Girlyboy Gone Wild - Part Five

By CourtneyFux

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After being a sexy school girl, I become a sexy Frenchmaid.
Having my clitty dick sucked by Dan really did make me feel pretty and sexy. He was really good and was able to swallow all seven inches. While he sucked me, I played with my titties while he looked up at me. I was looking down at his big 11 inch cock sticking out of my white cotton panties he was wearing. It was all so kinky, it thrillled me to be having so much fun at my all-weekend panty party.

I couldn't wait until next time when Dan would get to bend me over his desk and put it in me like a sexy little sorority girl. He wanted to spread all those girl's ass cheeks and put his 11 inches in them and pound them hard for making his dick hard by showing him their panties every day in his classroom. This fantasy would have to wait for another day.

Now, I was busy getting sucked off for the first time tonight. My first date, Bill, had wanted to suck me, too, but I told him we'd wait until next time since it was his first time with a girlyboy. So, my cock was still filled with lots of cum for Dan who was enjoying some kinky role reversal by putting on my panties and blowing me good.

I really am a slutty tease.

"Oh, baby," I said. "Suck that clitty dick for your sorority slut."

His tongue was working hard to please my tender little honey stick, as he called it. I started moaning like a sexy little bitch boy for my date. We sluts do love our men.

"Oh, teacher," I said. "You are really good at licking girls' clitties. Every girl in your class should let you lick her clitty."

Dan paused for a moment."And you're beautiful to look at while I lick your clitty, Courtney."

It was wonderful feeling like a sexy little sorority slut getting her pussy sucked by her professor after class. Dan had a really long tongue and was hitting all the tender spots a girl likes. If all the girls got their pussies licked the way teacher was licking me, there would be a line of them waiting after class for him.

"Danny boy," I said. "You're everything a girl loves. A big hard cock and a magical tongue to lick her sweet little puss. Those little slut bitches don't know what they are missing after class. I can't wait to buy all those sexy panties to wear for you, the black see through ones and the little red lace thongs those sorority girls like to tease you with. Your big cock is up there waiting for them every day and they don't get to have it."

He paused, "Do you want it?"

"Of course, I do," I said. "But I have to keep myself clean and fresh for my boyfriend tonight. I don't want my little hole to be stretched out and dripping with your sweet cum when he comes to see me. Next time, I promise. I'll be all yours, honey."

Suddenly, Danny shoved three fingers in me and started fingering me like a girl. Oh, it felt so good.

"The more you talk about it, the more I want it. You little whores really know how to make men's cocks hard, don't you?"

I said, "Why, of course, darling. It's our nature to want to make men's cocks big and hard so we can suck 'em and fuck 'em. They give us lots of pleasure."

I looked down at Dan's fully erect cock sticking out of my panties and saw more pre-cum beginning to ooze out of the tip of it.

"I want to suck it for you, baby. I love big cocks like yours.They make me feel like a little girl with a clitty between my legs."

"I like sucking on your clitty, baby," said Dan.

I said, "Do it some more while you finger me and I'll think about letting you put just the tip of your cock in me while you shoot your next load."

Dan got a big smile on his face. Then he started humming on my seven inch honey stick again. His fingers in my ass really felt good too and I was ready to blow a double-load down his throat soon. Oh, those little sorority sluts. They could be the ones getting all this pleasure from Dan. But instead, it was me being the sexy little school girl for him after class.

"Dan," I said. "You are so good at eating a girl and fingering her, I think I'm going to take a class of yours next semester and let you do this for me every day after class."

He looked up at me and smiled, "You know I would."

"Mmmm, baby," I said. "You're just a big stud a little slut can love. I can't wait for you to bend me over your desk and pound me hard with that big beautiful cock after I suck it for you."

"So, you are going to let me fuck you?"

"A girl can only resist so much."

Dan smiled as he played with my ass like it was a pussy. Then he started sucking on my clitty dick while he reached down and stroked his big one. All of our hot talk on the phone was coming back and we were living out the pleasures we had talked about doing while we jerked ourselves off.

