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Dawn Summer

Oppressed and Underage. Sometimes you just got to take matters into your own hands.
As I climbed aboard the bus, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of relief at my escape. I never realized how free I could feel finally escaping my father for good.

Maybe, I should back up a little bit for those of you just catching up to my story. My name is Dawn Summer. I grew up a rich little boy with a father who never quite understood, or cared to understand me. I wanted to become an actor when I grew up, but my father would have none of it. Since I was the only son he had, he wanted me to grow up and become a business man like him. Every day, he would pound that idea into me, literally.

When I was spending a Saturday afternoon with one of my friends, I happened to pick up one of his books, “Methods of Disguise,” and though I only read one passage, it sparked an idea in me.

“The techniques of disguising a man as a woman are similar to make-up techniques used by women themselves. A man might want to tweeze his eyebrows if he’s “beetle-browed,” and foundation and face powder help soften the complexion. Shaving is a must. Lipstick is optional, although many women use it, more or less discreetly. Many also wear wigs."

James was kind of a nerd, and most certainly a spy wannabe, but he had everything I needed when I needed him most. After I mentioned to him that I wanted to get away from my father and his oppression, he immediately leapt into action.

“Well, the first thing you’ll need is a new identity.”

“Isn’t that what putting on the disguise is about?” I asked him, a little confused.

“No, first we need to get you some sort of legal documentation that you can use to identify yourself, otherwise you’ll be showing your driver’s license and someone will see right through you.”

“So where do we start?”

As it turned out, finding a new identity involved little more than a trip to the library, and reading some really old newspapers that someone took pictures of. James read through the reels until he came across a few names that he thought might work, and began showing them to me.

“I like this one, Dawn. That’s a very good name.”

“Okay, so now we just need a birth certificate.” James wrote down a little bit of information and then told me he’d need ten bucks to get it.

Within a couple of weeks James showed me my new birth certificate, and told me that the next step would be to get me a new Social Security Number. Again, I trusted James to work his magic, and within another three weeks, I had in my possession a valid Social Security Card with my new name on it.

“What about a driver’s license?” I inquired as we were admiring the first two steps into my new identity.

“Well, in order to do that, you need to actually be able to dress up as this new identity,” James pointed out, “You can’t exactly just walk into the office looking like that and expect them to believe you’re a seventeen-year-old girl.”

“So now what?”

I had no idea what would come next, but James began to go to work, and within days he’d come up with a to-do list for me. That Saturday, we went to mall about two hours before it actually opened and James introduced me to one of his much older friends, a girl in her early twenties, who worked in the mall salon.

“Dawn, this is Penny. She is a very trustworthy friend, and today she’s going to help us
with our little project.”

“Hello Dawn. Let’s make you match your lovely name.” Penny’s smile made me feel relief and confident in James’s plan.

About an hour later, Penny had taught me the basics of putting on make-up, and styling a human hair wig to look like a seventeen-year-old girl would wear her hair. Then, she took me next door to a clothing store, where she convinced the opening employee to allow me to try on and purchase a couple of basic outfits.

“That’ll be just fine for now,” Penny told me as I modeled a basic white blouse, over a neat black skirt. “Now if you’ll just hold still for a minute I need to take a couple of quick measurements before you leave.” She quickly borrowed her friend’s tape measure and took the size around my chest, hips and waist.

I thanked her as she packed the new clothes into her car before ushering us on our way. James and I went to the arcade for a few hours while Penny went to work until noon.

“So, what plan do you have for money?” James asked me as we played a round of Time Cop.

“Probably the only great thing about having a business tycoon for a father is that I’ve been saving money since I was eight. I’ve got enough to get by for a little while, and I can get a job as soon as I get away from him.”

“That sounds great, but if you’re going to disappear, wouldn’t it be a good idea to make your money disappear as well. Otherwise, what happens when he traces where the funds are going, and has you right where he wants you again.”

“I get it. So the day I actually make my escape, Dawn should probably open an account somewhere else with that money.”

“That’s right.”

We finished playing in the Arcade just before noon, and went out to the parking lot to meet Penny. After a few minutes, she came out carrying a couple of bags from Victoria’s Secret and another plain white bag that I didn’t recognize.

“Get in,” she told us before either of us could really ask any questions.

Penny drove us straight to a small apartment a few blocks away and had us help her carry the bags in.

“Now, let’s show Dawn to the world,” Penny handed me the bag from Victoria’s secret and told me to put them on first.

I went into her bathroom and opened the bag to find a pair of nude colored nylons with a nice but plain set of girl’s panties. I pulled the panties on, and the carefully slid into the nylons.

“No, you need to make yourself actually look like a girl,” Penny said as I came out.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, girls don’t usually have a bulge showing through their knickers.”

I looked down and realized that the tight panties made my package very prominently obvious, so I went back into the bathroom and tucked everything between my legs, using the panties to hold it all in place. After that, I got dressed in my skirt, and Penny pulled a bra out of the second bag.

“Now, to complete this illusion.”

Penny opened the unmarked bag and pulled out a small box with what looked plastic boobs in them. After she explained that they where breast forms, used by women who lose a breast to cancer, I realized why she had taken all the measurements before. The bra fit perfectly over the silicon forms and the fitted blouse made me look perfect from the neck down. Penny helped me with my wig and make-up to hurry things along, and then the three of us went back to the parking lot and drove to the DMV office.

“Hi, my sister is here to get her license,” Penny introduced me and explained, “she just had her tonsils taken out, so she can’t really speak today, but it’s the only time I have to bring her down.”

“Sure thing honey, give me a second.” The lady over the counter looked like a content toad with her wire frame glasses, and the rolls that fell around her face. “I can give her a permit, and she’ll have to come back once she’s got her hours in for the actual license.”

“That’s fine.”

“Step in front of the camera, so we can get your picture.” The toad lady ordered me in a surprisingly kind voice.

After the flash went off, the lady explained to Penny that she could send in my hour sheet and the office would mail my license to her when they received it.

“I’ll call you when I get the license,” Penny told James as she dropped us back off at the mall, after I’d changed at her place.

“Thanks Penny.” James told her as the two of use wandered back into the teenage crowd of shoppers.

Apparently, Penny just signed the sheet and sent it in a week later so that they’d just mail her the license. But after two months, I had my complete new identity, or so I thought.

“You’ll have to talk eventually,” James explained as he handed me a portable MP3 player with some already programmed tracks. “The tracks on here are a female voice coach that helps ‘girls’ like Dawn fix their voice.”

I listened to the coaching sessions every day, all day, practicing whenever I was alone. A couple months later, I decided to give my new voice a little test. I called James up and told him I’d gotten his number from a mutual friend. After a few seconds, his quiet response thrilled me.

“Dawn? Is that you? You’re voice sounds perfect!”

The feeling of being able to completely fill my new identity thrilled me beyond words.

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