Felix becomes Felicity - Chapter 2

By trinitytowers

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Life gets more girly for Felix!


Chapter 2

My Mum and Sister went downstairs and I had a moment to myself looking in the mirror.  I didn’t recognise me in the reflection I saw a teenage girl, a very attractive teenage girl!

I joined my Mum and sister downstairs. I was becoming better on the heels

“Mum I have to reiterate that this all ends in 6 weeks time right?”, “Of course sweet that’s what Dave said and I’m so sorry but very proud of how you’ve dealt with this.” She touched my hand.  “And we can register at the hospital for my Gynocamastia?”,  “Absolutely Felicity”.   “Mum you don’t need to call me that when there’s just us here!”.

Dave walked in looking smarter than I had seen him before in a black suit and tie, clean shaven.  I guess I could see why my mum fancied him,  Crazy thought “Well ladies I have to compliment you all on your beauty, my daughters are growing into real women now. You look so pretty felicity in that frilly little dress”  he said smirking and looking directly at me.  I cringed, your not married yet I thought gritting my teeth. But sure he would become my father. The thought filled me with fear, and I hoped I would not be living at home at that stage!

My mum had given me and my sister little cardigans to wear until we got to the restaurant and we sat in the back of the car looking at each other strangely!  Was my sister jealous of me? I couldn’t imagine that. Id suddenly gone from little brother to big glamorous sister. I gave her hand a squeeze, she smiled.

Getting out of the car and walking to the restaurant was so daunting my heart was racing, I felt nauseous!  Dave held the car door for me, I glowered at him, he smiled, clearly containing his laughter. The sound of our heels clicking on the pavement seemed monstrously loud and outside diners turned as I guess they would normally to look who was arriving. I felt so awful and coloured up.

As we approached the restaurant door Dave opened it and said “Girls you first” and we were ushered into the busy restaurant. He followed with my Mum on his arm. She looked so beautiful and kind of proud.

A young Italian waiter greeted us, Ladies you look lovely tonight. We  followed him to our table it felt that all eyes were on us. A few smiles from older ladies and lecherous glances from young men!  Id made it so far it seemed without being detected as a boy!  But this didn’t surprise me I had a beautiful pair of breasts joggling in front of me! We had to be the most glamorous table in the restaurant. I went to sit but another young waiter meld my chair and helped me. His eyes not looking at my face but at my top. Bastard I thought.

David sat opposite me and had a smirk all the way through the first courses. The waiters were crazily attentive, more towards me than Jasmine!  I was desperate for the toilet but didn’t want to go to the “Ladies room”  but I had no choice!. I excused myself and stood up David smirked at me with his sneering eyes, it almost felt like he was undressing me. I crossed the restaurant as best I could which wasn’t perfect but ok, passable?  And entered the door marked Ladies, it was empty I sighed a big relief!  I went into the cubicle and tried to extract my penis from the lace and elastic. as I was finishing I heard two ladies come in chattering, oh no.  I could wait but Id been too long already.  I flushed and opened the cubicle the two ladies, in their mid twenty’s id say, turned and smiled. “That’s a gorgeous dress on you dear”, “Thank you” I said in a soft voice, as highly pitched as I could, I must have sounded stupid. I washed my hands and left them.  Again the long walk all eyes peering at me to the table.

During our last course a greying man came up to the table “David! So this is the family?”  it was one of his new work mates, in fact we found out later his boss. David was a bit surprised but quickly seemed to relish giving the introductions, “This is my wife to be Carol and her two daughters Felicity and Jasmine”,   The gentleman looked across at me and Jasmine, “They are such beauties like their mother”  he bowed and kissesd my Mums hand,. Two boys appeared behind him, I guessed one was about my age and one was Jasmines age.  Jasmine blushed as did I . “These are my sons, Bradley and Thomas,. Your girls will be at the same school next term no doubt?”  David chipped in “ye..yes..yes that’s correct”, he looked directly at me in a smirking way.

The boys too looked nervous but said “High see you at school girls”. we smiled and said “ok”.  By this point I was feeling totally awful! And dizzy. I later found out I had feinted and was carried out of the restaurant. Apparently my sister told me that they’d made an excuse that I was at a difficult time of the month.

The implications of that chance meeting hadn’t hit me yet and whether David already had different plans I never knew.

When I woke up that night I found they had, or someone had dressed me in one of my Mums  silk  night gowns. I looked across at the wig sitting on a polystyrene head. I laid there exhausted and cried. The night dress felt kind of comfortable and I could smell my mum on it. I was swelling in the new little knickers I was wearing and I slowly masturbated, I felt great for a while then fell asleep.

My mum woke me the next morning. She had been out earlier “to get more normal day clothes” she said.  Phew at last I thought.  But my optimism was short lived. Most of the bags were pink so I sensed this wasn’t just a bad dream.

“Put your wig on quickly before David sees you!” my mum scalded me.  “What…”   whatever I thought.

My mum pulled out a multi pack of three bras, white, pink and lemon,  again padded but with minimal lace on them, a relief of sorts I thought. But still “my own” bras!
They had a multi pack of matching knickers/shorts, again minimally decorated, probably more appropriate for a girl of 15 than my mums lingerie I had worn the previous day.