His fingers were making my tight little ass big enough to handle his 11 inch cock. Any girl in his class who saw it would be bending over his desk too. The fact that I was the lucky one getting it was making me smile a bunch while I watched him bob up and down on my clitty and stroke his lovely cock sticking out of my little white cotton panties.

I was going to be running late for my next date with Rich who wanted me to be his sexy French maid. But I couldn't help myself. This sexy school girl fantasy I was living out for Dan was so intense it was taking over my sex drive. I really did feel like a horny little sorority slut about to get pounded from behind by her older professor while she bent over his desk and spread her legs. Wonderful feelings were rushing through my body already just from his fingers inside me and his tongue on my clitty.

"Yes, baby, yes, baby, yes, baby," I said while he made me feel just like a girl. "Fuck, you're gonna make me shoot my load in your mouth, big daddy. You suck my clitty so good I can't stand it. Oh, your tongue is marvelous. Yes, yes, yes, you big stud. Suck all that cum out of my little pee hole like it'spussy juice. Yes, yes, yes."

I started cumming in Dan's hot mouth and the feeling was so intense I was ready to fall over. I suddenly wished he was doing it to me in bed.

"Hold me baby," I said.

Dan stopped stroking his big cock and fingering my tight ass. He reached up and grabbed my hips to hold me up while my sweet cum gushed into his waiting lips and down his throat. For being a man who started sucking cock later in life, Dan was very good at it. Those tranny sluts at the adult bookstore had taught him good. We are the best cocksuckers a man can find.

I was breathing hard and nearly losing my breath while I came.

"Fuck, oh, fuck," I said breathlessly. "Dan, you are fantastic, baby."

He pulled my still rock hard clitty dick out of his sloppy, cum-soaked mouth.

"I'm glad you like it," he said while some of my white hot cum dripped off of his lips."

"Like it?" I said. "I love it. I'm taking all of your classes next semester."

Dan smiled. "Then I can fuck you all I want after I eat you?"

"You sure can," I said. "But first you have to let me suck yours so I can get it good and wet."

Dan realeased my hips as I was still catching my breath after having multiple orgasms caused by his tongue on my clitty and his three big long fingers deep inside me. I was starting to imagine how good his 11inches were going to feel inside me.

I still had two more fantasies to act out tonight, being a French maid for Rich and a sexy stripper for Lex. Then tomorrow I was going to be a princess for a knight-in-shining-armor, a sexy nurse for a doctor, a lingerie model, a girl in a bikini sun-tanning on the beach, a bride on her honeymoon night, and a girl with lollipops and pigtails. But being a sexy school girl for Dan was going to be hard to top. He had sucked me so good and he was fullly erect again for me to suck.

Now that I had caught my breath, I started rubbing my nice titties for Dan to see.

"You're really horny, aren't you?" he said.

"All the time, teacher," I replied.

I pointed at his nice cock. "Let me suck your big cock and get it wet."

Dan licked the last drops of cum off of my still fully erect clitty dick. "How can you stay hard like this, Courtney?" he asked.

"You know us sexy sorority sluts," I said. "We can't get enough cock to ever satisfy us. We want it morning, noon and night from big studs like you. Our clitties stay hard for our boyfriends constantly."

"Oh, baby, I'm gonna love fucking that nice ass of yours" said Dan smiling. "You're just like those girls in my class. You want every big cock you can get. I know the feeling, too. One time, the janitor in my college walked in on me and saw me wearing panties in my office. He pulled his cock out and let me suck it for him. Then he started coming earlier and letting me wear panties and suck it for him every day."

"That's hot," I said. "You know how to be a good slut, too."

"Not as good as you. But I do like a nice cock in my mouth when I'm wearing panties."

"What do you do with your vibrators."

"I fuck my hole with them while I jerk off, feeling like a slut and a stud at the same time. It's too incredible. Us bi guys want it both ways. We want to fuck tight little asses and fuck our own asses too."

"But you've never fucked any guys before?" I asked.

"No.," he said."The trannies in the adult bookstore wouldn't let me fuck them. They just let me suck them and they sucked me."

"So, you've felt like you were cock blocked by horny bitches for years?"

"For years," said Dan."By the little bitches in my classes and by the trannies I've been with before. That's why I called the male chat line last week. I've been wanting a manpussy for a longtime."

