Friday Night Maid - 1

By Diane91020

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On Friday nights she goes out with friends, He becomes the Maid for the night

Friday Night Maid - By: Diane Leonard

I am a Friday night maid. After a week of hard work, I relax by
dressing up in a sexy maids outfit and serving, pleasing and pleasuring
my wife. While she is out dancing with her friends, I am dressed up as
a Friday uniform waiting for my wife to return home. She doesn't like
my fetish, but this agreement, once a week seems to work for us. But
this last week was to be totally different.

It started out like any other Friday night session. I got home from
work and took a quick shower and a short nap. I was tired from a hard
week at work and slept longer than usual. My wife had already dressed
and left with her friends for a night of dancing on the town.

I start with a deep cleansing enema, so that I am totally empty inside.
This followed by my favorite part, a warm bath. Foaming, scented, and
very mentally relaxing. This allows my mind to relax and enjoy the
start of another wonderful evening. While in the bath, I shave my legs,
trim around my crotch, shaping the tuft of hair into a pretty little
heart shape. I closely shave my face, making sure to be perfectly close
and smooth everywhere. It works well, and I feel wonderful as I rinse
off and pat myself dry. Girls NEVER rub. Sensual scented lotion applied
everywhere and I am ready to start my transition.

Sexy black lace French cut panties, matching back hook bra is put on
and I relish the pleasure of the feelings that the material brings me.
My nipples swell and become erect as I position my self in my panties
to show a very femme front. Once tucked away, I place my silicone
inserts into my bra and make sure the nipples show thru the lace right
in the middle of the cups. Looking into the mirror, I softly caress my
breasts and hips, loving the feeling of once again; being the girl I so
cherish being.

Now that I am in my scanties, I apply my make up. Deep dark eyes,
colors around, lined and powdered. Smooth foundation, rosy
cheeks, and finally well lined, bright red lips with excessive lip-
gloss to make them all shiny and wet looking. I apply the sealer so
that the lips will not smear during my evening of play.

My nipples are so erect they itch. As I walk out into the bedroom, my
silicone breasts bounce so delightfully. I love the look and feel of my
now 38C breasts. Just the right size for my body frame. I am tall,
6'1", 175 lbs, hazel eyes and my hair is always reddish auburn. At this
time I use wigs, but one day, I hope to use my own hair. The wig has
bangs and is unlike any other I have ever owned. My wife got so mad
when she found out what I paid for it, but calmed down after a few
months. This will be the first night she will see me in it. The hair is
loose and hangs down below my shoulders.

I get out my waist cinch. Its black, cotton back satin. It goes from
right against the bottom of my bra, a little high in the back, and then
to just above my heart shaped crotch hair. It is high on the hips so
that it pulls in my waist line so much. As I tie it off, I look in the
mirror and wonder at how shapely I am now.

I get a brand new pair of lace top stockings and my two black lace
garter belts. I always wear two. One foreword and one backward so that
I have 4 garter straps on each leg. I slip the garter straps thru my
panties and let them dangle. Putting on off black, lace top stockings
are so sensual, almost orgasmic. I always position myself so that I can
watch myself, my face and how I look in the mirror as I enjoy the
sensual feeling of the material slipping up my newly shaved
and pampered legs.

My wife always objects to my painting of my toenails. She says it just
reminds her when I am not dressed that I do dress. I have always taken
the time to make sure they are the most sensual shade of red I can
find. They look so sexually enticing peeking through my sheer

I stand and as I attach my garters to the stocking tops, I wiggle my
toes and enjoy the visual effect it has on me mentally. Those are my
toes. I can't wait for the rest of this to happen.

Now that my stockings are on, I sit and finish my nails. My false nails
are long, bright red and pointed. My wife says that only real women,
modern girls are allowed to have the new, and stylish squared off tips.
(sigh)I love my new nails but still, the rounded tips do tend to run my
stockings. My wife will not allow me to wear any jewelry other than
earrings. They are pierced, gold, and tiny dangly ones. They are not
very long but they do tend to draw attention to my neck and face.

