First Time Out

By Monica111192

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Crossdressing In Public

 This is a true story about my first time I went out dressed at a club I had been in the closet for years and up until this point only a few people had ever seen me dressed my freind Bill and some guys I went to an adult book store.

 I had been dressing for Bill alot in mine and his apartment but I had this erge to go out clubbing dressed I had asked Bill several times but it seemed he enjoyed just what we were doing in our apartments but I needed more so I decided to do it without him, I made up my mind that at thirty three I was going to do it.
 I got myself dressed in a short black dress, a siliconed filled bra that jiggled some as I walked and three inch heels putting on a little make up and a good coat of red lipstick on, like I said in my previous fantasy story I'm black about 5" 10" and 160lbs, I though I looked fairly good dressed afterall I had been practicing for this moment for so long.
 I drove a couple miles sitting in the club parking lot watching others go in, I was nervous as hell wondering if I could do this I kept telling myself just get out and do it so getting out my legs were shaking I went to the door to get in it seemed everyone was looking at me and my heart was thumping hard.
 The line was short and I never looked around but just before I went in I was shocked by a hand on my butt giving it a squeeze, I just paused not to sure what to do and too scared to look around.

 A voice said "we are going to like you here" I glanced back gave a half smile paying and going in the door, the place wasn't bad with plenty of other crossdresser there some were pretty but I notice I was the only black one here.
 I walked my way over to the bar swayig my hips saying to myself you are here and doing it and in my best girl voice I ordered a long island iced tea the bartender asked if this was my first time here and I sad yes and he said this one was on him smiling at me, I smiled back.
 Turning to walk I was looking right in the face of a talk semi heavy white man with a mustash he said "how about a dance" I was real nervous not knowing how to react but did say I just got here and got this drink, he told me to drink up and he would wait, I turned it drinking fast knowing he wasn't leaving until I danced with him until he took the glass from my hand as another song came on telling me if its gone he would get me another.
 Grabbing my hand he took me to the dance floor, it wasn't crowded about five couples including us I had never danced with a guy before but I just let loose doing it looking around I could see people watching making me that much more nervous feeling like I  was on display, the more I danced I seemed to relax plus I'm sure the drink high was kicking in.
 We danced to a song and a half when another guy came up getting between us saying cutting in dancing with me the other guy looked ten walked off now this guy was a good dancer moving.
 He moved behind me putting his hands on my waist pulling me back until his crotch was on my butt and I could feel his manhood on me turning me on some, he began to grind on my hips and I let him moving my hips to him after a few seconds I pulled away turning we smiled at each other, after a couple dances I was back and forth off the floor between guys buying me drinks just dancing they would get them for me and I was buzzing.
 The more I danced the more friskier the guys seem to get especially slow dancing, touhing me at first I was lifting there hands up from my butt then decided what's wrong with a little playful touching besides I was liking it and the things they said they would do to me.
 The last guy I was dancing with said to me "you look like you could use some air" I was pretty buzzing he took me by my hand and we walked off the floor going out side walking through the lot I don't know what I was thinking but we stopped by a car in the lot he turned pulling me in his arms then he brought his lips to mine kissing me surprising me, I had only kissed one other man Bill until now but it was nice and I kissed him back.
 I held him tight and the more we kissed the more I could feel his hands roaming down around my butt getting underneath my short dress feeling my panty covered bottom it was feeling so nice pulling our lips apart he whispered in my ear "you have a nice ass" letting him feel me I responded "we shouldn't be doing this here" that when he surprised me clicking the button in his pocket and the doors to the car unlocked.
 Without saying a word he took me by the hand and I got in the back seat with him again I though what am I doing I didn't come here for this just to see if I could be dressed around people but here I was in the back seat with him, his hand went rubbing my thigh I just watched him then he took my hand putting it on his crotch rubbing my hand on it saying "see what you did to me" he was so hard and I just rubbed it with him letting my hand go.
 Again I knew I should stop but I didn't especially when he reached in his pants pulling it out putting my hand on it I don't know what got into me I just stroked it and when he reached up nudging my head down at first I hesitated but went down taking his cock in my mouth stopping with the head in sucking it.
 I could hear him moan pushing my head down more and more of his cock went in my mouth I was so turned on up and down I went sucking more holding my lips tight doing it the way I knew Bill liked it imagining it was him letting it go from my lips I licked all over it going back up taking it in my mouth sucking hard and twisting it at it base with my hard.
 He was just a moaning telling me how good a job I was doing down I went getting most of it in my mouth his hips was thrusting to my face I heard him say "I didn't know blacks suck cock like this" knowing he was liking it made me suck him harder he grunted moaned holding my head down then I felt the splatter of his cum in the back of my throat without even thinking I started swallowing his load spurt after spurt holding half his cock in my mouth.
 Pulling with my lips he began to soften up in my mout and I let it drop from my lips now feeling somewhat strange realizing I just suck a guy off who I just met wondering what he was thinking I lifted my head up looking at him, he was grinning saying it was wonderful and he was glad I swallowed, I just smiled sitting up he fixed his pants telling me we should go back in.
 We got out his car starting to go in he stopped giving me a hug feeling my butt telling me next time this ass giving it a good squeeze I only thought next time it wasn't suppose to be a this time back in we went I felt kind of funny seeing people looking at me thinking they knew what we did as we went back to the bar him pulling me by the hand getting another drink. part two: next