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Felix becomes Felicity - Chaopter 3


Chapter 3

..He bent forward and thrust his large hands up my skirt on my thighs with his thumbs resting on the root of my penis, and put his face close to mine, “You had better be a good girl for everyone’s sakes sweetness. I know you love your Mum and Sister!” He slowly moved his hands up to my breasts and squeezed them hard looking into my eyes. I was speechless. “Yes I have a soft spot for sexy little girls like you.” With that he pulled away and walked into the house.  I sat there in tears, what the hell was happening here. 

I was shaken and scared. When I got to my room, yes it was pink, I noted a new night dress had been folded neatly on my bed, this was short and pink with just a small amount of lace around the straps. I slipped into it and hung up my new clothes neatly. As I lay in bed I noted the new ornate dressing table with hair brushes and make up on the surface. There were pink cushions with unicorns on and even pink teddy bears.  I couldn’t get my head around this. David must be a fool, all this money being spent for what was less than 5 weeks now!  Madness I hope he goes bankrupt I thought, as I cried myself to sleep.

I woke up the next day to the familiar sound of David in the kitchen.  Since moving he had always made us all breakfast. He was always insistent we finished our full breakfasts, porridge, orange juice and omelettes normally with cups of tea. I noticed another new item, a big fluffy pink dressing gown and slippers behind the door. I slipped them on as it was getting colder and trudged downstairs.

I stood in the kitchen with my new long blonde hair around my shoulders and my dressing gown done up tight!

“Hi sweetness your usual breakfasts ready, sit down.”   “I’m not hungry” I said.  “Sit Down” he shouted.  I did. I hated him but could see how he was manipulative and had my Mum eating out of his hand. He had always insisted I eat all my breakfast even when Jasmine didn’t, he was a bully to me. “Where’s Jasmine and Mum” I enquired.  “They’ve nipped out to the shops, your late up today girl,” I wondered if I should question him maybe taunt him as to why he made me dress like a girl.  “Why are you doing this David?”    He answered “Because I can.”  I felt anger rise,  “You need to exert authority over a woman and her teenage kids, does that make you feel big? Do you get off seeing a boy dressed as girl…..”  He leapt across the kitchen and grabbed my throat, “you will do as I say little girl,  and if you don’t you may feel how big and how turned on I am by a boy dressed as a little girl like you,” he hissed.  I felt week and tearful.  “Sit there and eat your breakfast bitch.”  He watched as I struggled to eat every last bit.  “Good” he said. “Now today you two girls have been invited to go and play tennis with Bob Coleman’s boys.” I nearly choked!   “Mums out with your sister buying you new tennis gear, she said your keen on tennis honey?”  I said nothing and went to my room.

I lay in bed in my nightie. Id felt kind of strange since we moved, not just the clothes thing but in my body. My nipples seemed tender but whether wearing bras had done this I didn’t know.  And were my breasts swelling a bit. I need to see that new consultant soon I thought.

When my Mum returned my sister ran up the stairs excited and burst in with our new Tennis gear. Jasmine looked very excited. “Felicity we are meeting Bradley and Thomas today.”  “I know,” I said not thinking to remind her to drop the Felicity thing.
“I think Thomas is really cute, do you like Bradley?”  I squirmed “Hell Sis I’m a boy! In case you’d forgotten, of course I don’t!” She said sorry but carried on talking about Thomas as she unpacked our new, matching tennis dresses! They had to be the shortest dresses ever. My Mum had also bought me new tennis shoes in white with pink trim, tennis socks with pink bobbles and the worst item pink trimmed ruffled knickers that would clearly show when I went for a shot, or bent down. Oh god I thought what next.

My sister insisted I go to the bathroom again and remove any body hair which I did. I again noticed my reflection in the mirror. Was it my imagination, or did my waist seem thinner or was it my bottom and hips bigger? With all the breakfasts I was being forced to eat I couldn’t be getting thinner, Could I? or was it that my breasts looked bigger? Or was it all an optical illusion?

I slipped into my pink bra and inserted the silicone enhancers, they looked even more amazing for some reason today! My gynecomastia must be getting worse I thought.

The ruffle knickers looked stupid but made my bum appear larger and with the tight fitting white tennis dress hugging my thin waist I seemed to look quite shapely. In fact more shapely than my sister who still looked like a little girl!  My legs looked long and smooth. We also had white cardigans to go over the top which we slipped on. I tied my hair up in a high pony tail, Again we looked the part. My sister suggested I should have my ears pierced  I growled no! David dropped us off at the courts, he tapped me on the bottom as we went I glared at him. “Have fun girls.” he said smirking.

We must have looked like tennis stars being in the best outfits there, which seemed to draw more attention. The boys turned up. Bradley was about  6ft  and probably still growing, I hadn’t realised he was 18 and his brother Thomas, who was nearly as tall, 16. Again weird how me and my sisters seemed to be paired wrongly with the ages of these boys.

We paired up for the game, me with Thomas and Jasmine with Bradley to start a mixed doubles match. I love tennis and soon was enjoying the game and getting quite lost in it and  almost forgetting my predicament. It became clear that me and Bradley were the strongest players. Thomas and Jasmine wanted a rest so they sprawled on the grass deep in conversation and laughter. I think I noticed a kiss as I continued to play with Bradley. Me and Bradley played a hard game. I found my breasts seemed to make me play differently, with them being in the way, and almost jumping as I ran! He was strong, but I was determined and the match was close. He only just beat me on a tie breaker, I was gutted.  He came to the net and we shook hands, and he held my hand with both of his, I looked up at him with the sun behind him, he was staring at me “Wow you’re amazing Felicity, truly. You could win the nationals with me in doubles and probably women’s singles too!”  I blushed “really?”  I said thanks for the game and  Bradley’s Dad dropped us off home. All the way back Jasmine and Thomas were flirting I looked out of the window but caught Bradley’s eyes staring at me through the rear view mirror a few times.

Wow what a day I loved the tennis, Bradley was a pretty cool guy, but crikey what was happening! I only had something like 4 weeks left now so I was determined not to buckle under this, for my Mum and sisters sake.


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