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First Time In 19 years

I met my wife in 1989 and we were married 2 years later. Since the day I met her,I gave up my sexual encounters with men and focused on her. We have a great relationship and a beautiful daughter who is on her way to college.

Two weeks ago my wife went away on a business trip to San Diego and my daughter went to Arizona to spend time with the grandparents before she left for school.

I never gave up my passion for lingerie and kept most of my things from early on and still bought new ones to masturbate in when the wife wasn't feeling up to anything,I would sneak off into the garage and put them on and play while she slept.

During the few days leading up to their departure,I started thinking back to how great it felt to be dressed up and to get laid by a man,and those desires came rushing back strong,especially since I knew I had a whole week to myself.

I joined some websites speciallizing in man on man action and made some profiles,describing myself as a crossdresser looking for older men...yadda,yadda,yadda.

Now in my forties I still desire older men,so that is what I was looking for and had to sort through a lot of crap before I found one interesting enough and who was looking for me or my type I guess you could say.

We would chat on line via emails and once comfortable,I gave him the number to my office and we would chat on the phone.

I told him it's been 20 years since I was last with a man,told him I was married and he said he had been with one guy in the last 10 years and that he was married and has been for a long time,3 kids,5 grandkids.

He was 64 he told me and after we felt comfortable enough wtih each other we set up a date to meet at a hotel.

My wife and kid left on Friday and me and my new found friend finally met on Wednesday.

We met at a local hotel,at the bar andafter a few drinks we made our way up to a room he had reserved.

Once in the room,I excused myself to go get my bag out of the car and returned.

He had poured some wine and I started to change in the bathroom.

I put on some sexy satin hot pink panties and bra,black thigh highs,a one piece black mini tight fitting dress,my old blonde wig(which surprisingly was in good shape),black heels and made my way out into the bedroom area.

We sat on the bed next to each other,drinking our wine. He told me it had been along time since a woman dressed like this for him. I could see his cock getting hard through his pants,and he could see mine straining through my dress and panties.

We set out drinks down and lay back on the bed and start making out,his hands running up and down my body,making me feel sexy once again. Something I haven't felt in so long.

My hands run down to his cock and I rub him through his pants,making him hard. I unzip the fly and pull his massive meat out to have better access to it. It is beautiful,about 7 inches and thick.

I slide down to suck his cock and he says he isn't sure how long it will last,he hasn't had any in a long time.

I tell him that it doesn't matter,just enjoy it. I take him in my mouth,and I immediately go back to my youth and remember exactly how I felt sucking my first cock. The thickness,the smell,the feeling of it as it slides in and out of my mouth. The precum wetting my tongue,it is all so wonderful.

He moans as I know my mouth feels like a wet pussy,my spit running down the shadt of his cock as I continue to bob my head up and down on him.

I give him a great blowjob for twenty minutes and he now is ready to fuck me,something we hadn't really discussed,it was suppose to be just an oral get together at first,but we both want it soo bad.

I ask if he has protection and he says no and I tell him I don't either. He says he will go down to desk and see if they have any.

He returns empty handed and apologizes and I tewll him don't worry about it and I take off his clothes and lay him down on the bed and continue to suck his fat,tastey cock.

Another ten minutes or so goes by,he says we can fuck,I'll pull out when I'm ready.

I nod my head no and continue to suck his cock.As I continue going up and down on his cock,I picture it sliding in and out of my ass and that is all I can take.

I snap up and position myself over top of his cock and slide my panty covered ass down onto his hard meat.

It's so hard and I'm so tight,but the little bit of pain quickly turns to pleasure. I moan out loud as does he. It's only mear moments when he says he is ready to cum. I ponder for only a second to keep going and quickly get up and replace my ass with my mouth on his erect meat just in time to catch his sweet,fat cock exploding into my mouth.

I swallow the sticky cum and it is just as I remember. I love it and I reach down and masturbate my cock to a leg weakining orgasm in my panties.

He tells me the next time he will be able to fuck me longer,and that he did the very next night.

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