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Felix becomes Felicity - Chapter 5


Chapter 5

..My Mum and David had announced their impending marriage with a ceremony planned in about 6 weeks time. No guessing who was to be bridesmaids.

The week before we were due to start back to school Jasmine mentioned at breakfast that Thomas wanted to take her to the cinema that night and that they had talked about a foursome me with Bradley .  “Not a chance in hell,”I stated.

My Mum smiled but then David butted in, “No I think you should go Felicity dear.” I didn’t respond, ” So you are going then darling?” he asked again. I said nothing .

“Answer your father sweetness?” my Mum interjected. She had started referring to him as my Father more and more recently!

“You heard I said no!”

Jasmine pitched in “Oh its no problem really I will go with Thomas only!” she gave me a sympathetic smile.

David stopped what he was doing and sat down opposite me, “Little missy you are going, I’m not having you pissing off my bosses sons.” With that I had no choice!

When the evening came me and my sister went upstairs to get ready. “Jasmine why?” I pleaded.

“I’m sorry sis,… I mean Felicity… sorry bro, erm I don’t know what to call you now?”  I sighed!

I put on my jeans thinking they were the least accessible items of clothing I owned. They seemed tighter than last time I tried them. My black lacy knicker top kept showing over the waist band I put a woven black belt of my Mums into the jean loops which helped.

I slipped into a black lace bra, which seemed tight too but was a 34B. I decided to wear a fitted black ruffled blouse which whilst a bit see through , you could clearly see the thin straps and fastening of my bra through the back, at least I didn’t have my breasts visible and tied the pussy bow in a large extravagant bow at the neck. 

My Mum leant me some pointed toe, knee length black boots which had a 3 inch heel and a shiny buckle at the top of the boot. I also borrowed a small black bag with a big buckle on it, and a pair of fake diamond stud earrings.

I applied very little make up and I think looked quite natural. I wore my long blonde hair loose around my shoulders.  I looked in the mirror and whilst id tried to cover up and look less alluring I seem to look even more alluring!  I was out of time so it was too late to change.

In contrast Jasmine came down the stairs in full make up very short skirt and very high heels with her breasts hanging out of a very low cut top.  She eyed me jealously?  Yes she was jealous I finally realised. I again look like the older more glamorous sister and I felt for her.

David came out and gave me an unsmiling stare. “Well Felicity you do look the sophisticated lady tonight.” The corner of his mouth curled into a smirk but his eyes look raging and angry, so much so that I flinched.

My Mum clucked around us checking we had make up etc. “Yes Mum,” we said in unison as the horn of the car sounded outside.

Bradley met me and we shook hands, “Thanks for coming Felicity you look lovely.” He seemed embarrassed again since our last meeting he opened the passenger door for me and I stepped in as lady like as I could. Jasmine and Thomas by contrast were all over each other kissing and hugging.

I spotted David and my Mum arm in arm beaming from the window as we pulled away.  Bradley was driving and we sat quietly listening to my sister and Thomas kissing on the back seat. I was squirming and wanted to be anywhere else other than in this car! I was conscious of my breasts wobbling under my blouse every bump we hit in the road! Bradley reached over and put his hand on my knee, I flinched slightly as he said “You ok Felicity?” I smiled back and nodded a yes.

Thomas suggested we go to a bar first and get a drink, I suggested not but was out voted so we pulled up outside a quiet roadside bar and entered. Me and my sister must have been the only girls in the bar! I felt the dozen or so guys stare at us as we entered. Thankfully Jasmine was dressed more for attention in that kind of place so I was glad when we slipped into a booth with our bottled beers.

I had never drunk much alcohol before being only 16. I liked it and we had quickly drunk three bottles each apart from Bradley who was driving. We decided to skip the film and head into town to a dance club Bradley new. I would never had agreed but I felt all my inhibitions slide away. I felt like I looked for the first time, a sexy teenage girl who looked to be 18 or 19 years old. I pushed out my breasts as I walked and held my head high as my Mum had forced me to when I started wearing heels.

The club was full of girls dressed a bit like Jasmine, and strangely me being slightly formally dressed seemed to get more attention! There were loads of what I suppose you would call good looking guys there, all of them trying to catch my eye. I clung onto Bradley, he turned and looked down at me, ”that’s nice honey,” and he kissed me on the forehead! I blushed but didn’t feel uncomfortable.

Jasmine and Thomas went onto the dance floor and me and Bradley stayed in the booth with fresh drinks, he moved to sit close to me. I wasn’t nervous and he reached for my hand stroking it.  He lowered his head and kissed my cheek, I wasn’t used to kissing  but turned to meet his lips with mine. We kissed and I felt his tongue probing into my mouth. I did the same to him. This felt so unreal but I felt a great excitement rush through my body. I pulled him closer and pressed my body, and breasts into him we hugged and kissed passionately until interrupted by Thomas and  Jasmine who giggled ,and winked at me, I suddenly felt awful!

We all went onto the dance floor for a final slow dance and Bradley held me as we danced and looked into each others eyes. I held him close and for the first time enjoyed the feel of my breasts as they pressed against his toned body.  I had to pinch myself and we left to get home. I didn’t say much in the car and just pecked Bradley on the cheek and said goodnight before hurrying into the house with Jasmine behind me.

David and Mum must have been in bed so I went straight to my room, slipped out of my clothes and into a night dress and lay in bed with a smile on my face, good grief was that a great night or what?! I fell asleep quickly.

The next morning I awoke late and put on my dressing gown to go have breakfast as usual. I had a hangover.  But I ate the full amount as insisted on then went back to my room to dress. I  felt strange I had so enjoyed the night but felt as a guy I shouldn’t have. Was I gay? But I felt like a real woman last night and Bradley excited me in a way Id never felt before. I had felt emotional and tearful lately more than I remember , maybe this had something to do with wanting Bradley’s strong arms around me to protect me?

My mum had booked me into the hairdressers again! But this time to remove the hair extensions. I was over the moon at the prospect. However I left later with a short, very girly “Bob” haircut. This made me look a bit more like girls my age, apart from my shapely figure!

It was less than a week to school now. I looked at the pile of school clothes that I had not wanted to try on before. I should really see what they look like as Bradley would be there at school on the first day. What! did I really think that thought? Anyway I did. 

The school uniform for girls was very strict and it consisted of a pale blue checked gingham dress buttoned up the front that finished just above the knee, white knee socks, dolly shoes and a pale blue cardigan.  There was a winter option that I hadn’t had bought for me yet of grey pleated skirt, white blouse and the blue cardigan, and blazer. I wouldn’t need this as I had only a further 8 weeks to be a girl!

I put the gingham dress on that fit well and completed the ensemble with the shoes and cardigan. I looked like a fully grown woman in a school girl outfit. My breasts seemed to project and fill the dress with the buttons on the front tight. The fabric belt pinched in my already slim waste and the skirt part of the dress flared slightly emphasizing my hips and bottom. The cardigan was short and tight fitting.  Umm I thought I look pretty hot, I giggled and changed back into my normal day clothes, a pink lace summer dress. Maybe the first day back at school as a girl wont be so bad after all!






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