him. He undressed completely to reveal a beautiful masculine body, then lubed himself up and pressed the head of his cock against my waiting hole.

He kissed me as he pushed it inside of me, slow, and deep. He began pumping in and out of me. With each stroke, his cock massaged my prostate, sending a shiver of pleasure to my clitty. I felt like I could let this man fuck me forever. His penis felt so perfect sliding in and out of my hole, hitting me in just the right spot.

I had experienced an anal orgasm only once or twice when I got really into it with my dildo, but I could feel one building up now. My clitty-cock began to drip cum all over as his dick hit my prostate again and again causing an orgasm to run through me from my ass to my cock. This must have turned him on, as he then erupted his load into my asshole, pressing his pelvis tight against my body, while kissing me deeply.

We lay in bed for a while, talking about what we just experienced. We agreed it was better than anything we had before, and that was three years ago. Now, I'm his woman. We agreed to get rid of anything that I had that was manly. All of my clothes and underwear were replaced with panties, dresses, high heels, etc. He moved me in with him, and set me up with a makeup table, and plenty of closet space for my new wardrobe.

This was to be my new life. After two years, we decided to tie the knot, but before then, I told him that I wanted to become more of a woman. That's when I went on the hormones. After a few months, I felt that I had transitioned enough to be pleasing for him, and we set a date for our wedding. John knew of my submissive side, so before bed last night, he told me that he wanted me to know that I was his, and no one else's. That's why he had me fall asleep like this, bound and plugged, my hands, mouth, and ass for his cock and cum only. I hope I will make a good wife.

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