I go to the closet, Diane's closet, and remove the maids uniform from
the closet and remove it from the plastic cleaners bag. My wife insists
on me taking it to the cleaners. She says if I am to wear it, I must
make sure it's clean. Her thoughts, I am sure, were to embarrass me
into not dressing because I had to take things out for cleaning. Sorry
honey, it did not work.

I hang it on the hook on the back of the bedroom door, and slowly,
almost religiously remove the plastic bag. This new uniform is the
sexiest I have ever dared wear. It was custom made for me. It is of the
best soft satin, jet black and very shiny. It has traditional white
lace around the neck, hem, and short puffy sleeves. The lace is not
overly large, just enough to show. I unzip the back and pull it from
the hanger. I softly shake it out, and then step into it, slowly
raising it up across my legs.

I always get goose bumps at this point. Slipping my arms into the
bodice, I finish setting it into place and then reaching around and
zipping the very tight, fitted dress onto my now shapely body. I take
the extremely femme apron, with the lace trim and tie it around my now
cinched, tiny waist with a very large bow in the back. I check the
mirror to make sure it's perfectly tied. I reach for and step into the
full petticoats, which puff out the skirt.

Finally the finishing touches. My white lace wrist cuffs, neck choker,
hairpiece and my jewels, my black 5-inch stilettos patent leather pumps
with ankle straps. The finishing touch is perfume, obsession, neck,
cleavage, inside of thighs, back of knees, and ankles.

Finally, I am ready. I stand, and glide (I have lots of practice in
this pair of heels) to the mirror. My eyes are drawn to the impressive
cleavage I can create with my fleshy chest, held tight by my black lace
bra. The neckline barely covers the lace of the bra and the skirt is
just set at the bottoms of my stocking tops when I stand still, but
when I walk or bend, the stocking tops will show. My wife loves to
tease me that I am in need of a man to show me that wearing skirts,
that short cause side effects. I giggled when she said that. I did not
want her to know that I had thought about that many times. But, alas, I
am always afraid to tell her my fantasies since she would probably
divorce me and leave. I love her so, and I only want to please and make
sure she is happy.

I am finally fully dressed, feeling so sexy in my uniform. Like in the
cartoons or the fetish art work. Unlike other Friday nights, I feel
that I did a magnificent job on my make up and feel I look truly
erotic. Its already 9 PM, and I begin my duties, which included,
lighting candles all over the house so that Susan would think romantic
thoughts when she got home. The duties, which I have assigned to
myself, included cleaning the last of the kitchen, vacuuming, dusting
around the upstairs, making the bed, finally satisfied with my work, I
return down stairs at just past 11 PM. I get a glass of white wine and
sit at the kitchen table and relax a bit. The sounds of the soft jazz
wafting thru the house when suddenly I hear a knock at the door and
then the doorbell.

What the hell am I going to do? She always lets herself in. I get up,
check the mirror. I seem to look OK. I walk to the door, peer thru the
viewer, but something is blocking the view. I can't see who is there.
The knocking and doorbell keep going, finally I hear her voice, "Diane,
open the door. Don't embarrass me with my guest!" A guest?

Reluctantly I open the door wide, say good evening and stand waiting as
she and this magnificent man walk in. He is 6'6" if he is an inch, 250
but no fat at all, maybe 40, dark hair with a hint of stylish gray at
temples, CEO executive looks. That suit must be $1,000 bucks. It fits
his masculine body so well. She just smiles, uses her finger to push up
on my chin like I am gaping and she walks past me and he says, "Good
evening Diane. Susan has told me so much about you. I am pleased to
meet you." And with that, he hugs me softly, and kisses me softly on
the lips, and walks past me into the sitting room with my wife.

"Diane, close the door and bring us some wine." I quickly shut the
door, and scamper to the kitchen get the bottle and 2 glasses and
return to the sitting room where they are seated on the sofa, not
intimately close, but not far either, barely 12 inches separate them on
that 8 foot couch.

