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Felix becomes Felicity - Chapter 4


Chapter 4

..what a day I loved the tennis, Bradley was a pretty cool guy, but crikey what was happening! I only had something like 4 weeks left now so I was determined not to buckle under this, for my Mum and sisters sake.

The next two weeks were quiet, I lounged around the house that suited me counting down the days. David continued to do our breakfast but work late. Mum pottered about. Jasmine continued meeting Thomas and kept coming back to say that Bradley had asked after me.

Mum announced that David had paid for another Parlour session, my heart sank. But whatever only two weeks left.  Me and Jasmine turned up in denim mini skirts and vest tops and took our seats together. I had noticed while dressing that morning that I didn’t need the silicone enhancers now. My breasts filled the cups of the bra,  I was officially a B cup now!

This had to be the last time in this beauty parlour I thought, bring it on.  I was laid flatter in the seat and the girl started working around my eyes I just shut out the painful stuff she was doing,  it hurt!  Whatever I thought. Then my lips were manipulated and started hurting. It was almost like how I imagine tattoos feel. They then moved to my legs and I sensed they were being waxed, hey ho so what. Then my toes were being manicured.

This must be costing the old fool a load I chuckled.  When they had finished they sat me up and I was hit with the horror. They had applied permanent make up, and shaped my brows to a high feminine arch. I looked down at my silky legs and pink painted toes. I was horrified and stunned, and whilst I was contemplating this I felt a sharp pain in one ear then the next and then saw a golden stud in each of my ears.

“You’ll be able to wear dangling earrings in a few weeks honey,” the assistant said.  I felt sick to the gut. My sister had had the same procedures and looked chuffed about it. We sat in the back of the car as my Mum drove us home.

How was I going to start a first day at school like this? That evening I slipped the pink night dress over my head, my now pert breasts were visible under the soft fabric. I stared in the mirror and saw a beautiful young lady staring back. My skin seemed to have softened and with this permanent makeup I had full pink lips and darkened eyes. My blonde hair cascaded down my back. I am more woman than man now I thought.

I didn’t notice until it was too late but David was behind me! He grabbed me around the waist with one arm and held one of my arms, I couldn’t move. I could smell stale smoke and booze on his breath. “well my prettiest daughter, you have become a beautiful woman thanks to me,”  he whispered

“get off you bully, Its all ending soon you bastard,”  I growled.

“Shhh sweetness,” he kissed the side of my face with a bristly chin.  I could feel a hardness from his groin area in my back.

“Get off,” I screamed, he clasped his hand around my mouth. He towered above me and felt so powerful. He tied a scarf  tightly around my mouth and I was unable to say anything or protest.

“I sent your Mum and Sister to the Cinema, there’s only you and me here,” he chuckled a low long laugh.

He pulled me to the bed and flung me onto it and straddled me ripping my night dress off me with one pull, my breasts stood there pertly with pink nipples as erect as Id ever seen them, holding my wrists his head moved down and he started licking my breasts, he sucked hard on my nipples I screamed behind the scarf but no sound came out. He gently held my nipples in his teeth. I was horrified. In one move he had flipped me onto my front , his arm encircled my waist and he lifted me slightly, pulling by bottom into his groin,“ Now to loose your virginity pretty girl.”

I felt the hard rod of his penis pushing at my anal passage and it pressed hard and penetrated with intense pain! He moved backwards and forwards rapidly it hurt more and more as his blood engorged penis pumped me until there was a wet sensation all around my anus. He withdrew and flung me across the room. I pulled off the scarf and just sobbed. There was blood and semen all over my legs and bed, I was in pain.

The door banged open “Clean up this mess you slag, and if you say anything to Carol or Jasmine your sisters next.” I couldn’t say anything, he had me under his control. I was struggling with anger and hatred and was emotional and tearful too! I felt useless.

When my Mum and Sister returned I said nothing.  “You ok sweetness,” my mum enquired, I nodded yes.

The next day I dressed in some more new clothes my Mum had bought me. This was a simple yellow sun dress with a white scalloped hem and silk buttons all the way up the front with a fabric belt tied in a bow on the back and flat strappy sandals, I wore my lemon yellow bra and matching panties, and tied my hair in a high pony with a yellow ribbon.  I was becoming good at this and almost did it as second nature! My Mum was alone so I thought I should raise my return to boyhood. “Mum its only two weeks now until I’m going back to school…as a boy, and we were also going to see the doctor about my gynecomastia, so….”  

“Stop!”  she snapped, then softened ,“Felicity dear life’s been great since we came here hasn’t it?” 

“No,” I retorted .

“Oh honey look how much David has spent on you….“ 

“I hate him and don’t want any of this girly shit,”  I snapped.

She sounded sterner now “Look Felicity things have become a bit more difficult now, David’s boss thinks we have two girls, his boys are looking forward to welcoming you to their school, things cant change for now!”

I sat there gobsmacked, no way! I felt my blood boil. “This was only ever temporary Mum, you said!”  

“Look honey things have gone too far David has already enrolled you as Felicity and as I say if David’s boss smells a rat then we’ve had it. You must remain as Felicity, just a while longer.”  

“How long,” I snapped .

“Maybe just the first term then I understand David may be looking at another job move,” she said turning away.

I was totally devastated, but could kind of see what she was saying. What a mess. I had never had a problem passing as Felicity, and had I actually got quite used to being a girl? Another 8 weeks or so? couldn’t I handle that, for my Mum?

The final two weeks I kept to myself, David continued with the breakfasts, I never looked him in the eyes , he went out a lot and I avoided him generally.

A lot more shopping went on though! I was bought more bras and knickers. They seemed a bit more frilly than the earlier ones. And I was allowed a pair of jeans. They were tight and low slung on the hip, But when I put them on they only emphasized my womanly body, they were also quite uncomfortable as my genitals had to be strapped up and back to make them fit so I could do up the zip. I was bought various lace blouses in white and black with ruffles as well as a few little dresses, which I generally felt more comfortable in these days. My room had become overflowing with girly things. 

The things that I dreaded the most now were the school uniform things folded neatly on my chair. I refused to try them on and dreaded the first day at a new school going as a girl!

My Mum and David had announced their impending marriage with a ceremony planned in about 6 weeks time. No guessing who were to be bridesmaids.








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