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Dave and I

Dave called and asked me to go out with him on Friday
This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any person living, or dead is purely coincidental.

Later that day we sat at the table talking about the events of the past evening. The phone rang. It was Dave on the phone. He wanted me to go out with him on Friday and he wanted me to dress sexy.. 

I had been with Dave only one time; it was at my anniversary party. My wife arranged everything. She invited her friend Kim and her male friend, Dave. I did not know she'd invited anyone. I was dressed en fem for her. I envisioned an intimate night together. When I saw Kim I was shocked, but when I saw Dave the blood in my veins turned to ice and the color drained from my face. With a little encouragement from my wife I kneeled in front of Dave and sucked his cock, in front of everyone. It was my first experience with a man and I loved it. Now he had invited me out as his date. How lucky was I!

Suddenly it became difficult to breathe. Every part of my body screamed out, "Say yes!" but my loyalty and my commitment was to my wife and I must talk it over with her. "That was Dave on the phone. He wants me to go out with him on Friday and he wants me to dress sexy. I want to know what you think."

A wicked smile began to form on her lips. "You want to say yes, don't you?" she teased. "You like being a woman and you like that men want to fuck you. You are such a slut." She laughed. "Tell him you will go out with him, but you better save some of that for me when you get back."

I picked up the phone and dialed it. With every ring my excitement intensified. "Hello." I could barely conceal my nervousness. My hand was shaking and my voice came in gasps.

"Hello, Dave."

"I would love to go out with you Friday," I squeaked.

"Great," he said. "I will pick you up at Seven-thirty on Friday."

It was set. I was going out on my first date with a man. I was so excited that I shook, like a puppy wagging his tale. Dave saw me dressed as a woman before I really knew how to dress "En femenino" properly. He would be pleasantly surprised, I think. I was looking forward to spending the evening as Dave's date. I mentioned that Dave was very handsome and well built. He was also about 6' 1" and he had a golden tan. He was a very confident guy. He had this "take charge" kind of attitude.. He liked sex, in all its ways and he was not embarrassed to let people know about it. All-in-all it should be a very exciting night.

My wife seemed genuinely happy about my going out with Dave. She made me promise though, that I'd tell her all about it when I got home. Didn't I tell you my wife was great?

Friday was only four days away and I had to buy a few things before then, so I got dressed in my best casual, female attire and my wife and I went to the mall to do a little shopping. One of the first items I wanted was a shade of lipstick that was just sinful. I decided on MAC red lipstick from Victoria's Secret. I also bought a Faithfully Yours strapless bra in a stunning purple with satin panties to match. I thought the evening gown I bought with my wife would be more than enough to get Dave's engine revving, so I didn't buy another one. I needed a better pair of shoes though so, I bought a pair of four and a half inch magenta Bella pointed toe patent leather pumps.

It was not easy to move around in the four and a half inch pumps, so, with my wife's help, I spent the next two days learning how to walk and dance in them.

On Thursday a package arrived. It was from Dave. Receiving a package from a guy you are about to date is pretty exciting. I brought it inside the house and immediately opened it. Inside there was the most beautiful and elegant royal blue off the shoulder cocktail dress. It was so beautiful it took my breath. In my bedroom I tried it on. It was a perfect fit. I stared in the mirror for a long time. I turned this way and that way. I watched from every angle and admired every curve. I reveled in its beauty and I was relieved that it was royal blue. My purple bra and panties and shoes would compliment my dress perfectly.

It was great fun buying things for my Friday night date, but on Friday I began to get a little nervous. I wanted to look perfect for Dave. Now...there was another contradiction. When I was a guy I put on a shirt and a pair of pants from my closet and I was good to go. Often my wife had to tell me to go back, change what I was wearing, and put on something more appropriate.

As a woman though, I worried about how I looked and I spent a lot of time creating the perfect look. It was fun creating a look. All the while I was cleaning, painting, and dressing my imagination went wild, thinking about how my efforts would be received.

I wanted to start getting ready at like, ten in the morning. My wife just laughed at me and dragged me out of the house to go to the store with her. "You are acting like a silly little girl" she quipped. "There will be time enough to spare to make yourself beautiful for your date." Still laughing she took my hand and led me to the car. We went to the grocery store, bought a few things and went to lunch. All-in-all we managed to use up about four hours.

When we got back I jumped in the shower to clean up. I exfoliated, showered, moisturized and creamed for over an hour. I laid out my new things and began to get dressed. Once dressed I fixed my hair and put on my makeup. When I was finished I came downstairs to show my wife and to get her opinion. She whistled, walked around me twice.

"You look hot, babe. Dave will not make it through the night without tasting a piece of that." She patted me on the ass, licked her lips and went back to what she was doing.

The doorbell rang. "Answer the door," I said. "I have to get something upstairs."

I heard the door open. "Hi, Dave. You look great! Joanie's not going to be able to control herself when she sees you. She'll be down in a minute. Joanie, Dave is here," she called.

A minute, or so later I came slowly down the stairs. Dave could see me, or parts of me, before I could see him. "Wow," he exclaimed. "That dress looks better on you than I could have imagined. You are so beautiful!"