I serve the wine, they are talking sex talk, what turns them each on,
and they begin to touch each other softly, tenderly like she use to
like me to do. They are ignoring me completely. I am truly the maid
standing at the ready, near the end of the sofa, hands folded in front
of me, legs together and feet in a models pose waiting to find out what
is going on. I didn't have to wait long.

"Diane, this is Tom. We met at the club tonight and hit it off right
away, but not in a way that you think. I want you to know that I found
your secret stash of fantasy stories and web sites and the photos you
have put your face on. Tom is a psychologist. We were talking about our
both being in the medical field, with my extensive nursing background;
he told me that he specializes in some interesting areas. Would you
like to know what they are Diane?"

"Yes, mam, I would like to know."

"Well, one of his interests is in the area of sexuality. He has treated
many children that show some transgender indicators, as well as adult
males who crossdress and those who show an interest in associating or
dating them. Well, you can imagine how I felt when he told me this. We
have talked about you all night and when I told him about our Friday
night arrangement, he asked if I would allow him to come home with me
to see this in person. How could I resist such a charming man? I mean,
after all, he was so nice, bought me dinner, and took me back to the
club. Well, I just gushed. I welcomed him to join me." She then
caressed his thigh and I could now see that he was so sexually aroused
that his manhood was clearly visible thru his pants. He was huge by the

"Susan, I must tell you that Diane is truly a beautiful woman. I mean
look at her. Standing tall, straight. Look how poised she is in her
heels. I presume they are 5 inch heels, yes?"

I nodded, embarrassed at what was happening, but then I was no longer
in control, Susan and Tom were. I was simply the maid. They were
talking about me as if I were ONLY the maid.

"Well, we have a few choices to make here, don't we Susan. I mean, with
Diane looking so beautiful and sensual, we just can't let her stand
here can we."

"No, I don't think that would be good Tom. Diane, go into your study
and bring out the good camera, tonight, we take
photographs of you. I have some wonderful ideas."

Camera? I never thought, but had always dreamed of it. When I came
back, they were kissing and caressing on the sofa. Again they ignored
me, and I just stood there with the 35 mm camera. For the next 30
minutes they had me posing, dusting, bending, serving them drinks, and
taking photos of me while I did all these things. We went thru 3 rolls
of film. Photos of my stocking tops, panties, down the front of my
uniform as I served, never showing the faces of the people I was
serving but always making sure that when my face could be visible, it
would be clearly in the photo.

About midnight, the doorbell rang again. Startled, I looked at Susan,
as if to say what should I do? "Silly girl, go answer the door and be
quick about it." Turning on my heels, I could feel Tom's eyes on my ass
and legs as I walked towards the door. I stood, looked thru the
eyepiece, and there was a man there. I opened the door, and asked, "May
I help you sir?"

His eyes opened very wide, and a smile grew and he was suddenly
beaming. "Yes, I am looking for either Tom or Susan. Is either of them
here? I am not sure I am at the right address. I wrote it down
quickly." He is fairly tall, still shorter than me in my heels, very
cute, mid 40's, almost like an artist. His hair is wavy, like you could
run your hands thru it and never muss it. It would return to where it
was. Whom may I say is here?" Suddenly I hear Susan say, "Diane, let
him in NOW!" I step aside and allow him to enter, close the door and
then say, "Follow me sir" and I being to walk towards where they were.
Now I am totally confused. I can feel his eyes on me, and put an extra
sway into my steps as I walk, my petticoats swirling so erotically
around my thighs.

The new man walks towards Tom and shakes his hand. "Thanks for calling
me and inviting me over, but I don't know why you called. I mean we had
our session today, and I am feeling ok."

"Roger this is Susan, our hostess and the lovely maid there is Diane."
He shakes Susan's hand, and looks at me and smiles, and nods. "Please
sit down Roger, Diane get Roger here a glass for his wine," Tom says,
as if he is in control of the house now. He is acting like the husband,
giving me orders and things to do.

