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My first time in panties
We had just finished making love, but Amy was still not satisfied.

“I wasn’t done,” She complained. “You came too soon! Let’s go at it again.”

“You know that I can’t get hard again this quickly. It will take me a couple of hours to recharge my batteries before I can fuck you again.” I replied.

“That is completely unacceptable.” she pouted. “There must be something that we can do. I know!” With that she jumped out of bed and began rummaging through the clothing strewn across the floor. “Here they are.” She held up the tiny pair of white nylon panties that she had been wearing earlier. “Put these on,” she commanded.

“What!” I sputtered. “Do you seriously expect me to put those on? Even if I agreed to wear them, which I’m not, they would never fit. Just pulling them up my legs would snap them to pieces.”

“Oh you’ll be surprised at how stretchy they are. Besides if you don’t put them on you will never get hard in time to fuck me and if you don’t fuck me again soon, I will find someone who will.” she menaced.

I looked at the skimpy panties and decided to humor her, even though I knew that they would never fit. I swung my legs off the bed and onto the floor and scooped up the flimsy panties into one hand. They practically poured through my fingers they were so sheer and wispy. I leaned over and put one foot into them and then the other. I started pulling them up my legs and they began to get tight as they reached the bottom of my thighs. I was just about to tell her that that was a far as they would go when they began to stretch. They easily slid up the rest of the way and even accommodated my ample cock and balls. The feeling of the nylon stretched taught against my cock and balls was extraordinary! I could not believe how the nylon caressed my flesh. I had never worn underwear that felt this sexy! Amy came over and pulled them up a little in the back, which caused my cock and balls to strain against the silky material even more.

“Very nice, they are working already.” she said, as she caressed my cock through they sensuous nylon panties. It was true my cock had gotten completely hard in just a few minutes inside the tiny panties. I could not believe how sexy I looked as I saw myself reflected in the mirror. Me a 6’ tall athlete wearing my girlfriend’s tiny sheer panties. Wow!

Amy pulled me back in bed and said; “You can admire yourself later, first its time for you to satisfy my needs!” With that she pulled the leg of the panties to one side and guided my rock hard cock toward her dripping wet pussy. I slid all the way into her on the first thrust. The feeling of fucking this beautiful girl while wearing her panties was unbelievable. The material slid back and forth against my cock like a hand caressing my cock while her pussy fucked me. The material also soaked up her dripping juices and soaked my cock and balls with them. The leg band of the panties was also cutting into the bottom of my cock making it harder for me to cum. This made me even hornier and I fucked her like I had never fucked her before. It was not long before her moans and thrusts reached a crescendo and she came and came again. Since I had not cum yet she climbed off of me and turned so that her ass was facing me and she was kneeling on all fours.

“Now fuck my ass!” she demanded.

I knelt behind her and slowly pressed my slick throbbing member against her soaking wet sphincter. She opened up and gradually accepted my cock until I was fucking her ass in full rhythm as my pantyclad balls slapped against her wet puss drenching my balls in the tight panties as I fucked her. In moments I felt my cock stiffen and a huge load of hot cum shot deep inside her tiny little ass.

Soon after I fell asleep still wearing the sodden panties. When I woke up Amy was looking at me & smiling. I started to remove the panties while still under the covers, but she quickly stopped me saying; “What do you think your doing?”

“Taking these panties off.” I replied.

“Oh, I don’t think so.” She retorted as she held out several Polaroid photographs of me lying on her bed wearing nothing but her sheer wet panties, my wilted cock no longer impressive inside the sheer material and red painted toenails! I gulped as I looked at them. I swung my feet out from under the covers and looked at my bright red toenails. She must have painted my toe nails and taken the photos while I was sleeping!

She laughed at me and said nastily; “If you don’t do exactly what I tell you to do, I am going to send these out over the Internet and will share them with all your macho friends!”

I was horrified and humiliated….but what could I do? I meekly said; “What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to march right into that bathroom and remove all of that nasty hair from your body.” She snapped.

“All my hair…”

“Yes, except for a small triangle over your lovely cock.”

So next thing I knew I was in the bathroom shaving my legs, arms, and torso. It took me quite a while. When I was as smooth as a baby’s butt, Amy said; “Come on out here and put on the pretty clothing I have laid out for you.”

I emerged from the bathroom and looked at her bed. On it was a pair of black stockings with pink garter belt, satin bra and panty set and a pair of black patent leather heels, all in a size that looked like it would fit me. Since I am larger than Amy, I wondered where she had gotten the clothing, but she gave me no chance to wonder for long when she ordered me to hurry and dress before stepping out of the room.

I pulled on the hose and they felt great sliding up my silky smooth legs! I fastened the garter belt and attached the stockings. I had a little trouble putting on the bra, but finally got it on by fastening it in front and then spinning it around to the right way. I bent over and felt the straps of the garter press against the backs of my legs as I pulled the panties up the slick nylon of my stockings and settled my now turgid cock into the tiny satin prison.

Amy returned with and ordered me to sit down at her make up table. When I did she began applying foundation until my beard was completely hidden. Next she put on blue eye shadow, black eyeliner, mascara, lip liner, lipstick and rogue. Then she told me to stand up and look in the full length mirror. I looked at myself in the mirror and was astonished how sexy I looked in my pink lingerie and fully made up.

