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Crossroads Ch.4

Another chapter in this fantasy tale of a young man's journey into becoming who he is.

  I am on an airplane flying to Vancouver. I have an appointment with a doctor to have sexual reassignment surgery. I am so excited I can't stand it. I know this is what I want. My recent encounter with a woman convinced me. I have no doubt about it now and won't look back.

We land and as we deplane I notice, as always, the admiring looks I am getting from men, including the pilots. I am wearing some chic pants that show off my ass and a camisole top under my jacket. It is low cut and shows plenty of cleavage. I am so glad I had my breasts enlarged to their current 36DD size. I smile as I make my way to baggage claim and find a taxi.

The clinic is in the hospital district and as I walk through the front doors my heart begins to flutter some. I am led to the doctors office and he soon comes in and sits behind his desk. He smiles and we make some small talk. He then says there is a lot of paperwork I need to sign and he goes into detail about the operation. I won't bore you with the technique but I am convinced I have chosen the right doctor for this. He says he will do the operation early tomorrow morning and that I will stay here tonight to get prepped. After I will also recover here in the clinic until I am ready to go home.

I sign away on what seems like a mountain of papers. A nurse then leads me to my room and instructs me to get undressed and into a gown. So blood is drawn and tests are done. So it is time to sleep and she gives me something to relax. I dream about being a woman. I have a husband and we have 2 kids, my kids. I know that won't be possible but I can dream can't I.

It was early in the morning when the nurse woke me. She said it was time to prep me for my surgery. IV's were started and different tubes inserted. I was wheeled into the operating room and the anesthesiologist assured me all would go well. He injected something into my IV and asked me to count backward from 100. I think I got to 95 before I was out.

I heard people around me, I just couldn't open my eyes. My mouth was so dry. I finally was able to blink a few times and get a focus on the room. I was in recovery and they noticed I was awake. The nurse patted my arm and said everything went well. She gave me some ice and said I could have some water later. The doctor came in soon and said I had handled the surgery perfectly. He said I would be very pleased with the results and that nobody would know that I wasn't a genetic woman. I was still very groggy and I could have sworn I heard him say something about how I would make a great wife and mother. Maybe I was still having some of that dream I had the night before.

Later that day I was taken into my room and I slept on and off til the next day. Over the next few day I slowly got stronger and was able to walk some. I still had my entire crotch covered in bandages but they would soon come off. In fact the next day my doctor came in to change them. He removed them carefully as I still had a catheter in place. He smiled at his handiwork and asked if I wanted to look. I said of course I did and he positioned a mirror. He warned me that there was still a lot of swelling and stitches. I gazed into the mirror dumbfounded. Tears came to my eyes as I looked upon my new pussy. It was perfect. I knew that it was all bruised and puffy, but I could tell that I had made the right choice.

Over the next week stitches were removed as well as the catheter. Even though I have been sitting down to pee for some time it felt so weird to feel it coming out of my new opening. I was instructed on how to use some dilators in my new vagina. I would have to insert them everyday gradually get used to bigger ones to help my canal keep its shape and depth. If I didn't I would be way to small to have sex and I sure didn't want that. I practiced using them at the clinic and even though it hurt some I was amazed at the sight of something going up inside me.

It was time for me to leave and go home. The doctor came into my room one last time and said I should have no problems and to call him if I did. He said that I should expect some spotting of blood and not to worry. My body was adjusting to it's new shape and healing too. The dilators might also cause some minor bleeding if I go too big to fast. I should just wear a pad and in a couple of days it will stop. I packed and got dressed in a nice suit for my flight home. I thanked everyone at the clinic for taking care of me. I got into the cab and as we drove to the airport I smiled thinking about my new life as a woman.

When I got home I had a couple of days before I had to go back to work so I just relaxed around the house. I was faithfully using the dilators and they were getting less uncomfortable. Soon I would be able to take the biggest one which was the size of the average penis I think. I made the decision to use some dildos that were a little above average. I didn't want to get caught short so to speak if I found a large man. Everything was healing up nicely. The bruising was disappearing and swelling was almost gone. I returned to work and settled back into my life.