I leave and return to the kitchen, wondering what is happening. I mean
now I am here, dressed as the maid, I have 2 men here and my wife is
totally enjoying herself. She is beaming, glowing, like a sexual glow.
She has not taken her hand off Tom's thigh, only to shake hands with

I walk in and they are talking softly, I can't hear them until I am
closer and I hear the final comment . . "well, if you care to, or want
to, then I am sure neither of us have any objection. But again that is
your choice Roger. That is why I called you. I knew that this might fit
into what we have talked about many times. Your sessions seem to be
leading in this direction."

Roger's eyes have been on me since I returned, I bend from the waist,
serving him his glass of wine, and his eyes are completely glued to my
cleavage. His smile is larger still, if that is even possible. I return
to the end of the sofa and stand, clearly in Rogers view. He is eating
me up, alive, undressing me as if I were just a model or something.
Wondering what I had on under this outfit. I can see his eyes on my
legs, and I find myself moving so that the skirt moves, and exposes
hints of my stocking tops. I can't help it. It's almost like the
stories I have read. I began to tingle. I remember a story I read and
saved. Similar to this one but not exactly. In the story, the wife
brought a man home and made her femme hubby service him and then she
slept with the man the rest of the night and the hubby was sent to the
guest room to sleep alone. I clearly have no idea what is happening
here. For now, I will just stand here and see where we go.

Susan leaned over, whispered something in Toms ear, and then smiled.
"Yes Susan, that may be the way to go. Diane, excuse yourself and go
make sure that the guest room is made up with fresh
linens and pillows. Now scoot along and get that done. Hurry girl,
don't make me spank you."

Susan must have found that story, but this is not how it was going. I
mean, we have two men in here. Are they both going to sleep in the king
size bed in the guestroom?
I have so many thoughts running thru my mind as I make up the bed and
fluff the pillows. I turn down the covers, like in a hotel, and when
I am satisfied that it will please Susan, I return to the sitting

Susan and Tom have moved very close now, and he has his arm around her
shoulders, his fingers tickling the outer portion of her left breast. I
can see she is aroused. Her nipples are clearly visible thru the soft
knit top she has on. Her hand is now ON his cock. Softly stroking and
rubbing. He is nibbling her neck and ear as I walk in, they both look
up and smile, and he then starts talking again.

"Diane, I want you to go to Rogers car, get out his over night bag, and
take it to the guest room. Then I want you to return here for further

I have to go out side. The neighbors could see me. But what would they
see. Just a sexy maid I hope. I excuse myself, go out to the car, and
remove the small bag from the front seat, as I was leaning in, my
skirts came up and as a car drove by the young kids inside, slowed way
down and started hooting at me. My ass was fully exposed and the young
men could see it. I rose up and they saw me, whistled, and drove off. I
guess I looked ok. I returned to the house, put the bag in the guest
room and returned to the sitting room.

Tom's hand was inside my wife's top now, caressing her 36C breasts, her
eyes were closed. Roger just sat there watching, rubbing his pants at
the show that was being put on.

"Oh Diane, you are back, good. Stand in front of Roger, and let him
touch your legs, or anywhere else he wants. You may not refuse anything
with him. Do it NOW girl."

Slowly I step in front of Roger, and his smile is large, his manhood is
growing and I am excited. I have only dreamed of something like this.
But I never dared believe it.

Roger's hands started at my knees, and caressed softly, stroking,
caressing, teasingly slow, up my leg. His right hand now under my
petticoats, on my thighs. I have no idea if he knows that I am what I
am, but I am enjoying what his hands are doing so much, I do not care
anymore. Both of his hands run around behind me, start caressing my
ass, thru the sexy lace French cut panties. I can feel myself become
aroused and excited. I can feel myself growing wet with excitement. The
itching in my nipples is driving me crazy. I start to caress my breasts
thru my uniform and Susan yells, "Diane, stop that this instant. Only
Roger may be allowed to touch you, not yourself. Do you understand

"Yes mam." My hands drop down to my lap, but Roger's hands continue the
teasing touches and caresses. My knees are weak. I glace over at Susan
and Tom, his right hand has now slipped up under her skirt, and I can
see his fingers rubbing her panties, pressing the material into her
body. Her panties are clearly soaked. Her hand is also busy, his fly is
open, her hand inside rubbing him. Clearly he is at least half again as
large as I am, but then for now, I don't have one. I am just the maid,
waiting, to serve and please.

