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A young man explores his feminine side.

A crazy little story where a young man finds out if his hidden desires are what he really wants.

This all started with my desire to see what it felt like to have big breasts. That's a little odd for a guy. I was a normal heterosexual guy who dated some in high school and now that I was in my mid 20's I found myself at a crossroad.

A couple of years ago I had decided to start taking some female hormones. This would help me fulfill my desire to grow boobs. All my life people would tell me that I would make a great looking chick. I had a slender build with long legs, I wasn't too tall, 5'9” and my facial features were on the feminine side. As the effects of the hormones started to change my body I started to have a new set of desires.

I bought some sexy lingerie. Bras and panties that I would wear around the house and sometimes under baggy clothes. I was lucky because my boobs started to really get big. My ass also started to take on a larger more rounded shape. It was difficult to find men's jeans that fit and I bought some in the juniors dept. I had to be careful with what I wore because my boobs were getting very noticeable and if I was going to continue living as a man I was going to have a difficult time hiding them.

Another side effect of the hormones was related to sexual desire. My penis and balls had shrunk significantly. Not that they were all that big to begin with. When I wore thong panties I could easily tuck both my small balls up inside me. My penis looked like a clit and it was very easy to mistake me as a female.

So what was I to do? The path I was going down was obvious. I was becoming a female. Is that what I really wanted or needed? I decided there was only one way to find out. I needed to go out in public as a female. I needed to see what the reaction would be. Could I pass myself off as a woman and not have anyone suspect differently?

I had a job that had a liberal dress code. I had been growing my hair out and now it was quite long. I really had very little body hair and the hormones made it stop growing all together. I had found a very open minded dermatologist and had what little hair I had left on my chest and face removed by electrolysis. I taught myself how to apply makeup and I was really good at it. I bought some clothes online and made plans for my first adventure out in the world as a female.

It was Saturday and I started to get ready late afternoon. I showered and made sure everything was smooth and smelled good. I dried my long hair and used a curling iron to give it some shape. It took me a long time to get my makeup just right but when I was done I was very pleased. I thought there was no way anyone could tell I was a male. I slipped into a pair of black lace thong panties. After tucking things up and in, it actually looked like I had a little bit of a camel toe. I put my matching black lace push-up bra on and adjusted my 36 C breasts in the cups. They were all me and my nipples were hard and very sensitive.

I decided to wear a tight tank top and a leather mini skirt. The top had a deep v which showed plenty of cleavage. The skirt fit my shapely ass like a glove and I had thigh high black sheer stockings on and a pair of 3 inch heels. I was still getting used to walking in them but they sure made my ass swing. When I was ready I looked at myself in the full length mirror and was very pleased. I was a hottie.

I decided to go to a bar that I had never been in as a male. I parked my car and confidently walked up to the door. The doorman said it was ladies night and there would be no cover charge. I smiled at him as he opened the door for me and I caught him looking down my shirt. The bar was starting to get crowded but I was able to find my way to an empty stool at the bar. I was able to get up on it in my short skirt and crossed my legs demurely. I ordered a drink and when the bartender brought it to me he said it was already paid for. I looked around the bar and it was hard to tell who bought it because it seemed most of the men were looking at me. I raised my glass to all of them and smiled. Their attention made my nipples tingle.

I knew that I was going to get some attention tonight from men. How should I react? How far should I let it go? All I knew is I loved this feeling. I found myself thinking about men and their cocks. What would they feel like? What would they taste like? I was on my third drink and feeling a little tipsy when he approached. I could tell he was a little nervous but he was oh so cute. He stood next to where I was sitting and as he started to speak I turned to him and smiled and touched his arm with my hand to reassure him.

He asked if I would like another drink and I said yes. He saw that a booth was open in a corner and asked if I would care to join him over there were it was a little more private. I agreed of course and as I walked carefully over to the booth I felt a lot of eyes on my ass, including his. As I slid into the booth he slid in next to me. He leaned over and whispered in my ear that he thought I was the hottest looking girl in here. I turned toward him and touched his cheek and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. He looked me in the eyes and I saw it. He was full of lust and I was his target. He kissed me full on the lips and thrust his tongue into my mouth. I returned the passionate kiss wrapping my arms around his neck. It was dark in the booth and he reached up to cup one of my breasts feeling it's size and softness. My cock felt funny. Just the head of it was swollen and dripping. It was acting more like a clit.

We were getting hot and heavy, a little too much for being in a bar in public. He realized this and asked if I wanted to leave. We left and went towards his car. It was parked in a dark part of the street. Once inside we started going at it again. He started grabbing my ass pulling me closer. I was so turned on I let him do it. He reached up under my tank top and squeezed both of my breasts. I pushed him back and pulled the top over my head. I reached behind me and unhooked my bra. As the bra straps slide off my shoulders and the cups followed my big breasts were revealed to him. I must say I think they are beautiful. My areolas are puffy and my nipples are long and hard. He stared at them for a moment and the reached out to feel his good fortune. He kneaded them and tweaked my nipples between his thumb and finger. I leaned my head back groaning from the pleasure.

Finally he placed his mouth over one. The heat made me groan again. He started to suck on my nipple and I now know why I did this. The feeling is incredible. I never want him to stop sucking my breasts. I reach out to his crotch and find his rock hard cock. I decided I have to see it. It's a little bit of a struggle but with his help I get his pants undone and his zipper down. With my left nipple in his mouth he used both of his hands to push his pants and boxers down. Finally releasing my boob he sat up and I get a look at his tool. It's a nice size and cut. About 7 inches and on the thick side. I'm trembling a little now and I reached out to touch my first male cock other then my own.

It's hot and very hard but soft too. I began to stroke it and he moans. I bent toward it and gave the head a kiss. He smelt great, very male. I started licking the head tasting his precum. Suddenly I can't get enough of it. I placed my lips over the head and suck it into my mouth. I can't believe I was doing this. I wanted to take more of it. I started licking it and sliding more into my mouth and down my throat. I slide down as far as I can on it and can get about ¾ of it in. I used my hand to stroke it and then go down as deep as I can.

His hips were coming off the seat as he thrusted up to meet my warm mouth. I know where this will end and there is nothing more that I want at the moment. He warns me of his approaching orgasm. I don't stop, in fact I speed up. I felt him stop thrusting and his head swells a little. I leave just the head in my mouth and I stroke him quickly. Suddenly he erupted into my waiting mouth. I tasted the salty maleness and swallowed. He kept shooting and I kept up. Finally slowing I sucked him dry. He leans back spent and recovering a little he reached up my skirt for my crotch. By the time he cups my thong I realize what he is about to find out. Luckily I feel smooth down there and I removed his hand before he got any further. I told him that we will save that for next time. I slid the tank top on and put my bra in my purse. I kiss his cheek and open the car door and got out.

He asked me when he will see me again. I smiled and say soon. He asked me how he will find me. I say that I will find him. I walked to my car on shaky legs. On the ride home I still can taste him. I want to do that again. I want to do more. Do I want to be a female all the time? Maybe I do.

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