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Girls Night Out Part 2

Cassie and her friend's evening continues
Girls Night Out Part 2

Well everyone wants to hear about the second part of my night with Julie when I was in New Jersey. In case you didn’t read my first story, my name is Cassie, short for Cassandra (I also go by Sandy sometimes) and I am a cross dresser (CD). A while ago I was spending a hot summer night in New Jersey at a hotel with my friend Julie. We were attending a girl’s night out at a hotel bar with about 25 other t-girls and we had already made a scene with our attire and actions.

Julie is very hot; she is 5’6” tall (about three inches shorter than me) and was wearing a long blond curly hair wig. She wore a sexy black halter dress that went to her knees. It featured a silver chain halter that went around her neck and a slit up the side that went to her hip. She was wearing four or five inch stiletto heel black patent pumps, black fishnet stockings and silver jewelry. I was in a tight ivory colored satin dress with asymmetrical design. There was a strap that held the dress up on my left shoulder, while my right was completely bare. I wore shimmering ivory stockings held up by a garter and three inch ivory sandals with rhinestones. I had my jet black hair wig that went well below my shoulders featuring long flowing curls at the end.

When we walked in everyone noticed as we were dressed more fancy and sexier than anyone else in the bar. We had been drinking Grey Goose cosmopolitan martinis for about three hours when we picked up an older man in the bar and went up to his room for a lot of fun. However, we were on our way back to the bar, because there was a very petite red headed genetic girl that had been flirting with us all night. We walked back into the bar and sat down on two bar stools close to where the red head was standing with some of her friends.

The girl’s name was Sheila, and I actually had worked with her about three years ago. She was a store manager for a company I used to work with and I had visited her store on five or six occasions, but obviously she would not recognize me as I was dressed and made up tonight. Another cd friend of ours, Irene, came up to chat with us. She told us that there were about five or six girls that were so pissed off because we left with a guy and obviously got laid. Some girls are not into dressing for the sexual thrill, but Julie and I are a couple of cum loving whores that crave cock all the time when we are dressed. And whores we really were tonight, as we collected over $200 from the guy that we fucked earlier.

Anyway on with the story…Sheila finally came over to the bar and sat next to us.

“So you two are t-girls, I guess?” she asked.

“Yes, we are. My name is Julie, and this is Cassie.” Julie said as she pointed to me.

“Well as I told you earlier, I bet we could have some fun together.” Sheila said.

It was obvious she was as drunk as we were because her words were a little slurred. I thought it only made her sexier. She was a tight unit; about 5’4” tall with red hair and a body that was unbelievable. She was wearing tight blue jeans with black strippy high heel sandals and a black sequined tank top that barely held in her beautiful large tits. I had always wanted to fuck her when we worked together, but I never slept with people I worked with.

“So why don’t you come back with us to our hotel and we can have a drink there and see what happens?” I suggested.

I paid our bar bill while Julie arranged a cab and Sheila said good bye to her friends. We all met at the front door and we had to do a little convincing as Sheila was having some second thoughts to join us as she was concerned about leaving her car. She did agree to go and we were all sitting in the back seat of the taxi a few minutes later. Sheila sat in the middle with me on her right and Julie on the left. I slipped my left hand on the inside of her thigh and when she looked over at me, I kissed her on the lips very gently. Soon our kiss developed into an open mouth French kiss with our tongues exploring each other’s mouth. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Julie start to massage Sheila’s inner thigh and noticed that Sheila spread her legs slightly to allow her more access.

Sheila switched partners and started to kiss Julie and as she turned the other way she slid her right hand on my thigh and slid her hand up my dress all the way to my waist and started to rub my crotch. I put my hand on her stomach and lifted up her tank top and slid my hand up her bare stomach until I felt her bra. Julie and Sheila were having a very long intimate kiss and Julie was now rubbing Sheila’s crotch through her jeans.

I looked up at the front seat and the driver was watching pretty intently in the rear view mirror. We were stopped at a red light and I told him to wait one minute. I opened the car door and switched into the front seat as Julie and Sheila continued to kiss and spread out a little more in the back seat.

When I sat down in the front seat I spoke to the driver, “Don’t expect any money for this ride.”

I leaned over just as the light turned green and unfastened the belt to his jeans. I looked up at his smiling face and unsnapped the button that held up his jeans and unzipped his fly. Before I could get my mouth around his cock our ten minute ride to our hotel had ended and I directed him to park in the back. When he pulled into a corner parking spot, I went to work on his already semi hard cock.

My right hand started stroking his cock making it grow longer and harder. It appeared to be about six inches long and was not circumcised. I peeled back his foreskin to see a big thick crown for a head. I couldn’t wait any longer and I took his whole length in my mouth on my first plunge. His cock became rock hard and I felt it hit the back of my mouth and I shifted my angle so it slid down my throat. I could hear the girls in the back going at it with each other while I slurped another mouthful of dick.

The driver pushed my head down with his hands firmly on the back of my head and held me for a few seconds with his big cock fully buried in my mouth. When he released me I started going up and down on his cock while intermittently stroking it with my right hand. He started to moan as I swallowed his cock and slurped up all of his sweat and my saliva as I waited for his eruption.

I didn’t have to wait long as I heard him moan and then scream “Yes, Yes, suck it faster.”

I started going up and down very very fast and he started jetting out a full load of hot sticky sweet cum into my mouth. I eagerly swallowed every drop and continued to suck on his cock while stroking out every last drop.

“Bye baby, we need to go.” I said as I sat back up and exited the taxi.