“David has banned trousers or jeans for all us girls so I couldn’t get you jeans sweet, I’m sorry”  , “Banned!!” I shouted “What the…” , “shhhhh sweet, just see this through for me Felicity”, good grief I thought. She went to another bag with “Miss Selfridge” written on it,  I really was a little miss now! “ I’ve tried to keep things as plain as I can sweet,” I know she had and I smiled at her and said thanks Mum.  At this she perked up and pulled out a little red tartan skirt, I reckon it was a mini skirt along with a denim one. “These are great for every day”   Sure I thought, “great“. She then pulled out two little vest tops to go with them, a plain pin tucked white blouse and a couple of what looked quite small, skinny ribbed cardigans one in red one in black. Good grief. I thought. “why do I need so much Mum ?”  , she smiled and said its only about 5 more weeks sweet” She had also brought two pairs of much flatter, ballet type shoes, still with a little heel and a bow on the front, one pair red one pair patent black. She had also bought me a pair of heeled cowboy boots, they were obviously girl cowboy boots. “These look cute with little skirts” she assured me.  I had to say thanks.  She hadn’t forgotten Jasmine who had a similar array of new clothes given to her. “ I guess David paid for all this Mum? “ she gave no answer.

“The treats don’t stop there girls”, “Treats!”  “Girls!”  I said disgusted sitting there in a silk nightie with blonde hair around my shoulders.

“David’s getting the men in to decorate your rooms today“, yes I guessed pink might be involved, I thought let him waste his money stupid man! “He also wants you both to go to the parlour for treatments”  , “What? The Parlour”  come on Mum!!” , “its all temporary sweet, he wants you looking gorgeous for a barbeque we are going to this afternoon”  I slumped back in my bed hoping it was just a bad dream, It wasn’t though.

I put on the new white bra with help from my sister, it had a B cup so once again I added the silicone enhancers to fill the bra properly, and it worked! I had to admit these breasts seemed to have a reason all of a sudden. I pinched myself.

The vest top was white and seemed too low cut again revealing my cleavage!  But I had no option I put one of the cardigans on but they were deep V fronted and skinny fit and short making me look even more girly!!

The tartan kilt was next and my sister suggested the cowboy boots and I obliged. She dressed in a similar outfit and slung a hat over her hair to one side. We did look like two trendy sisters ready for the day out.

There was never any question of people thinking I was a boy. The clothes fit well on my slight frame and the breasts wouldn’t let you think anything else!

My mum hugged us both when she saw us “My princesses she said”  Madness.

In the beauty parlour I was in for a shock!  The new nails were weird but I could see they would come off. My sister started having her hair done.  My mum was talking to the hairdresser quietly. The young hairdresser came over , “I understand you have had to wear a wig recently due to illness Felicity, with this she removed my wig, I felt stupid, but the light make up my sister had helped me with that morning helped me look like a girl still.  “Whilst your hair is shortish honey its still enough there to weave in extensions, your hair will then grow whilst there in and when we remove them you will have longer hair in a few months. What I thought permanent long hair!  I nodded weakly.

The process took three hours. I watched as my hair became longer in the same blonde colour as my own, they then styled it with a slight wave, it looked similar to the Marilyn wig.  But it felt part of me! They then re-did my make up, a bit heavier this time.  I had to marvel at the girl I then saw in the mirror.  I would have fancied her!

The nails made it difficult to pick up and hold things but I was told Id get used to it.

David picked us up from the Salon. You could see he was impressed and he gave me a long smile, I sneered back at him but didn’t want him to think I was bothered so I gave a girly flounce and jumped into the back of the car.

We drove a short distance to a large house. “This is where the barbeque is girls” David said cheerily. Jasmine asked who’s party it was and David let us know it was the grey haired guy from the other night in the restaurant,  and his sons! The boys I would probably be in a class with. This was getting complicated I thought. But I didn’t recognise me now so when I went back to being a boy , they wouldn’t, would they?

The barbeque was awful. Me and my sister were left with the other teenagers to mope around. The girls and me stroked kittens and stared at the boys who played ball and joked around. The two sons Bradley and Thomas eventually kind of hung around us but didn’t say much. Bradley approached me and offered me a drink, I took it and expected to turn away but he started talking.  “So you’ll be one of the new girls in school next term Felicity?”,  “err..yes I think so” I stuttered. I was bright red again. Jasmine was deep in talk with his brother Thomas, they seemed to be getting on well!. “What things do you like?”  I stammered and said in a thoughtless moment “t…t..tennis”  He suddenly looked interested and said that he was school captain at tennis and that the school needed some good girl players badly.  Oh no I thought.

We left at around 10pm  David was a bit drunk and let my Mum drive, we sat in the back in silence.

My Mum got out of the car and hurried to the house to open the door my sister followed. As I got out of the car David loomed over me, he stank of drink. “Out of my way” I said , he didn’t move. “You’ve blossomed into a beautiful girl Felicity”,  “My names Felix dude” I protested.  “Umm we will see”  he said. He bent forward and thrust his large hands up my skirt on my thighs with his thumbs resting on the root of my penis, and put his face close to mine “You had better be a good girl for everyone’s sakes sweetness or your Mum and your sister will regret it” he slowly moved his hands up to my breasts and squeezed them hard looking into my eyes. I was speechless. “Yes I have a soft spot for sexy little girls like you” with that he pulled away and walked into the house.  I sat there in tears, what the hell was happening here.