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Girlyboy Gone Wild - Part Four

At my panty party, I get to suck four big cocks in one night.
Being a slutty sorority girl having sex with my professor was really fun. I was sitting in his lap with my back to him with his big 11 inch cock between my freshly-shaved legs and rubbing it against my hard clitty dick. My little white cotton panties were soaking wet in front with pre-cum. My teacher was playing with my titties while I stroked his big one.

"I'm going to take your bra off, okay, Courtney?"

"Please do," I said. "I want you to feel my hard nipples without my bra on."

I held my arms out while Dan unsnapped my white cotton bra and I took it off. I was now just wearing my white girl's tennis sneakers, knee socks and panties. My sexy school girl outfit had made me feel so young. And now being stripped out of it one piece at a time was thrilling. I had gotten to tease him like a school girl with each article.

After taking my bra off, Dan was now reaching around me squeezing my hard nipples between his thumb and forefinger while he kissed my back and my neck. I was glad I had pulled my hair back in a ponytail so he could nibble on my neck without my hair in his way.

While he played with my nice titty with one hand, he reached around and put his hand down my wet panties and started fingering my clitty dick.

"Do you like that," he asked.

"Yes, teacher, I like everything you do to me. But I really want to suck your dickie. It's so big I want to see how much of it I can put in my mouth. We can pretend we are in my room at the sorority house and you can get in my bed with me."

"Do you suck other men in your room in the sorority house?"

"That's where I bring all my boyfriends so I can suck their dickies."

"And they don't get to put their big dickies in that sweet little hole between your legs?"

"No, teacher," I said."I just suck on their dickies and they get to suck on me."

"And you won't make an exception for your teacher?"

"No, teacher," I said. "I have my favorite boyfriend coming to my room later tonight. He's the only one I'm going to let put it in me, tonight."

"Are you afraid to let me put it in you because it's too big? Are you afraid it's going to hurt you?"

"No, my boyfriend has a bigger one."

"Bigger than eleven inches?"

"Yes. He has twelve inches."

I really did have my big builder, Lex, with a twelve inch cock coming later. And it was fun passing up fucking my teacher Dan's lovely eleven inch man tool.

"You're a naughty girl, Courtney, making your teacher's dickie so hard and not letting him put it your tight little bottom. I'm going to have to spank you again. Stand up and take your panties off."

"Okay, teacher," I said.

"I'm doing this for your own good, little girl."

I stood up and dropped my wet panties down to my ankles and stepped out off them. Then I leaned over the table with my nice butt sticking out for teacher. When I did, teacher put his finger in his mouth and made it wet, then he shoved it in my ass sending a rush of pleasure through my lower body.

I said, "Teacher, I thought you were going to spank me."

"I want to make you feel like a real girl, Courtney. You're not a real girl until you get a big dickie inside you."

"But I'll suck you really good, teacher."

"That's not important," said Dan. "I want to make your ass hurt for making your teacher's dickie hard and not letting him fuck your sweet little hole.

While we were talking, Dan was fingering my ass like a pussy. I was glad I washed down there good before he came. With his other hand, he was fondling my ass cheek.

Dan stood up and he was so much taller than me I felt just like a little school girl with her teacher. His cock was still rock hard and dripping wet with his warm pre-cum.

"What's it going to be, Courtney? Are you going to let me fuck you with my big cock or am I going to have to spank you?"

"If I let you spank me, will I still get to suck that big beautiful cock of yours?"

"Not until I get to suck yours first, you dirty little girl."

I felt just like a sorority girl who had made her teacher horny by showing him her panties under her skirt while he taught class. This was really a fun fantasy to fulfill for Dan.

"I thought you sorority girls would all like a big cock between your legs."

"We do," I said. "But we like it to be with our favorite boyfriend."

"So, you want me to spank you?"

"Yes, teacher."

While still fingering my tight little ass, Dan spanked my ass cheek hard.

"Ouch," I said.

"You little sorority sluts have to learn not to make your teacher's cocks hard."

"I thought you like girls making your cock hard by showing you their panties in class."

"I do. But not if I don't get to fuck their tight little asses. Do you understand? Not if they save that little ass for their favorite boyfriend and don't let me fuck it, too. That's what I want to do is fuck all those little sorority girls in their tight little asses and hear them moan with pleasure. Then I want to use their panties to clean my dick off so they can suck it."

I smiled. "Mmmm. That sounds good teacher. Maybe we can do that next time I stay after class."

"Well, if you promise me, I'll sit down in this chair and suck you, right now. I won't have to come to your sorority house, tonight."

"Yes, I promise it will just be the two of us next time and I'll let you do me like you're my best boyfriend."

"Do you like me fingering your tight little hiney?"

"I love it," I said."I get the same feelings down there that girl's do."

"Do you ever put a vibrator in you."

I smiled. "Yes," I said."It makes me tingle all over my body and gets me ready for my boyfriend's big one."

"Then next time I'll bring my vibrator collection so I can use them on you."

"Please do, teacher."

Now, he shoved his two middle fingers in my ass and the sensation was driving me wild. I couldn't wait to feel his vibrator collection inside me, later. But, for now, his fingers would have to do.

"I'm going to finger you while I jerk off on your hot ass, okay?"


I bent further over the table and Dan moved closer, putting that big 11 inch love tool over my hot ass. I really was a little bitch not letting him fuck me but telling him my boyfriend was going to fuck me later. I looked back over my shoulder while he stroked that big lovely cock and fingered me good like a pussyboy.

