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Date with my wife - her story

Today started like any other day, except for one thing. My husband informed me as he brought me morning coffee, "Sweetheart, tonight when you come home, go straight upstairs, cleanup and put on the outfit I have laid out on the bed." He said this with a grin on his face. You know that grin like the one you see on a child's face as you enter the candy store.

"But what if I need something?" I began to ask.

"No, dear!" firmly he stated and then again with that smile.

With a firm embrace and a passionate kiss he sent me out the door to work. As I backed out of the garage I wondered, what is that man of mine up to? Looking up at the house I could see him watching me, with that grin and waving bye.

Today has been slow at work, just some minor to do's and finish ups. This is making it hard not to wonder what he is doing while I am here. I smile with the thought of a sensual silky outfit laying out for me when I arrive home. The excitment flows over my body and the moisture between my thighs confirms my excitement.

I have a few errands to run for work and grab some lunch while I am out too. I grab my papers and bag and off I go. As I make deliveries and pick up more papers, I stop to grab a bite to eat. As I sit and eat my salad, I look at my watch and decide if I go now there is time to pick up a little something special from my favorite lingerie store.

I pop into my favorite shop to find some silky panties. See I love the feel of silk against my freshly shaven pussy, but what I love even more is the feel of my hubby's cock in them. This drives me completely nuts.(You see here is a little secret. My man has this fetish with wearing panties. When he is freshly shaven and wears them his cock is so freakin hard. Mmmm, oh yeah.) Okay back to the moment, I need to get these grabbed and get back to the office.

The afternoon is flying by very fast and I am glad for it, it is nearly time to go home for my suprise outfit my hubby has from me. As I head home the excitement builds and it is making my pussy even wetter with anticipation. I pull in the driveway and into the garage. Reaching for my things I see the bag of panties on the seat and grab them too.

As I enter the house I can smell the sweet aroma of my favorite food cooking. "Dear, remember straight upstairs," my hubby speaks to me very subtly.

"Yes, Darlin!" I excitedly reply. Like a school girl I rush up the stairs. Unbottoning my blouse and unzipping my skirt. I walk in the bedroom and gasp at the outfit laying on my side of the bed. I am in a bit of shock and yet somewhat excited as well. I am looking at a nice pair of men's slacks, a nice silk buttonup shirt, silk boxers and a strap on. Yes, I said a strap on!

Getting in the shower I wonder about the outfit. Finding my nipples are hard, my pussy is very wet and I embrace for a moment where this is leading. I quickly gather my thoughts. Wrap my towel around my wet body, that is silky smooth from my legs to my hot wet pussy, ready for what the night brings.

I begin to get dressed, figuring out the strap on, sliding on the boxers, my slacks and my silky shirt. This is something new. I knew of his panty fetish but, what am I to do with my "new" cock?
I begin down the stairs, stopping about half way to adjust my cock in my pants. My hubby better have something very special planned, he could be looking at a spanking for being a bad boy otherwise.

As I approach the last steps, he is standing at the bottom of the steps and waiting for me. I tilt my head and look him up and down. Here he stands dressed in a jean skirt that hits midway of his thigh and from the look I can tell you he has panties on. A silky top that accents him as well.

Seeing him like this has made me more excited as to what may lie ahead. I approach him, pull him to an embrace and share a kiss more passionate than the one he sent me out the door with this morning. The excitement from his cock made mine push against my thigh. Oh the sensuality was a bit overwhelming. I would of never thought having a cock, my cock could be so thrilling.

He is leading me to a very thought out meal, my favorite sauteed shrimp and fettucine alfredo. As we sit and eat the question keeps floating in my mind. "Okay, Darlin. What is going on with you all dressed up in a very sexy woman's outfit?"

He explains his fantasy and as he explains I become more excited, even more over him sharing with me. He is getting up to clear the table from dinner. I grab him and pull him down on my lap. He is on my lap and my cock is against his ass. I begin rubbing his thighs and notice how smooth they are. I tease his cock through his skirt. "These dishes and food can wait. You can be my sexy bitch now!" I grin and lead him to the stairs. He started this and I have every intention of fulfilling his "fantasy."

As we enter the room I pull him back to me, my cock pressing against his ass as I nibble on his ear lobes and caress his neck with my lips. Grasping his ass with one hand as I rub his body with the other. Slowly making it to the bed, we begin to remove some clothes slowly. I unbutton his top to find a nice silky bra accenting his aroused nipples, I nibble on them and flick them with my tongue. He begins unfastening my slacks and drops them to the floor and caresses my cock through my boxers. He is moaning as a I tease him and taunt him with my lips.

"I will have that in your man pussy before this night is over," I whisper gently in his ear. He leans down and pulls my boxers down. I slap his ass as he is bent over, moving my hand to his head, he kneels and begins to play with my cock. I watch in amazement as he plays with it some and then licks it. I watch him as he teases it with his tongue and then feel the warmth of his tongue on my pussy lips. I feel the rush of my juices coming to a peak.

He continues to move the cock as he plays with it. This play is causing friction against my clit. The hit of his fingers slipping every now and then in my pussy sends me spinning. I sit down and look at my hubby kneeling before me with my juices on his face. I pull him up and kiss him, tasting my juices on his tongue and lips. I pat the bed and have him join me. Sliding my hand across his thigh and slipping under his skirt I feel his hot cock. "Stand up and remove your skirt and get on the bed on your hands and knees!" I say this to him sternly yet with a grin.

He stands, slides his skirt off and looks at me. I gesture with my hand and point to the bed. Slowly he climbs on to the bed, I follow him onto it and begin rubbing his ass with my hands. I am caressing the outline of his butt checks and then down the edge of each side of his crack and tease his balls. I can feel his balls jump at the excitment as I taunt him.

I lean to my side and pull out my easy glide from our toy drawer. I postition myself behind him and slap his ass with my cock. He moans as I do so. I grab each of his cheeks and spread them slightly, leaning in and blowing on his opening to his man pussy. The sight of it flexing and his body pushing back towards me I know it is time. I flip the top and place a good amount of lube on my finger.

I guide my other hand to his ass and spread his butt cheeks and begin rubbing the lube just around the opening, I insert my finger slowly into his man pussy. He rocks back towards me and I insert my finger in and pull it out, teasing the opening and hearing him moan with pleasure. I continue to do so a few more times. I take the bottle and place a line of lube down my shaft and on the head of my cock. I begin to push the head of my cock against the opening of his man pussy. Leaning forward I watch the head go in to his man pussy. As I take his virginity, he pulls away. "Do you want me to stop?" I ask as to wonder if he has changed his mind.

He utters a no and rocks back towards me. I place a hand on his hip and the other on my cock. Guiding my cock out and back in his man pussy. Taking his virginity from him as we begin a rhythm, rocking back and forth, rocking his hips to mine. I can feel his balls slapping against me as I thrust into him more. He is moaning more and more. He's sighing and moaning, like the ones that he brings to me when he pleasures me. I can feel his ass flexing in my hands as I take him completely and making him my sexy bitch. He is arching his back as the thrill he can not contain no longer. "I'm going to cum, oh god!" with a groan and thrust he shoots his cum against the bed.

I slow the rocking and ease the thrusting and gently glide my cock in his man pussy. I ease my cock out and collapse next to him on the bed.

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