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Dad Pimps Me Out

I think once dad caught Jack fucking me,he wasn't upset,but more so he thought of a way to use this to his advantage.

After that it was nothing for me to walk around the house in womens clothing,for my dad and I had a talk and I told him that it felt right.

One night when he brought home a sexy outfit for me,I knew he was up to something. He handed me a bag and said "here,go put this on".

He tells me to get my make up on and meet him back in the living room in 20 minutes.

I go into my room and open the bag and pull out a short plaid skirt,white blouse,white panties and white over the knee hose, yes,a school girl outfit.

I put it on and slip on my black heels and head to the living room where he sits me down and say's "we need to talk".

He tells me "first of all,we are in bad shape financially and secondly,I won't make you do anything you don't want to".

I say "what are you talking about?" and he tells me he has some things lined up for me to bring in some extra money for the house.

He tells me he has a "client lined up and is waiting at a hotel" and asked if I was up to it.

I tell him absolutely and we get in the car and drive.

On the way over he tells me he has known this guy for a long time and that I should treat him well.He tells me he will be right outside if I needed anything.

Once at the hotel I walk upn and knock on room 106 and an older man,grey hair,probably 55,opens the door and tells me to come in.

Once in the room,he sits me on the bed and ask's me "so,what are you into?" I tell him anything he would like. He looks me up and down and says "you're my daughter's age,will you pretend to be my daughter anytime we meet?" I tell "yes I will Daddy".

We both lay back on the bed and he starts running his hands up and down my body.My erection growing in my panties underneath my skirt.

I reach for his cock through his pants and rub it up and down,growing in my hand as I stroke it.

He removes all of his clothes after a few minutes and tells me to go down on him.

"Jen,take daddy's cock into your mouth". "You mean like this daddy?"

I slide the shaft all the way ibto the back of my throat. Bobbing my head up and down on his hard cock.

He moans as I suck his meat for all it's worth,moving his hips up and down.

Only a few minutes goes by and he says "Daddy is ready to cum" and I stop and say "no,not yet,I want daddy to fuck me".

He says "not this time sweetheart,next time".

I wrap my lips back around his cock,a little disappointed,but still loving what I was doing.

As I suck his cock faster,I moan louder and he quickly shoots his load into my mouth,not wanting to disappoint him,I swallow every last drop.

I get up and he hands me an envelope and tells me to give it to my dad.

I leave the room and get in the car,hand dad the envelope and we start driving.

Thinking to myself as we drove,I turn to dad and say "dad,I need to get fucked,I am horny".

He doesn't say a word,turns the car around and heads back downtown to where the adult section of town is.

He pulls up to a corner,tells me to get out and stand there,someone will stop soon,but don't leave this area with anyone.

I get out,standing there in my sexy schoolgirl outfit and it's not long before a stationwagon pulls up and ask's me if I am "working".

I say "sure baby,but I 'm extra special,don't know if that's your thing".

He says "what do you mean?" and I flip up my skirt and pull my cock out from my panties.

He smiles and says "you're exactly my thing!"

He pulls around the corner into an alley and I get in his car,I see dad get out of his and watch from the street.

The man,30ish,tells me to get in the back with him and I do.

He says he wants a straight fuck and I lay back on the floor of the wagon and remove my panties and he stops me. "No,no,no,no...leave them on baby".

He unzips his pants and lifts my ass up and slips his cock past my panties and forces himself into my awaiting ass.

I can see the windows getting fogged up from our heavy breathing. He is pounding my ass hard and furious now.

I am stroking my cock and cumming all over my panties at this point and he too is cumming soon after.

I feel a hot rush of jizz exploding inside of me. He finishes and pulls out. We chat for a second and I exit his car,satisfied with the transaction and walk back over to dad's car and get in.

Dad get's back in and we drive home.

Not much is said that night,but he has plans for me again in two night's. And I soon find he has plans for almost 2 weeks straight.

From that night on,for the next 2 years,I became daddy's  friends little cum dumpster.

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