Amy laughed. "I am going to call you Amanda from now on." She left me staring at the fairly pretty young girl that stared back at me from the mirror. I was secretly glad that I had not fought this transformation too hard.

Amy called me out into the living room I was stunned to find Amy talking to her sorority sister Traudi. Traudi was a tall shapely blond. She was wearing a clingy black mini-skirt and a skintight yellow t-shirt with cap sleeves that clung to her ample breasts showing off her stiff nipples.

“Wow, aren’t you a pretty little sissy girl. You look great in my lingerie and shoes.” She said with a smirk .

I frantically tried to cover myself with my hands and tried to duck back into the bedroom, but Amy blocked the way and nearly knocked me over as I tottered on the tall 3” heels.

“Oh no, you don’t.” She commanded. “Traudi was nice enough to bring all of this lingerie over for you to wear the least that you can do is show it off to her.”

“Your ass looks better than most girls, in those panties and heels.” Traudi responded. “Let me see the rest of you." 

“You really think so?” I asked as I tried to peer over my shoulder at my satin clad derriere.

“Oh, yes, you look terrific.”

I turned around and posed for them pushing one foot out in front of the other and swaying my hips back and forth. I was only slightly embarrassed as my cock began to stiffen under the smiling stares of the two girls.

“Lets see how he looks in the sheer blouse and the Lycra mini.” Traudi announced.

“You dress him”, Amy said; “I’ll be right back.”

Traudi quickly got me into the whitish sheer blouse. It was like wearing a wisp of material. My pink bra was clearly visible through the transparent material. The lycra mini was very short and very tight. As Traudi pulled it up my stocking clad legs, her hand brushed several times against my rock hard cock tightly trapped in the satin panties.

“Mmmmm, what have we here?" she asked as she cupped my panty clad balls in one of her hands. Her hand felt fantastic sliding back and forth along the silky slick material. I could not hold back as she slid her left hand around to caress my ass and her right up and down across my now pulsating cock. I slipped my hand up under her skirt and felt her soaking pussy the material of the wet panties she was wearing. As I did she rubbed me faster and slipped one finger slowly up my asshole until her whole finger was wriggling around in my tight virginal rear passage at the same time she ground her drenched snatch against my hand. This was too much for me and with a grown my cock spasmed and erupted a flood of jism that soaked the front of my pink satin panties.

Traudi ground herself against my hand and came with a shudder. She pulled her hand from the back of my panties and patted my ass. Amy walked back into the room and looked at me. My skirt was all bunched up around my waist exposing the front of my pink panties as the cum oozed through the satin material causing it to cling to the outline of my still semi-hard cock. She yelled; "You slut!, you have been a very bad, bad girl to stain your panties like that. You will have to be punished!"

As Traudi sat down in a straight backed chair, Amy took me over to her and pushed me down across her legs. I could feel my cum soaking through the satin into the stretch material of her skirt as I stretched across her legs. Her legs moved back and forth causing them to rub my very sensitive cock in a torturous way. As I looked up, Amy pulled her sorority paddle from behind her back and handed it to Traudi.

“Punish the slut for soiling her panties.”

I figured that Traudi would give me a few playful swats, especially in light of the intimate moment that we had just shared, but boy was I wrong. She raised the paddle and brought it down with a resounding smack across my right cheek. I yelped, with pain and surprise. Before I could react any further, she hit me again on the other cheek even harder than before, if that was possible. The third blow came on my poor tender right cheek that was now on fire. I felt tears well up in my eyes and begin coursing down my face as the blows kept coming. I was sobbing by the time she finished with the twenty or so hits. All the time that she had been hitting me, she had continued to wiggle her legs back and forth causing my cock to be completely erect in the damp panties even while my back side was on fire.

Next I felt Amy pull down the back of my panties and then suddenly, I felt the amazing cold of some moisturizing lotion spreading across my flaming backside as Amy upended a bottle of lotion onto my upturned ass. This combination of incredible heat/pain from the blows combined with the cool pleasure of the slick lotion was too much for me. Amy pulled the panties high up my ass the lotion soaked the back and the slickness caused the back to slide between my ass cheeks in the sexiest wedgie I have ever felt. My sphincter twitched as I dreamed of what might come next. I felt back of the panties pulled to one side and the head of something pressing against my ass. I willed my muscles to relax and the head slowly slid up my ass, stretching me out and filling a heretofore unknown void. Amy pressed slowly but surely and I could feel the size increasing until I thought I would split in two, but suddenly the size went down and the last of the butt plug snapped into place as my poor stretched out sphincter snapped closed sucking the base of the plug tight against the slick crack of my ass. I was surprised when I was ordered to stand up. I felt weak from the experience and could hardly stand up.

The girls laughed at me as they gazed from my flushed face down to my obviously erect cock poking lewdly out of the front of my cum stained mini-skirt. As I looked at myself in a nearby mirror, I could see the flush of my face mixed with the streaks of black mascara that had run down from my tears. I could feel the flames on my ass and the strange fulfilling hardness inside it and felt the excitement in my pounding chest, and I knew that my life would never again be the same.

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