I smiled. "And tonight's your night, baby." I pretended to be a shy girl again. I looked at his cock and tilted my head. "Do you want me to get it wet for you, teacher?"

"You bet," said Dan. "Then I want to shove it in that tight little cunt hole of yours until my balls are drained of cum."

With a sweet girly voice, I said, "But how will I explain it to my boyfriend that my manpussy is filled with another man's cum while he's fucking me."

"Don't you have a rubber?" said Dan.

"Good idea, baby," I said smiling. "I only want one man to put his cum in me and that's my best boyfriend. But I have a rubber you can wear while you fuck me. And my boyfriend will never know."

"You're just like a little sorority slut," said Dan. "One time, one of them left her diary in my classroom and I read it and she was writing about all the cock she was getting and how her pussy was always dripping wet with cum. She said she was getting fucked so much she couldn't afford the rubbers. And frat boys spend all their money on beer and are too cheap to buy rubbers. So, when I gave her back her diary, I handed her a bag with a hundred rubbers in it, too."

Dan smiled widely. "She really appreciated it, so she started coming to class with no panties on and giving me a full view of her pussy every day. I kept giving her more condoms every few weeks and I asked her if she was enjoying them and she told me they were all getting used. She asked me if I was enjoying her pussy show and I told her that 'a big part of me is.' She laughed and said she wished I was younger because she would like to fuck me too, but I was as old as her father."

Dan laughed. Then he reached around me and slapped my ass cheek with his big hand. "So, that leaves me with you, babe."

I smiled down at Dan. "That poor girl doesn't know what she was missing. Your cock is probably bigger than all those drunken frat boys she was fucking every day. The poor little thing should have done you bending over then she wouldn't have known how old you are. She'd have just known your cock was the biggest she ever had."

"I sure fantasized enough about fucking her little pussy. She had two of the nicest pussy lips I ever saw. I'm sure all those frat boys couldn't get enough of it, the way she wrote that it was always dripping wet with cum. She was pretty like you and a sexy bitch like you, too, Courtney."

"College girls were my role models when I was growing up." I said. "I used to look at Playboy Lingerie issues and imagine those girls were me turning on men like you."

"So, that's how you got to be such as sexy little bitch, copying all those sluts who have been turning me on for years."

"Yes," I said. "Girls 18 to 24 all have ripe asses and want lots of cock in them, so I am just the same as them. When I show a man my panties it's because I want to make his dick big and hard like yours."

Dan spread his legs for me. "It's all yours, baby."

"You don't know how much I've wanted to suck it ever since I saw it," I said.

He smiled up at me. "Don't be shy, Courtney girl."

Like a girl with her boyfriend, I got down on the floor in front Dan and reached for his big cock. I pulled it fully out ofmy panties he was wearing and leaned forward to swallow as much as I could of it. Dan let out a hot moan as I applied pressure to his cock with my tongue and lips. I swallowed about 5 and half inches of his big 11 inch love tool, rubbing my nice titties on his thighs while I did.

"Oh, yeah. You're the best girl I ever had in my class, Courtney," he said. "When I'm done fucking you, I'm going to give you three hundred dollars to buy more panties to tease me with. And I want to do this same fantasy every time we are together. No slut is going to get as much of my cock as you, no matter how much she shows me her pussy."

I pulled his big hard cock out of my mouth and batted my eyelashes. "Thank you, teacher. I'm always willing to wear panties under my little skirts and show you after class."

I licked the entire length of Dan's big one, making it good and moist so it would feel good inside me.

"Teacher, I'm not going to make you wear a rubber. I'm going to let you come in me good so it's dripping out of my hole like that girl who turned you on so much. While you're fucking me, I want you to pretend I'm her and fuck me the way you wanted to fuck her, the way us little sluts like it."

"You bet I will," said Dan.

I stroked his 11 incher, spreading all of my hot saliva around it for lubrication. It was going to be the biggest cock to be in my ass in a long time. But not as big as the one I still had coming to see me later. Lex, my big builder, would just have to understand that sloppy seconds is what you get from a slutty sorority girl after midnight.

To be continued...