Julie and Sheila got out as well and we walked in the rear entrance and waited for the elevator. As we were waiting we tried to keep our hands off each other as a man joined us waiting for the elevator. When we were in the elevator, I thought a little show was in order so I started kissing Sheila on the neck while Julie started kissing her lips. The man with us was going to the fifth floor while we were going to seven. When we got close to the fifth floor I pulled up Sheila’s tank top and unsnapped her bra and started sucking on her right tit.

“Hey girls, want to come to my room and put on a show for me?” the stranger asked.

“Sure baby, I said, but we are not your ordinary girls.” I said.

“Obviously.” He replied as the doors opened. “If you care, my name is Jim.”

We followed him to his room and he had a suite identical to mine. Once the door was closed I slipped off my dress and hung it in the closet. Julie did the same and Sheila stripped out of her tank top bra, shoes and jeans. We all headed to the bed room and Julie and Sheila went right to the bed. Julie stripped off Sheila’s black thong panties and she was now completely naked. What a body she had, her waist was tiny and her tits must be 36 D’s. I turned to the stranger who was sporting a massive hard on through his dress trousers. I slipped off his polo shirt while he took of his shoes and socks. Next I pulled down his trousers and underwear and he kicked them off.

It was my lucky night for big cocks as he had one of the biggest dicks I had seen in ages. It had to be close to nine inches long and very thin. I couldn’t wait until I had this big pole inside me. I opened my purse and pulled out a condom and slid it down his long cock.

“Hi Jim, I am Cassie. Now you are going to find out how we are not ordinary.” I said.

I slipped off my panties, keeping my man hood hidden for the time being and hopped on the bed next to Sheila who was on her back with her legs spread getting her pussy eaten by Julie. I got on my hands and knees stuck my ass out in the air.

“Come on baby; come fuck my ass with that beautiful dick of yours.” I said.

“Shit; you are a tranny; I always wanted to fuck a tranny bitch.” He said.

He came up on the bed and stood on his knees. He lined his cock up with my ass and started to give a little pressure to his cock and his head slid right in. Soon Jim was sliding his long cock in and out of my ass with deep soft strokes. I was cooing and moaning as my lover fucked me gently and deeply. When his speed picked up I started meeting his thrusts by shoving my ass into his cock and could hear the clapping sound as our thrusts met each other and our bodies collided.

“Fuck me baby, fuck my ass. Give it to me hard, baby.” I screamed.

I was oblivious to the girls next to me until I heard Sheila scream enjoying a deep orgasm. “I’m cumming baby, I’m cumming so hard.” She moaned.

Jim was pounding me pretty hard and I saw Julie look over at me and I wanted her to have a turn on this big cock. I told Jim to stop (one of the hardest things I ever had to do) and he pulled his cock out of my ass. I slipped off the bed and Julie laid down on her back slipped a pillow under her back and removed her panties.

“Come here baby; give me some of that meat.” She said to Jim.

Jim pulled up her legs and spread them apart and placed Juie’s heels on each of his shoulders. From a kneeling position he gently slid his cock head into Julie’s ass resulting in a deep moan of pleasure from Julie and Jim.

“Fuck you got a tight ass baby.” Jim said as he slid his monster cock inch by inch into her man pussy.

“Come fuck me, Cassie.” Sheila said to me.

I lay her down beside Julie in the same position and as spread her legs wide and put her feet on my shoulder as Jim had done Julie. Julie and Sheila shared a kiss as Jim pounded Julie’s ass and I entered Sheila’s pussy for the first time. I pounded her soaking wet pussy with my small cock as Jim continued to long fuck Julie.

After two or three minutes of fucking her; she looked at me and said “That feels so fucking good. Let me get on top of you baby.”

I placed myself in the opposite direction of Julie and Sheila climbed on top of me. She slid my cock in her pussy and rode me up and down resulting in deep penetration in her soaked pussy.

“Fuck me Jim, fuck my fucking ass harder.” Julie screamed.

I could only see Jim’s ass and his back as he thrusted harder and harder into her tight ass. I saw Julie’s high heels resting on his shoulders and could hear her moving her hips into him and their bodies spanking against one another.

“Baby I am going to cum pretty soon.” Jim said.

“Give me your cum, I want to swallow it” Sheila said.

So Jim pulled out of Julie and we decided it was time for a Sheila sandwich. Sheila laid down flat on top of me as I continued my upper thrusts with my cock in her pussy. Julie climbed on top of her and started lining up her hard cock with Sheila’s ass. I saw Julie lube up Sheila’s butt hole and start to slide her cock inside her. Soon Julie was pounding Sheila’s tight ass while I fucked her pussy. I was ready to cum and so was Jim and now he stood to the side of Sheila and offered his cock to her. She guided the better part of five or six inches into her mouth and stroked the base of his shaft with her right hand.

I wish I had the camera on to see this petite stacked bitch get all three holes filled. I slid my hands between us and grabbed both of her big tits and squeezed her nipples very hard and it resulted in Sheila going over the top and start shaking with a violent orgasm. At the same time I saw cum start to seep out of her mouth as Jim must have shot a big whopping load of cum in her mouth. I felt myself go and shoot a load of cum in her cunt and then heard Julie explode in orgasm and shoot cum deep inside her ass.

I saw Jim pull his cock out and Julie also. Julie wasted no time in taking Jim’s cock in her mouth and clean up all the rest of his goo. Sheila and I kissed and she shared a mouthful of cum with me which I eagerly slurped down. I think I had drank more cum tonight than ever before and I couldn’t wait for more.

The three of us washed up got dressed and left Jim after an amazing half hour. Now it was time to go to our room and have some more fun on our own. After all we need to show our toys to Sheila. But tomorrow would be another story.

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