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Essence of woman

Gay boyfriend's mum shows affection
They placed John in their laps, turn by turn, as he rode their pre-match hard-ons. Their silk concealed behind their football kits: satin knickers, cami knickers, garters, bras, stockings and suspenders.

John, or Janine, as he liked to be called, was the college tosspot. The college football team slept with him whenever their girls were away. The team guys were six foot two beefcakes with rippling muscle, blonde hair, and blue eyes. Their neatly shaven cocks were of immense size and girth.

Janine was very slender, his body had the curves of a girl, and the pes cavus arch of his feet hugged the contours of high heels perfectly. His petite chest size was in contrast to the manly wide chests of the football players. His arse was really cute, even the girls complimented him frequently.

Janine's shoulder length fair hair bounced up and down as the young men rocked him up and down on their well lubricated shafts. Janine rolled his head in ecstasy as they stroked his nipples, bit his ear lobe, and said sweet things to him during the session.

"You like cock don't you, fucking bitch," they would whisper to him as their thick heads banged hard against his prostate.

"Aha, aha," Janine would respond as the others slapped his face gently. They would never hurt him but they knew that he wouldn't be able to climax without being insulted.

"And that's for being a dirty little fucking slut!" said one of the them as he slapped Janine with his nine inch flaccid cock.

"Give it to me, please give it to me," begged Janine as he thrust his member down his throat. Janice devoured the manhood, covering it with all his saliva. The thrust sent the head of the cock further into Janine's throat and back again as he gasped for air.

"Who are you going to sleep with tonight you dirty little cunt?" they enquired as the last player emptied his bollocks into Janine's orifice.

"Hold me tight honey, hold me," Janine kept saying as his arse dripped like a cream pie. They all gave Janine a deep tongue kiss before heading off to the match. They all loved him dearly and would never hurt him in anyway. They trusted Janine implicitly not to tell their girlfriends of their secret pass times.

Once the team had vacated the changing room, Janine stood in front of the full length mirror admiring himself. He squeezed his tiny cock and bollocks between his legs; imagining what he would look like as a girl. He held his hair back as he twirled himself in front of the mirror.

"Very fetching," said a voice from behind.

Janine quickly regained composure as he realised that it was Taylor; she was Steve's mum, a beautiful woman in her forties, dress size 14, and gorgeous 38c tits. Janine had wanked over her on a few occasions but couldn't imagine satisfying a woman of that size with his skinny cock.

"I'm sorry, I was just..." continued Janine, "I didn't know you were here."

"You carry on sweetie, don't mind me, you're like a daughter to me," she smiled radiantly. "Did you give the boys something to cheer about?" she smirked erotically.

Janine was a little embarrassed about telling her that they fucked him turn by turn. Taylor picked up the tissues from the floor, winking cheekily as she handled the fresh spunk which the guys had left behind.

"So tell me Janine," she continued as she started stroking his shoulder and hair. "Have you fucked a girl yet?" she enquired with straight eye to eye contact.

Janine started fumbling with words and became tongue tied. Taylor giggled, saying that it was okay.

Taylor removed her track suit, causing the plumpness of her arse and tits to spill over. She stood her ground as she was much larger than Janine. Taylor knelt down as she took Janine's skinny cock in her mouth, making slurping noises, and spitting on it heavily.

Janine tilted Taylor's shoulders slightly as he tasted cunt for the first time. It was bald with the labia hanging over, showing signs of regular use. The smell was aromatic, musky, moist, and welcoming. Janine ate hungrily as he bit gently, before licking up and down.

 He was doing remarkably well for someone who had never had pussy before. Taylor was making encouraging noises as Janine fingered her plump toes, reaching between the arches before kissing. Taylor's armpits were freshly shaven with that five o'clock shadow which gave a slightly sweaty aroma. The large heavy tits swayed sideways, dancing to the rhythm of Janine's pelvic thrusts.

Despite his skinny sausage, Taylor was overwhelmed by the penetration, since he tilted her legs high and banged her deep inside. His small bollocks slapped her arse, making a clapping gesture. Her pussy wanted to accommodate the testicles too, as Taylor groped for the "boys to come home".

"Uh, uh, don't come yet sweetie," Taylor whimpered. She squeezed his buttock cheeks tightly, hoping for further arousal.

Taylor's nipples erected further as Janine sucked like a child. The surrounding brown rings gorged with his soft kisses. He kept kissing her softly as his skinny cock assumed a swollen texture. He unleashed his pent up frustration deep inside her as he held her thick heavy legs.

The team won the match. They waived enthusiastically towards Janine and Taylor who were sitting on the sidelines...

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