I can feel Roger's hands on my panties now. Softly rubbing, exploring,
his face a wondrous show of emotions. He looks over at Tom with an
unspoken question. Tom smiles and then says, "Diane, lift your skirts
in the front. Put your hands under your
petti's and let Roger see your panties. Do it now girl."

I can't believe I am doing this, but I am. My hands blindly slip under
my full skirt and petticoats and pull the front up totally. Exposing
my brand new French cut black lace panties. Roger is delighted and
reaches in and pulls the front of the panties down and discovers my
heart shaped bush. He leans in and kisses it softly, running his tongue
thru the hairs, as far down as my pubic bone. My knees go weak and I
find it hard to stand but I do. I never thought it would feel this

I mean, here I am, fully dressed as a French maid, a horny mans image,
of how she looks, long hair, low cut top, short skirt, sexy undies,
stockings stilettos. A man sitting in front of her as she stands with
her skirt up, and him exploring under it. And my lovely wife, making
out across from us, with her own man. Both sexually intent on pleasure.
I have no idea, what the hell I should do. Put my foot down, say stop
this now, resume my role as head of household, or live out the fantasy.
I am so sexually charged.

Just as Roger is starting to slip my panties down off my ass, Toms
says, " That's enough for now Roger. Diane, take Roger up to the guest
room and make sure he is comfy and ready for bed and then come back
here to me. Roger, you will not touch her sexually, you may kiss her
once, on the lips in thanks for helping you prepare for bed but then,
you will send her back. Take no more than 15 minutes. Diane, do it

I went with Roger and showed him the large guest room, and as he came
in he asked if we could talk. "Yes Sir, I will answer your

"Tell me, are you really her husband? Are your breasts real? Have you
ever been with a man, I mean sexually? I have so much to ask."

With eyes cast down I reply, "Yes sir, I am her husband, only the flesh
you see is real, I wear inserts, and no, I have never even been seen by
a man before. Please, allow me to help you prepare for bed," she said,
"I have to be back in less than 15 minutes."

He smiled and nodded. I stepped up, and started unbuttoning his shirt.
My hands were trembling and I had trouble with his buttons. As I opened
his shirt, his chest was so hard, manly, and masculine. With his shirt
open, I licked my lips and touched his skin. The muscles were so
obvious. Suddenly realizing what I was doing, I stopped and removed
his shirt and went to the closet and hung it up. He was just standing
there, watching me in my stilettos. I could feel the heat on my
back. I returned and unbuttoned his dress slacks and asked him to sit
on the bed.

I kneeled and removed his shoes and socks and after folding the socks
neatly, and placing his shoes to the side I started to stand up but he
put his hand on my shoulder, keeping me there for a moment.

"Diane how do you feel right now, there on your knees in front of me?"
he asked as he eyed my generous cleavage, looking down into the top
of my uniform.

"I feel, afraid, but excited. I have never felt submissive, but have
always felt like I was more a passive romantic. Please sir, let me
complete my task so I can get back to them."

He smiled and stood up, then taking my hand, helped me up to my
stiletto clad feet and put his arms around me and hugged me softly, but
firmly. I could feel his hard chest pressing my breasts and his manhood
pressing down my petticoats and skirt. He was not huge, but I could
feel that his size was nice. He pulled away and softly kissed my bright
red lips, and said, "Continue Diane."

I pushed down his slacks and he sat again, and I pulled them from his
legs and again went to the closet to hang them up.

"Sir, do you sleep in anything special. I am required to assist you in
complete preparation for bed."

"No Diane, I just wear my underwear. Please go and thank your Mistress
for allowing you to assist me in getting ready for bed. Diane, have you
ever curtsied when dressed in your uniform?"

Suddenly I realized that I had not done that at all since they got
home. I lowered my eyes and then with my hands at the side hems of my
tiny skirt, I pulled them out, put one foot behind me, and did a
curtsy. "I am so sorry sir, Please forgive me."

