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Dirty Little Me

Caught, with panties on and my pants down...
Rushing around all day, it seemed like this was starting become a ritual for my Fridays but this particular Friday I would never forget! 

Waking up late as usual I flew out the the door as fast as I could, not giving any thought to what I had done the night before. As usual my boss wasn't too pleased but I never really minded his attitude because everything he lacked in personality he made up for in looks. Luckily the dirty thoughts I had of dressing up like a sissy little girl for him kept my mind occupied most of the day.

Before I knew it, it was five o'clock and time for the gym. I have always been ashamed of my girlish figure and finally decided to do something about it. I had only been going to the gym for about a month or so, so I still chose to change in what I thought to be a secluded area of the locker room.

As I pulled my shirt off, I noticed black lace peeking out from the waist line of my pants. Could it be? I thought. In my mad dash to work, I must have forgotten that I was still wearing my panties from the night before! I could hear the zipper of a gym bag behind me.

Nervously I wrapped my towel around my body and pulled my pants down, unknowingly pulling my panties with them. Before I had time to react the mystery man behind me said, "Ma'am, you're in the wrong locker room".

As I turned, I couldn't help but gasp at his manly stature, well over six foot with arms that rivaled tree trunks and a chest sprinkled with salt and pepper hair. He simply smiled and said, "Sorry, I had no idea".

Noticeably acknowledging the stiff bulge in is briefs, I winked and whispered, "No need to apologize, daddy".

All through my workout, I couldn't stop thinking about the idiotic daddy comment I had made in the locker room. I kept a steady watch on my mystery man, just waiting for him to tell his friends and that moment when they would all point and laugh, but to my surprise he never did. In all reality it seemed as if he were watching me as well.

As I wrapped up my workout and headed to the locker room I heard him say from behind me, "Looks like we could both use a shower".

I smiled, not knowing what to make of his comment. We both made our way to our lockers not saying a word. As I unpacked my soap and towel, his friend came over and handed him something. I couldn't make out what it was but it didn't matter because he handed off to me with a huge smile on his face and said, "If you're interested I'll be in the last shower stall", and walked away.

I slowly unwrapped what he handed me and it was a pair of silk leggings. My heart started racing! I started to put my panties on, simply to get dressed and leave, but my curiosity didn't let me leave. I instead put the leggings on with my panties, wrapped myself in a towel and nervously walk to the last shower, not knowing what to expect.

Shaking, I slowly pulled the curtain back just to see a changing area with another curtain to the shower. Before I could reach the second one he pulled it open, licked his lips and said, "Drop the towel".

Doing as I was told, I let it fall. Shaking from nerves, I looked up and he suddenly seemed like a giant to me, then again I was barely 5'5" weighing 135 pounds so everybody seemed like a giant to me.

With no hesitation, he spun me around, grabbed a handful of my ass and asked, "How can such a little bitch twink have such a big ass"? At the same time he pulled my panties to the side and slapped my ass with his dick, which felt more like a baseball bat.

I gave out a little moan and he pushed me to my knees. From behind he pushed his dick against my face so I turned and started sucking and stroking his long robust dick. Suddenly he let out a loud moan and shot his load hard and fast to the back of my throat.

With great disappointment I stood up but the curtain opened and it was his friend. He said nothing, he just grabbed my slim waist with his massive hands and pressed his short, fat cock against my modest seven inch dick. I could feel mine throbbing as he turned me and bent me over.

Forcefully grabbing a fist full of my panties, he pulled them out of the way almost ripping them. I then felt his warm spit drip down my ass crack followed by his thick finger penetrating my still virgin ass hole. He laughed as I squirmed. His friend stood there stroking his massive half erect dick and said, "Get ready, slut".

Just as soon as the words rolled off of his tongue his friend shoved his swollen cock into my ass and I let out a little girlish wine as he moaned. "Oh yeah, baby girl", he whispered.

Now thrusting faster and hard I felt his balls slapping mine. My dick was now pulsating as he caressed my body, I couldn't hold it any longer! Cum shot out of the end of my dick like I had never come before, pulse after pulse. He grabbed my waist, now thrusting so hard it felt as if I were being spanked as my ass cheeks slapped against his body.

One hand clenched to my hip, he jerked his dick out and let fly the biggest load of cum onto my back, slapped my ass and said, "Now daddy can have you".

I hadn't noticed in all the excitement that my mystery man with the long thick member was hard once again. He stood me and wiped his friend's cum off my back and smeared it on my freshly pounded hole. He lifted my right leg up bent me slightly at the hips and started fucking me, using his friends load as a much needed lube for his over sized member. He was different though, rather than going crazy with my ass, he gave it to me with raw passion.

I had never been penetrated so deep, in such a way. His body against mine, kissing my neck I could feel all nine inches of his dick, moving in the slightest of ways deep inside of me. He began to stroke my dick, as he gently pushed deeper.

I felt it as if we were one, our loads released simultaneously. Mine rolled down his fingers, and his out of my now gaping hole.

As I turned he said, "I'll leave my number with your stuff, baby."

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