My heart skipped. I felt flattered that to him I was beautiful.

Slowly he came into my view. He was wearing a pair of custom fit charcoal grey dress pants with just a hint of a bulge belying the hidden treasure within.. A slate blue fitted tee was skin tight and did little to hide the muscles in his chest and abs. My excitement grew with the knowledge that soon I would run my fingers across all those bulges. As a finishing touch to his ensemble he wore a burnt orange Lisardo leather jacket. Did the word delicious come to mind?

Okay, back to reality. Dave looked at me top to bottom. He reached his hand toward mine, and brushed his fingertips against my arm. I had to stifle an audible intake of breath. Then he pulled me to him and held me tight. His breath was warm in my hair, against my ear. If I had an engine, it would have revved. His lips nibbled at my ear and tears almost sprang to my eyes. I wished I could just lie down on the floor, put up my legs and let him root around to his heart’s content (and mine).

I became flushed and dizzy, unsure of where my feet were. Dave's fingertip began to trace the curves on my dress. I shuddered a breath in and out. I wanted to murmur sweet nothings in his ear, to give him a taste of the painful anticipation I was riding--, but I could not speak.

His finger slid along the center seam of the dress and came to rest at the crook of my hip. Then he turned my chin toward him, and as I was about to say something, smothered my unspoken words with a kiss.and whispered in my ear, "This is going to be a great night." With that he led me to the door. I followed instinctively, with no will of my own..On the way he often put his hand lightly grazing the bareness of my thigh with his fingers...

I don't remember what we talked about during dinner, but I remember his voice. It was soft and melodic. He was like a serpent who hypnotizes his prey before he strikes and I was the small mouse about to become his next victim. He held my hands and kissed my palms. He caressed my leg and my back. He stroked my hair.

After we were finished we sat for a while talking. The music was slow. Dave got up and held out his hand to me. I took his hand in mine and he led me to a dance floor. It was only him and I. Then he put his arm around my waist, held me close and guided me effortlessly around the dance floor.

His fingers were sliding now, caressing me like a violin arpeggio, closer and closer to where my clit throbbed under layers of cloth. The gentle moving of his hands made the longing even worse. I didn’t dare open my eyes ,afraid people were staring at us. He kept his rhythm even, his touch light, as if there were no urgency in him at all. It was all inside me, making my shoulders tighten under his arm, my breath shallow, my jaw clench.

And then the music stopped. He held my hand and pulled me off the dance floor. Dave pulled me down into a seat--onto his lap.

That finger was busy again, this time deep under my dress, pushing aside my cotton panties, then nosing back and forth. When his finger slid into me, I started to cry. His slow, gentle touch was going somewhere deep inside of me, somewhere I needed to be touched so much, that the relief triggered tears. I clung to his neck and sobbed softly, my face hidden by drifts of my own hair, as his finger went in and out, soon joined by a second one.

“It’s okay,” he said into my ear. “I know.”

It was like those moments of confusion, unsure where to stand or where to go, I found myself being led from the restaurant. He had me in his arms and whispered in my ear and nibbled my neck, and the next thing I knew we were at the door of his apartment and he was fumbling for his keys.

He set me down and opened the apartment door. I was only too grateful to be there, mere steps from the bedroom, where we soon were, me kneeling on the bed, him standing while I unbuttoned his pants, and revealed him. His red erection came free and I sighed. I cupped his balls with my hand and let my lips fall around him..

He sensed I didn’t want to waste much time, but let me swallow him deep a few times before he pushed forward onto the bed, flattening me in the process. The rest of our clothes were shed at that point. I wrapped my legs around his back and pulled him into me. With every thrust I felt like sparks flew down to my toes and from the tips of my fingers. A shockingly intense pleasure. And Dave gave it to me again and again. I thrust my hips up to meet him, trying to match rhythm to get an almost violent crash of bodies. It’s hard to admit, but I wanted him to fuck me so hard that it would hurt. When I am that horny I can fuck for a long time and I worried that it might end too soon, but I didn't want to say anything.

The orgasm was coming. My legs shook and my heels pulled on his back as I quaked with the power of cumming. I wondered if this would make him go off, too, but when I settled back into the bed, he was still lodged deep in me, fucking me slowly and contentedly.

After a while he sped up and my muscles began to contract again. Wave after wave crashed over my body again and I was content. As my orgasm began to subside Dave moaned loudly. His body tensed. His muscles taught, like a bow at the apex of its draw. Then release. The arrow, leaving the bow slammed into me with force and power. I could feel him filling me with the essence of his pleasure. Suddenly he pulled out of me and lay back next to me and smiled. We laid back in the semi-darkness of his apartment and after a short nap my brain began to perk up.

I propped myself up on an elbow. Then I kissed him, long and deep, until we were both breathless. He started to get up and then he leaned over and kissed me on the lips and on the forehead. I couldn’t just let him walk away.

“Will we do this again?”

“If you want to.”

“We have to.” I told him I wouldn’t feel complete if it ended here..

And he said, “I know.”

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