About 6 months have gone by since I had my operation. I have a friend who is a gynecologist and I went to see her. I had her examine me and she said that if she didn't know who I was there was no way she could tell I wasn't a woman. She said my clitoris was functioning and when aroused was even on the large size. My inner lips were pouty and hung down some. She complimented my doctor and said that he was so skillful that he had even fashioned a cervix way up inside me. That was the first time she had ever seen that done. It was so realistic that she doubted another gynecologist could tell it wasn't functioning.

I was surprised when she said this and a little sad that it wasn't a real one. She told me she didn't see any reason why I couldn't have sexual intercourse with a man. She told me to be careful, that even though I had been training my new vagina, if I let a larger size penis enter me it could be uncomfortable and even hurt.

I went home thinking about what she said. I had a few realistic looking dildos in my collection and decided to try them. I got undressed and laid a few out on the bed. I took one that was a little bigger then my largest dilator and lubed it up. I laid back on the bed and rubbed it's head up and down my entrance. My big clit was hard and sent shock waves of pleasure as I flicked it with the dildo. I was ready and pressed it into me. I was being stretched but not too bad. Slowly it went in until I had the entire 6 inch length in me. I felt full and began to stroke it in and out. I soon was taking it easily and wanted more. I withdrew it and grabbed the next bigger one. This one was about 8 inches long and fatter. I lubed it up and anticipated it going in me. My nipples were rock hard on my big tits.

I placed it at my pussy and pushed. It didn't want to go in at first. I rubbed it back and forth a few times and tried again. Slowly I opened up for it. It hurt a little until the big head popped in. With short strokes I was able to get more and more in. Soon I was amazed when I noticed I had taken it all. This felt so good to have a cock in me. I moved it in and out and was feeling all kinds of new pleasures. I felt some fluttering in my belly and spasming. I think I might had had my first orgasm with my new equipment.

I was very wet and the dildo going in and out was making slurping sounds. I knew some of the wetness was from inside me. I could feel another orgasm building and I knew this one was going to be big. I also wanted to try a bigger dildo in me so I withdrew the one I was using. It was all wet and slimy. I had one other one that was about 10 inches long and about 2 ½ inches wide. I could take this one in my ass, but only after working to stretch it. I was a little scared but I knew I had to try it in my new pussy. I was plenty wet for it so I pressed the fat head into my opening. I tried tho push it in but it wasn't working. Time after time I felt myself almost stretch to take it in, but it would go.

Like a woman possessed I got up on my knees and squatted over it. I was going to use my weight to help it go in. I was sweating and my boobs were jiggling around with my efforts. I squatted and held on to it to aim it. Gritting my teeth I pushed down and slowly it started to happen. My new lips spread obscenely apart and the head stretched my opening until I thought I was going to split open. Suddenly it popped in along with about 3 inches. I was breathing hard and pushed down some more. I got half of it in and stopped getting used to this invaders size. I reached up and pulled on my big nipples and ground my hips in little circles. Slowly more went it. I raised up on it withdrawing almost all of it then sat back down. I was working on a rhythm. I could feel my orgasm building again. I was pinching my nipples and picked up the pace. I was slamming down on it when suddenly I felt it hit bottom and looked and saw I had taken the entire 10 inches. My head exploded with pleasure and I convulsed in orgasm. I rolled to my side shaking and jerking with the big cock still in me.

Finally coming down my breathing slowed and I rolled on my back covered in sweat. I looked down and saw that the big dildo was still lodged in me. I carefully pulled it out. Slowly it withdrew. He the head got to my entrance it didn't want to come out. Pulling a little harder I painfully stretched and it popped out. I reached between my legs and rubbed my pussy. It was stretched out and sore. I laughed at myself at being such a slut. I took a shower and climbed into bed and fell fast asleep.

When I woke up the next morning I threw the sheet back and stretched. I had slept nude like I always do and when I got up from the bed I noticed some fresh blood stains on the sheets. I reached down to my pussy and saw a couple of drops of blood on my fingers. I must have over done it last night. The doctor said this could happen. I had bought some mini pads just in case and as I got dressed I put one in my panties. The spotting continued for a couple of days then slowed and stopped. I felt fine and figured I was now able to start looking for a real cock.

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