He stood, walked over, kissed my cheek and said, "Diane, you never have
to do that with me, but I was curious. Now please, scurry along, and
return to your mistress."

I smiled, thanked him and as I turned, I made sure to put an extra
wiggle into my walk. I really liked him. He was so kind, cute, and
well, really sexy. He smelled so good. I could not get his scent out of
my mind, and when he walked to me in his white jockey shorts, he was so
hard and erect; I could not help but notice.

As I came down the stairs and entered into the sitting room where Tom
and Susan were sitting, I was surprised that Susan's blouse was fully
open and her front hook bra was unhooked. Tom's pants were open and
his manhood was exposed and they were both laughing and touching each

"Mistress, I have returned."

They looked up, smiled and started to put them selves back in some
visual appearance of normalcy.

"Diane, go to the master suite and prepare the bed. Tom and I will be
there shortly."

Tom and I will be there shortly? I don't know what is happening, but
other than being upset about the thought that they are both going to
the master bedroom, they have been making out. I am strangely excited,
leaking yet I don't want this man in my bed. Not with my wife, but what
can I say? I mean, the maid can object? Is she testing me, teasing me,
taunting me with Tom's obviously masculine body and way of being?

I go to the master suite and turn down the king size bed. Now I wish I
had not put on fresh satin sheets. I had a total different outcome for
this nights ending. The satin sheets are a soft pink and so sensual

I was leaning way over the bed, my ass in the air, fully exposed by the
petticoats when I felt a strong hand caress my ass and then probe
between my cheeks, pushing firmly into my virgin ass. I yelped and
stood straight up spinning quickly to find Tom with a huge smile on his
face and my wife giggling fully enjoying my embarrassment.

"Diane, help Tom get ready for bed. Undress him, I want to watch you
undress him and to know that you are preparing him for me. That you
know that soon, he will be in our bed, making love to your wife. I also
want you to know that for now, HE is the master of the house, not you.
After all, how could a sexy little maid be the master of the house?"

She giggled and then sat in the large love seat in the corner and
crossed her luscious legs. The legs that I always enjoyed pleasing. But
tonight, that was not to be. I could feel my cheeks start to burn with
embarrassment as I turned and removed Toms suit coat. I felt so weak
next to him. I have never had to look up to a man, and never as a
woman but being 2 inches taller than me in my heels, really set me

I turned and hung up his coat in the closet, returned and removed his
tie, and his shirt. If I thought Roger was masculine, then Tom was
far above. It seems that he lifts weights, has a classic inverted
triangle. His shoulders and chest were huge, hard and pumped. I
looked up at him as I held his shirt and tie, and I just stared. He
smiled, nodded and said, "Yes Diane, you can touch my chest. I know
you will never have one like it and if things go as I presume they
will, you never will want one like this."

I reached out, putting the palm of my hand on his chest. It was so
hard, and his tiny nipples were hard. I could not resist. I leaned in
and kissed each one softly. As I pulled back I was flushed and
embarrassed that I had done that and quickly turned and hung up his
shirt and tie next to his suit coat. His clothing dwarfed my male
things in the closet. He was so masculine. I could not believe this was

I returned to him and asked him to sit on the bed. He did, and I
kneeled and started removing his shoes and socks. As I did this, he was
talking to me.

"Diane, how do you feel right now. Do you feel like a woman? A maid?;
Are you sexually excited? I bet you are. I bet your panties are very
wet right now, on your knees in front of the man who will soon be
making love to your wife, and not just once, but all night. Does that
excite you?"

I was blushing; knowing that most of what he said was true. My panties
were soaking wet and I could not believe that the story line in so many
of my stories were now coming true.

"Yes sir, I do feel like a woman, and your maid. Yes, I am very excited
and yes I can feel how wet my panties are. I am afraid of what will
happen with my wife and you. I don't really want her to be with you
sir, but I respect her as the Mistress of the house and as the maid, I
have no other choice but to agree to the decisions she chooses to
make. But yes sir, I am very excited that you will bring immense
pleasure to my wife tonight."

End part 1