Those big low-hanging balls wear filled with so much hot come, I couldn't wait to see it squirt all over my hot ass.

"Do you like my cock?" he asked.

"Oh, yes," I replied.

"Good. Because next time I'm going to slide it in this tight little hole of yours and shoot a big load of cum up inside you."

"Mmmm," I said.

Finally, Dan's cock started spewing hot wet loads of cum all over my sexy girly ass and I was feeling just like a sorority girl pleasing her teacher. Damn, those lucky girls who got to sit in his class and get their panties wetthen go back to their sorority house and put their vibrators inside them while they wait for their boyfriends to come and fuck them good. Now, I know what it feels like to be one of them.

Dan came for what seemed like two minutes and both ofmy ass cheeks were coated with his hot creamy cum. He kept stroking himself, letting every drop of liquid in his balls gush forth. I knew he had enjoyed our role playing, too.

"Mmmm, teacher," I said."You are so good to watch when you cum. Next time, I want you to shoot it all over my face after I suck you."

"That will be good, too," he said. "First, I'll shoot a load inside you. Then I'll clean my cock off with your panties. Then I'll let you suck me good until I blow a hot load all over your face and titties."

I smiled wide."Teacher, you know how us sorority girls like it. I thought you never had a sorority girl before."

"I just know what I've been wanting to do to them for years," said Dan.

I reached up and started playing with my titties. Then I looked down at the floor.

"Teacher, will you pick up my panties off the floor and wipe all your sweet cum off my ass for me?"

"Sure, baby girl," he said sweetly.

He pulled his fingers from my ass and reached down for my white cotton panties. He wiped his two fingers off with them. Then he started wiping off my ass while I played with my titty with one hand and stroked my clitty dick with the other.

"There you go," he said when he was done wiping my ass off. "All cleaned off, Courtney."

"Thank you," I said.

Dan rubbed my soaking wet panties on his semi-erect cock to start getting it hard again.

Now, I'm going to sit down here in this chair and suck on that sweet honey stick of yours, Courtney. Don't be shy. I've sucked other girl's honey sticks and they taste good to me. But first I'm going to put your little panties on so I can pretend I'm a girl, too."

"But, teacher," I said. "You're so much bigger than me. If you put them on, you'll stretch them out and I won't be able to wear them again."

"I'll buy you new ones. In fact, I'm going to give you lots of money so you can buy lots of panties for next time we get together. You know, sorority girls wear sexier panties that little white cotton ones. They like to wear sexy lace panties. Black see through and red lace ones are my favorites to look at up their skirts. Can you buy some like that to wear for me? And some sexier bras and stockings, too."

"Sure," I said smiling. "I like to go to the lingerie store and buy some sexy things to wear for my boyfriend. And now I feel like you're my boyfriend, too. So, it's okay if you put those ones on."

Sexy little sorority sluts never get over being hot little bitches. They need lots of hard cocks to please. I really was just like them. I had already had Bill's cock earlier and still had Rich and Lex coming, later. There is so much pleasure in being a hot little bitch that I wouldn't want to be anything else tonight.

I played shy and kept my back to Dan as he pulled on my wet panties. I wear size six panties, medium, so I knew they were too small for Dan. But he did have a panty fetish from all the girl's panties he had looked at over the years and I guess it was only natural that he'd eventually want to wear some and suck cocks, too. It was just a little role reversal.

The front panel of my white cotton panties was so wet from my pre-cum and Dan's big load, they had become see through and I could see the big head of Dan's cock through them. The feeling of the sloppy wet cotton material was starting to make Dan's cock hard again. I looked down at it and smiled.

"Do my panties make you feel good, teacher?"

"Yes. I got into wearing panties a few years ago when I saw how those hot little bitches were always smiling in my class while wearing them. I figured those sexy little panties they were wearing must have had something to do with them smiling all the time. So, I tried some on and got a boner that wouldn't quit, so I figured those panties rubbing against their clits and pussy lips must make them feel good, too."

Dan reached down and started stroking his cock through my wet white cotton panties. I was still leaning over the table showing him my hot ass.

He continued. "I started wearing panties and jerking off all the time after my classes, right there at my office on campus. It wasn't long before I started wanting some cock just like all those girls in my class were getting. So, I went to the adult bookstore in town and started hooking up with tranny guys who showed me their panties then let me suck them. But I never wanted to fuck one of them until I saw your ass tonight, Courtney. Your ass is really as nice as any of those girls in my classes."

"Next time, teacher," I said smiling.

"I can't wait," he said.

"But I will let you suck me," I said.

Dan smiled. "That's a good girl. Now, turn around so I can see your sweet little honey stick."

Wearing just my girl's white tennis sneakers and white knee socks, I really did feel like a shy little girl with a manfor the first time. First, I put my hands down over my clitty dick before turning toward him. Then with a bashful expression on myface, I turned to face him.

"Don't be shy little girl," he said. "Move your hands so I can see your pee-pee."

I moved my hands up and played with my titties and the sight of my clitty dick in front of him for the first time, immediately, sprung Dan's eleven inch cock into action. The head of it came out of mywhite cotton panties and the sight of it sent a rush of pleasure through me. My clitty dick was dripping wet with a fresh load of pre-cum that Dan licked off with his tongue as he swallowed my whole seven inches for the first time.

Whata lucky girlyboy I was, getting a blow job from my teacher and having two more boyfriends coming to see me still tonight and six more tomorrow. My panty party was really getting good.

To be continued...

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