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Derek and Amy: Matt makes three

Amy's husband Matt joins the fun
My lover and my husband are in separate rooms changing into the clothing I've laid out for them. When they're finished they'll come into the library where I'm sitting waiting for them. This will be the first time they've touched each other and I'm not going to miss a minute of it. I'm sitting in a big padded chair diagonal to the door.

My husband, Matt, comes in first. He looks more comfortable in his dress than I ever imagined he would. The dress I picked out for him reminds me of that famous picture of Marilyn Monroe where she's standing on the grate with her skirt being blown up. His is bright blue though. When I signal for her to turn around for me she does, and it's nice to see she's having just a little trouble in the six inch heels. I point her towards the couch across from me. When she sits down with her legs spread out I glare at her until she sits up straight like a proper lady.

Shortly after she gets settled my lover, Derek, walks in looking far more comfortable in the clothing I set out for him than my husband does at the moment. "There's my girl, close the door," I direct.

Once the door's closed she turns back to me and I signal for her to turn around for me like my husband had. She does and lands in a reasonable curtsy. Her pink dress is cut in a 50's style with a high waist, bodice-like top and flared out skirt with a few layers of ruffles under it.

Pointing her to the couch where my husband sits I settle back to enjoy the show. She settles next to Matt and they look at each other tentatively, neither seeming sure of what to do. They both look at me for direction and I just shake my head, this is their show and I'm just here to enjoy it.

Derek finally builds up her nerve to lean over and kiss him. Before long they're going at it like a couple of horny teenage girls. I see flashes of tongue and the occasional moan slips out from one of them the longer this goes on. Derek has one hand on the back of Matt's head and the other one is running over her leg just below the hem of her skirt. Matt still seems a little unsure of where her hands should be, they keep fluttering from place to place, never really settling. Finally Derek grabs one of her hands and places it on her leg, sliding it under her skirt as she leans Matt's head to the side so she can get at her neck and throat. Watching Matt's eyes roll back in ecstasy as Derek's teeth find her earlobes is enough to get my panties wet.

As Matt's hand finds her way to Derek's panties she slides to the floor and slides up Derek's skirt. Those silky pink panties look so good on her I wish it was me with my hands under her skirt. Still keeping her hand on Matt's head she guides the newer girl towards her hard cock. Matt leans down and kisses the silky pink fabric before sliding it down enough to free Derek's rock hard cock. Derek locks eyes with me as Matt leans back down and takes her cock in her mouth. Her eyes drift closed as Matt keeps sucking her cock, occasionally stopping to lick it from base to tip before taking it all back in her mouth. Somehow she manages to take the entire thing down her throat and a part of me wonders if this isn't the first time.

After a few minutes Derek pulls her off and stands up. She guides Matt to a standing position and leans her over the couch. Once Matt's hands are firmly planted she tugs down Matt's panties, freeing the hard cock that's been trapped in the silky black prison. Turning to me she catches the bottle of lube I tossed over. Pouring some of the lube on Matt's ass she puts the bottle down and starts working the lube into Matt's asshole with her fingers.

It looks like Matt's starting to rethink things, but once Derek gets one finger inside her she not only relaxes she starts pushing back against her. After a few minutes Derek moves behind her and slowly slides her cock into Matt's waiting Ass. Reaching around she starts pumping Matt's cock in time with her own movements. Both of my girls are moaning now, pushing against each other harder and faster with every thrust. It only takes a moment before I see Derek lock up against Matt's ass, followed by Matt blowing a load against the back of the couch and the wall.

After both relax and Derek has pulled out and stepped back Matt guides her to lay down on the couch. Kneeling over her face Matt slides her dick into Derek's mouth before leaning down to take Derek back into her own mouth.

Before I know it both are hard again, and looking at me...

I didn't expect anything more than to be watching as the two of them explored each other, but before I can figure out what's going on they've untangled themselves and are both walking towards me. Derek reaches for my right hand as Matt reaches for my left. They pull me to a standing position and I'm suddenly grateful I'm wearing heels as well. Without them the boys would be a good foot and a half taller than me.

Derek turns me towards her, guiding my arms around her neck and then anchoring my hips in place with her strong hands. Behind me I can feel Matt unlacing the black corset I chose to wear tonight. Derek leans down and captures my mouth with hers as the corset falls from my body. Behind me Matt steps forward and slides his hands around to cup my breasts, toying with my nipples as she leans in and nibbles on my shoulder.

Derek's arms slide from my hips back to my ass for a quick squeeze before reaching for the zipper on the back of my skirt. With one swift motion my skirt slides to the floor leaving me only in a pair of dark blue panties that are soaked. Derek's mouth leaves mine as he starts nibbling his way down my body. I lean my head back against Matt and just let it happen. There's hands and mouths everywhere. With every touch, every kiss my nerves spark. As Derek's mouth trails down my body, stopping to bite at my nipples or for her tongue to dart out and tease a sensitive spot Matt lifts my left leg and places it on the chair I had been watching them from.

Matt's got me pinned back against her, still nibbling and kissing my shoulders and neck, her hands still toying with my breasts. Derek's on her knees now and I'm sure she's going to give me some relief but her mouth travels down my thighs to the back of my knee and back up before doing the same to the other leg. She brings my leg back to the floor, just long enough to slide my panties off my hips. Stepping out of them I find my leg back on the chair, being held there by Matt while Derek finally dives in. She's licking and teasing me, making sure to avoid my clit.

I can't help squirming and moaning her name, I want to cum so bad. Behind me Matt has shifted and I feel her sliding lube over my ass. As his fingers start working their way inside my ass Derek finally takes mercy on me and with one quick flick of her tongue I lose all control, moaning and screaming. There's so much feeling and no thought, all I can do is hold onto Matt's arm with one hand and the back of my lover's head with the other.

As I come down off my orgasm and start breathing again I feel Matt's cock slip into my ass. Derek's standing up in front of me again and when I feel Matt nod over my shoulder Derek lines up his cock with my wet cunt and slides in too. I've never felt this full before. Derek reaches around and grabs Matt's ass with one hand and mine with her other. Matt has one hand on my stomach and slides the other up to squeeze Derek's nipple.

I'm sandwiched between two girls that I love dearly. They're alternatively nibbling on my shoulder, ears, mouth and each other. At first they pump in and out alternatively, one going in as the other slides out, but then they switch and all of a sudden I'm finding myself emptied and filled by both of them at the same time. As I spiral into another orgasm my legs turn to jelly and the only thing holding me up is them.

They somehow manage to twist us so Derek's sitting in the chair with me in her lap, her cock still hard inside me. We didn't lose Matt either, she's still pumping away at my ass. As I spiral into another orgasm I feel Matt tense up behind me at the same time Derek tenses underneath me. We all explode into a quivering, moaning mass of ecstasy.

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